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Clay Techniques-03 New Leopard in Animal Review: A quick overview

msatclayart: ok
msatclayart: These sheets are mixes of white, burnt umber and gold
nor4man93553: ok
greatauntjudy: Okie.
msatclayart: the lightest is white, gold and burnt umber for a light brown
chelyha: I'm going to bug out for the night
chelyha: what time tomorrow?
greatauntjudy: Night Cheryl. Talk to you later.
nor4man93553: good night Cheryl
msatclayart: the mid range is part of the light sheet with more burnt umber, Night Cheryl
msatclayart: The last sheet is burnt umber and gold
dahs512: k
msatclayart: I'm going to do a blend with these sheets, the three colored blend
nor4man93553: ok
chelyha left the room
msatclayart: There's the blend
msatclayart: now the thought I had was leopard spots are not on a one colored background
nor4man93553: ok
msatclayart: they aren't just spots either
greatauntjudy: Okie.
msatclayart: they are a brown color surrounded by black
msatclayart: on a blended background
msatclayart: so this is what I'm aiming for
msatclayart: taking the brown and gold mix for the center of the spot
msatclayart: and taking smaller snakes of black to go around them
msatclayart: and then fan fold those spot clusters in this blended ribbon
msatclayart: that's the theory
msatclayart: let's see if it works
nor4man93553: ok
greatauntjudy: Okie.
dahs512: it worked
nor4man93553: wow that's great
greatauntjudy: Really great!
dahs512: NJ it looks great!
dahs512: I gotta bounce though. Birthday party tomorrow for Keegan
greatauntjudy: Night.
nor4man93553: good night
msatclayart: Night Night
msatclayart: did we have a saved log
dahs512: I'll save the log to this point.
msatclayart: ok, thanks