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Clay Techniques-03

Leaf Demo Green 9-6-02

Fearless Leader: now is later so on to green
dahs512: If Cheryl comes on board here don't make fun of her...she can't use her sssssss's
silversaxs: Going to check mail and then hit the sack. Nite everyone (1:18am here!)
buci131: that's okay by me
sylsnovelties: nitey nite
greatauntjudy: Night!
buci131: nitey night
elirdt: nite
silversaxs left the room
sylsnovelties: I used to have the S problem and used z's in place of them.
dahs512: lol
sylsnovelties: Remember Jude?
greatauntjudy: I remember that, Syl!
buci131: looks like some kind of green blend
greatauntjudy: She spelled funny!
sylsnovelties: 28
sylsnovelties: My name was Zyl
Fearless Leader: the colors are
greatauntjudy: Pearl in there, I think.
buci131: oh, good
buci131: I was just wondering
Fearless Leader: green, made with half and half blue and yellow
Fearless Leader: then yellow green
Fearless Leader: and blue green
sylsnovelties: Ooh, sounds purdy
Fearless Leader: and the inside are various layers of green with pearl
buci131: she sliced a piece of that and ran it through the pm
Fearless Leader: the vein sheet
snooks2312: looks kinda like a pickle
Fearless Leader: is classic green with a pearl center
buci131: heehee
snooks2312: but pretty
snooks2312: squaring it up
buci131: with a rolling pin
buci131: actually, looks like she's reducing it a little
buci131: now she's cutting in half lengthwise
snooks2312: reducing it a lot, looks like its about a 1/2" thick
buci131: leaving a thin rectangular stack
snooks2312: doing the layers again
buci131: she's slicing into segments and stacking as she goes
snooks2312: isn't that pretty
sylsnovelties: 29
buci131: now she's reducing it
buci131: cutting diagonally across all of the layers
buci131: doing the chevron flip--sounds like a dance or acrobatic move
sylsnovelties: 30
buci131: and we have a leaf cane with no vein
snooks2312: she's veining it now i think
buci131: now she's placed half of the leaf cane on the green/pearl/green sandwich
buci131: cut it to size and put the leaf cane back together
buci131: with the center vein
sylsnovelties: 31
buci131: now she's wrapping the whole leaf cane with the green/pearl/green sheet
buci131: looks like she's playing yoyo with it
buci131: what is she doing?
greatauntjudy: Reducing, I think.
sylsnovelties: reducing?
snooks2312: reducing it but trying to keep the ends squared off
buci131: okay
buci131: thanks
sylsnovelties: Making a plug?
buci131: oh, is she condensing rather than reducing?
buci131: nope
buci131: reducing
buci131: cutting in half
buci131: voila! a leaf cane
buci131: took a slice and ran it through the pm
snooks2312: pinching it again
buci131: she makes the twist on her leaf by forming it inot a canoe to start
snooks2312: very pretty
dahs512: she sure can turn out the leaves!
dahs512: putting it through the paces
buci131: and then pulls the points down and it forms into a beautiful leaf
Fearless Leader: now for those ruffled edges
buci131: taking the same leaf and
buci131: "tearing" just a little bit
buci131: around the edges of the leaf
buci131: to ruffle it
dahs512: pulling the edges
buci131: that's wonderful
Fearless Leader: also
snooks2312: gives it a whole new look
dahs512: stretchin' the leaf...stretchin' the edge
Fearless Leader: those leaves that split open on the edges
buci131: rhododendrons? philodendrons? some kind of dendron, isn't it?
snooks2312: looks like it
buci131: she's taken another slice and run it thru the pm
buci131: then took an x-acto knife and made slits
buci131: and "diamond" shapes in spots
buci131: very cool
snooks2312: amazing
Fearless Leader: ok, now I'll take questions
buci131: I'm speechless
greatauntjudy: How do you do stems?
buci131: as if that's possible
Fearless Leader: beading wire covered with clay
Fearless Leader: cure ahead of time
Fearless Leader: with the stamin
Fearless Leader: in place
greatauntjudy: What about floral wire?
Fearless Leader: so a cala lily
Fearless Leader: a bobbie pin would work too in a pinch
Fearless Leader: a tooth pick
Fearless Leader: LOL
buci131: stamin only of you're doing a flower, right?
Fearless Leader: a cala lily would be white to green to yellow
greatauntjudy: Okie.
Fearless Leader: because the bottom of the cala lily stem is that radish white
Fearless Leader: and it flows into green and then blooms into that yellow snake
Fearless Leader: do all that ahead of time, cure them
Fearless Leader: then
Fearless Leader: cut out leaf shapes in pearl
Fearless Leader: or white if you must
buci131: heehee
Fearless Leader: and wrap those fat assed leaf around the already cured stem
Fearless Leader: perfect cala lilies each and every time
greatauntjudy: Ah, ha! Thanks.
buci131: I'm gonna save if there aren't anymore questions for this part