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11-16 and 17, 2002: Fish Scale Experiments

Sunday, From 7:30 break to end of demo, with edits

Fearless Leader: and I'll save log at this time
techi_mom56: sounds good i gotta load the dwasher
chelyha55 left the room
dahs512: let me see your cane niki
chelyha55 joined the room
NikiT: my cam isn't that great, as you can see. Which is why I want a
new one.
NikiT: brb
Fearless Leader: oh I forgot we had bearclaws from this morning left
Fearless Leader: I scarfed up one while heating the coffee
Fearless Leader: simple pleasures
dahs512: yum
Fearless Leader: and hazlenut creamer for my coffee
chelyha55: you're so bad!
Fearless Leader: I'm a happy girl
dahs512: do you get apple fritters over there?
chelyha55: making me hungry
Fearless Leader: ya, at our local super
Fearless Leader: they are HUGE
Fearless Leader: eat one and don't eat for the rest of the day
Fearless Leader: big chunks of apples in them
Fearless Leader: I think my medication is catching up with me
dahs512: got milk?
Fearless Leader: I feel decidedly stoned
Fearless Leader: on over the counter stuff
Fearless Leader: whew
chelyha55: that stuff will kick your butt
Fearless Leader: but that's ok, it's the cheapest high in town
Fearless Leader: Sudafed
Fearless Leader: oh do you remember I got amnesia from a simple pain
med after my wrist surgery
Fearless Leader: couldn't keep a thought in my head for 5 seconds
Fearless Leader: repeated myself endlessly
Fearless Leader: how embarassing
Fearless Leader: told the same joke over and over, I was a happy
NikiT: damn. i didn't realize it was getting late.. haven't had dinner
yet.. gonna go for now, get dinner, watch some shows.. will check back
later to see if ya'll are still around.
dahs512: no sounds like me normal
dahs512: ok niki
Fearless Leader: Ok Niki it was great to watch you work
dahs512: yeah
Fearless Leader: I love it even if the camera doesn't make you happy
NikiT: thanks.
NikiT: how long were you planning on hanging out here?
dahs512: ?
Fearless Leader: I don't know, I'm feeling woozy frankly
Fearless Leader: it's the meds
Fearless Leader: I might just hang out and clay a bit
Fearless Leader: if I lie down
Fearless Leader: I'll bore myself to death
dahs512: are you ok NJ?
Fearless Leader: I just might not be doing anything structured
NikiT: well, i'll check back later, and if anyone is around I'll jump
in & turn it back on.. if not, it's been great!
Fearless Leader: Denise my head is full of snot isall.
Fearless Leader: Ok honey
dahs512: ok
Fearless Leader: Inshallah we'll be here
NikiT: loved the scales.. will definitely have to try it on a future
Fearless Leader: I told the family that I should just put straps on
the kleenex box
Fearless Leader: and strap it to my face
Fearless Leader: Ya, these scales are for you honey
Fearless Leader: been thinking of your dragons
dahs512: or a bucket with a chin strap
NikiT: i'm just going to be AFK rather than log out. ttyl
Fearless Leader: ya ya, like the Kai Thudders have drool buckets
Fearless Leader: okie dokie, go get supper
Fearless Leader: I'm going to see if I can fold this sheet into a
pleated pot before the clay gets too cold
dahs512: i thinking on how to do diamonds
dahs512: do you ever dream this stuff NJ?
Fearless Leader: I'm going to do tumbling blocks with stacked sheets
Fearless Leader: I don't dream much at all actually
Fearless Leader: if I remember a dream it's real rare
Fearless Leader: James is opposite
Fearless Leader: he talks
Fearless Leader: thrashes about, laughs loud
Fearless Leader: and remembers all
Fearless Leader: I told him I'd be tired when I woke up if I fussed
that much in my sleep
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: when I think of clay is when I do mindless chores
Fearless Leader: cleaning the bathroom
Fearless Leader: washing dishes
Fearless Leader: folding wash, that's when a lot of these ideas come
to me
dahs512: I built the eyecane in my head one night
Fearless Leader: my brain isn't engaged in what I'm doing, it's muscle
memory and eyeball supervision
techi_mom56: when i get realllly sick and have to take codine cough
syrup i have the most bizarre nightmares...
Fearless Leader: ya, medmares
dahs512: lol
Fearless Leader: that's why I don't take meds if I can help it
chelyha55: I have to say that I am suddenly coming up with all kinds
of cool ideas
chelyha55: for new and different ways to use all the leaf canes I've
dahs512: lol
dahs512: cool!
Fearless Leader: I was thinking of your leaf canes Cheryl
Fearless Leader: and thought if we stacked them
Fearless Leader: using different colors
jude (greatauntjudy) joined the room
Fearless Leader: could we get some interesting patterns, using this
fish scale technique
Fearless Leader: Howdy Aunt Jude
chelyha55: I think that would be really cool
jude: Howdy!
Fearless Leader: I think we're on to something very new using leaf
canes for this fish scale technique
Fearless Leader: How you doing Jude?
chelyha55: I've been laying them on a background sheet and running it
thru the pm
Fearless Leader: and the more you layer
Fearless Leader: and press
Fearless Leader: the back ground leaves stretch out
jude: Doing okay. How are youz guyz?
Fearless Leader: and the top ones stay tight
chelyha55: then folding it like cloth and adding more leaf slices
Fearless Leader: Oh I'm stoned to my tits
Fearless Leader: on cold meds
Fearless Leader: other than that...LOL
jude: Oh, my!
chelyha55: good Jude
jude: Might as well.
Fearless Leader: above the tits requires kleenex
jude: that is true.
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: how are you honey?
jude: Doing okie.
Fearless Leader: I did a sheet in a mandalla pattern and made a
pleated pot here
jude: Pleated? I like pleated.
jude: I do pleated when I mess them up.
Fearless Leader: I'll do another one right now and show you my tricks
jude: Okie.
jude: Oh! That's purdy!
seblack991234 joined the room
dahs512: hi suzy
Fearless Leader: It's is stacked sheets
Fearless Leader: that I cut zig zag
jude: Going every which way, huh?
jude: Howdy Suz?
jude: er...howdy Suz!
seblack991234: Howdy
seblack991234: Having grand central station here
seblack991234: And problems with the computer.
jude: We all know what that's like. Yuck.
seblack991234: Most trying is what all this is. LOL
seblack991234: I did get on in time to see the latest creations by
Nora Jean though,
dahs512: you turned blue
jude: Every once in a while mine gets a mind of it's own and royally
ticks me off.
jude: But, you didn't heat that from me. It's listening...
Fearless Leader: I figured something out
jude: heat? Sheesh...sear...
dahs512: what?
jude: Geez...hear.
dahs512: lol
seblack991234: The latest thing Nora-Jean is making looks like that
candy you can buy in the grocery stores by the pound.
Fearless Leader: I understood your typo
Fearless Leader: it's in my blood
Fearless Leader: I speak
Fearless Leader: typonese, don't you know?
jude: that's good. I also do gibberish at times.
Fearless Leader:
Fearless Leader: ok this zig zag cut
seblack991234: I told my machine to not listen to your machine this
time around. LOL
Fearless Leader: I had trouble lining up the colors
jude: that's a good thing, Suz.
Fearless Leader: that's because I was using the next cut to flip over
and attach
Fearless Leader: I should use every other one for the lines to match
dahs512: hmmmm
Fearless Leader: look at the ones in the first row
Fearless Leader: the light lines are at the bottom
jude: My picture is very dark. Is it that way for the rest of you?
Fearless Leader: they are every other slice
jude: Is it me? Hmmm....
chelyha55: yes, dark
seblack991234: Yes
Fearless Leader: so it seems if I want the lines to match
seblack991234: It was nice and light there for awhile
jude: okie. My computer does dark on it's own, so it's hard for me to
tell sometimes.
Fearless Leader: Ya my lighting sucks
chelyha55: I noticed that when I did mine
chelyha55: that you have to do every other one
jude: Ah, there...sorta.
bonsaikathy joined the room
chelyha55: better NJ
Fearless Leader: Howdy Kathy
jude: Better!
seblack991234: Now it is going back and forth on lighting.
Fearless Leader: in your jammies?
bonsaikathy: Hi everyone
dahs512: i get it
jude: Jammies! good idea. I may do that in a bit.
chelyha55: that does look like candy
Fearless Leader: I think after a certain hour be ready to fall out,
jamies, teeth brushed
jude: Ribbon candy.
Fearless Leader: from the keyboard to the futon
bonsaikathy: Hi everyone
seblack991234: Hi there
Fearless Leader: so let's see what these lines show here
jude: It has the shiny hard candy look.
seblack991234: Christmas ribbon type of candy?
jude: Yes.
jude: I love that stuff.
seblack991234: Me too.
jude: One of the few, other than chocolate, candies I do like.
seblack991234: Expecially if it is light and crunchy
jude: I like those colors, NJ.
dahs512: cool
Fearless Leader: sort of messy
Fearless Leader: but the stacked sheet was an end o cane
jude: Southwest, sorta.
chelyha55: looks like a slice of agate
jude: Desert colors. Neat.
Fearless Leader: this is gold, copper, black, pearl and silver
dahs512: don't you hate when that happens
Fearless Leader: so it will harken to the desert
jude: I do like that look.
dahs512: never enough of a cane
Fearless Leader: or ancient designs
Fearless Leader: that was half of the zig zag loaf
Fearless Leader: let's see what the left over bits make
chelyha55: it would be cool to build that around a lace cane
dahs512: the other pieces will fit together too
jude: I like some of the Moorish/North African motifs. They are
Fearless Leader: two different looks from one stack o sheets
jude: OIC, she has two different ones there.
Fearless Leader: from one zig zag cut off of stacked sheets
Fearless Leader: using every other one the lines will match, in theory
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: I'm thinking they are good starts for pinch pots
Fearless Leader: the lines going around the pot would be interesting
bonsaikathy: I agree
Fearless Leader: Aunt Jude
jude: In theory is great. But, real life says nope! LOL!
Fearless Leader: this stacked sheet was done like this and then
reduced and cut and restacked
Fearless Leader: to make this here sheet
jude: That is pretty.
jude: It still has that ribbon candy look.
bonsaikathy: It's beautiful NJ
Fearless Leader: I'm going to trim off the explosed silver there
Fearless Leader: and then start to pleat this pot
jude: the glow, it's great.
Fearless Leader: it's really "gathered" and not pleated when it's all
wooly booly like this
Fearless Leader: it's all mica stuff
Fearless Leader: gold, pearl, silver, copper
jude: Right.
jude: Do you find the silver too dark? Do you lighten it?
Fearless Leader: mica shifting all over the place
Fearless Leader: I do find the silver to be a bit dark, but there's
Fearless Leader: and when I want it lighter I mix pearl in it
Fearless Leader: sometimes pearl is too bright
jude: Good idea. I'll do that next time.
Fearless Leader: a touch of silver calms it down and keeps the mica

NOTE: The rest of the logs are edited because there was a lot of social bonding and non clay discussion, so I am posting what is clay related and letting the claymates have their privacy with everything else.
bonsaikathy: NJ the colors in that are beautiful
chelyha55: yes they are.
bonsaikathy: This is going to be fantastic
Fearless Leader: do you see what I'm doing
Fearless Leader: talking the parts that are sticking out
Fearless Leader: and making seams with the edges
chelyha55: NJ your hands sure look pretty with that nail polish
bonsaikathy: Boy if I did the pinching NJ's doing I'd end up with so
many fingerprints I'd never get them all out
seblack991234: Me too. LOL
chelyha55: so it's always been there.
seblack991234: Yes.
bonsaikathy: I have finger cots now and that helps
techi_mom56: what are you making NJ?
techi_mom56: it looks very interesting
bonsaikathy: I think pinch pots
sylsnovelties: No wonder she was happy and laughing when she said she
didn't see me in the chat! Here I thought she was just missing me.
chelyha55: looks like a pinch pot
seblack991234: Now you know.
chelyha55: itty bitty one
sylsnovelties: Yup!
jude: I wasn't happy and laughing. Sheesh.
bonsaikathy: Hey Denise, you were idle for so long it has you marked
as ignored
dahs512: lol
dahs512: in and out
bonsaikathy: that is beautiful NJ, I love it
seblack991234: Love the loops on the pot.
sylsnovelties: That is pretty!
dahs512: hubby is trying to catch up on taped tv shows
techi_mom56: pretty...
dahs512: on his computer
dahs512: oh that came out goodNJ
seblack991234: So Denise...what are you going to make this evening?
dahs512: just fiddling
seblack991234: Now that is clever looking.
bonsaikathy: is it a pinwheel
Fearless Leader: She's going geometric on us
dahs512: you started the stripeys
Fearless Leader: oh I guess so am I with this zig zag cut cane
Fearless Leader: My bad, I did
Fearless Leader: so let me do some more stripies then
Fearless Leader: I got a brain fart
Fearless Leader: tumbling blocks
Fearless Leader: in goldish colors
Fearless Leader: and maybe silver I dunno
Fearless Leader: it's just brewing
bonsaikathy: Well everyone, good night, I'm hitting the hay before I
hit the floor, Take care all
jude: Night Kathy.
seblack991234: Bye for now.
sylsnovelties: Nite Kathy
dahs512: nite kathy
bonsaikathy left the room
sylsnovelties: Is NJ going to stack sheets?
dahs512: i don't know
Fearless Leader: changing the lighting set up and putting in a new vid
Fearless Leader: nothing on that I wanna see so I'm listening to a
Lexx tape
Fearless Leader: That's great Denise
sylsnovelties: Good close up of that cane. Looks good.
Fearless Leader: Now I'm going to repress some sheets and stack them
dahs512: it shold make some good chop and toss too with the scrap
seblack991234: My history with clay: For years I made minis out of the
self drying clay. Itty bitty things. Then I discovered poly. But
instead of mainly making things I fell in love with squashing it for
hours and started making every color under the sun. My kids thought I
was collecting colors instead of doing something constructive. They
were right. LOL Now it looks like I am going to become the log queen
and just make tons and tons of them. LOL Do you think I will ever get
back to making things? LOL
sylsnovelties: You will get the urge! It all starts with just the
jude: Do you have the "fear"?
sylsnovelties: Cover a pen and you will go nuts doing it!
seblack991234: No fear. Remeber I was gutsy enough to do self drying
for years.
jude: Cover anything. Cover a jar then cure it.
seblack991234: Still kept making them even though after all the work
and painting someone would manage to break them.
sylsnovelties: Ouch
jude: That is a shame.
seblack991234: Maybe because of all the colors I have become addicted
to making colors? LOL
jude: That is the one thing that really makes me angry. When some
people are careless and break something you've slaved over.
sylsnovelties: Colors is a good thing!
seblack991234: Yeah, mainly kids who just had to pick them up because
they were so adorable.
seblack991234: Not my kids...their friends.
Fearless Leader: I drop kick my work
jude: There are some who sell uncured canes. You could sell colors.
Fearless Leader: what breaks
Fearless Leader: ain't made strong enough
seblack991234: Findly had to get locks and glass that could be secured
from little fingers.
jude: LOL NJ.
Fearless Leader: people find it hard to break my stuff, that's because
they've been punted
Fearless Leader: bounced
Fearless Leader: tested
seblack991234: Yes, I have to admit Emmy tried to do a number on a
couple of yours and they won.
jude: They won? LOL!
dahs512: gotta dash again
seblack991234: Remember I have the bird magnet with all the leaves?
That has bounced off the refrigerator lots of times and still looks
dahs512: hubby is ready to watch something
dahs512: this is going to be a pillow
sylsnovelties: Cute! I was wondering!
seblack991234: What a pretty little pillow.
seblack991234: Very realistic looking.
seblack991234: With the words flashing underneath her pillow it gives
the appearance that it is wobbling and about to fall. LOL
seblack991234: Then is.
Fearless Leader: I'm taking different hues of brown and gold
Fearless Leader: and adding
Fearless Leader: green, blue and silver to them
Fearless Leader: from those mixes
Fearless Leader: I'm going to do three stacks
Fearless Leader: and give a tumbling block an effort
Fearless Leader: that's the plan, Inshallah it will work
dahs512: hey guys, I'mm gonna call it a night.
Fearless Leader: Nighty Night Denise
seblack991234: Fix your little pillow
sylsnovelties: Nitey Nite Denise!
seblack991234: bye for now.
dahs512: NJ with you do the illusion again at another time
chelyha55: nite Denise
jude: Night Denise.
Fearless Leader: Thank you Denise
Fearless Leader: you're a great running partner
dahs512: thanks
dahs512: I'll catch you on the other side
dahs512: nite all
seblack991234: Just love your little pillow.
dahs512: thanks
dahs512: bye for now
dahs512 left the room
sylsnovelties: Sorry to be leaving so early. I need to get my leg up!
I will see you guys in the next demo. Nite everyone!!
Fearless Leader: night night, Syl
jude: Night Syl.
seblack991234: by for now.
Fearless Leader: watching me mix clay is boring anywaY
sylsnovelties left the room
seblack991234: But it gives me time to go do a few things. LOL
techi_mom56: i watched denise cover boxes the other day and learned
jude: It is better when you can see someone actually doing it.
seblack991234: I sure agree with both of you.
jude: I think I will get going. Night all!
Fearless Leader: See ya Jude
jude: Great demo! Loved the colors and all!
Fearless Leader: I'm glad you did, we'll do more pleated pots another
Fearless Leader: I like them a lot
jude: Okie.
Fearless Leader:
greatauntjudy left the room
The rest of the chat logs were not clay related and don't need to be put on a page for this webcam log index.