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Clay Techniques-03

Review of 3 color blend with primary colors, jelly roll and fan fold.

msatclayart: as an example
chenoa_2b: Just hurry and show me before I get confused ag ain! lol
msatclayart: of a three color blend
msatclayart: I'm going to take a little side trip
msatclayart: into primary colors
msatclayart: and show you the theory
msatclayart: of the three color blend
msatclayart: so we get a rainbow
msatclayart: these three leopard colors
msatclayart: are too boring
msatclayart: for the first exposure
msatclayart: so let's do a little colorful example first
msatclayart: ok?
dahs512: ok
chenoa_2b: ok
sew_short: ok
msatclayart: it's easier to grasp the concept if it's colorful
msatclayart: ok
chenoa_2b: yep
sew_short: ok
sew_short: moved black and gold snake off work table
chenoa_2b: Bringing out red, yellow and some blue.
sew_short: Hi Eva
sew_short: go slow for us NJ
sew_short: running blue through pm
chenoa_2b: ONe long strip of blue, some of red, and now yellow.
chenoa_2b: Approx equal size in length
sew_short: laying out ribbon strips side by side
chenoa_2b: slicing to match ends
msatclayart: brb
chenoa_2b: Bet she went to nab another cookie! lol
sew_short: Is she cutting these so they are all the same size?
chenoa_2b: looks like it to me.
dahs512: ye s so she can do a tricolor blend
sew_short: Yeah, we'll have cookie crumb leopard spots
snooks2312 joined the room
chenoa_2b: good enough to eat! lol
msatclayart: back
msatclayart: I had to help Hilda
msatclayart: the garbage bag broke
sew_short: I saw where Eva came online, but hasn't joined us
msatclayart: she's taking some time
chenoa_2b: Is everything ok?
msatclayart: to catch up with her business
msatclayart: is all
msatclayart: it's ok, she got behind on her real life duties
snooks2312: hi everyone
msatclayart: Snooks, I don't know your ID, who are you honey?
dahs512: Hi Janice
snooks2312: Janice
msatclayart: My bad
msatclayart: I got Old Timer's Disease
snooks2312: np
msatclayart: Now that Hilda's garbage crisis is over
msatclayart: LOL
chenoa_2b: Hi Janice..
msatclayart: she's 89 and my neighbor
msatclayart: we can go on with the three color blend
msatclayart: ok?
sew_short: Hi Janice
sew_short: ok NJ
chenoa_2b: Want another save?
sew_short: Le hand has spliced the clay
msatclayart: yes please
sew_short: Nice shot of her pasta machine
chenoa_2b: Done..
chenoa_2b: I want one of those handy dandy slicer dicer thingies she has there!
sew_short: Me too
dahs512: overlapping
chenoa_2b: Ok, is she overlaping? or is she cutting to make traingles?
dahs512: cutting angles and overlapping
chenoa_2b: I think she is slicing.
dahs512: NJ show th bottom
sew_short: Now how do you explain that cut?
msatclayart: one can do it with neatly made triangles
msatclayart: why
msatclayart: it's going to be blended anyway
msatclayart: all measured out neat and even
dahs512: They don't get it
msatclayart: it's too anal retentive for me
chenoa_2b: One it fits into the pm
msatclayart: I just need the red to be rudely sticking into the yellow and blue areas
dahs512: do your edges meet?
dahs512: or overlap
sew_short: ok
msatclayart: more or less
msatclayart: you know I don't care
chenoa_2b: Now she is folding the entire sheet over.
msatclayart: LOL
msatclayart: folding it in half for the first pass
msatclayart: we stick which end in?
msatclayart: the folded end
chenoa_2b: Yellow on yellow, red on red, blue on blue.
msatclayart: or the open end?
dahs512: folded
msatclayart: so we avoid?
snooks2312: folded
dahs512: no bubbles
chenoa_2b: air bubble
dahs512: jinx
msatclayart: here we go
msatclayart: give the girl a cookie
msatclayart: now for all the other passes
chenoa_2b: Run through pm, looks pretty much the same. as before.
msatclayart: I'm not going to fold it in half
msatclayart: and pass it through
msatclayart: I'm going to roll it up
msatclayart: like a cigar
msatclayart: like this
chenoa_2b: yep, yellow on yellow, red on red and blue on blue.
msatclayart: hopefully to avoid air bubbles I will press this roll
msatclayart: going from one ent
msatclayart: end
msatclayart: to the other
chenoa_2b: Using the rolling pin.
msatclayart: I will pinch along the length of this cigar
msatclayart: so our rollers can gain a purchase
msatclayart: and I'm going to roll this through about 4 times this way
msatclayart: ok?
chenoa_2b: ok
sew_short: ok
snooks2312: ok
sew_short: how do you keep it from stretching longer?
dahs512: the sides of the pasta machine keep it the right width
sew_short: Mine seem to grow longer with each pass
chenoa_2b: The blend, it is starting.
jakmiami: night all
jakmiami left the room
chenoa_2b: night
sew_short: you pinch it down each time?
dahs512: yes so it will go in easily to the pm
chenoa_2b: You are also slashing any air bubble right?
dahs512: as neede
dahs512: d
msatclayart: One more pass, the yellow and red are not as blended as they can be
msatclayart: the blue and red are
msatclayart: interesting how some colors blend easier, guess because it's darker
chenoa_2b: That red and blue make more of a brown than purple with me too.
msatclayart: that's a blended ribbon
msatclayart: now we can jelly roll this
msatclayart: and fan fold and I'll show you both
chenoa_2b: Ok, if I am not mistaken, this time when you rolled the cigar, you ran it through the pm blue end first.
dahs512: rainbow
msatclayart: and the jelly roll has two versions
msatclayart: yes, Carolyn to get this ribbon here
bonsaikathy joined the room
snooks2312: hi Kathy
bonsaikathy: HI everyone
chenoa_2b: Just did another save.
sew_short: Hi Kathy
dahs512: Hey Kathy
chenoa_2b: Hi kathy
msatclayart: LOL
msatclayart: Welcome back Kathy
sew_short: That is a beautiful blend NJ
msatclayart: we just did a three color blend
msatclayart: and we have this fat ribbon
msatclayart: I'm going to do a jelly roll
msatclayart: and a fan fold
bonsaikathy: I see that and it's beautiful
msatclayart: right now
sew_short: The ribbon is so perfect!
dahs512: bubble removal
dahs512: nope
sew_short: NJ has her tool in hand and is slicing ribbon in strips
chenoa_2b: ok the ribbon is sliced into three sections.
msatclayart: when you do jelly roll
dahs512: three ribbons
msatclayart: you can start at either end
sew_short: rolling from yellow to red to blue
sew_short: rolling from blue to red to yellow
msatclayart: totally different effect
msatclayart: having the light on the inside and then the dark on the insite
msatclayart: different effect
sew_short: wow
msatclayart: this is a basic thing this jelly roll
msatclayart: now this is a fan fold
chenoa_2b: visualy I like the light to dark much better.
bonsaikathy: You'll find that there are times that you'll need it one way or the other for a specific purpose
chenoa_2b: Folding back and forth on self a roughly one inch square of ribbon clay. Making a neat pile that goes from blue to red, to yellow.
msatclayart: that's a fan fold
bonsaikathy: Like with a face cane
sew_short: starting with blue end folding strip back and forth - like one of those ribbon candies at Christmas time
chenoa_2b: Now what are you going to do with it?
msatclayart: I'm going to show you something
sew_short: Beats me
msatclayart: it will all relate before we're done
msatclayart: I'm going to make this fan fold bit
msatclayart: into a wedge shape
chenoa_2b: ok
msatclayart: reduce it and get at least three sections
msatclayart: make an arch
msatclayart: cut that arch in half
msatclayart: put the halves together for a full circle
msatclayart: you with me?
dahs512: yep
chenoa_2b: info overload.
msatclayart: Let's do a citrus experiment with rainbow
sew_short: I think I understand that
msatclayart: then just watch and you'll see, ok, remember to comment even if you're not sure what's going on, when I reread the log I gain a lot from that, ok?
bonsaikathy: ok
sew_short: ok
chenoa_2b: ok
sew_short: reducing ribbon fan fold
chenoa_2b: looks liike compression is going on.
sew_short: is she just squeezing it on all sides?
sew_short: and stretching at same time?
bonsaikathy: Looks like it
chenoa_2b: she stretched it out. I can't tell wich side is the narrow wedge.
chenoa_2b: But she has a long strip of ribbons fold now.
chenoa_2b: Ok, yellow is the narrow end of the wedge. Blue being the wider edge.
sew_short: Cutting slices off
bonsaikathy: cutting in 3 pieces
chenoa_2b: Cut the log into three slices. Equal.
msatclayart: I'm going to put these wedges
msatclayart: on a sheet
msatclayart: and cut the sheet so only one side of the wedge is covered
chenoa_2b: She put th em on a sheet of blue. All facing the same way.
chenoa_2b: Now she is slicing around each wedge
sylsnovelties joined the room
dahs512: Hey Syl
chenoa_2b: pressing the wedge into the blue sheet. so there are no air bubbles.
sylsnovelties: Hi Denise
chenoa_2b: Now she is placing the wedges together, blue on one side.
chenoa_2b: Looks like a flower half.
bonsaikathy: Hi Syl,
sew_short: Hi Syl
sylsnovelties: Hi Kathy and Kay! Kay, you made it.
msatclayart: Now we slice those three sections in half
sew_short: Pinching together a little to join them more?
chenoa_2b: Now she is cutting the half in half
msatclayart: so the slice goes through all the sections
chenoa_2b: Yes, thank you! lol
sew_short: Yes, I finally made it.
chenoa_2b: Then we will have to flower halves.
sew_short: wow
chenoa_2b: make sure to not double up on the blue sheets between.
chenoa_2b: compress to join halves together, then start reducing.
sew_short: putting two halfs together (flipped one over so blue would not meet blue when joining.
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