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Demo Tech -02 September and October 2002 Highlights:

September: Introduction to Mini food. Tiny Shoes and Jackets. Then face sculpting, leaves, flowers, basket weave and putting these particular elements together. 

WebCam Clay Techniques-02: Sculpting faces big and small, young and old, male and female. Dressing the Kimono Dolls. Mini Clay Jackets, eyes and ears, and a few stray pinch pots. 

WebCam Logs Screen Shots DigiCam
  1. Sculpting the face
  2. Tongues of Fire Pinch Pots -1
  3. Tongues of Fire Pinch Pots -2
  4. Tongues of Fire Pinch Pots -3
  5. Tongues of Fire Pinch Pots -4
  1. Pinch Pots and Face Mold Making
  1. Doll-MixSkin
  2. Doll-KnowPose
  3. Doll-Armature
  4. Doll-Drama
  5. Doll-Skin-01, Log for Pix 1-14
  6. Doll-Skin-02, Log for Pix 14-30
  7. Sculpting Face Kimono Doll
  8. Sculpting Face: Man CrewCut
  1. Foil Armature
  2. Skin 4 Doll
  3. Face 4 Female Kimono Doll
  4. Sculpting Face: Man CrewCut


  1. The Kimono Doll and the Tin on LSD
  1. Just Eyes
  2. Tiny Shirt on Hanger
  3. Tiny Shirt 2 Kimono On Doll
  4. Shady Sadie Decided, Loretta not Lynette
  5. Shady Sadie Done


  1. Just Eyes half face
  2. Tiny Shirt on hanger
  3. Leopard and Malachite Jackets
  4. Putting Kimono on Doll 1" scale
  5. Shady Sadie: The mature woman full sized face
  1. Shady Sadie, the little jackets, the eyeballs, the kimono on a doll. 
  1. Ear Sculpting
  1. Lend me your Ear