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buci131: Yes, I did

auntyalias: zebra's next

dahs512: Ready

merrie60us: oh goody

buci131: Are the stripes the same as the tiger?

lindaslists: cool

auntyalias: I sent the pix of the leopard through, let's take a break here

lindaslists: good

auntyalias: answer any questions

sylsnovelties: ok.

lindaslists: what colors for the zebra

buci131: Are the zebra stripes the same as the tiger stripes?

auntyalias: go potty, get more drinks

auntyalias: just pearl and black fo rme

sylsnovelties: You made this look so easy NJ.

lindaslists: ok

auntyalias: it is easy

auntyalias: just don't be so darned delicate about it

auntyalias: use the ARM OF DOOM

auntyalias: pull that cane

auntyalias: slap it around

sylsnovelties: I've sure learned that from watching the demos.

auntyalias: I'm going to get more Iced Tea and then I'll prepare some pearl for the zebra

auntyalias: brb

jakmiami: Just saw the pics. But I always thought the spots are dark on a gold background. We seem to have gotten gold spots on black...

sylsnovelties: brb

auntyalias: make your spots any way you want to, different spotted animals have different configurations, the Ocelot has a C shape of black spots around a center core

auntyalias: other animals have the surrounding color a blend of dark to light

auntyalias: and the spots are within that blend, that's what I'm aiming for

auntyalias: but it's still no cigar

auntyalias: but these Demos are rushed affairs

auntyalias: the stuff I made in demo is always quickly and if left to my own devices I'd fiddle with it more

auntyalias: I'll prep the pearl for the zebra

jakmiami: I see...

auntyalias: Eva I'm going to show you the Easy Breezy blend while I'm at it here

auntyalias: you didn't get to see a good example of it

buci131: Goody, thanks!

auntyalias: ok you with me so far?

lazybird54: Yep

auntyalias: see how it's folded over

auntyalias: pearl edge to pearl edge

buci131: yes

auntyalias: brown edge to brown edge?

auntyalias: the overlapping colors are what will blend

auntyalias: I will pass this through the press once folded in half

auntyalias: the other times I pass it through it will be after it is rolled

auntyalias: mashed

auntyalias: and bulled through the rollers

auntyalias: so one pass equals 6 half folds

auntyalias: are we ready?

buci131: What two colors--pearl and...?

auntyalias: any two colors

auntyalias: it's the technique that's important, the colors are up to you

auntyalias: any shading you want in your cane you do as a blend

auntyalias: to get the shadow and highlight in one section of leaf, you do a blend

auntyalias: so first time fold in half

auntyalias: on pass folded in half, the rest of the passes it's done rolled like a cigar

auntyalias: so all the pearl is at one end and all the brown is at the other

auntyalias: pinch a ridge to go into the rollers

auntyalias: put that ridge between the rollers and run that cigar through

auntyalias: on that's one pass

auntyalias: by three we'll be blended

auntyalias: two cigar passes

auntyalias: the third it'll look really blended

sylsnovelties: So quick too.

auntyalias: four cigar rolls and a half fold

buci131: That is so amazing!

auntyalias: ok, now to make the ribbon

lazybird54: very cool!

buci131: You know I'll be doing a few of those this week

auntyalias: ok now

auntyalias: roll that ribbon, shall we do it with the pearl in the center

auntyalias: for a highlight?

buci131: sounds good to me

auntyalias: oh GOSH it's mashed

auntyalias: well let's put it through a few paces then

buci131: Heehee

greatauntjudy: Sigh...more clay abuse.

greatauntjudy: I'm keeping track, you know.

lindaslists: boot to the head


buci131: Are we doing zebra?

lindaslists: soon

merrie60us: what are we doing at this point

merrie60us: stacking

buci131: Oh, ok--I thought she was showing us a diff way to do it--thank just slice and splice, I mean

buci131: Did she just cut it lengthwise?

lindaslists: at an angle

buci131: Okay

buci131: Like doing a chevron?

lindaslists: chevron like a leaf cane

lindaslists: cool leaf

auntyalias: With a blend

auntyalias: done as a jelly roll

auntyalias: used as sections for your leaves

auntyalias: you can get depth in shading

auntyalias: and highlights in the center of the leaf

lindaslists: I gotta remember that trick

auntyalias: it makes flat clay look sculpted

auntyalias: It's in the leaf section

auntyalias: in Autumn Leaves

auntyalias: I did it with green and orange

auntyalias: are we ready for zebra?

lindaslists: yes

merrie60us: yes

sylsnovelties: yu]

greatauntjudy: Zebra, zebra, zebra!

buci131: sure thing

auntyalias: okie dokie two colors only but as always there's a trick

buci131: Trick or treat--or both

lindaslists: are they both the same thickness

buci131: Looks like it.

auntyalias: They are both the same thickness

lindaslists: ok

auntyalias: and part is pressed together

merrie60us: cut five pieces?

buci131: Random sized pieces?

auntyalias: I'm going to taper the edges, any amount

auntyalias: just make them varied

auntyalias: now to taper

buci131: You tapered both edges on each piece?

auntyalias: yup

auntyalias: now I'm going to stack them without any particular plan

buci131: Okay, you place a white sheet on a black sheet, cut it into varied pieces, any amount. Take one piece and run it through the pm and cut it into varied pieces, any amount and then taper--is that correct?

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lindaslists: what is the core center?

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lindaslists: oh

greatauntjudy: You stacked and then folded?

merrie60us: ?

auntyalias: ok that double "U" bit there

auntyalias: that's stacked sheets with no tapering or anything just bent in half

auntyalias: and then two of them are put together, it was the earlier zebra that I did when the cam was confused

sylsnovelties: two going in opposite directions.

auntyalias: I took the tapered sheets I prepared

auntyalias: and just layered them so there's short and long and wide and thin parts

lindaslists: cool

auntyalias: when people make zebra with uniform stripes, not tapered, not thick and thin, not overlapping

auntyalias: it just looks like jail uniforms

sylsnovelties: heeheehee

auntyalias: let me send a picture through the pix list on this

jakmiami: Very nice. And a great way to end the evening...'night all.

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dahs512: NJ I'll send this part to you as Zebra

lindaslists: sick, gotta go

lindaslists left the room

merrie60us: Good nite everyone and thank you Nora Jean for all your hard work it's very late here. bye

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lazybird54: I'm fading fast, too! Bye, was great!

snooks2312: NJ, when you layer the different parts, is there any rhyme or reason to putting the different things together, or is it just a "go for it" kinda thing?

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buci131: She said no particulae order

auntyalias: Ok, back

auntyalias: just eyeball it, I sent the picture to the pix list

auntyalias: it looks nicer in the picture

snooks2312: ok, thanks

dahs512: Hey NJ are you up for an impromptu ear?

auntyalias: so are there any questions and then we'll finish up on the hour

auntyalias: ah, the ear

auntyalias: yes

dahs512: really?

sylsnovelties: I have one.

sylsnovelties: When you do the center part, that was the same stacked up stuff just folded in half and then two of them in opposite directions?

dahs512: I've been stuck on my head and nj graciously said she'd show me how

auntyalias: yes, Syl that's exactly how it was done

auntyalias: good eye there


dahs512: i thought you meant you had an

sylsnovelties: ok, good!

auntyalias: are we ready for the ear?

buci131: I'm gonna shut this down for tonight. NJ--great stuff, thanks bunches

dahs512: yes

auntyalias: No worries Eva, you ok with the Blend?

snooks2312: I'm here, and up for the ear

buci131: Oh, yeah absolutely. I definitely needed to see it done, though

auntyalias: I'm going to do the ear in pearl so you can see it done

buci131: Later all.

buci131 left the room

auntyalias: First you find the back of the jaw

auntyalias: back of the jaw

auntyalias: the ear lobe will be centered along that back of the jaw line

auntyalias: let's put a line so we can see what we're doing

auntyalias: that's the ear lobe line

auntyalias: now measure from the eye

dahs512: the part where the lobe attaches?

auntyalias: yes, where the lobes attach, for the most part, but do you see the two lines, by the eye and by the jaw?

dahs512: yes

snooks2312: i see them too

auntyalias: Third line straight up along the back of the jaw

auntyalias: That's where the ear starts lifting up off of the head

auntyalias: an ear is a small leaf shape

dahs512: I got my mirror out

auntyalias: if you took it off your head and unfurled it

snooks2312: ok

auntyalias: feel it with your fingers

auntyalias: along your back jaw

auntyalias: along your eye

auntyalias: so let me get a small leaf shaped kemper took and cut us an ear

snooks2312: thats neat, never thought of the placement like that before

auntyalias: ouch

snooks2312: are you cutting into the side of the head where the markings are?

dahs512: the glare

dahs512: ok

auntyalias: that's it in the rough

auntyalias: but that's how you line up the ear

auntyalias: with the back of the jaw

auntyalias: along the eye

dahs512: NJ is your camera on super?

auntyalias: double zoom with macro

auntyalias: oh my webcam?

dahs512: I'm having a rough time seeing?

auntyalias: it's saying Super Mode is unavailable

dahs512: yes

dahs512: oh

dahs512: can you put a pic on the piclist?

auntyalias: Will do

dahs512: thanks, I watched your movements, but couldn't see the details

dahs512: Ic

dahs512: I see!

auntyalias: this webcam isn't the best

dahs512: did you just tweak the lobe?

auntyalias: but I'll send a picture through the pix list. It needs a lot of tweaking

dahs512: Thanks for your help.

auntyalias: those lines are just where it's place, how it will be shaped takes a little more time and care

auntyalias: did it help is the question

dahs512: What kind of webcam do you have?

auntyalias: IBM PC cam

snooks2312: helped me out

dahs512: yes you helped a lot

auntyalias: piece of caca

auntyalias: snooks... what's your name, I don't recognize your Yahoo ID

snooks2312: Janice Roach

auntyalias: Ah hey there

dahs512: I put a webcam on my wishlist for my b-day

auntyalias: nice to meet you

snooks2312: first time in here, had to reload yahoo

auntyalias: first time in chat with cam?

snooks2312: yup

auntyalias: ain't it a riot?

dahs512: pretty cool, huh?

snooks2312: its great, wish i had one.

auntyalias: This cam cost $40

auntyalias: there's some cheaper and more crappy

auntyalias: LOL

dahs512: how old is it?

snooks2312: my inlaws have one

snooks2312: want a few other toys first

dahs512: I was told you can set some of the crappy ones to work pretty good

auntyalias: I have lighting problems when I'm showing demos at Sunset

auntyalias: the lighting always changes, then at night my lighting sucks

auntyalias: got to figure that out

dahs512: You are so computer savy, but I could check into it for you?

snooks2312: what time is it there NJ? It's now 11:10pm here in Manitoba

auntyalias: Well I'm done for tonight, unless there's any other questions

auntyalias: 9pm in San Francisco

auntyalias: I've been on since 4pm

dahs512: Nope, I'm good. Thanks...Do you want me to save this last part?

auntyalias: Yes, please save the last part

snooks2312: holy cow, I've just gotten on the comp for the evening.

auntyalias: I'll add it to the face off section

dahs512: I will send this part as ear

auntyalias: Oh Janice, you want to see something

auntyalias: got any short orders?

auntyalias: a blue plate special?

auntyalias: LOL

snooks2312: nope, I'm good. was just checking in to see what I've been missing

auntyalias: I'm just winding down now that the animal print demo is done

snooks2312: will join in more often now

auntyalias: please do