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Clay Techniques-03 Leopard with Blend and Fan Folded Spots


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sew_short: Ok, Nix the roses
dahs512: leopards everywhere
sew_short: Look at the difference in the spots of their skins
boobearns joined the room
dahs512: Heu Boo
dahs512: hey
boobearns: Hi, how is everyone?
sew_short: Happy
dahs512: cool
boobearns: that's good!
chenoa_2b: Something is wrong, all I see is spots!
dahs512: lol
msatclayart: hold on for a tick
sew_short: Check your sugar lately?
boobearns: I just stopped in for a few minutes before i go to bed
dahs512: she's doing leopard
chenoa_2b: Are those little dragons I see?!?
sew_short: Oh Linda - get closer
msatclayart: James just came in with groceries, brb
sew_short: Tell James to fix us all a sandwich with pickles and chips
sew_short: Linda, going too fast, its all blurry
boobearns: I'm happy too sew-short...hubby just fixed my sewing machine!
jill_z_q: off to watch a movie
jill_z_q: have fun all
jill_z_q left the room
sew_short: Great, now you can sew up some of the Leopard Skin from tonights demo... giggles
boobearns: hummmm....wouldn't that gunk up my machine?
chenoa_2b: Linda, I must say you like dragons!
sew_short: Oh Linda, I L O V E dragons, castles, wizards, elves, etc
frogger70301: Nj's a tease!
chenoa_2b: Ohhh NJ!
boobearns: I need to start a list of what "real" names go with nicknames!
dahs512: NJ, for me???
sew_short: Yum Yum Yum
chenoa_2b: thank you James!
boobearns: nite all...have fun
boobearns left the room
chenoa_2b: Night boo
sew_short: Night boo
msatclayart: Gosh, Doro just left when I could sit down for a minute
msatclayart: To the reading?
chenoa_2b: Well you k now us west coasters! We party late! lol
msatclayart: I apologize ahead of time if she askes you about hotdogs
dahs512: why?
sew_short: I'm excited for you Linda.
polyzine joined the room
msatclayart: Me and the younger two boys saw Silvia Browne
dahs512: Hey Diedre?
msatclayart: at an Whole Earth Expo
polyzine: I think I am here
msatclayart: and we were eating meat, sausage and bread before the lecture
msatclayart: sure are Deidre
polyzine: hee hee!
polyzine: what am i seeing on the webcam?
msatclayart: and we did this psychic test to see if we could make her turn around to look at us
msatclayart: and she did
dahs512: can you see the cam Diedre?
msatclayart: and mentioned Hotdogs, she hates working the whole earth expo because it's mostly vegetarian
polyzine: a pasta machine and some clay!
msatclayart: it was our 15 seconds of psychic fame
dahs512: do do do dooo
msatclayart: exactly
polyzine: hee hee!
msatclayart: the children saw how strong their thoughts were
sew_short: Linda has up her bead and chip? jar
dahs512: I've done that with my hubby before
msatclayart: when they were little
msatclayart: Ah odd the icon for Linda's webcam
dahs512: I was outside on a beautiful day and willed him ti come outside
msatclayart: isn't showing up on this chat list of folks
dahs512: It was earlier
msatclayart: Denise it works, people just don't use what they don't believe to be true
polyzine: I wonder if this tool
polyzine: this thing has all kinds of special effects!
polyzine: hee hee!
dahs512: I don't think we use our minds to their fullest
lindaslists joined the room
dahs512: What did we do before language?
msatclayart: ok before I start this leopard
chenoa_2b: I know we don't.
polyzine: i heard that we use 100 percent of our brains, but only 10 percent at a time
msatclayart: who's doing screen shots
msatclayart: who's saving logs
msatclayart: everyone else to run commentary
lindaslists: I gotta go and fix a few things. Someone take log. I saved up until now
msatclayart: for those who are not with us
dahs512: I'll keep doing shots
frogger70301: I can't do shots tonight.
frogger70301: I got in trouble.
msatclayart: how did you get in trouble Mitch?
dahs512: I can do logs, if I have a backup
frogger70301: stayed on too late lkast night.
lindaslists: gotta go to son's house and fix something. Thanks denise
msatclayart: ah, I'll make effort to do early shows for you all on the east coast, My Bad
msatclayart: Linda thanks for getting your webcam going
msatclayart: I enjoyed it a lot
msatclayart: next time I want to watch more
msatclayart: and clay along with you
lindaslists: thanks all. I'll be looking for the pics and demo later to do this. Sorry
lindaslists: next time I'll do a cane
msatclayart: no need for sorry
msatclayart: family is family
lindaslists: bye
lindaslists left the room
msatclayart: xoxo
chenoa_2b: adios
msatclayart: ok, so we have shots and we would like one back up for logs
msatclayart: in case Denise gets bumped off of yahoo
msatclayart: and then we can move forward
chenoa_2b: I would offer but I keep getting into computer trouble.
frogger70301: whoa!
dahs512: Actually, if you see me drop off i can still save it
dahs512: just wait for me to come back
frogger70301: the wqind just blew myt door open.
msatclayart: yikes, Mitch
msatclayart: I can't see you fall off, I have my back to the monitor when I'm claying
chenoa_2b: Aren't you in the hurricane zone?
msatclayart: I'm looking over my shoulder to see if I'm in frame
chenoa_2b: Ok, hold on a sec, and I can try.
msatclayart: ok for those who don't know how to save logs, just click the chat screen here
msatclayart: do select all
msatclayart: it'll highlight it
msatclayart: and then click copy
msatclayart: and then put it in an email or word document
msatclayart: and save it
msatclayart: simple, I don't care if there's over lap with the saves
chenoa_2b: Ok, I am ready. back up for log.
msatclayart: don't change anything just send it whole sale to me
msatclayart: Thank you Carolyn and Denise
msatclayart: rubbing my hands together like John Edwards
chenoa_2b: I just saved.
msatclayart: I begin
msatclayart: good work honey pie, thank you
msatclayart: this leopard thing
polyzine: yikes! and there she goes
polyzine: what is that she's holding?
dahs512: closer
polyzine left the room
chenoa_2b: That little jacket is so cute, it makes me giggle!
dahs512: got it
polyzine joined the room
chenoa_2b: Is that a pendant? or wall decoration?
sew_short: A leopard jacket, neat
msatclayart: I'll get the url
jakmiami: i think it's a face molded from her leopard cane
msatclayart: Biz-Archive/MSAT/ClayArt/WebCam/DemoPix-018.htm
msatclayart: and
polyzine: cool
msatclayart: Biz-Archive/MSAT/ClayArt/WebCam/DemoPix-019.htm
msatclayart: The molded face pendant
msatclayart: was made with the end o cane
msatclayart: done like an orange
msatclayart: the same segments you use to make oranges
msatclayart: of the new leopard
msatclayart: if you used a wedge
msatclayart: of leopard
msatclayart: you'll get a circle of leopard spots
msatclayart: you can make the jacket sort of thing
msatclayart: slab work
msatclayart: when pressed to a sheet
polyzine left the room
msatclayart: or you can do face mold stuff
msatclayart: like this pendant
msatclayart: the effect I was aiming for
msatclayart: is the blend in the background
msatclayart: I just couldn't figure it out
msatclayart: until I thought, Fan Fold
msatclayart: Fan fold with a blend those danged spots
msatclayart: that's how we get any spot through many colors
msatclayart: on a wedge, by golly by gum
msatclayart: and that's what we're going to do tonight
msatclayart: any questions to this point?
chenoa_2b: I am lost.
sew_short: No, I'm just a little lost
msatclayart: well I'll just have to show you then
msatclayart: time to save log
chenoa_2b: ok
msatclayart: start shots
msatclayart: and those who are lost
dahs512: ok
msatclayart: do the describing
msatclayart: for it's your discovery
sew_short: ok
msatclayart: other new clayers need to hear
msatclayart: not my old saw all the time, ok?
msatclayart: are we ready or does any one need a potty break before I go on
sew_short: Ready
msatclayart: Roll call then, Name and Location
chenoa_2b: ready
msatclayart: NoraJean, Foggy San Francisco
dahs512: rarin'
chenoa_2b: Carolyn Oregon coast
dahs512: Denise in Austin
sew_short: Kay, Show Me State of Missouri
jakmiami: Judith Miami Beach
msatclayart: then, let's get cracking
sew_short: (Snapping the Whip)
chenoa_2b: ok, a long log of golden color
msatclayart: virtual scribes type what you see, especially those who are lost, good Thank you Carolyn
sew_short: NJ is holding a long log
dahs512: Is that Carilyn Perkins?
chenoa_2b: She smoothed it out some.
msatclayart: the black is really dry
msatclayart: it just broke when I pulled it
chenoa_2b: Now she has some black log.
msatclayart: interesting
sew_short: Is she reducing?
msatclayart: but I'm moving forward
msatclayart: I got to get the black snakes smaller than the bronze
dahs512: You must have lumps in the gravy
chenoa_2b: Ok, the black logs she is reducing.
sew_short: rolling black clay log
chenoa_2b: Making it smaller than the golden log.
sew_short: getting longer and longer
sew_short: a little blurry
chenoa_2b: It looks like she is short cut measuing her black log. into four logs.
sew_short: has long black snake now
chenoa_2b: Yep, she is now cutting the log into four pieces.
chenoa_2b: Straightens them out.
sew_short: and laying them out side by side
dahs512: She is making them lumpy on purpose
chenoa_2b: Ah! Now she made the logs bumpy
sew_short: pushing her finger down on them
chenoa_2b: Looks like she wacked them with her small rolling pin.
sew_short: yeah
chenoa_2b: She now laid her gold log onto the first black log.
sew_short: she has her thicker gold log out and is whacking it with rolling pin
chenoa_2b: Then it looks like she put another black log on the other side.
chenoa_2b: Now all four black logs are around the golden log.
sew_short: I can't tell what she just did ... put them all together and is squeezing them?
dahs512: reducing
chenoa_2b: Looks like it.
sew_short: Fast too
chenoa_2b: but they are not totaly covering the gold, and they are not smooth.
dahs512: NJ slice the end and show it
sew_short: some of this is just too blurry. ah still reducing
chenoa_2b: it almost looks like she is twisting also.
dahs512: probably not on purpose
sew_short: Boy she sure pulls on it like taffy
dahs512: pulling is good way to reduce
chenoa_2b: Ok here comes the slice.
sew_short: too blurry
chenoa_2b: Very irregular gold in middle pretty much, with bits of black aruond it.
msatclayart: ok, before I go on to the blend of three colors
msatclayart: I'll take questions about what I just did
chenoa_2b: Did you twist w hen you where pulling?
msatclayart: One could, it'll give variety to your spots
sew_short: Everything looks red right now and kinda blurry
msatclayart: one could weave the black surround snakes unevenly all around the center core
dahs512: briad a little even
chenoa_2b: But mostly just reduce, not worried about smoothness and eveness right?
dahs512: braid
msatclayart: color check
msatclayart: there are the primary colors
msatclayart: how does that look to everyone?
sew_short: red, yellow, blue
chenoa_2b: They look fine on my screen. Just like on my work table.
sew_short: Colors are good right now
msatclayart: Just checking
msatclayart: the color changes
msatclayart: as I come in and out of the lighting I have here
dahs512: it's the lighting factor
msatclayart: I wear black so I don't send a reflection hue
msatclayart: it is a lighting factor
dahs512: jinx
chenoa_2b: I wear black cause it doesn't show the spills! lol
msatclayart: that long snake
msatclayart: are our spots
msatclayart: this is what we're going to cut into sections
chenoa_2b: Just saved.
msatclayart: the sections are as long
msatclayart: as your blended ribbon is wide
sew_short: Huh?
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msatclayart: we don't want over lap
dahs512: back
msatclayart: welcome back honey
msatclayart: explaining that the snake here
msatclayart: has to be cut into sections
msatclayart: as long
msatclayart: as the blended ribbon is wide
msatclayart: so we don't have too short
msatclayart: or too long
msatclayart: spots sticking out of the cane
sew_short: yes