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Clay Techniques-03 Leopard Cane Demo Log, Screen Shots, Leopard Cane Picture

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merrie60us: I am back
lindaslists joined the room
dahs512: I have saved up until now
sylsnovelties: me too Denise!
chenoa_2b: I gotta go. going to sleep here on the keyboard!
chenoa_2b: Night every one!
dahs512: ok
lindaslists: ladder fell, had to go save daughter off roof
dylinna: eeek
merrie60us: Is she alright
chenoa_2b left the room
lindaslists: Just stuck on the roof
auntyalias: we're at a break I'm sending two pictures through the pix list of this cane
auntyalias: YIKES Linda
merrie60us: How long of a break
lindaslists: she's paingint my eaves by hanging over the roof
lindaslists: granddaughter took ladder to play with - LOL
auntyalias: brb, going to process this pix, take five
sylsnovelties: ok
merrie60us: okie dokie
jakmiami: Seems like a good time just to say hello all. Didn't want to interrupt the proceedings before.
sylsnovelties: Hi
dahs512: The high number of people here in the room was 19
dahs512: I'm Denise
sylsnovelties: That was the most we've ever had.
dahs512: cool huh
sylsnovelties: very
merrie60us: These demos are just so great I bet the more people hear about them the more will attend
dahs512: seems to be a popular event....NJ on stage...great idea
sylsnovelties: You are probably right about that.
sylsnovelties: I learn more watching a demo than reading everything I get my hands on.
merrie60us: I find them very inspirational and I am a very visual person so it makes it so easy for me
merrie60us: Nora Jean reminds me of a clay Julia Childs
dylinna: I've looked at her tiger stripe page so many times, but never "got it" 'til now.
jakmiami: Just curious: is anyone on DSL?
dylinna: me
auntyalias: back
merrie60us: no, I am on telephone line
auntyalias: I'm on DSL and Julie Childs' astrology chart and mine are almost identical
auntyalias: LOL
sylsnovelties: not me.
auntyalias: Folks say I sew like Julia Child cooks
merrie60us: figures
auntyalias: wild and wooly
jakmiami: On the DSL connection, do you get a smooth picture?
merrie60us: You clay like she cooks which is very real and doable
auntyalias: I just sent two pictures through the picture's list of this first clay
auntyalias: this and cooking are very similar
dylinna: clear picture, refreshes every four seconds, not like a video.
auntyalias: it's easier to see it done than to read a cook book
sylsnovelties: Exactly
merrie60us: very true thank you for your effort and hard work it is greatly appreciated
dylinna: well, the picture on the Camera is not as clear as what just came through the pic list.
sylsnovelties: Yes, greatly
auntyalias: My cam is black. I think I have to turn it off and on again
auntyalias: I'm not going anywhere
merrie60us: Is Nora Jean a teacher by day?
dahs512: And night and day and
dahs512: Syl, just saw you new
sylsnovelties: Thanks Denise
sylsnovelties: It cracked though.
dahs512: And your pich too
dahs512: can you fix it
sylsnovelties: Thanks, I was proud of that one.
dahs512: why'd it crack?
sylsnovelties: I hope I can fix it.
lindaslists: I made a second one and forgot to take it off the glass. Cracked a little getting it off. Thank goodness for TLS
sylsnovelties: I think I got anxious to pull it out of the bowl and it cracked.
sylsnovelties: Yes, TLS is what I'm going to try to fix it with.
lindaslists: You were too anxious and Iwas to forgetful. Quite a mix
sylsnovelties: heeheehee
lazybird54 left the room
dahs512: I just saw the tiger pix, much better than on camera
dahs512: I made some various cones and shaper thingys out of eraser clay, figured I'd make handles later
lindaslists: They are better
sylsnovelties: Do they work Denise?
sylsnovelties: I want to try that.
dahs512: I haven't baked them yet.
sylsnovelties: brb
dahs512: I'll do it tomorrow
merrie60us: Is there another demo or are we just chatting?
dahs512: I couldn't find any shapers at Michaels and I'm a "I want it now" kind of person
lindaslists: NJ is fixing her cammera
dahs512: NJ said she'd be back. I'm betting she's having a little camera trouble
merrie60us: oh okay thanks
dylinna: if you can't see her, you might need to restart your camera.
merrie60us left the room
merrie60us joined the room
auntyalias left the room
auntyalias joined the room
merrie60us: my screen just went black
dahs512: She's probably rebooting
auntyalias: is that better or do I have to go out of yahoo all together and come back?
dylinna: I see you.
dahs512: I can see you now
merrie60us: Fine by me
lindaslists: ok
merrie60us: What are you doing?
auntyalias: little zebra, I thought everyone was watching. LOL
auntyalias: sorry, I could do it again
merrie60us: Had no picture until just now
jakmiami: Just got the picture here
auntyalias: so shall we do the Easy Breezy Blend and do the Tiger again, or do you want to see zebra or leopard?
merrie60us: zebra , or leopard
jakmiami: zebra
dahs512: Hmmm, something new
lazybird54 joined the room
auntyalias: get a head count if more want zebra over leopard we go that way
dahs512: I'm easy, anything goes
merrie60us: zebra
sylsnovelties: leopard
lazybird54: leopard
merrie60us: anything is fine with me
frogger70301: leopard
dylinna: lion
dylinna: sorry, just had to be different.
dahs512: lol
dylinna: either one is fine with me.
auntyalias: count for me folks, which shall it be?
dahs512: I think the leopards have it
greatauntjudy: zebra?
dahs512: it's almost even
dahs512: and one lion
dylinna: leopards look like they win.
auntyalias: we'll do all of them for they are easy, which shall go first? Leopard?
dahs512: sure
dylinna: yes, leopard
lazybird54 left the room
auntyalias: raw sienna and burnt umber
auntyalias: black
auntyalias: black is just snakes
auntyalias: the rest are sheets
lazybird54 joined the room
dahs512: lazy are you with us ?
dahs512: can you see NJ?
auntyalias: I'm going to blend more raw sienna with gold
auntyalias: it's hard and a bit crumbly and the gold is new and I love mica
dahs512: you like that color
dahs512: Hey, NJ, we haven't seen your smile tonight
dylinna: I'm going to have to hit the hay.
sylsnovelties: Nite Diana!
dylinna: Someone else is saving the chat, right??
dahs512: yes
dylinna: great.
dahs512: two of us i think
dylinna: perfect.
dylinna: later.
dylinna left the room
lazybird54: I can't save the chat. Too many techie difficulties. Keep getting dropped.
dahs512: That's ok. I've got it so far
auntyalias: Ok I'm working on a new leopard
auntyalias: there's three different color areas
dahs512: oh boy
auntyalias: the inside of the spot
auntyalias: which could be a different brown
auntyalias: than all the surrounding areas outside of the spot
auntyalias: then the black
auntyalias: often the black spots are around a central core of another color
lindaslists: just watching. figure it out later whe I don't have to jump so often
auntyalias: different spotted animals have different combinations, but leopard spots are 2-3-4 snakes around a central core, then the surrounding color is really a blend
lindaslists: ok
auntyalias: so this is going to be an experimental leopard
auntyalias: I'm mixing burnt umber with pearl
auntyalias: then I'll blend the mix with pearl for the surrounding color
dahs512: why not with gold?
auntyalias: black for the black part of the spot
auntyalias: and raw sienna and gold for the center of the spot
auntyalias: there's the gold
dahs512: k
auntyalias: so the black is just going to be rolled up
auntyalias: now the spots are of different sizes, so this will be cut into sections and reduced to different sizes, just eyeball it
auntyalias: I roll in a cone to get variations on the spots
dahs512: tapered log
sylsnovelties: Great idea.
auntyalias: rolling the gold and raw sienna mix
auntyalias: now see how bumpy that is
dahs512: yes
auntyalias: make all your snakes bumpy like that
sylsnovelties: yup
dahs512: for variations
sylsnovelties: Mine are usually that way. heeheehee
auntyalias: put the black on the gold and raw sienna mix
sylsnovelties: log on top of log?
sylsnovelties: Oh, ok.
auntyalias: That's one leopard spot
auntyalias: I am going to do the mix and the blend for the surrounding colors and this is where I'm experimenting so I have no idea how it's going to work out
lindaslists: ok
dahs512: so daring...
buci131 joined the room
auntyalias: I'm doing a blend Eva
buci131: Cool
buci131: Are we heading towards stripes again?
frogger70301: spots
buci131: Okay
auntyalias: Now I'm going to roll up that log of spots in this blended sheet
auntyalias: I'm going to reduce that log of spots a bit so I have different size spots
dahs512: k
frogger70301: Well, I just got reminded of the time which means it's time to shut the house down for the night.
frogger70301: Nite all.
buci131: G'nite
dahs512: nite
frogger70301 left the room
lindaslists left the room
lindaslists joined the room
buci131: So you're tearing the log into pieces?
merrie60us: what colors were the blend?
buci131: Cool--got it.
dahs512: did you rip those logs?
auntyalias: raw sienna and gold
auntyalias: or what ever you got
buci131: Yes, she ripped
dahs512: scarey
buci131: Heehee
auntyalias: now let's roll these log of spots into this blended ribbon
merrie60us: are they all the same size
dahs512: doesn't look that way yo me
buci131: is tearing them what gives you the diff sizes of spots?
dahs512: to
dahs512: they are definately more tapered that way
dahs512: we are in for a huge cane!
dahs512: Mondo
sylsnovelties: So each group is being surrounded by that strip.
auntyalias: now the ARM OF DOOM
merrie60us: I am a little confused, lay one ripped piece down roll add another ripped piece roll?
buci131: Oh this is great! I never would have thought to split and layer like that.
sylsnovelties: Yikes
buci131: Okay, I never would have thought to reduce that way either
dahs512: the inconsistancies are what will make it look natural
sylsnovelties: I've sure learned from these demos not to be gentle with the clay. Beat it up! heeheehee
dahs512: looks great NJ
jakmiami: Where did the white come from??
buci131: Yep--I did the long way, making a log of the black and reducing it diff sizes, then wrapping it with the brown color--took a lot longer
merrie60us: Nora Jean can you go over how you laid the pieces down on the ribbon please
dahs512: she mixed pearl with burnt umber
dahs512: What you see are the reflections
merrie60us: How did she lay those pieces and wrap
buci131: She did exactly what you said--laid one torn part of the spot log onto the ribbon, rolled it just enough to cover, then put another spot log down, rolled to cover, etc.
lindaslists: cool
sylsnovelties: She had the bumpy log and then put black all around them. Then took those and encased in the ribbon.
merrie60us: thanks
buci131: You're welcome!
buci131: Looks fantastic!
jakmiami: Okay -- so what we've got is black bumpy snakes surrounding a gold/raw sienna log
merrie60us: yes
jakmiami: wrapped in a pearl/burnt umber blend blanket.....?? Is that right?
auntyalias: Let me get a shot of this and send it through the pix list
dahs512: yes
merrie60us: yes
buci131: Thanks for the recep
buci131: recap
buci131: I needed the color blends info
merrie60us: be right back
merrie60us left the room
dahs512: I'm gonna save this as leopard NJ
auntyalias: ok, thank you
auntyalias: going to send the pix