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Demo Mini Foods: 9/28/02 Saturday: Mini Sweets. The First set of Bon Bons, Chocolate Layered Cake with TLS Frosting, using different cutters to make oreos and Ding Dongs.

sylsnovelties: That will make great stuff for valentines day.
sylsnovelties: ok
sew_short: Yep, got those cutters too, thought I did
sylsnovelties: You lucky, lucky girl! heeheehee
Fearless Leader: ok moving up the cutter line
sew_short: Syl - I have Kemper cutters PCS5 and PCS4. I have the
smaller ones from Karen with the square, triangle,oval and 6 sided one
sew_short: I've been looking at the cookie cutters she has - they are
really small
sylsnovelties: Neato! they are on my wish list.
sew_short: I want the #2 clay shapers too
sew_short: I have the #0
sew_short: I'm watching but I don't know what I'm seeing
Fearless Leader: ding dong
sew_short: wowsiera
sylsnovelties: That looked like one of those cookies that are covered
with chocolate
sylsnovelties: Ding dongs?? My favorites!!!!
sew_short: those devil food cookies .... Oh let's go to the store -
right now
Fearless Leader: that's the cutter you can use
Fearless Leader: sandwich white with burnt umber
Fearless Leader: and cut it out
Fearless Leader: run a thin ribbon to go around the outside
Fearless Leader: and slice
sew_short: Yummy
sylsnovelties: Kay and I are ready to run to the store for ding dongs!
sew_short: is that a small cookie cuttewr from Karen?
Fearless Leader: There's the circle set
Fearless Leader: the leaf set
Fearless Leader: I got both from Pearls in SF
Fearless Leader: I think Karen carries them
Fearless Leader: Kemper, standard stuff
Fearless Leader: cutters are great
Fearless Leader: I use them all the time
Fearless Leader: any tool is fair game
sew_short: lol
sylsnovelties: I go looking in the kitchen when I'm claying! Bill only
gets worried when I go looking in his tool box!
sew_short: I have to change the green - hard on my eyes
sew_short: Back to my favorite
sew_short: Now what is she up too?
sylsnovelties: Don't know yet.
NikiT: that looked like tls
sew_short: yes
sylsnovelties: icing?
sylsnovelties: whipped cream?
NikiT: chocolate icing
sew_short: could be either
sylsnovelties: custard
sew_short: Oh My
NikiT: choco taco!
sew_short: LOL
NikiT: they sell those at taco bell.
sew_short: They do?
Fearless Leader: a sort of eclair
sylsnovelties: I'm so hungry right now! heeheehee
sew_short: for Chocolate???
Fearless Leader: that's whipped cream
Fearless Leader: if we wanted custard
sew_short: Whaaa I want a ding dong
NikiT: at least at the taco bell by my house
Fearless Leader: we'd add a bit of yellow
sew_short: I'd rather have the whipped cream instead of custard
sylsnovelties: I thought it was whipped cream
Fearless Leader: That was whipped cream
Fearless Leader: if we want custard
sylsnovelties: So yummy
Fearless Leader: we start out with a more yellow clay
Fearless Leader: and then add TLS
sew_short: Are you mixing the clay and TLS thoroghly or just on the
sew_short: DUH - looks like thoroghly
Fearless Leader: whip it to the consistency you want
sew_short: Looks like whipped butter too
Fearless Leader: I am going to aim for custard cream
Fearless Leader: and pour it over half a ding dong
Fearless Leader: it looks like whipped butter because I need more TLS
sylsnovelties: Yumm
sew_short: What tool are you using to mix it with?
Fearless Leader: my exacto knife, I'm adding burnt umber
Fearless Leader: it's too light yellow for custard
sew_short: ok
Fearless Leader: we need a little brown I think
sylsnovelties: She must be going at it. All I see is a blur!
sew_short: right
Fearless Leader: that's better for the yellow was too light
Fearless Leader: now it's more creamy looking
sew_short: Looks yummy
sew_short: Grab that ding dong
sylsnovelties: Yumm
sew_short: Is that a bowl?
sew_short: Look how big that exacto looks in comparison!
Fearless Leader: it's so sticky
Fearless Leader: it won't let go, LOL
Fearless Leader: I just wanted to make a custard tart
sew_short: Let me lick it off
Fearless Leader: for the custard cream I need more TLS
sylsnovelties: heeheehee Kay, good one!
sylsnovelties: Can we fight over who gets the exacto knife?
sylsnovelties: who gets to lick the exacto knife, that is.
sew_short: Oh heck just let me lick the acrylic board
sew_short: Oh Look Syl Oh --- groan
sylsnovelties: aw geez
sylsnovelties: I think NJ should mail us each a box of "edible" ding
dongs now, don't you think?
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: ding dong with custard cream sauce
sew_short: Yeah the real kind
sylsnovelties: I'm sitting drooling. hope it doesn't short out my
Fearless Leader: ok
Fearless Leader: now for chocolate sauce?
sew_short: 1:00 a.m. and I'm hungry for ding dongs
sew_short: ok
sylsnovelties: Oh no! Not chocolate sauce too!
sew_short: groan
sylsnovelties: Isn't this called cruel and unusual punishment??
sew_short: I'm sure it is
sew_short: Let's hotline Hershey's Company
sylsnovelties: There you go!
sew_short: Can't wait until NJ gets a new Cam
sylsnovelties: I so wish I could contribute!
sew_short: No worries - there will be other projects in future years
when things are better.
sylsnovelties: We got the light bill today and I almost fell over!
sew_short: Here goes the choco sauce
sylsnovelties: I know the oxygen concentrator doesn't use up that much
electricity! Oh my, here comes chocolate!!!!
sylsnovelties: This reminds me of a t-shirt saying I saw today!
sew_short: and it said?
sylsnovelties: Inside me there is a thin person trying to get out, but
so far I can keep the bitch quiet with chocolate!
sew_short: hahahaha that's a good one
sew_short: would you look at that .....groan
sylsnovelties: I was eating a piece of hershey when I saw it!
sew_short: *sigh*
sylsnovelties: It even pours!!!
sew_short: wow
sew_short: Now I r e a l l y want to lick that knife
sylsnovelties: Me first!
sew_short: lol
sew_short: G R O A N
NikiT: at first i thought that was gonna be a chocolate covered cream
filled donut..
NikiT: krispy creme.. yum.
sew_short: oh My
sylsnovelties: Oh my goodness!!
sylsnovelties: Niki, I suppose you want your turn to lick the exacto
knife! heeheehee
sew_short: Cake?
NikiT: hmm.. is it dull tho?  wouldn't want ta cut meself
sew_short: Oh Sure - just keep adding goodies on top
NikiT: do u think she is giggling at us while she makes that in front
of us?
sylsnovelties: Probably roaring with laughter!
sew_short: Laughing her butt off probably
NikiT: makin' us drool like babies over stuff that looks so edible?
sew_short: making us want to lick sharp objects
sylsnovelties: making us fight over licking the tools!
sylsnovelties: Kay called dibs on the acrylic board!
sew_short: Wish I could just reach thru and nab that chocolate!
sylsnovelties: That's it! I'm baking a chocolate cake in the morning!
sew_short: lol
Fearless Leader: Can't cut it until it's cured
Fearless Leader: right out of the oven
Fearless Leader: cut this cake
Fearless Leader: and you'll get the layered frosting and the whipped
cream will stay peaked
sylsnovelties: You're killing us over here!
sew_short: I'm glad you are showing us how to use TLS for this. You
have written about it a lot
sylsnovelties: Seeing something done always makes me go ohhhhh, I get
sew_short: Me too, I can read and read but watching or even better
yet - hands on training
sew_short: Wonderful NJ
sylsnovelties: <sigh>
Fearless Leader: there
sew_short: I'm going to have to call it quits tonight - I am yawning
my head off - thought that little nap would get me through longer but
I guess not.
Fearless Leader: ya I'm about done
sylsnovelties: Ok, Kay! have a good night.
Fearless Leader: this was a little extra something
Fearless Leader: for the night owls
NikiT: neat-o
sew_short: So I'll see you all tomorrow...night - owls
sylsnovelties: NJ, you had us fighting over who was going to lick the
exacto knife! heeheehee
sylsnovelties: Nitey Nite Kay
Fearless Leader: Night Night Ladies
sew_short left the room
Fearless Leader: well I'm going to call it a night as well
sylsnovelties: Thanks so much NJ. Although now I want to bake a cake
in the morning!
Fearless Leader: me too
sylsnovelties: heeheehee I sure appreciate all you do for us.
Fearless Leader: I have some bananas, maybe some banana bread
Fearless Leader: my pleasure, it's like having visitors
Fearless Leader: which I never get
sylsnovelties: Right! I don't get many either!
Fearless Leader: so you have a good evening
Fearless Leader: is Niki still with us?
Fearless Leader: she's at work still yes?
sylsnovelties: You too Nitey Nite Niki and NJ.
Fearless Leader: Nighty Night Ladies
Fearless Leader: see you tomorrow
sylsnovelties: Yes, she was just talking a minute ago.
Fearless Leader: xoxo
NikiT: nite