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December 2002  01- December 29, 2002: Food Processor and Sheets, Cane Basics, , Tongues of Fire Stack, Elongated Striped Flower Petals.

Fearless Leader: Denise it is still not come up yet. So don't put the item away. 
Fearless Leader: ok, it's up but the item is off to the right
Fearless Leader: can you center the item, is it a mold made with the Alley Goop?
Fearless Leader: COOLNESS
Fearless Leader: that's the Ticket
Fearless Leader: now you can make the different emotions with that one face
Fearless Leader: totally cool
Fearless Leader: giving it a winky wink?
Fearless Leader: ooooh don't ya love the clay shapers?
dahs512: presents from hubby
Fearless Leader: Oh he's contributing to your clay mania
Fearless Leader: this is a good thing
bonsaikathy: I love mine also
dahs512: I'm gonna make another mold for this mask
Fearless Leader: we got two folks watching who are not in the chat room
Fearless Leader: new folks
Fearless Leader: shy I suppose let me ping them. Denise, you done good honey.
bonsaikathy: when I can find them, I keep moving them about taking them with me and constantly having to look for them
bonsaikathy: Yes you did Denise
Fearless Leader: brb
dahs512: i have a mask swap coming due in march
dahs512: this should come in handy
bonsaikathy: aha, well they will be very lucky swap partners
dahs512: no, i'm the lucky one, but thanks
dahs512: last years were wonderful
dahs512: brb
bonsaikathy: There, I have my tea, I've fed my face, will have to get off about 7:30 long enough to feed Gary when he gets home, but I"m good to go for awhile and looking forward to it too
dahs512: here is the one from earlier, Kathy
bonsaikathy: hey that is really neat, what is the design on there
Fearless Leader: SwapHappy is coming on in
dahs512: I don't know, a friend gave it to me
bonsaikathy: it's really pretty
dahs512: thanks
bonsaikathy: welcome
Fearless Leader: Shall we start?
Fearless Leader: Roll Call
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco
bonsaikathy: Kathy in E. TN
merrie60us: Merrie, Boston
dahs512: Denise in Cedar Creek
merrie60us: NJ thanks for the answer to my hands
Fearless Leader: Sure honey I have a book I'll send to you
Fearless Leader: for folks who work with their hands
Fearless Leader: send me your snail mail address privately
merrie60us: Thanks
Fearless Leader: when you're done you send it on to Mitch for our library
Fearless Leader: No problem, I did all the WRONG things and went to surgery
merrie60us: Okie dokie
Fearless Leader: and had bursitis in my shoulder because I didn't listen to my pain
merrie60us: oh no
Fearless Leader: there's a file on the Carpel Tunnel Surgery in the files section
Fearless Leader: my take on the surgery and such all
merrie60us: I will look it up later
Fearless Leader: lost last Christmas to the Surgery
Chryse (chryse3081) joined the room
swaphappy2000 joined the room
merrie60us: Are you all better now
Fearless Leader: ah we have to more people
Fearless Leader: can you give us your names and locations
dahs512: Hi Chryse
Fearless Leader: I'm NoraJean in San Francisco
Chryse: Chryse, in Washington state
swaphappy2000: I made it...this is Cynthia
Fearless Leader: ok, do you have the cam on?
bonsaikathy: Hi folks, Kathy in E. TN here, good to have you
Fearless Leader: if not right click on my name and click to view the cam
swaphappy2000: Yep....this is vEry Cool!
Fearless Leader: who's saving logs
Fearless Leader: who's doing screen shots?
Fearless Leader: LOL
cgfs20012000: Kristy in Toronto
bonsaikathy: I'll do the screen shots
Fearless Leader: ain't it though. I should give you a look at me for grins
dahs512: I'll scribe, just to be on the safe side
swaphappy2000: Is that you!
Fearless Leader: with my housecleaning rag on my head
swaphappy2000: Diggin the hat!
Fearless Leader: the fashion sensation sweeping the nation
Fearless Leader: ok new folks
Fearless Leader: have you seen the Autumn Leaf Jar?
Fearless Leader: on my site?
dahs512: how big is it NJ?
swaphappy2000: yes
Fearless Leader: It's in San Diego right now so all I got is pictures of it now
Fearless Leader: this jar Denise? I'll put my finger on a flower and you can see the relative size.
dahs512: not the one showing?
dahs512: ok
Fearless Leader: oh the Autumn Leaf jar, about the same size, jelly jar size
Fearless Leader: has everyone checked out the flower tutorials?
Fearless Leader: I sent the links through
bonsaikathy: yes
swaphappy2000: scanned them a bit
dahs512: i'll look later, i'm afraid to open anything else
Fearless Leader: I'll put the links in the log
Fearless Leader:
Fearless Leader: Autumn Leaf Group
Autumn Leaves Page.
dahs512: NJ, change your camera statis so others will know you are ready, ok?
Fearless Leader: Oh thank you Denise
Fearless Leader: I'm going North and South in mind and body
dahs512: yw
swaphappy2000: WOW! Those are incredible.
swaphappy2000: The leaves look VERY difficult
Fearless Leader: Cynthia, things are only as difficult as we want to think of them
Fearless Leader: ever sew sequins?
Fearless Leader: just a stitch to hold it on, right?
Fearless Leader: one stitch is not difficult
swaphappy2000: Never! LOL
Fearless Leader: doing a whole gown of sequins looks difficult
Fearless Leader: it's not
swaphappy2000: I can do the one stitch thing....LOL
Fearless Leader: just a lot of simple steps
Fearless Leader: well doing canes like this are the same
Fearless Leader: a lot of simple things
Fearless Leader: make something look difficult
swaphappy2000: what kind of canes are those...Milll...something?
Fearless Leader: so I think we should review some basic canes
Fearless Leader: Millefiori
Fearless Leader: a thousand flowers
Fearless Leader: Italian glass making term
swaphappy2000: Thats it
swaphappy2000: I read on it...just couldn't remember it.
Fearless Leader: I think what we do is prettier and more intricate than what can and is done with glass
Fearless Leader: but the concept is the same
Fearless Leader: think
swaphappy2000: I agree!
Fearless Leader: jelly roll
Fearless Leader: done with silly putty
Fearless Leader: and you got what we're doing here
Fearless Leader: doing the design like you would a jelly roll cake
Fearless Leader: or a sushi
Fearless Leader: and then pulling it like taffy
Fearless Leader: and then cutting
swaphappy2000: pulling?
swaphappy2000: not rolling?
Fearless Leader: let's do some basic cane designs that will go into making petals for our flowers. How does that sound. Pulling a cane is better than rolling
Fearless Leader: distortion is less
Fearless Leader: no finger dents
swaphappy2000: good call!
Fearless Leader: no table dent
Fearless Leader: is every one ready
merrie60us: yes
bonsaikathy: yup
Fearless Leader: I'll start out with a couple of sheets that are stacked
swaphappy2000: sorta
Fearless Leader: when I get some clay sliced and pressed. couple of minutes to prep
dahs512: surely that is pearl
dahs512: zinc yellow
dahs512: black
swaphappy2000: what are the dates on the packages?
bonsaikathy: think the first one said white but I may be wrong
Fearless Leader: The numbers are color ID
dahs512: "ready to use"
swaphappy2000: it did say white
Fearless Leader: White, black, yellow and red
Fearless Leader: zinc yellow and cadmium red, Premo brand
dahs512: NJ is using white!
Fearless Leader: we get a discount on premo by the pound from clayalley
Fearless Leader: What A SHOCK, ya, for Day of the Dead cane I always use white
swaphappy2000: who gets discounts?
Fearless Leader: you as a list member
Fearless Leader: get a discount
swaphappy2000: SUPER!
Fearless Leader: $9.00 a pound
Fearless Leader: remind me with a post to the list on the colors I suggest you start out with
merrie60us: That is a great price even with shipping
Fearless Leader: bit in a nutshell, primary colors first
Fearless Leader: Colbalt Blue, Zinc Yellow, Cadmium Red
Fearless Leader: then Black, White, Translucent
Fearless Leader: that's the start
Fearless Leader: get fancy with Pearl, Gold, Silver, Copper
swaphappy2000: bought out Joanns the other day. Big sale! LOL
Fearless Leader: but we're going to start out with these basic colors here for this is my basic stack for Tongues of Fire
dahs512: I'm out of white...snicker
Fearless Leader: I'll get the link for that, brb
merrie60us: I am going to have to go in ten minutes will try back in an hour have to do mommy duty.
kmrhodes joined the room
merrie60us: Hi Karen
bonsaikathy: Hi Karen
kmrhodes: Hey
kmrhodes: Trying to adjust my screen. Got a darn floater and having trouble seeing
Fearless Leader: FireCane
Fearless Leader: Hey Karen I was just telling Cynthia, SwapHappy, about our discount on Premo
Fearless Leader: Cynthia, Karen here runs ClayAlley
Fearless Leader: she's our hook up
Fearless Leader: LOL
kmrhodes: yep, MSAT people get it cheaper
dahs512: I'm gonna close my camera for awhile while NJ is demoing.
Fearless Leader: I'm going to slice off some of this clay and make sheets, natter amongst yourselves to pass the time
swaphappy2000: Well, Hello Karen!
bonsaikathy: Dagnabit Denise you jinxed me, now I can't find my white
merrie60us: I will be back bye bye
dahs512: lol
merrie60us left the room
kmrhodes: Hi there Cynthia
bonsaikathy: I just got a whole pound of it a couple weeks ago
swaphappy2000: I saw the tongues of fire....very cool.
swaphappy2000: I must be experiences, I ran of white too. Hee Heee
kmrhodes: Got plenty here! LOL
dahs512: lol
swaphappy2000: Not to be ignorant...but are we doing these canes as you show us?
kmrhodes: some people clay along and others like me, can't do two things at the same time
bonsaikathy: some do and some just watch
bonsaikathy: it's up to you
swaphappy2000: the pressure. LOL
kmrhodes: gets to ya, huh?
bonsaikathy: some of us will if we can find our white
dahs512: By the way Kaen, were your ears burning earlier?
swaphappy2000: I have no room in my will watch and take plenty of notes.
dahs512: r
kmrhodes: No, my ears weren't buring but I can hardly read your writing
dahs512: I got lots of goodies from you, via hubby for xmas
swaphappy2000: Believe it or not...I have to move a dresser. Be back in a minute.
kmrhodes: the floater is bad with yellow
dahs512: just a minute, I'll fix it
kmrhodes: Don't ya just love hubbys who buy what you want from who you want
bonsaikathy: there, found it
bonsaikathy: right in plane sight too
kmrhodes: Christmas gift?
dahs512: test
Fearless Leader: Chinese food came in
kmrhodes: can't read it
Fearless Leader: ok for those who have never conditioned with a food processor
kmrhodes: NJ did you get my email about the booklet
Fearless Leader: Yes I did Karen, it's still winging its way here
dahs512: test
Fearless Leader: What you testing Denise?
dahs512: these dang letters
kmrhodes: Does a chopper work the same as a processor?
Fearless Leader: things getting fritzy with you?
swaphappy2000: Ok Food processor.
sew_short joined the room
Fearless Leader: Kay Hey honey
kmrhodes: Hey Kay
Fearless Leader: just going to condition some clay and press sheets real quick like
Fearless Leader: no text Kay
Fearless Leader: what's up with dat?
sew_short: Hi gang - give me time to get the webcam up
Fearless Leader: I cut chunks of clay off the pound block
kmrhodes: what color?
Fearless Leader: and I'm going to give it a whirl in the food processor, White
Fearless Leader: why start with white
Fearless Leader: so you don't get dark clay in the white by doing dark colors first
Fearless Leader: white, yellow, red then black
Fearless Leader: is the order I'm doing this to cut down on dark bits sneaking in and being a bother
aurorajv joined the room
Fearless Leader: Aurora
Chryse: HI Aurora
Fearless Leader: new to the room, if you need help getting on the cam hollar out and everyone will help you
Fearless Leader: I'm chunking up clay in a food processor
Fearless Leader: it will ball up
Fearless Leader: when it is warm
Fearless Leader: easy to empty the bin when it's a ball
sew_short: I see it whirling NJ.
swaphappy2000: that was my next question
Fearless Leader: see the ball?
Fearless Leader: it's warm
dahs512: test
swaphappy2000: Yeah...something easier than kneeding
Fearless Leader: touch the ball to the crumblies
Fearless Leader: easy pick up
Fearless Leader: now see how easy it is to roll out a sheet with warm clay
swaphappy2000: pasta maker!
Fearless Leader: done
Fearless Leader: quick
Fearless Leader: easy on the hands
Fearless Leader: now for the other colors
dahs512: It doesn't get sticky?
swaphappy2000: what thickness are you doing this in?
bonsaikathy: I have four sheets conditioned finally, once I found my white
dahs512: scraper
Fearless Leader: one dollar tool
sew_short left the room
dahs512: i love that tool
swaphappy2000: for what?
Fearless Leader: sharpen the straight edge and it's a knife
Fearless Leader: it's a spatula
Fearless Leader: it cuts blocks of clay
Fearless Leader: it picks up stuff
Fearless Leader: one dollar
Fearless Leader: can't be beat
sew_short joined the room
kmrhodes: The tool is called a Potters Rib, FYI
sew_short: Oops
swaphappy2000: Thanks
sew_short: I knocked myself out and had to come back in
sew_short: I still haven't gotten that tool yet.
dahs512: NJ is pulling out a sheet of either parchment or wax paper?
swaphappy2000: what works best
bonsaikathy: probaby either or
sew_short: Waxed paper will be cheaper
dahs512: parchment is more expensive, so I save the parchment for ?
sew_short: I have both
dahs512: I've heard it said that you can roll real thin sheets with parchment
kmrhodes: I gotta get me a food processor!
swaphappy2000: Amen sister! LOL
bonsaikathy: I found one at a yard sale for like 3$
sew_short: Karen - Karen - you don't have one yet?
bonsaikathy: works great
kmrhodes: shoot, thats way better than sticking the clay in your bra!
dahs512: Does it leave air bubbles?
bonsaikathy: hasn't on mine
dahs512: do you do the whole pond at one time?
swaphappy2000: Hate that clay in the bra thing? LOL
dahs512: pound
bonsaikathy: doesn't work for me, my skin is to cold, lol
kmrhodes: a pound of clay in the bra makes for a lopsided woman
dahs512: lol
sew_short: LOL
swaphappy2000: ladies are a hoot!
aurorajv: or a funny looking guy
kmrhodes: we said bra not pants!
swaphappy2000: LOLOLOLOL
aurorajv: yeah, I know
sew_short: hehehe
kmrhodes: hope no one started saving the log yet! LOL
dahs512: they can be edited..
swaphappy2000: Ooohhh...we can save these?
kmrhodes: Someone usually does
sew_short: Would you look how easy that woman makes conditioning clay look?
bonsaikathy: yes, just remember that if you sign out or get booted it only saves what is there after you come back
sew_short: GO NJ --- GO
swaphappy2000: Great!
kmrhodes: Clay is childs play in her hands
dahs512: That is why i am not in chare og logs tonight..
dahs512: charge
cgfs20012000 left the room
sew_short: They also save pic shots
dahs512: or typing if i don't get any better at it
swaphappy2000: what time is where you folks are?
dahs512: swaphappy, what is your name again?
kmrhodes: 6:39 pm eastern
swaphappy2000: Cynthia
sew_short: Going on 6 pm in Missouri
bonsaikathy: put your cursor over the text, right click, select all then cut and paste it into your word processor
swaphappy2000: That seems way to easy. LOL
bonsaikathy: it is easy
dahs512: that way you get all the different colors of text for easier reading
swaphappy2000: But will do...thanks
kmrhodes: I can't do that on my Mac
bonsaikathy: try it out and see how it works now and then you'll see how easy it is
elirdt joined the room
dahs512: Swaphappy?
swaphappy2000: yes
swaphappy2000: Call me Cynthia
dahs512: what can i call you?
dahs512: thanks
sew_short: Edie send instructions for the Mac - want me to send them to you?
kmrhodes: I got the one for taking pics but there was none for the logs
swaphappy2000: Doesn't copy the colors...but works.
sew_short: Oh - o.k. I guess it was the pic one I was thinking of.
dahs512: You can just do file, save
dahs512: but you don't get the different colors
kmrhodes: I did the file, save and got a download screen'
sew_short: There's a shot of NJ's home made file using Priority boxes
swaphappy2000: How thick is she doing those sheets?
sew_short: Prob on #1 setting
swaphappy2000: tiny
Fearless Leader: widest setting, thickest
swaphappy2000: 1/8" maybe?
Fearless Leader: for making these sheets for we're going to reduce stuff
swaphappy2000: OH....whoops. LOL
Fearless Leader: ok so one does not have to knead and mess with clay so much in prep with a food processor
Fearless Leader: it breaks up the clay, warms it and makes rolling out sheets easy for the clay is warm
Fearless Leader: now let's stack these four colors going from light to dark
Fearless Leader: white, yellow, red, black
Fearless Leader: like that
Fearless Leader: I'm just going to eyeball it, I don't measure stuff at this point
dahs512: aim?
Fearless Leader: as it gets reduced for miniatures then I'll start measuring
Fearless Leader: aim
Fearless Leader: let me change cam
dahs512: lol
Fearless Leader: there's a couple of quick cane designs
Fearless Leader: using these colors on this jar
sew_short: loverly
kmrhodes left the room
sew_short: Ahhhhhhh
sew_short: too blurry
dahs512: I like that one!
Fearless Leader: all those flowers started out with the Tongues of Fire stack
Fearless Leader: dark to light, four colors
Fearless Leader: that's the building block
Fearless Leader: from there we abuse it
Fearless Leader: bend it
Fearless Leader: fold it
Fearless Leader: slice and dice it
Fearless Leader: but wait there's more
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: let's look at how these stripes get done, eh?
sew_short: yes, I like that one
Fearless Leader: stacking sheets
dahs512: stack away
dahs512: i was wrong, it was foil
swaphappy2000: tin foil?
sew_short: yes, aluminum foil
swaphappy2000: is that for the excess clay?
dahs512: I don't know
dahs512: looks like it was
Fearless Leader: lay sheets like putting on wall paper, start from one end and smooth out the air bubbles
swaphappy2000: looks as if she is stacking and storing at the same time
Fearless Leader: I roll and stash the sheets in a foil sheet
Fearless Leader: so I can store them
Fearless Leader: cut off what I need when I need it
Fearless Leader: makes life simple
swaphappy2000: Great idea.
kmrhodes joined the room
kmrhodes: llll
swaphappy2000: does everyone work in big chunks like this?
bonsaikathy: I usually use smaller sheets
swaphappy2000: once it's layerd, it's layered, right?
swaphappy2000: Can use it again later to make other things?
bonsaikathy: only until I figure everything out and then will do larger of the ones I want to make more of and use more
sew_short: Yes, Cynthia
Fearless Leader: I'll take questions now
swaphappy2000: Look at that...wonderful "stack"
Fearless Leader: there's only sheets and snakes
Fearless Leader: the rest is abusing the clay
Fearless Leader: it's really that simple
swaphappy2000: snakes...that is the same as canes?
Fearless Leader: so we start with sheets frist
Fearless Leader: and then
Fearless Leader: I'll add a snake or two
Fearless Leader: the term cane is from the Venetian glass makers from the 14C
Fearless Leader: they would layer rods of colored glass to get the flower design
Fearless Leader: and heat it
Fearless Leader: then one end will be anchored
Fearless Leader: and the other end walked down the alley
Fearless Leader: to stretch it out, reduce it
Fearless Leader: then they would cut off itty bitty bits
Fearless Leader: and add them to beads and remelt them
Fearless Leader: that's the Thousand Flowers trick
Fearless Leader: but that layered mess of colors when pulled is the cane
Fearless Leader: we build canes some what like that
Fearless Leader: sushi made with silly putty
Fearless Leader: but your sushi looks like the Mona Lisa
Fearless Leader: or a cat
Fearless Leader: or just lines like this one is going to be
Fearless Leader: ready to see this striped petal made?
Fearless Leader: or are there any other questions?
bonsaikathy: yup
swaphappy2000: think is your stack there
swaphappy2000: thick
swaphappy2000: it...
Fearless Leader: four layers of the widest setting
dahs512: ready
Fearless Leader: but I don't measure, eyeball it
Fearless Leader: ok
sew_short: ready
elirdt left the room
elirdt joined the room
bonsaikathy: I just took the scrap I cut off to make the whole thing straight and ran it through the pasta machine, toooo cool
Fearless Leader: That's the slice stretched out
Fearless Leader: now cut and stack that reduced stack, Denise
swaphappy2000: so...don't just pull...knead it out?
Fearless Leader: I did a pinch pull because I'm not feeling like I want exact straight lines
Fearless Leader: it'll be reduced like crazy anyway
dahs512: yes,you rang?
Fearless Leader: Are you claying alone, Denise?
Fearless Leader: along
Fearless Leader: I meant
Fearless Leader: LOL
dahs512: not this time
bonsaikathy: I am
sew_short: I think Ms Bonsai is
dahs512: i was afraid i might lose my connection
Fearless Leader: ah, my mistake... well any hoo, for petals I pinch the edges
Fearless Leader: and make it a petal shape
sew_short: OK - did you "pinch" that stack together?
bonsaikathy: I just did some chop and toss and then ran it through the pasta machine and came out with the most awesome design
Fearless Leader: just pinched it, I'm not feeling exact today
Fearless Leader: Kathy has gone chop and toss wild
Fearless Leader: ok, so pinch the edge of this stack to make a elongated petal shape
sew_short: Huh?
Fearless Leader: I think I'll put a thin sheet of black so both sides will be black
dahs512: can we see the end view
Fearless Leader: now let's cut out 5 petals and start the beginning of a flower
dahs512: so you made a petal cane
chryse3081 left the room
dahs512: she cut 5 slices
swaphappy2000: what is that she is using?
dahs512: she is shaping the petal
Fearless Leader: use the first petal to roll around the stalk
Fearless Leader: for a bud center
dahs512: she rolled the petal around the bamboo skewer
kmrhodes: is anyone saving this?
Fearless Leader: then add the other petals, I'm going to thin out the edges of the petal. It's a Turkey Skewer, but close enough
Fearless Leader: LOL
bonsaikathy: I'm doing screen shots
dahs512: I just got it save to here
swaphappy2000: every word...LOL
swaphappy2000: whats that?
dahs512: she is attaching the petals around the center bud
Fearless Leader: now if we add more petals
elirdt left the room
aurorajv: Thanks for the demo, NJ....I have to go make dinner
Fearless Leader: it'll be busier
aurorajv: byeeee
Fearless Leader: okie dokie Aurora
Fearless Leader: ciao bella
swaphappy2000: more petals?
dahs512: like a rose
Fearless Leader: it could get very busy, just keep on adding petals
aurorajv left the room
Fearless Leader: ok that's just stripes
Fearless Leader: change the color, change the look
Fearless Leader: use rounder slices the flower changes again
Fearless Leader: use small, medium and large petals and do an orchid
Fearless Leader: variations on a theme
Fearless Leader: now I will take a slice of that stack and add snakes in it
dahs512: I like this one with the 8 petals
Fearless Leader: folding the stripes around the snakes
Fearless Leader: ready or shall we have a potty break and save log?
kmrhodes: break
bonsaikathy: Hey guys, got to leave for just a few minutes, got to feed the man of the house who will be home in a few minutes, will be back asap, don't do anything to cool well I'm gone or we'll miss the screen shots, lol
bonsaikathy: let's do the break
Fearless Leader: ok, break for 15 minutes?
kmrhodes: k
Fearless Leader: I got to eat some of this Chinese food or it'll be gone
dahs512: I'll save the log
Fearless Leader: thank you Denise, I'm going to forage