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Clay Techniques-03Tiger Lily- 9/6/02

dahs512: ty
Fearless Leader: I used too much crimson on this and not enough pearl
Fearless Leader: and it was a rushed job as are all the demos, but you get the idea about bending the petal
dahs512: What a team you have here NJ!
sylsnovelties: I got it too Denise
Fearless Leader: over our finger tips
sylsnovelties: Oh good.
buci131: yes
Fearless Leader: it takes PCC a half an hour to just settle the clayers down
Fearless Leader: I got the best team
Fearless Leader: they have to go on MOP, moderated, chat
buci131: Yep, been there.
Fearless Leader: while they have folks to interview
Fearless Leader: it is a group effort
Fearless Leader: So I'm proud of all of you
Fearless Leader: and we are all hosts here not just guests
Fearless Leader: for the new clayers
Fearless Leader: can type
Fearless Leader: Dang
Fearless Leader: Wow
dahs512: Hey NJ you got us here!
buci131: Is there a pic of this on your site, already?
Fearless Leader: Get a load of that
Fearless Leader: Should be on the Onsite Flower's page
buci131: Goody
Fearless Leader: want me to go get the url?
Fearless Leader: either there or at Epson
buci131: Please
buci131: I'd really like to see the colors
Fearless Leader: ok, break time for url search, smoke em if you got em
dahs512: I think we should start a kitty to get you a better webcam
sylsnovelties: heeheehee
dahs512: I'l start one...I'm serious..I know how much her classes could cost!
buci131: actually, that's not really a bad idea Denise
Fearless Leader: Biz-Archive/Flowers/Old-StarGazer.htm
Fearless Leader: One tile tute
Fearless Leader: just a change in the amount of snakes
Fearless Leader: makes a big difference, I like my old cane better
buci131: same colors, though?
Fearless Leader: just got to slow down and do it with more care
Fearless Leader: yes same colors
buci131: you used more snakes for the old?
Fearless Leader: did a lace cane with bullseyes
Fearless Leader: to get all the dots
Fearless Leader: started with one fat bullseye
Fearless Leader: reduced it, sliced it, stacked it and did that over and over
Fearless Leader: until I got the amount of dots I wanted
sylsnovelties: 10
buci131: then what?
Fearless Leader: reduced it for the core there
Fearless Leader: those little dots started out as one big fat dot
Fearless Leader: and then after it was made into lace cane it got surrounded by the pink
Fearless Leader: I'm experimenting in getting the dots in more than one color or the other
Fearless Leader: but have dots in both colors, dark and light
Fearless Leader: still have not noodled it out completely yet
Fearless Leader: I'm going to give effort right now
Fearless Leader: with this same technique
buci131: goody
Fearless Leader: with different colors
Fearless Leader: just because
Fearless Leader: we can
Fearless Leader: ok?
buci131: works for me
dahs512: yeppers
greatauntjudy: Okie.
ac4lb: Folks, I wish I could stick around for the rest of the demo but my neck can only stand it for just so long being up before it gives out and it's just to tired
elirdt: ok
buci131: ok, get some rest, sweetie
sylsnovelties: Nitey Nite
ac4lb: see you all later, thanks NJ
elirdt: good nite
buci131: later, Kathy
greatauntjudy: Night.
dahs512: nite kathy
ac4lb left the room
buci131: okay, looks like she has a sheet of pearl
buci131: that she's laying snakes of orange (perhaps) on
buci131: with space in between each
buci131: snakes are pretty thin
sylsnovelties: Like the last one with the crimson.
dahs512: the spaces are about twice as wide as the snakes
buci131: good eye
dahs512: lots of snakes...let's count
dahs512: oops...too late
buci131: she did that about threefourths of the way across the sheet
buci131: hee hee Denise
buci131: and rolled the ribbon up
buci131: now she's reducing it
silversaxs: Did she trim off the ends?
sylsnovelties: 11
buci131: looks like she trimmed off the snake ends
silversaxs: ok ty
buci131: yw
buci131: looks like she reduced it to, what?, twice the length
dahs512: the strip wasn't a blend...right?
buci131: looked like straight pearl to me
snooks2312 joined the room
buci131: now she's pinching one side
dahs512: she's making more complicated dots
buci131: making it into a wedge
buci131: Hiya snooks
snooks2312: howdy
sylsnovelties: 12
buci131: we're experimenting with Stargazer Lilies
silversaxs: Hi there
snooks2312: looks very cool
buci131: looks like the same shape as the crimson one
buci131: now she's cut that log in half
buci131: and she's taking slices from the middle again
dahs512: making petals
silversaxs: Any reason why she's taking the slices from the middles and not the end?
buci131: stretching it a little, shaping, and bending it into that mouth shaped petal
buci131: don't know--perhaps it doesn't smear as much from the middle
buci131: since she just reduced it and started slicing
snooks2312: could be a clearer slice
buci131: or she's sure there's no distortion
greatauntjudy: It might be more compressed in the middle than the ends.
buci131: heehee--great minds think alike
snooks2312: is she bending them now?
buci131: howmany petals has she done now? Two or three?
buci131: she kind of bends them in half lenthwise and then bends them into a u shape
greatauntjudy: She uses four in each flower, I believe.
buci131: look kind of like venus flytrap
buci131: I think it's five--she had four at each point of the compass (so to speak) and then placed on in the middle I think.
buci131: maybe I saw it incorrectly on the last one, though
snooks2312: she's got 3 going now
snooks2312: can you see how many she just showed?
buci131: four
snooks2312: ok, I see it now
buci131: looks like it may be a pearl to yellow blend
buci131: Nope, you were right Jude--four petals
greatauntjudy: Yeah, looked like four to me.
snooks2312: very pretty
dahs512: Shot?
buci131: sorry for doubting our flower queen--can you ever forgive me
dahs512: be stillll nj
silversaxs: If you wanted to ruffle the edges of the petals, how would you go about doing it?
Fearless Leader: Ok
sylsnovelties: gotit
Fearless Leader: Aunt Jude came up with a term for the ruffled edge technique
greatauntjudy: Ah, yes...the infamouse carnations.
Fearless Leader: "tearing paper" just like you'd tear paper you pinch the edge of the sheet
greatauntjudy: infamouse? LOL! infamous!
Fearless Leader: and bend with finger tips one way with one hand and the other way with the other hand
Fearless Leader: like you're tearing paper
Fearless Leader: gets them ruffles going on in no time
snooks2312: only don't "tear" it. lol
silversaxs: Ok, so you wouldn't use tools to do it?
Fearless Leader: Ok, if there's no questions on these flowers here
greatauntjudy: I don't, I use my fingers.
elirdt: easy breezy
buci131: that only work's if you're clay is not too soft, right?
silversaxs: Thanks!
greatauntjudy: I've done it with soft clay, too.
Fearless Leader: or too dry
Fearless Leader: if you make effort with dry clay
buci131: cool
Fearless Leader: it'll tear for reals
Fearless Leader: where as with softer clay
Fearless Leader: you only have to give it a nudge
Fearless Leader: and it moves
buci131: oh, I get it.
buci131: Is the lighter flower
snooks2312: it'll stay ok if its that soft?
buci131: pearl to yellow?
Fearless Leader: yes, Eva
buci131: thanks
Fearless Leader: pearl to yellow mixed with pearl
buci131: and the snakes?
Fearless Leader: to stop that translucent thing from gettin gout of hand
Fearless Leader: the snakes
dahs512: I think i got that shot
Fearless Leader: pumpkin pie
sylsnovelties: So, mostly kind of yeller.
buci131: cool
Fearless Leader: it's a mix I have for mini food
Fearless Leader: I thought it looked yummy with the yellow
Fearless Leader: good enough to eat
Fearless Leader: so I put it out there
silversaxs: sure does
buci131: I think it looks great.