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Clay Techniques- 01 September and October 2002 Highlights:

September: Introduction to Mini food. Tiny Shoes and Jackets. Then face sculpting, leaves, flowers, basket weave and putting these particular elements together. 

Folding clay, Pleated pots, Malachite, Mokume Gane, Basket Weave, Wood Grain, covering tins, and the infamous Chimbo and Flower Swap Hat. Log of review of Natasha Beads.

Log of 9/27/02 Friday Night Review: Natasha Beads

WebCam Logs Screen Shots DigiCam
  1. PleatedSheets.html

  2. PleatedPinchPot.html

  3. PleatedPinchPot2.html

  1. 51 screen shots of 9-11 webcam demo on folding clay sheets.
  1. Folded Clay Sheets made into Pots
  2. Cured Pleated and folded pots.
  1. Pumpkin Pleat Pot
  1. Candy Corn Pot and Pumpkin pleated pot.

Folded Clay Sheets made into Pots

Take sheets with cane slices pressed to it and then crease and fold the sheet and make pots and other things that way. 

Fold Pinch Pots (51 photos)

Fold That Clay in Abalone Colors

Review this if the folded pots make you go


These logs on Eva's Site
  1. Psychedelic Malachite
  2. Psychedelic Chop
  3.  Chop Natasha Pendants
  4. New Mini Tute Mokume Gane--Log Only
  1. Psychedelic Malachite and chopped trim for Natasha Beads

  1. Covering Tin
  1. Covering LSD Tin 1
  1. The Doll and the Tin on LSD

  2. More LSD Tins

  1. Showing the Hat, doing the rainbow blend and making leaves and pressing a sheet.
  2. Taking that sheet and covering a Tin. (T2)


WebCam: Blends,jelly

WebCam: TinCovering2


Rainbow Blend Leaves with Flowers Sheet Covered Tin


  1. Showing the Hat and Deciding on Mokume Gane done with the Malachite Tute.
  2. Stacking sheets and Rick Rack side track.
  3. Cut Circles, stack bowls, make cones, stack cones in pyramid, cut in half and reduce. 
  4. Basket Weave review and more of the chimbo and flower hat.

WebCam: Mokume Gane with the Malachite Method.

WebCam: RickRack

  1. Basket Weave - 1

  2. Basket Weave - 2


WebCam: Chimbo Hat

  1. 6 Pix of the finished items from 9-19-2002 webcam early show. 

  1. Wood Grain
  1. Wood Shots