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Demo Tech 03 September and October 2002 Highlights:

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 Animal Review

September: Introduction to Mini food. Tiny Shoes and Jackets. Then face sculpting, leaves, flowers, basket weave and putting these particular elements together. 

WebCam Clay Techniques-03: Tiger, Leopard, Zebra. Stargazer Lily, Tiger Lily, Roses, Orchids, Basket Weave, Leaves, Hanging Hankies, Fan Folds, Three Color Blends. 

WebCam Logs Screen Shots Red = Photo Gallery DigiCam
  1. Tiger Cane
  2. Leopard Cane
  3. Zebra Cane
  1. Zebra and Leopard

  2. Tiger Cane

  1. Tiger Cane

  2. Leopard Cane

  3. Zebra Cane

  1. Leaf Cane 1: Stargazer Lily
  2. Leaf Cane 2: Tiger Lily
  3. Leaf Cane 3: Silver, Black Pearl metal clay leaf
  4. Leaf Cane 4: Green Leaf
  5. Leaf Cane 5: Basket Weave
  1. Pressing Leaf Slices and Hanging Hankies

  2. Basket Weave - 1

  1. Basket, Leaf and Flower Demo- 1
  1. Orchid
  2. New Leopard  a quick overview
  3. Snake o Spot: New Leopard 2
  4. Review of 3 color blend with primary colors, jelly roll and fan fold.
  1. Zebra Cane
  2. RainBow Blend a second time*
  3. Making Leopard Spots

9-21-2002 Animal Review
  1. Rose Yellow and orange bullseye cane rose petal. In Basket and Flower Demo 2.

  1. Basket, Leaf and Flower Demo- 2

  2. Orange and Pink Jellyroll Blend Rose Petal Cane.