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Clay Techniques-03 Basket Weave Trick 9-6-02

Fearless Leader: okie dokie and I'm going to take a break and come back with the basket weave cane trick of the night
Fearless Leader: ok?
snooks2312: sure
greatauntjudy: Okie.
dahs512: have you ever done legumes? like bluebonnetts?
Fearless Leader: 5 mintues
sylsnovelties: ok
snooks2312: ok
Fearless Leader: minutes even
sylsnovelties: I'll go potty
Fearless Leader: me tooooo
Fearless Leader: LOL
buci131: ok
Fearless Leader: Denise kick a pix down on the pix list of any flower
buci131: didn't know blubonnet was a legume
Fearless Leader: and we'll figure it out
Fearless Leader: off to the loo, brb
buci131: me too
Fearless Leader: changing camera angles for the basket weave cane
elirdt: gotta run to the packie brb
dahs512: I will nj get a good one first...
dahs512: i can't get a moving
Fearless Leader: the camera is hanging from my light
sylsnovelties: screen shot, Denise?
Fearless Leader: so it swings now and then
sylsnovelties: I got this one.
dahs512: oh
sylsnovelties: I'll be saving screen shots, ping me if you need me.
Fearless Leader: no worries
Fearless Leader: I'm getting something to drink and have a quick smoke
dahs512: I got it..I got it...thanks to Syl and her lesson
buci131: much better color this way
Fearless Leader: I wanted you to see the back of my hands
Fearless Leader: that's why I have the incline mirror there
buci131: I think it works great
Fearless Leader: there's so much going on with the back side
buci131: except I have to remind myself when I first see it
buci131: that there isn't double of everything
Fearless Leader: and sometimes I can't keep my hand out of the camera's way so there's the mirror
Fearless Leader: the reducing trick I was pointing out there
Fearless Leader: is squeeze the sides and then squeeze the top and bottom of the cane
Fearless Leader: alternate
Fearless Leader: so your ends don't get too screwed up
Fearless Leader: squeeze until you can get a grip and then pull outward
Fearless Leader: to preserve your design
Fearless Leader: for if you roll it, exclusively, not pulling the cane
snooks2312: hey, i was right
Fearless Leader: your Mona Lisa face cane will look like someone hit her upside her head
buci131: Mona Lisa Picasso
Fearless Leader: yuppers
Fearless Leader: are we all back, shall we do a Count Off
buci131: Eva's here
Fearless Leader: I'm here
dahs512: Denise here
lazybird54: Mary's here
snooks2312: i'm here
snooks2312: Janice
buci131: is Syl still smoking?
Fearless Leader: Syl is still out and Aunt Jude?
sylsnovelties: Syl here
Fearless Leader: she's on oxygen I don't think Syl smokes
buci131: maybe she's taking care of matters
Fearless Leader: do you Syl?
sylsnovelties: No, sure don't
Fearless Leader: pinch the butts of young men though
Fearless Leader: word has it
elirdt: ok i'm back
buci131: who doesn't
sylsnovelties: I don't want to blow myself up!
Fearless Leader: LOL
sylsnovelties: heeheehee I do that?
Fearless Leader: ok let's do that basket weave cane
Fearless Leader: ya let's start the rumor and see how long it takes to spread
sylsnovelties: ok.
Fearless Leader: LOL
dahs512: she's always smokin' know what i mean
Fearless Leader: ok on to the basket weave
buci131: ok
dahs512: as in movin'
Fearless Leader: here's a logn I prepared
Fearless Leader: and a vein sheet for the outer surround
buci131: log looks like gold and black
buci131: she's slicing segments and stacking them
Fearless Leader: they are brown and gold with black and pearl
Fearless Leader: just aiming for pumpkin pie cooked color
Fearless Leader: for Thanksgiving pies
Fearless Leader: but anyway
sylsnovelties: yumm
Fearless Leader: I'm going to reduce these logs a little bit and then I'll start stacking them in a V shape
Fearless Leader: like herringbone
greatauntjudy: I'm back! Dog had to go out!
dahs512: wb
buci131: we're doing basketweave
buci131: she had a log of brown and gold with black and pearl
buci131: cut it into equal segments
buci131: now she's reducing the segments a little
sylsnovelties: 1
snooks2312: turned em over
snooks2312: nope
buci131: yes, I think she's turning them and running a rod over them
buci131: and then cut them in half
snooks2312: right after i said nope she turned em again
buci131: now she's placing each half in a v shape
buci131: butting against each other, like herringbone
snooks2312: kinda like a bubblegum wrapper necklace
buci131: heehee
buci131: how old are you?
Fearless Leader: ok see the stair steps?
buci131: that's a great description
snooks2312: 34, but younger at
sylsnovelties: 2
Fearless Leader: I'm going to cut off the tips of one side and place what I cut off to the other side
Fearless Leader: are you ready?
buci131: yes
snooks2312: yup
sylsnovelties: 3
buci131: she's cutting the tips making triangles from them and fitting them into the triangular holes on the other side
sylsnovelties: 4
snooks2312: that's neat
greatauntjudy: Clever.
buci131: now she cut the bottom and did the same with it, filling the top hole
snooks2312: made a rectangle
sylsnovelties: 5
buci131: making a rectangle
buci131: oops, repeat
buci131: whoa, did she flip it over or something? or is that just the light?
snooks2312: nope, different colored ones
buci131: she has three diff colored ones here
buci131: in three sizes
greatauntjudy: OIC...the darker color is shading. Neat!
buci131: good eye
snooks2312: very neat
buci131: Eeeeek! There's my kerchief!!!!
sylsnovelties: 6
snooks2312: wow
elirdt: gotta run by for now
buci131: later Rose
elirdt left the room
Fearless Leader: ok
buci131: did she make that from the same stack?
Fearless Leader: the trick about this basket weave
Fearless Leader: is all the other tutorials waste those triangle bits
Fearless Leader: make you waste your clay
Fearless Leader: this way there is no waste
Fearless Leader: you put a surround sheet around those basket weaves
sylsnovelties: this is gorgeous!!
dahs512: definately no waste
Fearless Leader: and the stack them and press fabric like this
Fearless Leader: or make a flower like that
Fearless Leader: make your clay baskets to hold your clay leaves
Fearless Leader: cover tins with it
lazybird54: Very tricky and very cool!
buci131: how do you surround them with a sheet?
snooks2312: it was neat to see how diff it looked just by color change
buci131: oh, she's taken the basketweave cane and placed it on the black/gold/black sheet (looks like)
buci131: cut it to width of the bw cane and wrapped it
buci131: simple!
sylsnovelties: 7
buci131: very cool
Fearless Leader: like that
buci131: thank you
Fearless Leader: this that same green loaf
sylsnovelties: Wow
Fearless Leader: with the pearl in the middle
snooks2312: that's gorgeous NJ
Fearless Leader: and it's so easy
Fearless Leader: really
Fearless Leader: pressed sheets
Fearless Leader: stacked
Fearless Leader: sliced and laid in the V
Fearless Leader: cut off the tips
Fearless Leader: move them to the other side
Fearless Leader: and you're pretty much done
Fearless Leader: reduce and use for dishes
Fearless Leader: baskets
Fearless Leader: vases
dahs512: I'm back in full force.. no luck with cheryl
Fearless Leader: wastepaper baskets
buci131: is there a method for figuring out what colors will work?
Fearless Leader: look around you
Fearless Leader: see where the sun is hitting on high points
Fearless Leader: that's where the light color clay will be
Fearless Leader: in the shadows
Fearless Leader: that's where the dark clay will be
Fearless Leader: manipulate people's eyes with what colors you use
buci131: cool
Fearless Leader: to simulate depth and high points with the colors, just like painters do
dahs512: I hear that
Fearless Leader: love the basket weave petals
Fearless Leader: they are just so trippy
dahs512: me too
buci131: how did you shape them into petals?
snooks2312: me three
dahs512: rich
buci131: did you reduce the bw cane?
Fearless Leader: makes me want to eat Phillipino food
buci131: heehee
Fearless Leader: some lumpia will go good with the basket weave
dahs512: what is lumpia?
dahs512: lumpy?
Fearless Leader: like a spring roll, a fried rolled item with stuff inside
buci131: are those the Phillipino egg rolls?
Fearless Leader: ya, yummy
Fearless Leader: ok, I'll take question now
Fearless Leader: questions even
buci131: how did you do the flower petals with the bw cane
dahs512: Texan breakfast tacos...whatever you like in them
Fearless Leader: same as the leaves, fold down the center vein
buci131: I'm sorry-with the basketweave cane?--did you reduce it?
dahs512: nj do you want a shot?
Fearless Leader: bend them on my finger tips
Fearless Leader: sure, this is a good shot
Fearless Leader: as good as this cam gets
dahs512: I can do them now
sylsnovelties: got it
Fearless Leader: I reduced the earlier one
Fearless Leader: and made this flower and hankie
buci131: oh
Fearless Leader: I had some other ones made to show you the same thing in a different color theme
sylsnovelties: I love the flower and hankie
dahs512: yeah, but i need the practice
buci131: That's one of the items I bought--an abalone flower and kerchief
Fearless Leader: they are fun to do, I test out the clay fabric potential doing those hankies
buci131: it's gorgeous
Fearless Leader: you got the checkerboard one
buci131: yep
buci131: love that design
Fearless Leader: we'll do abalone and put the clay through its paces
buci131: sounds good to me
dahs512: oooh, I'm ready
buci131: when?
Fearless Leader: just reduced squares made of various abalone colors, one square reduced and sliced and stacked
Fearless Leader: I dunno, this week end maybe, but we got to put some time in do doing better tiger
buci131: okay
Fearless Leader: and some sculpting. So maybe this week end will be a combination
Fearless Leader: of review
Fearless Leader: pinch pots
Fearless Leader: face sculpting
Fearless Leader: fix the tiger
Fearless Leader: and we'll kick around mixing colors for abalone
Fearless Leader: how's that?
buci131: works for me
dahs512: no review..just bulldoze through
snooks2312: sounds good to me
Fearless Leader: let me get the url for the abalone for those who want to check it, brb
Fearless Leader: Biz-Archive/Faux/abalone/Group.htm
Fearless Leader: it's extensive
lazybird54: Great stuff, as always. Gotta get some sleep. Night, night, all.
Fearless Leader: the finished colors are there in the Pallet group
buci131: Night Mary
Fearless Leader: Nighty Night Mary
Fearless Leader: gold with green
Fearless Leader: crimson with pearl
Fearless Leader: pearl blue with more pearl
lazybird54 left the room
Fearless Leader: different shades of these
Fearless Leader: that's what goes into the prep
buci131: Can we do the folded ribbon technique you did--that you made the pot with?
Fearless Leader: sure
buci131: I'll have to check here again to get ready for that
Fearless Leader: if you ever gathered a skirt
buci131: make some sheets up.
Fearless Leader: you can do that folding trick
buci131: I've done something like that with the clay recently
dahs512: ohh, man. Hubby's beckoning....can't pass that up.
buci131: making my little girl scarecrow pins
Fearless Leader: it's a fun little effect
Fearless Leader: works nice as background on tins
buci131: Heehee--have fun Denise
Fearless Leader: that folded trick
sylsnovelties: Nite Denise
Fearless Leader: ooh, go for it Denise
dahs512: I'm out of here. Thanks NJ
Fearless Leader: we're about done here
dahs512 left the room
Fearless Leader: any other questions?
buci131: I'll try the triple blend on my own and ask you later if I can't figure it out.
Fearless Leader: before we just start nattering for the fun of it?
sylsnovelties: I think everything was covered.
snooks2312: nope, I'm ok. thanks NJ
buci131: since you covered it earlier in script
greatauntjudy: I'm ok, too.
Fearless Leader: ok, for those who have a mind to
Fearless Leader: write to the list
buci131: let me save--hold on
Fearless Leader: and share what you saw that you thought was trippy
Fearless Leader: ya save

And that should do it.  If you see this part (heheh), let me know if this works better for you or if you prefer a whole demo evening at once (although I can't imagine why) :0)