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Clay Techniques-03 Orchid in Animal Review

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chelyha: I'd like to see flower colors
buci131: Ok, I gotta go--Merrie, you still have logs?
msatclayart: I'm game to anything, it's the blended ribbon with snakes that I'm wanting to experiment
msatclayart: Nighty Night Eva
greatauntjudy: Night Eva.
buci131: What do I do with the pics I took?
msatclayart: Merrie you still on logs?
chelyha: night Eva
buci131: I've never done them before
msatclayart: Let me do a private message to the password isn't in the log
dahs512: Yipee, I didn't miss one!
msatclayart: brb, claymates
dahs512: Hey guys, what has NJ been up to?
greatauntjudy: No good...her usual.
greatauntjudy: hehehehe
dahs512: Is she doing animals
greatauntjudy: Sorta.
nor4man93553: I'm back had to put my dad to bed
dahs512: animals on acid?
nor4man93553: Hi Denise
chelyha: no zebra canes
dahs512: I'm bad on yahoo ID's
merrie60us: have to go good night
dahs512: is that Cheryl?
greatauntjudy: Me too...I'm jude/
merrie60us left the room
chelyha: now she is going to do a flower cane
chelyha: yes it's me
dahs512: or is that Carolyn
lazybird54: Gotta call it a night. Bye, all
nor4man93553: yes Cheryl D
chelyha: there are two cheryls
lazybird54 left the room
greatauntjudy: Yes, two Cheryls.
chelyha: cheryl D and cheryl H
dahs512: Two for one...
buci131: night all
buci131 left the room
nor4man93553: I used to be a Cheryl H before I got married
nor4man93553: night Eva
chelyha: so was I and when I got divorced I went back to my maiden name
msatclayart: Back
msatclayart: did we decide what colors?
msatclayart: something bright and cheery?
dahs512: Hey NJ!
chelyha: flowers?
nor4man93553: I will too if that ever happens
nor4man93553: Hi NJ
chelyha: bright and cheery yes
greatauntjudy: Bright and cheery is good.
msatclayart: Hey Denise, bright and cheery it is
msatclayart: ok, now pick the colors
nor4man93553: Sounds good
msatclayart: colors?
chelyha: pink?
nor4man93553: Yellow
msatclayart: I'll need three at least
dahs512: turquoise
nor4man93553: Lime green
chelyha: can you do pink yellow green?
msatclayart: Since I've never seen a turquoise or lime green flower
greatauntjudy: Turquoise is good.
greatauntjudy: or RED!
nor4man93553: sounds good to me
msatclayart: I'm doing pink and orange for a peach blend and then add red dots
msatclayart: how's that?
dahs512: works for me
chelyha: that is fine
greatauntjudy: Dots? Red dots?
nor4man93553: ok
msatclayart: Ya, red dots
dahs512: Do you need me to log?
msatclayart: Yes Please Denise
msatclayart: that would be appreciated
msatclayart: who's taking screen shots?
dahs512: sure how about shots, are we covered?
msatclayart: dunno
dahs512: I can
msatclayart: both, ok, if you need me to do something again to get a better shot, or repeat anything for you
msatclayart: just ask me
dahs512: k
msatclayart: since you're doing double duty
msatclayart: ok?
dahs512: you bet!
msatclayart: so I'm going to mix white and red for pink
msatclayart: then I'm going to mix red and yellow with a touch of white for the orange
msatclayart: the reason for the white in the orange
msatclayart: is to damp down the translucent quality of primary colors
dahs512: instead of pearl
msatclayart: I don't want the yellow to fade, well we could use pearl as well as white
greatauntjudy: I have been doing screen shots, NJ>
msatclayart: Oh sorry Jude, you're doing screen shots
dahs512: ok Judy, great
msatclayart: then Denise will do logs and we're covered,
msatclayart: great, thanks
msatclayart: so shall these colors be made with pearl
greatauntjudy: In between my family bugging me. hehehehe
msatclayart: just because we can
nor4man93553: sure
chelyha: sure go ahead
msatclayart: futtery eyelashes is a yes
msatclayart: LOL
greatauntjudy: Okie.
msatclayart: fluttery ones too, even
msatclayart: off I go to mix, do a blend and make that a ribbon, make red snakes
msatclayart: and then I'll break
msatclayart: ok?
dahs512: ok
chelyha: okay
nor4man93553: Ok
msatclayart: off I go then
dahs512: She is running white/pearl and red through the pasta machine
nor4man93553: Is she quick or what
lindaslists joined the room
greatauntjudy: Howdy Linda.
nor4man93553: Hi Linda
lindaslists: Looks like tongues of flame
chelyha: Hi Linda
dahs512: She's doing a blend
lindaslists: Just got back from seeing Signs. OMG
chelyha: she's going to make a flower cane
lindaslists: ok
chelyha: It was great wasn't it?
lindaslists: YES
dahs512: She's making pink
greatauntjudy: Pink? Peach, I thinks he said.
dahs512: and orange
chelyha: with red dots
lindaslists: I would love to make peach
NikiT (azstitcher2001) joined the room
chelyha: I'm drinking a peach wine cooler
greatauntjudy: Howdy Niki!
lindaslists: did she say what colors to make peach?
dahs512: Hey Niki
greatauntjudy: Yum, Cheryl!
azstitcher2001: alo
lindaslists: Hi niki
nor4man93553: Hi Niki
chelyha: red, yellow and white or pearl
lindaslists: oh
greatauntjudy: Red and yellow and pearl.
nor4man93553: I am drinking watermelon margaritas
chelyha: how many have you had?
nor4man93553: yummy
dahs512: so I'm going to mix white and red for pink
msatclayart: then I'm going to mix red and yellow with a touch of white for the orange
msatclayart: the reason for the white in the orange
msatclayart: is to damp down the translucent quality of primary colors
dahs512: instead of pearl
msatclayart: I don't want the yellow to fade, well we could use pearl as well as white
so I'm going to mix white and red for pink
msatclayart: then I'm going to mix red and yellow with a touch of white for the orange
msatclayart: the reason for the white in the orange
msatclayart: is to damp down the translucent quality of primary colors
dahs512: instead of pearl
msatclayart: I don't want the yellow to fade, well we could use pearl as well as white
nor4man93553: just 2
lindaslists: I'm drinking a pepsi left over from the movies. Almost choaked on it though. LOL
chelyha: I'm not supposed to drink but I do occasionally
dahs512: That paste was what NJ said
dahs512: earlier
greatauntjudy: I don't drink any more. Have enough trouble staying upright sober.
lindaslists: thank you, made sense
chelyha: lol jude!
lindaslists: don't drink anything while watching that movie
lindaslists: oooo Pretty
msatclayart: ok
msatclayart: so we have an orange made with yellow and red seen there with pearl added
msatclayart: then we made a pink with pearl and red
greatauntjudy: Purty!
dahs512: you made two colors, right
msatclayart: now I'll do a blend with these two and the middle color becomes peach
greatauntjudy: What red is that, NJ?
msatclayart: I'll do that right now
greatauntjudy: Cadmium?
chelyha: cad red I think
lindaslists: looks like cadmium red
greatauntjudy: Sure looks bright. Pretty red. I have cad red and it looks a little darker.
lindaslists: cams fade the pic a little
chelyha: It could just be the lighting
dahs512: she added white
greatauntjudy: Must be.
dahs512: or pearl
nor4man93553: the light has been doing that tonight
dahs512: she's making a blend with pink and orange?
chelyha: yes
lindaslists: yes
dahs512: to make peach
nor4man93553: yes I think so to get peach
chelyha: which will be peach in the center when blended
lindaslists: love this. hard to find peach clay
dahs512: It's good to know how to get to peach
lindaslists: yes
lindaslists: I never thought of pink and orange together
lindaslists: need to make a color wheel
dahs512: me either
nor4man93553: me either
dahs512: I need to make some cards
chelyha: you have to add some white or pearl to it
msatclayart: ok, so it's blended
dahs512: peachy keen
msatclayart: now what I'm going to do is prepare a long red snake
msatclayart: and it's going to be really narrow
msatclayart: then I'm going to put those snakes in this ribbon
msatclayart: while I fan fold this ribbon so it's peach on one side
msatclayart: and orange on the other
msatclayart: with dots going through all three colors
msatclayart: peach being in the middle
msatclayart: that's the plan
msatclayart: cross your fingers
msatclayart: toes
msatclayart: and eyes
nor4man93553: ok everything crossed
lindaslists: thin snakes of red
lindaslists: cut to match the width of the ribbon
dahs512: Is this like when she did the tiger lily's?
chelyha: I think so
lindaslists: not sure. didn't see that
greatauntjudy: Looks like it.
lindaslists: col
lindaslists: cool
dahs512: It is all about snakes and sheets, isn't it
chelyha: snakes in the sheets...
greatauntjudy: It's interesting when things disappear suddenly.
lindaslists: lol
chelyha: or appear suddenly
greatauntjudy: Right.
chelyha: Like when that block of pearl clay suddenly appeared on the table
dahs512: speedy gonzales
lindaslists: laying the snakes on the sheet and folding while adding
lindaslists: accordian pleats with snakes inside
nor4man93553: 2 snakes per fold
lindaslists: ok
dahs512: zig, add a snake or three, zag
dahs512: 2 snakes?
lindaslists: some she did one some 2 some 3
nor4man93553: that's what it looked like to me
dahs512: random
lindaslists: the suspense is driving me crazy - lol
nor4man93553: I have never tried thid folding thing I think I am going to have to try it
greatauntjudy: Looks like it is a good technique that can be used for a lot of things.
nor4man93553: yeah that's what I was thing too
dahs512: Suttle color changes, from peach to red, though
greatauntjudy: Yes, reduced it may not show up, so you would need good contrasting colors.
chelyha: You could do somethign with more contrast
lindaslists: fist o doom
nor4man93553: even the folds are differant sizes
dahs512: fist of doom
greatauntjudy: Ah, yes...the fist of doom!
chelyha: squooshing time
nor4man93553: she is cutting it in half
dahs512: stretching the cane the same way the snakes were laid
dahs512: looks like enough contrast
msatclayart: we got to press this on pearl
greatauntjudy: Yup, it does.
msatclayart: to see it, it's a little dark
chelyha: can we see a slice that hasn't gone thru the PM?
chelyha: or just what the cane looks like inside
greatauntjudy: This is sorta the same idea, maybe different technique, but same idea of the stargazer lilies.
greatauntjudy: From this view, they look like strawberries.
jill_z_q: this face is cool
lindaslists: looks like the movie I just saw. LOL
dahs512: What is she doing?
greatauntjudy: Using a leaf cutter and cutting them out?
dahs512: Shaping them into petals
lindaslists: cutting the pieces out with cutters
nor4man93553: don't know
dahs512: ok
lindaslists: laid on pearl, rolled through pm, cut out and shape petals
nor4man93553: oh ok
greatauntjudy: Leaf cutters make the best petals.
lindaslists: I have raindrop shaped
dahs512: Pearl on one side?
lindaslists: yes
nor4man93553: yes
chelyha: Looks like she's making a rose
dahs512: looks like an orchid
greatauntjudy: Orchid? My orchid?
greatauntjudy: I need closeups if it's an orchid.
greatauntjudy: Yes!
lindaslists: it's a rose, it's an orchid, it's super lily!!!
dahs512: ooooohhhhhhh
lindaslists: wow
dahs512: It's definately an orchid
chelyha: looks alien
lindaslists: lol
msatclayart: want to see that again?
lindaslists: I have something like that on the tin you sent me
msatclayart: you use leaf cutter tools
msatclayart: Linda got the Rumble in the Jungle Orchid
nor4man93553: very nice
msatclayart: have to repair a crack or two
chelyha: very interesting
lindaslists: did that today
msatclayart: shall I do that orchid trick again?
lindaslists: yes
greatauntjudy: Yes!
chelyha: but I'd still like to see the cane before you slice it and putit thru the pm
lindaslists: me too
nor4man93553: me three
lindaslists: NJ
lindaslists: thanks
lindaslists: so the red is tiny until it goes through the pm?
lindaslists: ah
lindaslists: measles
chelyha: alien measles
lindaslists: lol
nor4man93553: hehehe
msatclayart: before bending the petals down
dahs512: Those are beautiful
msatclayart: taper their edges
dahs512: taper how?
greatauntjudy: I pinch them. Is that what you mean?
dahs512: pinching
dahs512: and pulling?
lindaslists: thinn
lindaslists: ?thinning the tips?
chelyha: making them pointed
lindaslists: ok
chelyha: muy bonita!
lindaslists: Gotta go, see you later and have fun all
greatauntjudy: Night, Linda.
msatclayart: night night Linda
chelyha: Nite Linda
dahs512: bye Linda
lindaslists: don't do anything I wouldn't do - lol
lindaslists left the room
dahs512: twice
nor4man93553: nite linda
msatclayart: ah well
chelyha: looks very exotic and tropical
msatclayart: I think the starting mixes should be lighter in hue
nor4man93553: Very nice NJ
msatclayart: so the spots show up better
msatclayart: It's a start
dahs512: I was suprised they showed up so well
chelyha: I agree but it still looks great
msatclayart: it needs more tweaking to really be useful
greatauntjudy: Yup, it does.
dahs512: I think it's a good color combination
msatclayart: I wish you can really see the color though. I'll get some digi cam shots of it
msatclayart: the orange and pink making a peach blend is really pretty
greatauntjudy: Some of the others you did, too.
dahs512: I do wish your camera was
greatauntjudy: Please?
msatclayart: but you know. It might have been better served using white instead of pearl
chelyha: I think so
chelyha: Or a combo of both
greatauntjudy: Would have been lighter.
chelyha: I was just thinking you could do this same thing for that plant that has the green leaves with pink spots
msatclayart: yes
msatclayart: and any other spotted thing
msatclayart: that has a blend as a background
msatclayart: fan fold the snakes
msatclayart: or jelly roll them
dahs512: can I tangent?
msatclayart: sure, I'm resting
dahs512: When I make a mold of my head can I use scrap clay
dahs512: not me, my head, you know
nor4man93553: NJ are you doing a leopard cane tonight?
msatclayart: For the incremental molds
chelyha: scrap clay to make the mold, yes
msatclayart: Yes, Leopard before I go
msatclayart: use what you have, but for the final mold
nor4man93553: k
msatclayart: make it your best clay
msatclayart: one color
msatclayart: so you can do the mirror trick
msatclayart: log save is good right about now
chelyha: what's that?
msatclayart: the mirror trick
dahs512: so..premo, not s3
msatclayart: Cheryl H. you've not see the face mold mirror trick?