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11-16 and 17, 2002: Fish Scale Experiments

Sunday 11-17, start to first break

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chenoa_2b joined the room
Fearless Leader: Hey honey
Fearless Leader: starting a three color blend here
Fearless Leader: not sure about these colors yet, three different
shades of gold
chenoa_2b: Hi, forgot you where here today. Sorry I am late.
Fearless Leader: no late
Fearless Leader: you're the only one here with me
chenoa_2b: They should be fine. I have done different shades of gold
Fearless Leader: so it's your Short Order request that's being done
chenoa_2b: lol
Fearless Leader: do you want to see anything in particular
chenoa_2b: How do you make the fish scales into feathers
Fearless Leader: ah, ok, let me get the examples from last night and
then we'll do it again in another set of colors, ok?
chenoa_2b: ok
chenoa_2b: Those sheets are so pretty!
Fearless Leader: lol
Fearless Leader: ok, what did I do here
Fearless Leader: I forget
Fearless Leader: oh, started out with a blend of a light blue and gold
chenoa_2b: you did fish scales and put them on a sheet.
chenoa_2b: Yes. that is one of the jelly rolls
Fearless Leader: then did the jelly roll with it and sliced it into
four lengths
chenoa_2b: Yep.
Fearless Leader: then I surrounded the four lengths with a thin sheet
of copper
chenoa_2b: ok
chenoa_2b: ohhh! that is so interesting looking.
Fearless Leader: then it looks like I reduced it, cut it into four
sections and stacked and reduced again
chenoa_2b: Yep.
chenoa_2b: that is so amazing to me how it looks!
Fearless Leader: at that point I mashed the cane into an oval shape
and pulled the cane into a CONE shape
chenoa_2b: ok, I think...
Fearless Leader: that way we get large and small sections when we cut
that cane
Fearless Leader: when you pull a cane and make one end fat and the
other thin, then you cut that cane into sections, you get different
sizes easily
Fearless Leader: that's really the whole trick to the feather
Fearless Leader: if we used a leaf cane, a chevron flip
Fearless Leader: as the element of the feather it would look really
Fearless Leader: very real
Fearless Leader: so shall we do the jelly roll blend or the stacked
sheets and a chevron flip for the feather element?
chenoa_2b: ok, I think I have got it. Had to take notes. lol
Fearless Leader: and what colors do you want to use
chenoa_2b: Doesn't matter to me. What ever you want.
Fearless Leader: Let me look through my already prepped sheets of clay
and find something that you'd like
chenoa_2b: I want to see what you come up with. lol
chenoa_2b: When you lead, I follow and I always slearn something new.
Fearless Leader: how about something bright?
chenoa_2b: Sure!
Fearless Leader: green and blue and dusky pink
Fearless Leader: that might be fun
chenoa_2b: Now that sounds wonderful!
Fearless Leader: ok, now you have to choose chevron flip or jellyroll
blend for the basic building block
seblack991234 joined the room
Fearless Leader: Hi Suz, we're doing the feather cane again
chenoa_2b: jelly roll.
chenoa_2b: Hi Suz!
chenoa_2b: The chevron flip gets me sometimes.
seblack991234: I figure with watching 3 grandkids that maybe two days
of trying to watch will fill me in. LOL
chenoa_2b: Those are pretty together.
Fearless Leader: let's do the blend with blue and green, surround
sheet that dusty rose
Fearless Leader: I think the blend will be better if we keep the
colors together by heat, the green and blue are cool colors
Fearless Leader: they will blend together better
seblack991234: I'm surprised more folks aren't on today. Maybe
chenoa_2b: Hey! NJ, how about if one of the group could burn a CD of
your demos, and then burn an extra copy and make it availble like the
Fearless Leader: so I'll just get started with doing that blend
Fearless Leader: I'm planning on shooting digital videos of my
tutorials and offer a listing of tutes people can request to have
burnt onto CD and DVDs
chenoa_2b: Good!
Fearless Leader: Like a chinese menu
techi_mom56 joined the room
chenoa_2b: I am hoping I get a CD burner for christmas. lol
chenoa_2b: Hi Nancy!
Fearless Leader: people can pick what they want on their CD and not
have a bunch of stuff they don't want or need to wade through
Fearless Leader: Hi Nancy
Fearless Leader: we're doing a feather cane with the fish scale trick
chenoa_2b: That sounds even better.
techi_mom56: hi...just checking in...have to go to townfor about an
hour..fix a friends computer that keeps crashing
chenoa_2b: Hold on, sounds like someone at the door.
Fearless Leader: Nancy when are you heading out to fix the computer?
seblack991234 left the room
techi_mom56: yes...i think its a driver problem with her video
seblack991234 joined the room
Fearless Leader: When are you heading out?
techi_mom56: about 5 minutes...
Fearless Leader: too bad, well it's a marathon for me today
Fearless Leader: you just pop in when you have time
techi_mom56: but i had to put her off for several days due to a bad
cold...oh i will...i am going to make this a quick trip
Fearless Leader: I'm going to get this jelly roll blend started it's
Carolyn's Short Order clay request
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: since she got here first, ooops she just went off
line and now she's back. Yahoo must be wonky
techi_mom56: i think i know what went wrong with my cane last
night....i have to use sculpey 3 and the strong colors blend
chenoa_2b left the room
chenoa_2b joined the room
chenoa_2b: Sorry, got bumped.
techi_mom56: so i have a plan...grin...dont blend so much...
Fearless Leader: got pix so I can see what might have gone wrong?
Fearless Leader: here let me do a blend right now and you'll see how
many passes it needs
Fearless Leader: I don't think one can blend too much
Fearless Leader: LOL
techi_mom56: yes...i will send some when i get back
Fearless Leader: k
frogger70301 joined the room
Fearless Leader: Hey Mitch
chenoa_2b: himitch
Fearless Leader: doing a feather cane, blue and green with a dusty
rose surround
frogger70301: Hey, sweetie.
frogger70301: sounds wonderful!
seblack991234: Yahoo is doing all sorts of weird things today.
Fearless Leader: Carolyn picked the colors
seblack991234: I even get bumped off when reading mail.
frogger70301: Ooh, good choice Cary!
chenoa_2b: NJ offered. I just agreed! lol
frogger70301: Wow, that bad?
seblack991234: Yes, and says their are techie problems.
seblack991234: there
frogger70301: You guys know what I just did. I went off and left my
oven on.
seblack991234: Not good.
chenoa_2b: on no!
Fearless Leader: clay in the oven?
frogger70301: no, I was heating it up and forgot about it.
Fearless Leader: Mitch
Fearless Leader: with a baby and a hubs you can get distracted,
preheat the oven to the clay curing temp, put the things inside and
turn the oven off
Fearless Leader: the things will cure in a "cooling" oven
Fearless Leader: it's what I do when it's crazy around here with a lot
of folks in and out
Fearless Leader: or when I'm TIRED
Fearless Leader: and likely to fall asleep
frogger70301: NJ, can I show you something if it will show up on my
Fearless Leader: give that an effort as a test
frogger70301: I made another angel today, and I want to show you her
Fearless Leader: sure
Fearless Leader: sure I'd love to see it
merrie60us joined the room
merrie60us: Hi
chenoa_2b: hi
merrie60us: what's she doing sorry I am late
merrie60us: blends
chenoa_2b: feathers
frogger70301: Oh, pooh! I can't get it to show up.
merrie60us: cool
Fearless Leader: That's Pete
chenoa_2b: who dat?
chenoa_2b: hi pete
merrie60us: hi Pete
Fearless Leader: He's a friend of my sons, known him since he was 14
frogger70301: Hey, Pete.
chenoa_2b: lol meaning you know enough to cause trouble eh?
Fearless Leader: I'm their life saver, cherry flavored
Fearless Leader: I'm the safe house
Fearless Leader: where they come when they got "issues" and got to
Fearless Leader: I got a ton of young men coming in and out of here
Fearless Leader: that's why my claymates should come visit me
Fearless Leader: see these pretty faces
Fearless Leader: LOL
frogger70301: NJ, whenever you get a chance, see if you can pull up my
cam. I got it to where it is the best it will get. I would really like
to get your opinion on her. Pretty please!
chenoa_2b: lol and that is why there is always a group there
Fearless Leader: I must have done something right in my past life
Fearless Leader: got your cam up now
Fearless Leader: turn the angle towards the camera please
frogger70301: I tried to do a little bit of sculpting.
Fearless Leader: ah, ok the deal is this
Fearless Leader: do the face completely
Fearless Leader: then add it to the body
Fearless Leader: sculpting a face and having to be careful about the
dress or wings
Fearless Leader: is making more work than you need to hassle with,
frogger70301: The thing is, she is smaller than the first one I made.
frogger70301: i tried to do as much as I could do without misshaping
the head.
chenoa_2b: she is pretty
Fearless Leader: Lil Man says he is looking for small ladies
frogger70301: Thnx.
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: Now is she all uncured
Fearless Leader: ah, battery size
frogger70301: AAA battery for size. Didn't have a quarter handy.
Fearless Leader: is she all uncured at present?
frogger70301: Actually smaller, bout 1/4 inch smaller.
frogger70301: yeah.
Fearless Leader: off with her head
Fearless Leader: sculpt faces separate from the body if there's a
wings and things
chenoa_2b: the evil queen!
Fearless Leader: you can put her head back on
Fearless Leader: The Evil Queen, that was my late sewing partner,
Fearless Leader: but I digress, Said laughed when I read that outloud
frogger70301: How should I do it without pinching it?
chenoa_2b: lol
chenoa_2b: rotflmao!
Fearless Leader: don't be afraid
Fearless Leader: that's the first thing
Fearless Leader: you're hesitating because you're afraid that you'll
screw something up
Fearless Leader: yes?
frogger70301: absolutely.
Fearless Leader: you're the boss in the claypen
Fearless Leader: you can do what ever you want
Fearless Leader: even start over on a head
Fearless Leader: what I'd do is this
Fearless Leader: de-construct her
Fearless Leader: carefully take off the wings and set them aside
Fearless Leader: take off the halo and ease the hair off of her
Fearless Leader: put that aside
frogger70301: no can do. pushed it on.
Fearless Leader: remove the head and get it on a tooth pick so you can
hold it
Fearless Leader: razors work nicely
Fearless Leader: over chain saws
Fearless Leader: neater too
frogger70301: Would it be easier to start over with it?
techi_mom56 left the room
Fearless Leader: snickicy snick, slice the head off, put it on a tooth
pick for better handling and use the tooth pick as a neck
Fearless Leader: There ya go
chenoa_2b: oh rats! I wanted to watch the beheading!
frogger70301: I'm gonna go ahead and close the cam window.
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: how funny
frogger70301: Happy?
Fearless Leader: ok from beheaded angels to wings in "fairy" colors
frogger70301: Thanks for the help.
Fearless Leader: ok, anyone have any questions about blends, did you
see me roll the blended sheet into a cigar and pass it only 6 times?
Fearless Leader: You're welcome honey, good to see you laughing
Fearless Leader: easy breezy blend trick to roll it and then pass it
through, is everyone ok with that trick before I move forward?
frogger70301: Feels good to have a little laugh for a change.
Fearless Leader: if we're not having fun
merrie60us: I missed it but I have seen you do it before so I think I
am okay thanks
Fearless Leader: we're doing something wrong
chenoa_2b: ok, I am ready.
Fearless Leader: ok Merrie, just making sure
merrie60us: Can you tell me the colors you are using
merrie60us: not sure they are showing up correctly
Fearless Leader: Now to take this blended sheet and turn it into a
ribbon, blue and green are the colors here, surround sheet a dusty
merrie60us: looks like blue and green
Fearless Leader: I got sunlight happening so the colors are good, it's
the artificial lighting that screws stuff up I think
merrie60us: No the colors are showing up perfectly right now
Fearless Leader: To get the ribbon we need for a jelly roll we fold
this sheet to the width we want that ribbon to be and then pass it
through the press
Fearless Leader: like that
Fearless Leader: now let's roll it up but Carolyn has to choose which
color is to be in the center, this is her Short Order
chenoa_2b: ohhh!
Fearless Leader: which shall be the color in the center?
chenoa_2b: Ahhh, blue I think
Fearless Leader: then let it be so
Fearless Leader: watch how I use one hand to control the outer edge
Fearless Leader: and the other hand to roll
Fearless Leader: it's the trick of the day
Fearless Leader: keeps the ends even, see?
chenoa_2b: Pretty slick there
merrie60us: What did she just do with the rolling pin?
Fearless Leader: I was going to tell you Merrie, but you're just too
sharp there
chenoa_2b: I didn't catch it.
Fearless Leader: at the end
Fearless Leader: I cut off the raggedy end
Fearless Leader: and that leaves a blunt cut
Fearless Leader: which can make a cliff face sort of effect on the
outside of the cane
Fearless Leader: so I THIN the edge with the rolling pin
Fearless Leader: I could do it with a finger tip, but that's messy and
merrie60us: good idea
Fearless Leader: when you do stripes for the Tiger
Fearless Leader: taper the ends of all the stripes like that
chenoa_2b left the room
chenoa_2b joined the room
Fearless Leader: wb, Carolyn
Fearless Leader: let me dust off the foot print up off of your butt
Fearless Leader: there there
Fearless Leader: all better
Fearless Leader: LOL
chenoa_2b: dang it! I keep getting kicked off!
chenoa_2b: lol Just I don't want to miss anything!
Fearless Leader: that's why I'm studying how to put streaming video on
my new site
Fearless Leader: but that's a whole new thing
Fearless Leader: let's reduce this cane and slice into four lengths
chenoa_2b: Bro was visiting, and he was very impressed with our web
cam demos.
Fearless Leader: We are Techno Buff
Fearless Leader: and everyone can eat our dust
Fearless Leader: really and truely
merrie60us: Do you reduce a triangular cane the same way you reduce a
circular one?
chenoa_2b: lol That was why he was so impressed! lol
Fearless Leader: you don't know how many things you all had to learn
Fearless Leader: and do
Fearless Leader: to get here
Fearless Leader: when other's eyes go glazed like donuts when I just
try to explain what it is that we're doing
merrie60us: I am having a hard time getting a triangle cane reduced
Fearless Leader: even Donna Kato gasped at the tech of it
Fearless Leader: be proud of your techno skills here
Fearless Leader: it's transferable JOB skills
Fearless Leader: up date those resumes
chenoa_2b: I am, and proud of this group.
Fearless Leader: we're cutting edge
merrie60us: This group is the best thing that has happened to me in a
long time I really appreciate it
chenoa_2b: Group hug!
Fearless Leader: aww, and I love and am proud of all y'all
chenoa_2b: such pretty skin
Fearless Leader: gotta blow my nose
merrie60us: HOw are you feeling
Fearless Leader: snotty
Fearless Leader: but otherwise ok, no cough, Praise God
Fearless Leader: whew and whew
chenoa_2b: I got the cough! Can't get rid of it!
Fearless Leader: poor baby, shim poi poi
Fearless Leader: this dusty rose is the surround sheet
chenoa_2b: I am feeling better though. So shim poi poi back at ya!
Cauen you gotta get better!
Fearless Leader: the cane will be sliced into four lengths, then the
surround sheet will be thinned a lot, then used
seblack991234: Of course if some little person that you know had let
you off chat at a decent time last night you probably would feel a lot
better. teehee
chenoa_2b: oh ho! What is this?
tedi382001 joined the room
Fearless Leader: Suz and I were nattering into the wee hours
Fearless Leader: and THEN I edited the logs
seblack991234: I went to bed at around 4:30am
Fearless Leader: I went to sleep at 4am my time too
tedi382001: hi all
chenoa_2b: Now that is the NJ i know! Vampire hours.
merrie60us: that's 7:30 am my time wow
chenoa_2b: hi Tedi
Fearless Leader: Tedi, hey there
tedi382001: this is really Amy
seblack991234: Hi Amy
Fearless Leader: Now to cut this jelly roll blend, sorry Amy, I need a
cheat sheet on names/YMids
chenoa_2b: lol Hi Amy
Fearless Leader: or I got to take less druge
Fearless Leader: drugs too
Fearless Leader: LOL
tedi382001: LOL
chenoa_2b: lol
merrie60us: Cut log lengthwise
merrie60us: then cut lengthwise again
merrie60us: so have four pieces
merrie60us: pretty
merrie60us: lay one piece down on dusty rose
merrie60us: measure and cut
merrie60us: then roll
merrie60us: then cut again (pink)
merrie60us: do that four times
chenoa_2b: Those look good just the way they are.
chenoa_2b: stack as with fish scales.
merrie60us: stack them
merrie60us: and squeeze
chenoa_2b: that looks so awesome!
merrie60us: What is the difference between this and the fish scale?
merrie60us: shape I guess
chenoa_2b: Is this the oval type shape you where talking about?
Fearless Leader: this diverges from the fish scales right here
merrie60us: oh okay
merrie60us: It is so cool
Fearless Leader: this is the oval and now let's pull one end of this
oval to a narrow point, so the cane is CONE shaped
Fearless Leader: as an oval
Fearless Leader: so when we cut
Fearless Leader: we have different thickness of ovals
Fearless Leader: unnastan?
merrie60us: yes mam
chenoa_2b: I got it!
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: great, let's pull one end to the cone tip
merrie60us: So cone is oval
Fearless Leader: yes, mam
chenoa_2b: The oval cane is coned.
merrie60us: got it just slow today
Fearless Leader: now when we slice we stack as we go
Fearless Leader: so our sections are incrementally bigger
Fearless Leader: the length of the section should be long enough to
grasp to reduce, so like at least an inch long
merrie60us: so these pieces are gradually getting smaller
merrie60us: the colors look great
Fearless Leader: I got an idea
Fearless Leader: if I make a cone of this cane
Fearless Leader: I'd have different size slices
Fearless Leader: to press to a sheet
Fearless Leader: this is not a feather, it's more like a wing
tedi382001 left the room
merrie60us: It's awesome
Fearless Leader: when reducing
Fearless Leader: the surround sheet thins out
Fearless Leader: for it is being stretched
Fearless Leader: so at this point I'm going to give it a fresh
surround sheet
Fearless Leader: now at this point we could put stripes on the
surround sheet
Fearless Leader: which would translate into dots going all around that
Fearless Leader: or
Fearless Leader: if we put more than one surround sheet,
Fearless Leader: we'd have nifty stripes inbetween each section
Fearless Leader: another cane we'll goof with these diversions
Fearless Leader: ok, see how the cane is now cone shaped
chenoa_2b: yup
Fearless Leader: our slices will have different sizes this way
merrie60us: yes
Fearless Leader: at this point I need to take a potty break
Fearless Leader: 5 minutes
merrie60us: okay brb
Fearless Leader: when I get back well slice and press and see what we