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11-16 and 17, 2002: Fish Scale Experiments

Sunday, 3:30 to After Dinner Break: Niki shows her dragons, screen shots are being learned, open cam claying for my clay break.

Fearless Leader: let me cool this cane and kiss my husband
chenoa_2b: lol go girl!
Fearless Leader: break and I'll save log here
chenoa_2b: I am gonna smoke one.
sylsnovelties joined the room
dahs512: Hi everyone
sylsnovelties: Same here, hi everyone!
dahs512: i am in and out to watch, cause i AM COOKING
sylsnovelties: That time, huh?
dahs512: sorry bout the caps
dahs512: I am cooking shrimp scampi
sylsnovelties: Oh yumm!
sylsnovelties: Throw on a few extra for me!
dahs512: i didn't have parsley so i'm using thyme
dahs512: it smells good
chenoa_2b: hi syl
sylsnovelties: I think I can smell it here too!
sylsnovelties: So, what is NJ up to?
chenoa_2b: What happened!
chenoa_2b: Is the cane still chillin?
dahs512: lot's of garlic and butter
dahs512: yes cheryl
chenoa_2b: Klondike time
dahs512: what's a klondike?
sylsnovelties: Garlic and butter, my favorites!
dahs512: brb
chenoa_2b: Heath klondike bar. Icecream
sylsnovelties: What kind of cane was NJ making?
chenoa_2b: feathers
sylsnovelties: ooh pretty
Fearless Leader: I had to cool the cane
Fearless Leader: so in the time it takes to heat my coffee the cane is
Fearless Leader: folks keep their canes in the freezer too darned long
chenoa_2b: and hubby kissed
Fearless Leader: gets condensation and water problems that way
Fearless Leader: ya, it was his coffee reheated frankly
Fearless Leader: LOL
chenoa_2b: lol
Fearless Leader: the kiss is my tip
Fearless Leader: no kiss
Fearless Leader: lousy service
sylsnovelties: good tip
Fearless Leader: ya ya
sylsnovelties: darn
Fearless Leader: Ok so this cane is pretty big and it's narrow
Fearless Leader: slicing is always a hassle and with narrow canes it's
a right pill
Fearless Leader: so back that narrow cane with some scrap clay
Fearless Leader: so you got a handle on the situation
chenoa_2b: I like those scraps
Fearless Leader: you can get down to the last lunch meat slice off of
this cane
Fearless Leader: those were from yesterday's demos
Fearless Leader: so shall we slice three thin slices and press them to
a sheet?
Fearless Leader: and see what we get here
chenoa_2b: ok
merrie60us: yes,
dahs512: yes
dahs512: nj wait and let me get a shot
sylsnovelties left the room
sylsnovelties joined the room
chenoa_2b: wb syl
sylsnovelties: I got a totally gray screen and everything locked up.
merrie60us: Hi Syl
chenoa_2b: It has been happening to all of us all day. Something with
sylsnovelties: That must be it! I got the blue screen of death earlier
today too
chenoa_2b: just glad you are back.
sylsnovelties: Me too!
merrie60us: Is she using a ripple blade?
chenoa_2b: I don't think so. I think it is just the cane is so narrow
sylsnovelties: I didn't notice one.
merrie60us: I thought it was straight but the shot I just saw looked
dahs512: got it
Fearless Leader: ok see how the slices fall over
chenoa_2b: the color keeps fluctating on me. At one point the back
ground sheet was a to die for green! lol
Fearless Leader: let's see if that will stay put
Fearless Leader: ok, I'm not worried about these incomplete cuts
Fearless Leader: I want to dispell a myth
Fearless Leader: not all slices have to be identical
merrie60us: What's falling over?
Fearless Leader: my tile with this crap on it
Fearless Leader: I was ready to tell you about this and the tile falls
Fearless Leader: half way through my typing
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: it's all better now
Fearless Leader: so dig it
Fearless Leader: when we're overlapping things
Fearless Leader: and pressing
Fearless Leader: sometimes NOT having complete slices
chenoa_2b: lol and if the slices had to be perfect, I better quite
clay right now. And I am not going to!
Fearless Leader: is better than slicing them
Fearless Leader: on NO PERFECT
Fearless Leader: the overlapping always has a problem of extra clay
Fearless Leader: press extra clay and the sheet starts stretching
Fearless Leader: I got issues with that
Fearless Leader: if the part of the design that's over lapped is NOT
Fearless Leader: then it doesn't NEED TO BE THERE
Fearless Leader: why need the lump to deal with
Fearless Leader: why hide good clay designs?
sylsnovelties: Good point
Fearless Leader: so these incomplete slices are really better
Fearless Leader: when you'r doing over lap
Fearless Leader: one just has to dick around with the slices
dahs512: i gotta serve din din, can someone get some shots while i'm
Fearless Leader: to see where the incomplete parts would be wonderful
tucked under some good bits
Fearless Leader: we've been slackers with getting shots
merrie60us: Don't know how to shoot yet
Fearless Leader: I've been doing logs this week end
merrie60us: or I would be happy to
chenoa_2b: I don't know how to do shots either.
Fearless Leader: it's on the webcam how to page
merrie60us: I will have to read info on website
merrie60us: want to take a break so I can read it or should I wait
Fearless Leader: break to read
merrie60us: Does anyone have the address handy?
chenoa_2b: My system is funky lately. not sure it would be saved, or
lost if it freezes up on me.
Fearless Leader: how about 10-15 minutes?
Fearless Leader: back on the hour?
merrie60us: good need address
Fearless Leader: that sounds good
Fearless Leader: ok, hold up I'll get it for you
merrie60us: okay sorry
chenoa_2b: no sorry!
sylsnovelties: I can do it if I stay connected.
sylsnovelties: That isn't happening too much though.
Fearless Leader:
Fearless Leader: I'll save log here
Fearless Leader: Those big bits are the basic building blocks of this
dahs512: I'm here
Fearless Leader: I'll be back in 10 minutes
dahs512: ok
sylsnovelties: Ok,
chenoa_2b: I just tried with the view program I have, and I couldn't
get it.
sylsnovelties: I use PSP.
dahs512: I can do them, but thanks. Keep trying to figure it out.
chenoa_2b: I use LView pro
dahs512: does paint do them, Syl?
dahs512: mac?
chenoa_2b: I will have to hunt up and mess around with some of my
other programs. See if it wont work someplace else.
sylsnovelties: I think it does. I have paint shop pro. Never tried any
other. I love that program.
sylsnovelties: I think Jude said paint would work.
merrie60us: I just found paint
merrie60us: so I opened it
dahs512: give it a shot while she's not movung
dahs512: i
dahs512: paste as new image...under edit
chenoa_2b: ohhh! My brain hurts!
dahs512: this scami i just made tastes like lobster
dahs512: scampi
sylsnovelties: Oh yumm
merrie60us: So I opened Paint and it says under edit "paste from" is
that the one?
sylsnovelties: Try that.
dahs512: my family is hollering for some time with them, so i guess
don't count on me for shots....sorry
dahs512: yes
merrie60us: then where do I paste from
sylsnovelties: Does it give you choices?
merrie60us: It prompts me to select something a file or something
dahs512: you have a key on yopur keyboard called print screen
merrie60us: yes
dahs512: push that first
seblack991234: Had to go fix food for the crew here. Was delightfully
surprised to see all the goodies you made Nora-Jean! Very lovely.
merrie60us: okay
merrie60us: then what
dahs512: edit...paste as new image
sylsnovelties: brb
merrie60us: doesn't have that option just paste from
dahs512: did thaty work Merrie?
merrie60us: Sorry
dahs512: just hit paste
merrie60us: that is not an option
merrie60us: only paste from
merrie60us: is available
merrie60us: hmmm
techi_mom56 joined the room
dahs512: try the print screen button again
merrie60us: I did not sure what is going on
merrie60us: the paste button is dimmed
merrie60us: maybe I have to investigate further
dahs512: well you can play with it for a later time
dahs512: i gotta dash, I'll try to peek in
dahs512: everyone try to get a shot or two if you can
sylsnovelties: Let me try opening paint. I haven't used it in some
merrie60us: I think I had to pick a shape and that opened up some more
options like copy but paste alone was still not an option.
sylsnovelties: Merrie, on my paint, under edit, I see paste from at
the bottom. Go up to about halfway and you will see paste.
merrie60us: yes but it is dimmed
merrie60us: so it is not available
sylsnovelties: That would mean you don't have anything copied to paste
merrie60us: until I do something not sure what though
merrie60us: okay so How do I copy
Fearless Leader: I love it when you guys are motivated and self
merrie60us: I will figure this out
merrie60us: maybe not now but I wil
merrie60us: will
Fearless Leader: Thanks for making the effort. Shall we just go
sylsnovelties: on your keyboard at the top next to F12, you will see
the button that says print screen. CLick on this and it will copy the
Fearless Leader: and the pix will be catch as catch can
Fearless Leader: folks just got to show up to the demos and on
marathon week ends there's no excuse not to
sylsnovelties: Might as well NJ. I can get shots until I get dumped
Fearless Leader: ok, let's move forward if we see you get booted I'll
stop until you come back
Fearless Leader: this one, the end piece I'm going to trim down
Fearless Leader: make it flatter
chenoa_2b: ok
merrie60us: I think I finally figured it out how do I get the pictures
to you?
sylsnovelties: You can either send them as attachments to someone to
put in an album, or put them in the album yourself.
Fearless Leader: We'll give you the information to put them in the
album, don't bother to trim off the chat part
Fearless Leader: it makes more sense to keep the text with the
Fearless Leader: and it's less work for you
merrie60us: No I just have pictures no text
Fearless Leader: Ok, no worries, just don't do extra work if you don't
need to
Fearless Leader: I'll send you an email with the epson info
Fearless Leader: but I got to get my rolling pin and flatten this
before pressing.
sylsnovelties: This looks pretty
Fearless Leader: so let's press this and see what we made
Fearless Leader: well It's ok, but not what I wanted to replicate from
Fearless Leader: That brown cane is from yesterday
Fearless Leader: and I did the cone longer, I pulled my punches today
Fearless Leader: the cone should be more extreme
Fearless Leader: I like those little bits on the top and the larger
bits on the bottom in the brown
chenoa_2b: I hate to be a party pooper. But not feeling good all of a
Fearless Leader: but this will do for a tin cover
Fearless Leader: did you eat?
Fearless Leader: low blood sugar?
chenoa_2b: yeah, but sweaty and shaky and my head is messing up.
Fearless Leader: go eat
Fearless Leader: that happened to me two days ago
chenoa_2b: I think the weather is changing and with th e cold.
Fearless Leader: go rest
chenoa_2b: I am gonna go rest and eat too. Will y ou be on later?
Fearless Leader: sorry the cane didn't turn out like I wanted it to
Fearless Leader: but we'll keep experimenting
chenoa_2b: But I can see the concept.
Fearless Leader: I'm going to be on until midnight
Fearless Leader: marathon week end
chenoa_2b: ok, maybe later.
Fearless Leader: goofing around with this same technique mostly
chenoa_2b: Have fun and stay healthy!
Fearless Leader: be well
Fearless Leader: and I'll see you later
chenoa_2b: Thanks...
chenoa_2b: Adios
chenoa_2b left the room
techi_mom56: thats scary...
Fearless Leader: I wonder what the chop with this not great cane will
look like
techi_mom56: sounds soo low blood sugar
Fearless Leader: very
Fearless Leader: she needs a hard boiled egg or some cheese
Fearless Leader: a banana and some orange juice
Fearless Leader: that's my solution when that happens to me
techi_mom56: right...hubby is a t2 diabetic...i know how it works...
Fearless Leader: ok any discussion about this general technique
Fearless Leader: any questions?
Fearless Leader: Did everyone see the sheets from yesterday?
Fearless Leader: does anyone want to see the sheets from yesterday?
Fearless Leader: is a better question
sylsnovelties: I think I saw them all.
sylsnovelties: Yes
Fearless Leader: yes, you'd like a review?
sylsnovelties: Let's see the sheets.
Fearless Leader: ok, and we can review the basic technique of this
sylsnovelties: I've got to start dinner in 30 minutes and get my leg
up for a bit. I will be back a couple of hours after that.
Fearless Leader: ok, I'll do a quick review then
Fearless Leader: and if you can do screen shots of this review it
would be real handy
chelyha55 joined the room
sylsnovelties: sure will.
chelyha55: Hello fellow clayers
sylsnovelties: Howdy!
NikiT (azstitcher2001) joined the room
Fearless Leader: Ok that will just have to do, Howdy Cheryl and Niki
NikiT: hiya
Fearless Leader: doing a review of yesterday's sheets for screen shots
NikiT: trying to get my webcam goin.
Fearless Leader: Syl tell me when you get the shot
NikiT: have never used it before, at least not me
sylsnovelties: I got it.
Fearless Leader: This is the jellyroll blend cane just sliced and
stacked without reduction
chelyha55: is that blue and gold?
Fearless Leader: Here I didn't put a surround sheet like the last one
Fearless Leader: it's silver but the sun is going down and effecting
chelyha55: oh, ok, But blue and gold would be pretty
Fearless Leader: the blend will be a goldy green
Fearless Leader: it is nice, we can do that next if you like
sylsnovelties: It looks a bit fluorescent
merrie60us: I sent you an email with some attachments to see if the
shots I have already taken work
Fearless Leader: okie dokie Merrie
Fearless Leader: got the shot Syl?
merrie60us: Is the picture too large?
sylsnovelties: yup
merrie60us: I will make it smaller
sylsnovelties: The one you sent me is still downloading.
merrie60us: it's six shots
sylsnovelties: ok.
Fearless Leader: this is my faorite one
Fearless Leader: blue on the outside, silver in the center
NikiT: damn firewall.
merrie60us: can I keep doing print screen and then paste or do I have
to paste after each time
sylsnovelties: It is really a nice one.
Fearless Leader: what ever is in the center will be the pointy bit in
the design
sylsnovelties: I have to paste after each time.
sylsnovelties: Thanks for that NJ. I wouldn't have known that.
Fearless Leader: this is blue in the center and silver on the outside,
mashed wildly and stacked willy nilly and pressed to be a LOONNGGG
Fearless Leader: sort of reptile I think
sylsnovelties: I like this one
Fearless Leader: then if we did it with a chevron flip
frogger70301 joined the room
sylsnovelties: Hey Mitch
frogger70301: Hey, Syl.
frogger70301: What colors did she use for this one?
chelyha55: blue and silver
frogger70301: ok, I should've guessed.
sylsnovelties left the room
Fearless Leader: That's the chevron flip not reduced a whole not
Fearless Leader: not reduced a whole lot
frogger70301: wow.
Fearless Leader: This is that last cane reduced and repeated like
Fearless Leader: ain't that nice?
chelyha55: fantastic!
Fearless Leader: any mica will give you that repeating pattern
Fearless Leader: just toss a bit of pearl, silver or gold in all your
clay colors you're going to be doing like this
Fearless Leader: make it shimmer and shine
Fearless Leader: this is a really nice and easy pattern for a covered
frogger70301: I am going to have to try that one. I think even I could
do it!
Fearless Leader: put a bow on the box and it looks like a gift, when
it IS the gift
Fearless Leader: it's really easy
seblack991234: tHAT IS TOO NEAT!
chelyha55: I haven't tried to cover anything except candle holders yet
chelyha55: this could be folded like cloth and made into a pin
Fearless Leader: It's hard to see the lines in the final reduction
frogger70301: now that would be awesome!@
Fearless Leader: but when you press it
Fearless Leader: you see the silver better
NikiT: brb
azstitcher2001 left the room
Fearless Leader: I want to do more of these really
Fearless Leader: Now for the fish scales in other colors
Fearless Leader: green and gold
Fearless Leader: the fire of the gold just jumps out
Fearless Leader: I'm thinking
Fearless Leader: Tongues of Fire colors
Fearless Leader: would look like a bunch of leaping flames
Fearless Leader: it's also good dragon skin
Fearless Leader: this is the wing came I made effort to reproduce
Fearless Leader: and was close but no cigar
Fearless Leader: so at this point I'll take any questions and after
that I am going to take an early dinner break because I'm starving
merrie60us left the room
chelyha55: go ahead and eat
chelyha55: I am going to make a necklace with one of my triads
frogger70301: I'm still working on my Freddy!
chelyha55: how long will the break be?
Fearless Leader: Not long, you know I gobble my food and I'm not
having to cook
Fearless Leader: just heat and eat
Fearless Leader: 15 minutes, there abouts
Fearless Leader: I'll save log here
chelyha55: then I won't move away from the computer. I can work on the
necklace here
tedi382001 joined the room chelyha55: then I won't move away from the computer. I can work on the
necklace here
tedi382001 joined the room
chelyha55: brb
NikiT (azstitcher2001) joined the room
NikiT: well that just stinks. i can't get yahoo to see my webcam.
frogger70301: What were you going to show us?
Fearless Leader: How odd Niki, what sort of webcam do you have?
NikiT: creative. but i also have a linksys router acting as a
NikiT: i tried changing the settings on the firewall to let me
through, but it isn't working.
NikiT: i was just gonna work on one of my dragons, that's all.
frogger70301: Did you do the cam test through Yahoo?
NikiT: didn't know there was one.
Fearless Leader: brb microwave duties
NikiT: all it said about firewalls is to make sure I can send through
port 5100
frogger70301: Since they changed alot of the cams that used to don't
work anymore.
NikiT: their faq didn't mention anything about a test.. do you have a
frogger70301: Give me a sec and I'll dig up the link.
NikiT: thanks
frogger70301: There is also a supported cams list, but it doesn't list
all of them.
Here is the entire webcam help section.
NikiT: well, it supports mine.
NikiT: webcam go plus
frogger70301: k, lets see what else it could be.
seblack991234: I have a web cam but it isn't compatible with my new XP
frogger70301: I hadf three I couldn't put on here, and I have XP too.
frogger70301: had, sorry.
NikiT: hrm. let me try something. maybe it doesn't like the control
panel for the webcam running at the same time?
frogger70301: prob not.
NikiT: well, looky looky
frogger70301: there ya go!
NikiT: damn if that wasn't it.
NikiT: thanks mitch!
frogger70301: Wasn't me.
seblack991234: This is great. I can see.
chelyha55 left the room
frogger70301: Wow, Niki, got some interesting stuff there!
frogger70301: Dragon parts?
NikiT: my colors are kind of faded out tho
NikiT: it does better distance shots than close ones.
frogger70301: They look pretty on my screen.
seblack991234 left the room
chelyha55 joined the room
Fearless Leader: Niki
NikiT: yeah?
Fearless Leader: I got to see your dragons and for the life of me I
don't remember seeing them when they came through, They are wonderous.
NikiT: thanks.
Fearless Leader: I was mentally deranged when you sent them
Fearless Leader: I'm sure of that
Fearless Leader: for how could have I forgotten
NikiT: that's ok.  you were goin' through a tight spot
Fearless Leader: LOL, like being pulled through a keyhole by my tail
Fearless Leader: brb, getting food
Fearless Leader: LOL
merrie60us joined the room
Fearless Leader: Merrie did you get my email
Fearless Leader: the zip files aren't being saved by my Outlook
Fearless Leader: I sent you the Epson information
merrie60us: no didn't get the email
merrie60us: I will look now it is taking me a long time to send these
as I am using a telephone line
Fearless Leader: I sent you two, it'll get there. But both zip files
weren't saved by my Outlook saying that they were "unsafe"
merrie60us: hmmm
Fearless Leader: If you could load them directly into Epson, it saves
both of us steps
Fearless Leader: I love watching other people's cams
Fearless Leader: while they are claying
merrie60us: okay I will look for the directions
Fearless Leader: Thank you Merrie, I really appreciate it
merrie60us left the room
Fearless Leader: Niki what do you think of this green and gold for
dragon skin?
NikiT: you know, when I was watching you yesterday I thought that
would be a good idea.. would save me from having to create scales by
scooping the clay up
NikiT: those colors look great.
chelyha55: I'm not Niki but I think it would be wonderful
Fearless Leader: after you put the skin on you could still do
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: Cheryl you're making me blow fried rice out of my
NikiT: ew
chelyha55: LOL!!!
Fearless Leader: I was thinking of you while making this green and
Fearless Leader: it's so Dragon-ish
NikiT: for the scale i use i'd have to make them smaller tho
chelyha55: Just reduce it more
NikiT: want to see my ugly horse?
Fearless Leader: reduce the cane to a cone shape, one end will give
you small designs, the fat end large designs
chelyha55: before you slice it
Fearless Leader: sure
Fearless Leader: Oh hey, it looks like a horse
Fearless Leader: it just needs ears
Fearless Leader: a mane
NikiT: adjusting to get better picture. don't mind my messy room.
Fearless Leader: that's a fine horse
NikiT: i think the neck is too short
Fearless Leader: front shoulder by the leg looks like it need more
Fearless Leader: the rump is fine
Fearless Leader: tummy too, good back
Fearless Leader: remember horses used to be the size of Dogs
Fearless Leader: so they come in all sizes and neck lengths
NikiT: true enough
Fearless Leader: I reckon
Fearless Leader: ah microwave ding, brb
NikiT: horse butt
NikiT: hee
NikiT: i guess i could work with it.
NikiT: when i started it I had in mind to do a foal
NikiT: (hence the skinny forlegs)
NikiT: but I gave it too much hiney meat.. so it will evolve
NikiT: wee dragon
NikiT: bigger dragon
NikiT: for those who missed it on the pix list
techi_mom56: cool dragon
NikiT: thanks
NikiT: pumpkin patch
NikiT: i got really bored a work before halloween so went to joann's
to buy some clay
NikiT: penny for reference
techi_mom56: giggle...i understand...i got clay the first time to
"fix" one of hubby's broken fishing lures...still havent got it fixed
techi_mom56: of course i had to get the big sculpey 3 sampler kit
NikiT: gonna cut his dragon belly to size
NikiT: i think i want to get the digi cam that denise has. her's is
NikiT: web cam, i mean
NikiT: i look at my cam screen and want to scream "FOCUS!!" LOL
techi_mom56: thats what i am looking for with focus
NikiT: color saturation is off, too
NikiT: i tried to fix that before i started
NikiT: that is supposed to be red.
NikiT: trying to adjust
techi_mom56: hey it works..thats the main thing for son has
an older one for me...when he can find it...i will probably learn from
it and then get a better one
techi_mom56: thats much redder
NikiT: i guess that is ok. at least the copper looks close