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Clay Techniques- 01: 9/27/02 Friday Night Review: Natasha Beads

sylsnovelties: You are such a riot, Kay!
chelyha joined the room
Fearless Leader: anywhere there's trees there's a meth lab it seems
Fearless Leader: Cheryl, Hey honey
chelyha: howdy
jude: Howdy Cheryl.
Fearless Leader: we're at a break and we just covered a pizza
protector with leopard spot
Fearless Leader: and we did high heels
sew_short: Hi Cheryl
Fearless Leader: in Leopard
chelyha: cool, I was watching a movie but I thought I'd check in with
Fearless Leader: after a short break I'm open to suggestion for the
next thing you all want to see
sew_short: Looks like my table - always a pair of shoes kicked off by
(or under) it.
Fearless Leader: shoes are sweet, I've been wanting to do shoes again
Fearless Leader: I did some micro mini ones
Fearless Leader: using flower petals for high heels
Fearless Leader: blades of grass, for fairy feet
Fearless Leader: they can fly around with flower petals on their feet
they don't walk after all
sew_short: wow
Fearless Leader: 5 minute break for me, got to empty Hilda's garbabe
Fearless Leader: brb
Fearless Leader: garbage even
Fearless Leader: brb
sylsnovelties: okie
Fearless Leader: back
Fearless Leader: so what's next?
chelyha: who's Hilda
sylsnovelties: ok. I was saving the screen shots.
Fearless Leader: My next door neighbor who is 89 years old
Fearless Leader: the garbage room door is too heavy for her
chelyha: oh, ok
Fearless Leader: so she brings the sports page for Said and I empty
her garbage every day around this time
Fearless Leader: and we usually chat for a bit
chelyha: that is sweet
Fearless Leader: her husband is 93 and Said and I take care of him
when he isn't doing well or has fallen
Fearless Leader: she gets all my Jewish minis, they are from Germany
Fearless Leader: left because of the Nazis
chelyha: wow
Fearless Leader: my other neighbor, who went to the old people's home
Fearless Leader: was a secretary
Fearless Leader: at the Neurenberg trials
sew_short: double wow
Fearless Leader: lots of history these old folks got
Fearless Leader: totally
Fearless Leader: I told her, "Let me touch you." when she told me
Fearless Leader: she shied away
Fearless Leader: "Why do you want to touch me?"
Fearless Leader: I told her "I want to touch history."
Fearless Leader: she laughed and called me crazy
Fearless Leader: I'm still impressed
Fearless Leader: she still thinks I'm crazy
Fearless Leader: LOL
sew_short: Doing my cemetery records I have run across some
interesting history.
Fearless Leader: I'll bet.
Fearless Leader: Ok
Fearless Leader: What's next folks?
Fearless Leader: what do you want to review
Fearless Leader: this is for you ya know? Time to be spoiled.
chelyha: what hasn't been done?
Fearless Leader:
sew_short: We have a man named Comfort Ruggles who on his death bed
told his doctor that he was one of the patriots who threw tea over the
ship into the Boston Harbor.
Fearless Leader: triple WOW
sylsnovelties: Wowsers1
sew_short: Cool Huh?
jude: Ah...that was quite a while ago. During the Revolution you mean?
jude: Over 200 hears ago?
sew_short: Yes
Fearless Leader: Kay studies Obits
chelyha: maybe it was in his past life
Fearless Leader: I had an ancestor who fought in the Revolution
jude: Oh! It was his obit? Okie.
Fearless Leader: got land for it
sew_short: I've been racking my brain NJ on what I would like to see.
I have NEVER seen a bead made
jude: I thought it was a neighbor. DUH!
Fearless Leader: shall I do a couple of Natasha beads?
Fearless Leader: I have chop ready in blocks
sew_short: Yes Please
chelyha: yes that would be cool. i just made a bunch myself
Fearless Leader: color?
chelyha: whatever you got
chelyha: I took all my leaf cane ends and chopped them up. it turned
out really nice
sylsnovelties: I chop all my mistakes up!
chelyha: that's a good use for stuff that doesn't turn out like you
sylsnovelties: I have more chop than regular clay! heeheehee
jude: Oh, no, Syl! LOL
sew_short: Wow would you look at the chops. Don't forget NJ I wanted
some sunset cane
Fearless Leader: I got to do some mixing for more of those
Fearless Leader: they are in colors I don't usually use
Fearless Leader: so color?
Fearless Leader: We got greens, some blue, some brown,
chelyha: Something floral ish
sylsnovelties: The red stuff~!
sew_short: Something bright so it will show up good
Fearless Leader: Oh wait
Fearless Leader: I know what
sew_short: I bid on four canes on eBay...decided I would cheat so I
could start covering some pens and little tablets quicker! hehe
sew_short: BTW - I only bid on clay mates auctions!
Fearless Leader: This is chop
Fearless Leader: from all the latest demos
chelyha: I have tons of canes, was thinking about putting some up for
Fearless Leader: recognize some of this cane?
sylsnovelties: heeheehee I have about 2.
Fearless Leader: we'll use this
chelyha: yes I recognize it
Fearless Leader: this is what I'm working on left to my own devices
Fearless Leader: Are we ready?
sylsnovelties: yup
Fearless Leader: I'm going to slice off a log of this
Fearless Leader: and with that log slice three times
jude: Ready.
Fearless Leader: in half
Fearless Leader: and then those halves in half again for four pieces
Fearless Leader: the last two slices
Fearless Leader: you open like a book
sew_short: Well, Cheryl I would buy some - hey we need NJ Mall!
Fearless Leader: for the first two mirror images
Fearless Leader: I'm working on it Kay, LOL
Fearless Leader: then I'll put those two halves back together to get
the third and fourth mirror image
Fearless Leader: ok?
chelyha: ok
sew_short: ready
jude: Okie.
chelyha: what is the current bid on the ones on ebay?
sew_short: I'm not explaining - just watching
sew_short: Each cut is a mirror image - right?
chelyha: right
chelyha: natashas are a good way to give newbies an intro to clay
sylsnovelties: Clown face!
chelyha: they can make really pretty beads just by mixing up scraps
Fearless Leader: now you can leave it like this
Fearless Leader: a rectangle
Fearless Leader: or pinch the ends
chelyha: I like to pinch mine
chelyha: Does Clayalley sell those tools you're using?
sew_short: Is she smoothing up and down? or across? or both?
chelyha: NJ?
Fearless Leader: The larger one I got at an art store
Fearless Leader: it's called a paint shaper
Fearless Leader: that you can get from Karen
Fearless Leader: these I use for mini work
chelyha: Polymer Clay Express has them in various sizes
chelyha: I need to get some
jude: What size are those?
Fearless Leader: since we're doing beads I'd like to show you
something, Zero size for the little ones
jude: I have a big one like that. What's the next size down? Looks
like half the big one's size.
sew_short: Are they soft like the "0" from Karen?
Fearless Leader: I have something to show those of you who are new to
chopping up cane and making beads
Fearless Leader: are we ready?
sylsnovelties: yes
chelyha: Go
jude: Okie.
sew_short: yep
Fearless Leader: I'm going to show you the cane
Fearless Leader: show you a slice
Fearless Leader: show you how it looks chopped
Fearless Leader: just the cane by itself
Fearless Leader: then
Fearless Leader: I'll show you how mixing different canes
Fearless Leader: in a chop changes the look
Fearless Leader: ok?
chelyha: ok
sew_short: Woof woof
Fearless Leader: so don't just think that scrap and trim is for
Fearless Leader: the more complex the cane
sylsnovelties: oj
Fearless Leader: the more complex the chop and therefore the bead
sew_short: Oh, Meow Meow
chelyha: ooh that one is nice
jude: That's purty!
sew_short: quilt cane?
jude: Wouldn't those make beautiful buttons?
sew_short: yes
chelyha: yes they would.
jude: Say a single-colored, gray or dark something suit?
jude: Really classy.
sylsnovelties: ooh purdy
sew_short: Hummmm yes
chelyha: or a handmade sweater
jude: Yes, sweater, too.
chelyha: those are cool
sew_short: summer dress for that one
chelyha: I like the flower cane of course
sew_short: of course
sew_short: Oooough wish I could see the exact color on that one
sew_short: Color changes with each movement
chelyha: yes it's pretty
sew_short: Makes me think of Hawaii
sylsnovelties: Hula hula!
sew_short: LOL
Fearless Leader: there
Fearless Leader: different cane
Fearless Leader: makes different chop
chelyha: very interesting
Fearless Leader: if your starting chop
Fearless Leader: had a half a dozen
Fearless Leader: complex canes
Fearless Leader: then your beads
Fearless Leader: will be like no other
sew_short: Question here
Fearless Leader: for who else would do that to get a bead? LOL
Fearless Leader: Yes, Kay?
sew_short: When you held up two different canes how did you put them
sew_short: Yes, that one
Fearless Leader: I took the two canes
jude: You mean chopping and tossing?
Fearless Leader: chopped them like egg salad
Fearless Leader: gave them a toss
Fearless Leader: and compressed them
Fearless Leader: that's all
Fearless Leader: form a block
Fearless Leader: cut off a section
sew_short: OK
Fearless Leader: and make the bead
Fearless Leader: the randomness of the chop
Fearless Leader: has its own truth
chelyha: Ok can you show the form a block cut off a section part
Fearless Leader: things just seem to mix and then it's a surprise each
time you cut
chelyha: because I do mine differently
Fearless Leader: Ok I'll slice this one block on top real quick
chelyha: Ooo! i am eating ginger candy and it is so yummy!
jude: Popcorn here.
chelyha: ok so you don't roll and twist like Klew does. I want to try
your method
jude: But, I do have some chocolate filled Oreos I will share.
chelyha: this candy is hot, but sweet
jude: I like that candied mango and pineapple. Good stuff.
jude: that's purty, too!
jude: Fingers of doom, huh?
sew_short: Speaking of candy - that bead looks like candy
sylsnovelties: I just love chop n toss!
chelyha: your designs are more well-defined
chelyha: than the roll and twist method
sylsnovelties: Does she roll and twist before she does the cuts?
sew_short: OK, is this when you put them on a skewer?
jude: I like that one. It's great.
chelyha: you chop the scraps, make a log and roll that out and twist
the ends in opposite directions
sylsnovelties: ok, thanks! I understand what you mean now!
chelyha: cut it in lengths, shape into rectangles and cut that
jude: Makes a different effect.
sylsnovelties: I love that gold colored one!
chelyha: Right. i like both but I haven't actually tried NJ's method.
So I will try it
sylsnovelties: NJ has bigger blocks of chop n toss than I have clay
altogether! heeheehee
sew_short: LOL
jude: Looks like the chop isn't as small as egg salad. Maybe a bit
jude: You can see some of the pattern, stripes, etc.
jude: Is it?
sylsnovelties: Tony the tiger~!~
jude: LOL
chelyha: I have so much clay that I sent some to Cheryl D for the
newbie boxes
jude: does look like a cat face.
chelyha: that one is really neat
jude: Great.
sew_short: they are all neat
jude: I never got a newbie box. That was way back last year when I
joined the list, I think.
sylsnovelties: A girl laughing with a hat on!
jude: Year ago Christmas, wasn't it Syl? Before then?
chelyha: She has two big pieces next to each other. That's what i do
sylsnovelties: I think so Jude!
chelyha: make a big pendant
jude: Looks Gothic to me. LOL!
jude: I remember making Christmas stuff with my trusty 99 cent store
rolling pin.
sylsnovelties: I remember that Jude!
chelyha: hey whatever works
jude: I still have one the the Christmas Tree pins.
jude: I couldn't get red clay so use fuschia. LOL!
sew_short: What is she doing?
jude: Making a pendant?
jude: Making a horse?
jude: Pinch pot?
sylsnovelties: a horse? heeheehee
sew_short: a scarf?
chelyha: speaking of red clay, if you mix cad red and fuschia together
you get a really great rich red
jude: Thought I saw legs...sigh...what can I say?
jude: It's been a rough month. hehehehe
sew_short: I have to stop and go potty! brb
jude: Pendant.
jude: Okie.
sylsnovelties: me too
jude: Good thing you raised your arm and asked to leave the room!
sew_short: LOL Jude - I made a quick trip
jude: I have some beads I made. Just a few with leftover clay once.
They are strung on an old wire I had laying around. They are cured,
but not finished. I should make something out of them, but I'm lousy
with the findings.
sew_short: That's pretty
jude: Looks like a dragon or something. See the eyes?
sew_short: yes
jude: wings there too.
chelyha: Couldn't you just string them on some waxed linen cord?
sew_short: one on right has a super hero or something
Fearless Leader: there
jude: I was thinking maybe some very thin elastic.
sew_short: OK - when do you put them on a skewer and how?????
chelyha: .5mm stretch magic
jude: Don't have any of that.
jude: I do have thin elastic. LOL!
Fearless Leader: well I'm beat
chelyha: depends on which way you want the hole to go
sew_short: LOL I love that toothy grin emotionicon
jude: Isn't he cute?
chelyha: but you put the hole in them before you bake, unless you have
a drill
sylsnovelties: bak
chelyha: That one looks like a dog's face!
sew_short: NO A RABBIT
jude: I have a Dremel, my power tool! LOL! but I put the hole in
first, too.
chelyha: very cool, NJ
Fearless Leader: he he he
Fearless Leader: fresh chop is the best
jude: Those are really neat.
sew_short: Put the hole in with a bamboo skewer?
Fearless Leader: all the colors that are new on one's pallet
chelyha: yes, bamboo is good
Fearless Leader: Oh let me skewer one for Kay
sew_short: Thanks
sew_short: Needle?
chelyha: or you can use your needle tool
chelyha: or a knitting needle
Fearless Leader: start out with a small hole
Fearless Leader: and then dust a skewer
Fearless Leader: and go down the hole you made with the turkey skewer
Fearless Leader: less distortion that way
sew_short: dust with cornstarch?
chelyha: or baby powder
Fearless Leader: like that
Fearless Leader: or
Fearless Leader: you can pinch the ends
sylsnovelties: I love that skewered bead there!
Fearless Leader: while it's on a turkey skewer
jude: They dont' stick to wooden skewers after they're baked?
chelyha: you don't want to bake it on the wooden skewer
chelyha: sometimes they get stuck
Fearless Leader: I cure them, wet sand them and then Future finish
them all on the skewer
chelyha: use a knitting needle
sylsnovelties: None of mine did Jude! I didn't do that many though.
Fearless Leader: one in two dozen get stuck
Fearless Leader: on average
chelyha: yeah but that could be your best one.
jude: Okie, sounds good.
chelyha: NJ do you stand yours up on little clothespins?
sylsnovelties: I have about 2 dozen beads made. That means my next one
is going to stick. heeeheehee
sew_short: Woof Woof
sew_short: I'm going to have to make some grave dissapointments or
work to get lots of scap pieces so I can do this!!
Fearless Leader: after they are cured, sanded and finished
Fearless Leader: turn them on the skewer
Fearless Leader: just turn them in place
Fearless Leader: it loosens the hold
sew_short: Thanks - ok your turkey skewer looked really small - is it
called turkey skewer when you buy them?
jude: I didn't see the whole thing, but it looked like the small ones
that are metal. Four or five inches long with a hook at the end.
Fearless Leader: yes, they are used after yo ustuff a turkey
jude: Yes, there they are.
Fearless Leader: to skewer through the skin
chelyha: Acckk! Time for me to go to bed. Have to work tomorrow. Good
night everyone
Fearless Leader: to close it up
jude: They come in a package with string, I think.
Fearless Leader: Nighty Night honey pie
Fearless Leader: yup, with a string
sylsnovelties: Nite
jude: Night, Cheryl.
chelyha left the room
sew_short: Oh now I see it - I've seen those before....must check my
kitchen - just might have some of those hidden away
sew_short: sweet dream Cheryl
sew_short: I noticed my bamboo skewers are two different sizes both in
lenght and diameter
sew_short: Those are so pretty
sylsnovelties: What a gorgeous bunch of beads!
sylsnovelties: What do you sell that size of bead for NJ?
sew_short: Yes *sigh*
sew_short: I don't think I'm as afraid of attempting a bead now. Can't
explain why I had a fear of them.
sew_short: Blurry
sylsnovelties: I still have a bit of fear for the beads!
sylsnovelties: I've made a few, but I just get so nervous doing beads!
sew_short: Have you done a lot of them?
jude: You shouldn't, Syl.
sylsnovelties: I've barely got a handful if that many, Kay!
sew_short: Heheheh
sew_short: Well, I haven't even tried.
sylsnovelties: I keep saying I'm going to have a bowl full by craft
fair time~!
Fearless Leader: Dig these
sylsnovelties: In my dreams, I think!
Fearless Leader: monarch butter fly chop
sew_short: I have still not blown out an egg. LOL After all the
discussion and help everyone sent me
sylsnovelties: NJ, what do you sell that size of bead for?
sew_short: Dig em - love to run my fingers over them
Fearless Leader: I don't know Syl
Fearless Leader: have no idea
Fearless Leader: cheap
Fearless Leader: because I make them fast
Fearless Leader: easy
Fearless Leader: easy breezy
Fearless Leader: so they will be cheap
sew_short: QuietClayer is going to show me how to do the egg and cover
one if I can ever get back to her
Fearless Leader: like a handful for five dollars or something
Fearless Leader: and for you
Fearless Leader: cheap as dirt
sylsnovelties: Ok, thanks! heeheehee
Fearless Leader: all the claymates get the monster discount
sylsnovelties: Sounds like fun Kay!
Fearless Leader: Everyone else pays freight
Fearless Leader: Kay let me show you something
Fearless Leader: emu egg
sew_short: I may have to add some beads to my pile NJ - but if I do I
will have you just pick em out cause I would take forever to choose.
sew_short: Neat Emu egg
Fearless Leader: let me show you something else
jude: We have some ostrich farms up here.
sew_short: Remember I have one - from the neighbor I thought was
bringing me a chicken egg?
sylsnovelties: I wish I had been doing clay when my Mom and Dad had
the duck eggs, goose eggs, chicken eggs and peacock eggs! Way back
jude: That's neat, Kay.
sew_short: Since this is farming country I'll have to see what is
Fearless Leader: check out what I have strung
sylsnovelties: Oh my!!!!!
sew_short: Wow - and beautiful too
sew_short: wolf wolf
sylsnovelties: Thank goodness I don't live close by. We wouldn't be
able to eat because the food money would go to your beads! heeheehee
jude: LOL
sew_short: Ain't thet rite?
sylsnovelties: Yup, that's what I want all those strands you were
holding! heeheehee
sylsnovelties: No meds for the month either! heeheehee
sew_short: I think as soon as my son gets grown I am moving to
jude: Bad girl! Bad girl!
sylsnovelties: I know Jude, but Bill probably wouldn't let me spend
all the money on beads. For some reason, he likes to eat 3 meals a
sew_short: Look - she just keeps finding more and more..... oooooh
jude: I know. Maybe you could get him to maybe two?
sylsnovelties: I've never seen so many beads!!!!
jude: Good heavens! More?
sew_short: Yep
sew_short: What? Is that a tin?
sew_short: No - more beadies
jude: Looks like someone's spine. LOL!
sylsnovelties: What are those?
sew_short: Don't know
sew_short: Octapussy?
sylsnovelties: heeheehee
sew_short: Oops that looked and sounded bad!! lol
jude: I still have no idea what that is.
jude: Are they beads?
sylsnovelties: Looks like
jude: Must be if they are strung.
sylsnovelties: different kinds and shapes
sew_short: Oh Gosh NJ - it's 2:00 and I have to work tomorrow - I mean
Fearless Leader: snake beads
Fearless Leader: that's it
sylsnovelties: Oh boy, Kay!
Fearless Leader: the midnight show
sew_short: Ahhh snake beads
Fearless Leader: make them like rising cobras
sylsnovelties: I loved every bit of it. Bravo!!!!
jude: Great show!
sew_short: Three cheers for NJ's demo's.
sew_short: Now I must go.....hugs to all and sweet dreams
jude: Night Kay.
sew_short: Look - she just keeps showing beads - hehehe
sew_short left the room
jude: Nj's cleavage!
Fearless Leader: What a concept, a Jap with Tits!!
jude: LOL!
sylsnovelties: heeheehee
Fearless Leader: It really feels like the Trading Post around here
when I drag out the beads
NikiT: night ladies.. i've been watchin, just been quite since i'm at
work.. but now it is time to go home.  later!
jude: Night Niki.
azstitcher2001 left the room
Fearless Leader: man these are heavy
jude: I bet.
sylsnovelties: They look heavy
Fearless Leader: I'm all tangled up
Fearless Leader: LOL
sylsnovelties: Oh no!
sylsnovelties: they sure are gorgeous
Fearless Leader: and I have tons to do sanding and finishing on and
just trays and trays of uncured beads
Fearless Leader: I went a little crazy
sylsnovelties: Oh wow!
jude: Sure looks like it.
sylsnovelties: I just get so amazed seeing so many beads!
Fearless Leader: eeek
Fearless Leader: ya
Fearless Leader: but I was good
Fearless Leader: I only used trims and scraps
Fearless Leader: no new clay except for that Premo Pearl stuff
Fearless Leader: which came out soooo nice
Fearless Leader: so even though I got totally indulgent with these
beads I did recycle stuff
sylsnovelties: Right, so that is a good thing!
Fearless Leader: ya, it was a good thing
Fearless Leader: that's the ticket
jude: Great.
Fearless Leader: well it's midnight and I'm turning into a pumpkin
jude: I need to get to bed too.
Fearless Leader: ya we had a good party
sylsnovelties: I'm getting tired tonight too!
sylsnovelties: Yep, it was the best!
jude: Yup, it was good.
Fearless Leader: So Tomollow Tomollow
Fearless Leader: I'll see you Tomollow
jude: Right! hehehehe
sylsnovelties: See you both Tomorrow!!
Fearless Leader: xoxo
jude: Oh, Lord...she is bursting into song!
jude: Night, night!
sylsnovelties: heeheehee
sylsnovelties: Nitey Nite!
Fearless Leader: night night
Fearless Leader: xoxo
greatauntjudy left the room

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