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Clay Techniques-03 Leaf Black-Silver-Pearl 9-6-02

Next installment--the metallic leaf demo:
Fearless Leader: ok, if we're all ready, let's go back to black and white, or in this case black silver and pearl done as a blend
snooks2312: ok
dahs512: I have to reboot...hang on
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Fearless Leader: this blend, going from black through silver into pearl is really nice
sylsnovelties: black and white will be gorgeous!
buci131: will you show us a threefer blend later?
snooks2312: a skinner blend?
Fearless Leader: and can be used in "Techno" canes, where you need the look of metal in highlight and shadow
buci131: when you show the easy breezy blend?
Fearless Leader: Sure, I'll show you how to do multi colored blends
Fearless Leader: think pennants
Fearless Leader: over something
Fearless Leader: red, blue pennants
Fearless Leader: over a yellow sheet
Fearless Leader: will give you an orange and green blend, use three colors
Fearless Leader: crimson, copper and colbalt blue
Fearless Leader: and then put pennants on pearl
buci131: oh
Fearless Leader: what comes up in the blend
Fearless Leader: fart around
Fearless Leader: try out weird metal clay color with flower petals
Fearless Leader: see what you get
sylsnovelties: Sounds easy enough.
Fearless Leader: make a toaster out of orange slices
snooks2312: sounds good
Fearless Leader: and see what you get
Fearless Leader: are we ready
buci131: ready
snooks2312: ready
greatauntjudy: Ready.
elirdt: ok
sylsnovelties: yes
Fearless Leader: Denise is going to have to get back when she gets back
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Fearless Leader: ok, from this ribbon of black, silver and pearl
Fearless Leader: She's back, coolness,
dahs512: yeah!
Fearless Leader: ok, I shall do the jelly roll with the light in the center
greatauntjudy: Sure!
greatauntjudy: Fist of doom!
buci131: she's reducing the jelly roll
snooks2312: do the colors look all relatively even to any of you
Fearless Leader: I will flatten this out to make one segment, slice that into sections
Fearless Leader: I want veins between the segments
Fearless Leader: so I made a sandwich
Fearless Leader: of pearl and black for veining
sylsnovelties: 13
Fearless Leader: one side only or you'll get double veining when stacking
sylsnovelties: er. 15 not 13
buci131: so she made a sandwich with black in the middle and pearl on the outside
Fearless Leader: now to slice into sections and stack
sylsnovelties: 16
buci131: did she reduce it a little more?
Fearless Leader: when I cut I stack
Fearless Leader: keeps me from having to measure
Fearless Leader: the thickness of the first slice sets the pace
buci131: very cool tip
Fearless Leader: like that
buci131: we have five segments stacked
Fearless Leader: now to reduce it a tad
sylsnovelties: 17
greatauntjudy: Hmm...the Palm of Doom?
Fearless Leader: yes
Fearless Leader: LOL
sylsnovelties: 18
buci131: I was just wondering what to call that
Fearless Leader: now we slice going diagonally across all the lines
Fearless Leader: for those who don't know this is the chevron flip
Fearless Leader: when one cuts across diagonally like that
greatauntjudy: It is so neat.
Fearless Leader: and flip one side ovr
Fearless Leader: over
Fearless Leader: it gives chevrons, arrow heads
Fearless Leader: so let's cut this bad boy
Fearless Leader: I'll show you the flip and then I'm going to put a center vein in it
dahs512: faster than a speeding bullet
sylsnovelties: 19
elirdt: more powerful than a locomotive
greatauntjudy: Ta-da!
snooks2312: very neat, looks like a leaf
Fearless Leader: so now to do a center vein
buci131: able to leap tall pasta machines in a single bound
greatauntjudy: Like a Christmas tree.
dahs512: lol
sylsnovelties: 20
snooks2312: that's the word lol
buci131: so she's placed one half of the leaf cane on the pearl/black sandwich
buci131: and is cutting the center vein to size
sylsnovelties: 21
buci131: now she's putting the leaf cane back together
buci131: I bet that's stunning in person
greatauntjudy: Gorgeous!
snooks2312: looks easier when you see it done as opposed to reading about it
sylsnovelties: 22
buci131: live demos do help, eh?
Fearless Leader: Now let's put a surround sheet around the whole leaf
silversaxs: Did she add the veining to both sides?
sylsnovelties: exactly
buci131: she put one of the pearl/black sandwich sheets in the middle
buci131: for the center vein
snooks2312: just one so it didn't double
silversaxs: Ok, it justlooks like it has two white veins in the middle.
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buci131: it looks that way because the pearl is sandwiching the black on that sheet
silversaxs: ok.
sylsnovelties: 23
buci131: now she's surrounding the leaf cane with the pearl/black/pearl sandwich
dahs512: is that cheryl popping in?
buci131: who is nor4man? I'm not familiar with all the id's yet
nor4man93553 left the room
dahs512: cheryl d i belive
buci131: NJ's run one leaf slice through the pm.
snooks2312: she reduced it and flattened it
snooks2312: very pretty
sylsnovelties: 24
buci131: now she's making a canoe shape from it
snooks2312: or is she folding like a leaf
buci131: yep, folding it like a leaf
buci131: gorgeous!
snooks2312: i ditto that
sylsnovelties left the room
greatauntjudy: Syl got dumped. Dang.
snooks2312: did she fold the little one like the big one?
buci131: not quite
snooks2312: tip is under,not oer right
buci131: this one looks very similar to the Stargazer fold but without as much bend through the middle lengthwise
sylsnovelties joined the room
buci131: tip on the small one curls under
buci131: on the big one curls out
snooks2312: welcome back syl
sylsnovelties: Evil yahoo
snooks2312: thought so
dahs512: is yahoo doing this to everyone?
sylsnovelties: I don't know. but it dumped me.
greatauntjudy: I don't like to talk about it when it's listening.
snooks2312: lol
snooks2312: the lily's were put on top?
greatauntjudy: ad opened up and it takes up half my screen. I guess Yahoo got even.
buci131: yes, she put a couple of leaves on the larger and then added the two lillies
buci131: Syl, did you get a shot?
sylsnovelties: yes
dahs512: Cheryl D is trying to get in
buci131: does she need help?
snooks2312: brb, goona make my hubby some coffee
dahs512: I've been helping, let's not overrun her
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buci131: okay
Fearless Leader: this camera sucks so much
Fearless Leader: ok, so the basic concept for the chervon flip
Fearless Leader: is you have some sort of lines
Fearless Leader: going right to left
dahs512: I'm gonna work on that for you....(g)
Fearless Leader: and then you slice going diagonal
Fearless Leader: so whether it is in black and white
Fearless Leader: or green
Fearless Leader: it's the same technique
silversaxs: I'm glad you showed us that tonite NJ. Earlier I was looking at your suggested prep/study and wasn't sure how to do it.
Fearless Leader: I'll take questions at this point and then let's do this in green
buci131: how thick is the largest leaf? what pm setting did you use?
Fearless Leader: the thickest setting
buci131: ty
Fearless Leader: for I was fixing to fold, bend and twirl it
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silversaxs: How thick was the slice before the p.m.?
Fearless Leader: it was the cane end
silversaxs: ok
Fearless Leader: I always want to see the cane end pressed
Fearless Leader: now with designs like this
Fearless Leader: the larger it is pressed, the lighter it will look
Fearless Leader: the smaller it is reduced
Fearless Leader: the darker it will appear
Fearless Leader: see the small one, very dark
buci131: that happened with one of my stained glass canes too
Fearless Leader: the larger pressed one is lighter for more pearl is showing to reflect the light
Fearless Leader: you can use this in pressing sheets
snooks2312: is that because of the nearness of the black when it's reduced?
buci131: it's very dark as a smaller design
Fearless Leader: yes, just like if you took a line drawing and reduced it on a copy machine
Fearless Leader: if there's a lot of detail in the drawing
snooks2312: makes sense
Fearless Leader: it often turns into black areas of no detail
Fearless Leader: if I took this cane
Fearless Leader: and sliced slices and laid that on a sheet
Fearless Leader: and pressed
snooks2312: i've had that happen on pictures
Fearless Leader: and then took more slices
Fearless Leader: and layered it on
Fearless Leader: the bottom layers get stretched out
Fearless Leader: lighten up
dahs512: I think Cheryl is having a keyboard meltdown
Fearless Leader: the smaller slices, towards the top will appear darker
buci131: so you get depth
Fearless Leader: and you can use that effect on purpose
Fearless Leader: yes, exactly,
Fearless Leader: depth
buci131: that's great!
Fearless Leader: shall we see this in green?
sylsnovelties: yup
Fearless Leader: seeing cane technique in black, white and grey
greatauntjudy: Sure!
Fearless Leader: or in black silver and pearl
Fearless Leader: makes you pay attention to the technique
sylsnovelties: green
Fearless Leader: color is ... later