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Clay Techniques- 01 - Malachite Log 4

Fearless Leader: I'm baffled
jill_z_q: and I know on my end I didn't do anything different inless bf sneak up on and did something
jill_z_q: firefall lol
jill_z_q: er firewall too
Fearless Leader: what did you uninstall and reinstall
jill_z_q: yahoo
Fearless Leader: both YM and the Camera
jakmiami joined the room
jill_z_q: nod
Fearless Leader: dig it my cam goofed up
Fearless Leader: some how during a demo
jill_z_q: it isn't just your cam
lindaslists: going to log out and back on for a clear log. BRB
jill_z_q: I tried linda's too
lindaslists left the room
Fearless Leader: ok
Fearless Leader: rats
lindaslists joined the room
jill_z_q: I'm going to bug yahoo support
jill_z_q: I think yahoo is wonky
jill_z_q: cause it worked fine before now it doesn't seems weird to me
Fearless Leader: Ok, Suzy, good luck, I'm just going to repeat the basket weave right now
jill_z_q: okay have fun!
jill_z_q: hugs
Fearless Leader: good luck honey
jill_z_q: bye guys!
jill_z_q left the room
frogger70301: got the log saved.
Fearless Leader: ok, basket weave repeat?
Fearless Leader: with this metal colored clay stack?
lindaslists: yes
frogger70301: sounds good.
teri56: ok
Fearless Leader: Or leaf with this stack?
Fearless Leader: or both
frogger70301: ?????
Fearless Leader: ok, I'll have to move the camera for the basket weave demo, good time for a potty break
lindaslists: whatever
frogger70301: thnx.
Fearless Leader: potty break?
lindaslists: cool
Fearless Leader: and set change
frogger70301: Well, I got a question.
frogger70301: To start the basket weave from scratch with just sheets of gold brwon and pearl.
Fearless Leader: ya
frogger70301: Do you do a blend or ehat?
frogger70301: what, sorry.
Fearless Leader: sometimes I do a blend
Fearless Leader: sometimes I mix my clay colors and do it as sheets
frogger70301: would i have to put the pearl, or would it not look righ tif I didn't?
jill_z_q joined the room
merrie60us: very nice NJ
Fearless Leader: I did a basket weave with just pumkin and black
Fearless Leader: you can do it any way you want
Fearless Leader: Thank you Merrie, just putting stuff there for focus check
jill_z_q: well pardon me but install ym on bf's puter and it works
jill_z_q: go figure
Fearless Leader: WOW
Fearless Leader: coolness
jill_z_q: yeah but it sucks I need to work on my puter LOL
Fearless Leader: good enough fix for now so you can visit with us
Fearless Leader: YEAH!!
jill_z_q: grin
Fearless Leader: he he he
Fearless Leader: so Mitch, did that answer your question, do what ever colors you want
jill_z_q: thanks by the way!
frogger70301: Yeah, I just wanted to ask so I can get ready for when you start.
Fearless Leader: I did a basket weave with the pyschedelic colors the other day
Fearless Leader: Missed you Suzy, missed your sparkling presence
frogger70301: I'm planning on starting my other pen idea.
Fearless Leader: ok, so take any stack of clay colors you have on hand
Fearless Leader: are we ready?
Fearless Leader: roll call please, 
Fearless Leader: NoraJean in San Francisco
frogger70301: Mitch in Thibodaux.
teri56: Teri - central Indiana
lindaslists: Linda Bohrn in Ely Nevada
merrie60us: Merrie in Boston
dbluwitch26: Dag in Iowa
jakmiami: Judith K in Miami Beach assuming that I don't get kicked out shortly...more computer problems
NikiT: niki in AZ
NikiT: (but at work so may not always be paying full attention. )
jill_z_q: oh Im in So Calfornia
Fearless Leader: Ok, so I cut the stack
Fearless Leader: and I'm going to cut these into small rectangles
Fearless Leader: and then I'll stack the rectangles in a V shape
Fearless Leader: the trick with this basket weave
Fearless Leader: is taking the stair step edges off of one side
Fearless Leader: and cutting them off
Fearless Leader: and putting them on the other side of the log
Fearless Leader: and that way you can do basket weave without waste
Fearless Leader: and it's a nifty visual trick
Fearless Leader: and oh so entertaining to do
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: so off I go
Fearless Leader: trying to find the frame
lindaslists: commentary?
Fearless Leader: ok so we have 6 small rectangles, yes it would be nice for someone do to virtual scribe duties
lindaslists: yes
Fearless Leader: less typing for me and then I can do demos
Fearless Leader: you're doing screen shots
lindaslists: yes
Fearless Leader: so we could use some volunteers
Fearless Leader: for scribe duty
Fearless Leader: even if it's the first time you've seen this
frogger70301: I'm working, or at least hoping to.
Fearless Leader: those are the best comments
merrie60us: I will try 
Fearless Leader: ok, so I'm going to set these rectangles in a interlocking V fashion, Thank you Merrie
lindaslists: an occasional comment will help
Fearless Leader: off I go
lindaslists: I have them saved
merrie60us: taking two rectangles
merrie60us: and sort of v ing them
merrie60us: then two more fit on above those two
merrie60us: and finally tow more to look live three v's 
merrie60us: slicing off side that sticks out (points) to even off side edge
merrie60us: taking the points and fitting them in on other side so that becomes straight and clean
jill_z_q: looks like a nice tie
merrie60us: cut off bottom point and put in top indent so now have a recatngle with all straight sides
teri56: bye all
teri56 left the room
merrie60us: straightening edgea
merrie60us: edges
Fearless Leader: there
lindaslists: good job Merrie!!!
merrie60us: smoothing
merrie60us: thanks
Fearless Leader: I got my first cut confused
merrie60us: Can this be reduced to a cane and still keep the 
merrie60us: basketweave
Fearless Leader: tried turning the triangles around but should have just kept them on the razor
Fearless Leader: yes, Merrie, that's the beauty of polymer clay
Fearless Leader: I've taken basket weave like this and reduced it to make flower petals
merrie60us: oh good
Fearless Leader: for that goofy hanging hankie
jill_z_q: can I make a request? I want to see the hat *grin*
lindaslists: imagine it in christmas colors
Fearless Leader: remember, the more you reduce the darker it will look
Fearless Leader: so if you're going to reduce it a lot
Fearless Leader: start with bright colors with lots of contrast
merrie60us: thanks
Fearless Leader: or you'll loose detail
Fearless Leader: no problem. 
merrie60us: I have an idea to try 
merrie60us: will let you know how it comes out.
Fearless Leader: So any questions at this point?
merrie60us: no
dbluwitch26: not here
Fearless Leader: any requests?
lindaslists: Good thing I don't need film. Over 100 pics with 3 tuts
jakmiami: i'd like it that size, but thinner...would I just start out with thinner slices from the stack?
jill_z_q: no just my request 
Fearless Leader: let's do a thinner stack
Fearless Leader: what was your request Suzy?
lindaslists: ok
jill_z_q: I want to see you hat!
jill_z_q: and then I got something to show you that fits in the chimbo catergory LOL
merrie60us: stacking sheets
Fearless Leader: oh the hat
dbluwitch26: the HAT
Fearless Leader: I'll have to show you after I do this thin basket weave, ok? Change in cam and all that
jill_z_q: nodnod
Fearless Leader: if that's ok, or I'll change the cam now and go back to a thin basket weave?
Fearless Leader: choose, I'm easy
merrie60us: thin weave first please
Fearless Leader: ok
buci131 joined the room
merrie60us: I might have to log off for about ten 
merrie60us: minutes
Fearless Leader: I have gold and pearl sheets
merrie60us: later
Fearless Leader: pressed at the thickest
Fearless Leader: then I layered them and pressed again
Fearless Leader: I have to of those
Fearless Leader: I'll stack then
Fearless Leader: slice and stack the slices and do a basket weave with that, shall I put some black on the bottom?
merrie60us: sure why not
merrie60us: contrast
Fearless Leader: ok, let's see what that does
buci131: Hi all
merrie60us: width of clay is now about two or three inches wide like ribbon sort of 
merrie60us: putting black on bottom
Fearless Leader: Hey Eva
buci131: Hiya
lindaslists: Hi Eva
jill_z_q: hi eva
merrie60us: pressing down gold and pearl on black
merrie60us: Hi 
buci131: Are we using the new cutter she got from Karen?
buci131: oh, I guess not?
lindaslists: Karen said she hasn't got them in yet
jakmiami: no, I asked for a thin basket weave
buci131: she's cutting strips lengthwise?
merrie60us: cut
buci131: oh, ok
lindaslists: yes
Fearless Leader: I got one we'll try it out today
lindaslists: Mine is on back order
buci131: goody--I ordered one but ti will be nice to see it in action
merrie60us: cutting in half
merrie60us: so two rectangles now
merrie60us: cut across to make three cuts or six rectangles
merrie60us: separating
merrie60us: flattening?
merrie60us: cutting off ragged edge
lindaslists: trimming
merrie60us: starting to make v
buci131: doing a basketweave v
merrie60us: now adding another v above etc
buci131: I love this technique
merrie60us: cutting off 
merrie60us: left side to straight edge
buci131: I did one right after she showed us the first time, but I made it too thin to reduce it well, heehee
merrie60us: putting cut off v's on opposite side to fill in v's 
merrie60us: now cutting bottom point
merrie60us: and filling in top v indent
buci131: and mine didn't fit quite so perfectly as hers
buci131: yummy
merrie60us: so now the basket weave rectangle has four straight edges
merrie60us: nice
lindaslists: looks like wood inlay
buci131: I like that black outline--good idea
merrie60us: quite a difference due to color useage
Fearless Leader: now if we sandwiched the pearl in the center with gold surround and then black
Fearless Leader: it'll be a different look
Fearless Leader: you can do the lines as thin as you want, press the sheets together
buci131: gorgeous as usual
Fearless Leader: rather than start with thick sheets and reduce
Fearless Leader: it keeps your lines crisp
jakmiami: I'd like to use this to cover a box, but I can't quite see how I would cut from the block. It looks to me that I would have to slice it parallel to the tabletop and I dont think I would get accurate slices. Any suggestions?
Fearless Leader: I reduce the log
jill_z_q: you know the more colorful one reminds me of polyster suit hehee
Fearless Leader: slice off thin slices
Fearless Leader: press those slices to a sheet
Fearless Leader: and use that sheet to cover the box
Fearless Leader: or
Fearless Leader: I make a couple of these blocks
Fearless Leader: same color family
Fearless Leader: and then add them together
jakmiami: slice of thin slices...which way would I cut it?
Fearless Leader: and reduce so they connect
Fearless Leader: and slice off larger slices of the weave
Fearless Leader: let me show you
jakmiami: thank you
buci131: goody
jill_z_q: I like that
buci131: she's pressing on each side
buci131: brb
jill_z_q: I'm going to San Fran, me thinks
merrie60us: rolling pieces with rolling pin
jakmiami: she's reducing the size so that's its thinner and longer
lindaslists: cool
jakmiami: turning it on the long edge and cutting thin slices perpendicular to the table top
jakmiami: okay, i got it. thanks much
merrie60us: Have to gofor about 15 minutes will be back thanks bye
merrie60us left the room
jakmiami: now placing the four slices in a rectangle after matching the pattern
lindaslists: matching up the pieces
Fearless Leader: you'll be more careful to line up the stripes
Fearless Leader: won't you?
jakmiami: wild applause!
Fearless Leader: this is a quick example
Fearless Leader: now if you put that on a sheet
lindaslists: that was so amazing
dbluwitch26: yep, fantastic
lindaslists: laying on copper sheet
frogger70301: HEY!!! I got it! And it almost looks stunning, at least to me.
jill_z_q: I like the weave
jakmiami: a quick roll to flatten
Fearless Leader: there
Fearless Leader: pressed once
Fearless Leader: see the seams
Fearless Leader: your sheet won't have wonky seams
Fearless Leader: you will take time and take more care
jill_z_q: wonky tonky hehee
lindaslists: bamboo backdrop for your sushi chef
Fearless Leader: I'm going to press again going in the other direction
frogger70301: Now I just have to figure out what foods I'm gonna use.
Fearless Leader: see how the wonky seam
Fearless Leader: got worse the more you press
Fearless Leader: I wanted you to see this
Fearless Leader: what looks ok
Fearless Leader: when it's just sliced but not pressed
Fearless Leader: could go wonky on you
jill_z_q: looks like a chair with a bad hair day
Fearless Leader: so make those seams flush
Fearless Leader: the slices uniform in thickness
lindaslists: maybe let it cool before slicing
Fearless Leader: ya, but cut that out for the hinge for the tin
Fearless Leader: nope, it's the thickness of the slices
Fearless Leader: and how careful one is about reducing
Fearless Leader: when you press sheets
lindaslists: I slice thinner when it is cool.
lindaslists: love the look
Fearless Leader: when it is gathered it'll look nicer
lindaslists: That hides the seam
Fearless Leader: sure does
Fearless Leader: easy breezy
Fearless Leader: ok time for a save
Fearless Leader: and I'll change cam angles, so last screen shot of this
Fearless Leader: and I'll get the HAT
jill_z_q: woo yay jumps up and down
jill_z_q: grin
jill_z_q: Now though If I did that in person I'd hurt myself
lindaslists: Gotta go. Saved the shots and 5 logs. See you later
jill_z_q: later linda
dbluwitch26: thanks , bye
lindaslists left the room
jill_z_q: how come your a bluwitch and not a purple one?
jakmiami: thanks...gotta go now
jill_z_q: bye!
jakmiami left the room
dbluwitch26: long story, but the mist is blue
jill_z_q: aww
jill_z_q: purple is my favorite color
jill_z_q: grin
dbluwitch26: but i like purple, wear it like an old lady should
jill_z_q: grin my grandma loves purple too
jill_z_q: is that you Dag?
jill_z_q: it is me Suzy
dbluwitch26: never cared much for it when i was younger so i think it is an age color thing...yes it is
jill_z_q: got to email you back such nice emails you wrote!
Fearless Leader: there's the hat
frogger70301: AHHH! The hat!!!
jill_z_q: LOL you can see the king on top
jill_z_q: Kay king is so cute
dbluwitch26: hi suzy!! awww, got my rose and vase in the kitchen, gee it's super
jill_z_q: Thanks alot it was my first swap
buci131: OMG, what timing!
Fearless Leader: there
jill_z_q: I can see it on the hat lol wonder how you stuck all that there
Fearless Leader: tape
buci131: I get to see the had in live action right before I go
Fearless Leader: and balance
jill_z_q: I don't see my chimbo though
dbluwitch26: on your way to tea, Nj
frogger70301: It's over there by your flower.
buci131: that'd be some tea, heehee
jill_z_q: there it is
jill_z_q: grin
Fearless Leader: I threatened the family that if they are bad I'll wear it to the supermarket
merrie60us joined the room
Fearless Leader: just to embarass them
buci131: ok, gotta go--supper is waiting.
jill_z_q: mitch & eva do you think I should share the peach ting?
buci131: heehee--too funny NJ
frogger70301: OK, gals. Got 7 more pens done during this demo.
buci131: Oh, yeah Suzy Q
buci131: good job Mitch
merrie60us: Oh the hat
frogger70301: I think it's time for me to quit for a spell.
buci131: Later to all
jill_z_q: giggles
buci131: that hat really is a hoot
buci131 left the room
frogger70301: isn't it.
jill_z_q: that is great way to display it
Fearless Leader: Either that or a mobile and a hat is more mobile
jill_z_q: okay NJ you got to check that link out
jill_z_q: snickers
Fearless Leader: if you know what I mean
Fearless Leader: gosh
Fearless Leader: that's interesting
Fearless Leader: what the heck is that?
jill_z_q: well it is for light
jill_z_q: grin
Fearless Leader: doesn't look friendly
Fearless Leader: LOL
jill_z_q: but we all thing it looks like something else
merrie60us: I have to go again are you demoing later my son just threw a dozen eggs in bathtub
dbluwitch26: pa says you'd find a super market if you wear it to the super market, nasty man
Fearless Leader: YIKES
jill_z_q: ack Merrie
merrie60us: bye
merrie60us left the room
jill_z_q: at least it is in the bathtub
jill_z_q: oh she left
Fearless Leader: my thought exactly
Fearless Leader: he must have had fun though
Fearless Leader: a memory to last a life time, especially after the spanking
jill_z_q: I bet through eggs can be great stress reliver
jill_z_q: er throwing too
jill_z_q: we ues to throw across the street at the poor neighbor house
jill_z_q: lol
Fearless Leader: ok, I've been at this for hours now and need to get some food
Fearless Leader: I'll be back for the night owls
jill_z_q: I need to go list some auctions
jill_z_q: thanks for showing the hat
frogger70301: I gotta go too. Gotta hurt some kids. 
Fearless Leader: my pleasure
Fearless Leader: ok Mommy Mitch
jill_z_q: okay toodles everyone by mitch
frogger70301: bye, all.
Fearless Leader: I'm bouncing I got to eat
Fearless Leader: xoxo
jill_z_q: Hugs NJ
frogger70301 left the room
Fearless Leader: ciao all
dbluwitch26: See ya all later, been fun THANKS NJ
jill_z_q: you look good in black
Fearless Leader: it's my only color when laundry is done
dbluwitch26 left the room
jill_z_q: bye
jill_z_q left the room
Fearless Leader: xoxo