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Clay Techniques-03, Peach Rose, Leaves and Basket Weave Demo Log

buci131: taking a sheet of orange and a sheet of greent, stacking them
and cutting into a rectangle
buci131: I missed something here.
buci131: did she overlap them slightly
buci131: and then fold them together?
frogger70301: fold the rectangle in half
buci131: then run it through the pasta machine
frogger70301: overlap the entire length
chenoa_2b: she covered a sheet of orange with a sheet of green on both
sides of it. Like a sandwich.
buci131: thank you
buci131: separate the leaf and lay it on the green orange mix
buci131: and cut to size
buci131: put the leaf back together
teri56 joined the room
buci131: Hiya Teri
frogger70301: Bummer, I gotta go.
buci131: See ya Mitch
chenoa_2b: night mitch
frogger70301: Ok, I'll try to be back later.
frogger70301 left the room
buci131: Now she's wrapping the whole leaf with a sheet of the
green/orange blend
chenoa_2b: Ok she is taking the rest of the sandwiched sheet, and
cutting it to size and wrapping it around the cane.
buci131: now she's trimming the excess sheet cover off
buci131: Now she's reducing the leaf cane
chenoa_2b: Using that fist of doom!
buci131: and shaping it into a leaf
buci131: now she's cutting some orange again from one of her orange
buci131: and slicing the cane
buci131: and shaping the leaf
chenoa_2b: Oh she is shaping one of the leaves!
buci131: placing it on the orange sheet
dahs512: aarrrgh, I can't do the screen shots and think I'll practice
buci131: and doing it again
dahs512: I can do one when it is important, but you'll have to holler
buci131: okay, Denise--don't stress yourself
mela: did she just run one through the pm
buci131: looks like she ran one of the leaves through the pm
mela: ok
Fearless Leader: ok I'll take questions now
dahs512: get a close up nj
mela: that is very cool
buci131: when you made the center vein, did you stack orange and green
and fold them over before running them through the pm?
chenoa_2b: That makes me want to go do one myself!
Fearless Leader: let's do it with lighter colors
Fearless Leader: ok?
Fearless Leader: how about yellow center and dark green
teri56: I'm wondering what your secret is NJ. You make a cane, reduce
it, and slice it; all without waiting in between. Yet it doesn't look
like you've got a problem with smearing. Is that right?
Fearless Leader: so we can see the chevrons better
chenoa_2b: What about non conventional colors?
Fearless Leader: I have sheets prepared already, keeping it in Autumn
colors to prep for the swap
buci131: Yeah, ask her what the temp is there
wi1dangl: Are you using Premo clay this project?
Fearless Leader: in the low 60s
Fearless Leader: I think
Fearless Leader: Premo yup
teri56: oh, that's right - I forget about that
Fearless Leader: Hey want to see a nifty trick
Fearless Leader: leaves aside for one second
buci131: absolutely
teri56: sure!
Fearless Leader: basket weave
chenoa_2b: yeah, Nora Jean is so cool, her canes doen't smear! lol
buci131: goody
Fearless Leader: oh Teri you're just going to flip
Fearless Leader: ok
Fearless Leader: From pearl to burnt umber
Fearless Leader: going through gold along the way
Fearless Leader: just kept adding burnt umber to pearl and then after
two layers I added gold and more and more brown
Fearless Leader: slice rectangles off of the loaf
Fearless Leader: then I'm going to place the rectangles
Fearless Leader: in a herringbone pattern and then I'll show you the
dahs512: I gotta go to a scout leaders meeting. NJ, Let me see if I
got any good shots and I'll send them to you.
buci131: Can someone else here take screen shots?
Fearless Leader: okie dokie honey
buci131: have fun Denise
Fearless Leader: ya you'll want screen shots for this
Fearless Leader: Denise I'll show you one to one
Fearless Leader: later, ok?
dahs512: If someone has Paint Shop Pro, that's what I used
buci131: or tell me how to do it without Paint Shop Pro
dahs512: I'll check in later when I get back
Fearless Leader: ok, if we don't get screen shots of this
Fearless Leader: no worries
Fearless Leader: I'm going to be showing this over and over
dahs512: under file...import...screen capture, i think
Fearless Leader: and this is just the first time so let's get started,
ok? or do folks need a potty break first?
dahs512: set it up first
buci131: looks like we may have to get shots another time
buci131: if we take a potty break I may be able to fig out screen
dahs512: bye
Fearless Leader: potty break or basket weave?
buci131: bye Denise
dahs512 left the room
buci131: potty break
Fearless Leader: ok
Fearless Leader: 5 minutes?
Fearless Leader: or so?
chenoa_2b: smoke break!
chenoa_2b: Yeah!
Fearless Leader: smoke em if you got em
buci131: sounds good, if I haven't figured it out by then, forget it
mela: lol
wi1dangl: nope....I quit two weeks ago...yeahhhh
Fearless Leader: Eva don't stress it
Fearless Leader: I repeat myself
wi1dangl: smoking that
buci131: oh I won't but if I can fig it out, I will
Fearless Leader: time
Fearless Leader: is everyone back?
teri56: i'm here
wi1dangl: here
elirdt: I have a new nickname for your NJ
Fearless Leader: sound off
Fearless Leader: What Rose?
buci131: I'm here and the screen shots are a no go from my end
elirdt: how about we call you the breeze
Fearless Leader: or as my mother would say
elirdt: you are so fast
Fearless Leader: da bleeze
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: are we ready?
Fearless Leader: head count
elirdt: too funny
buci131: yes
Fearless Leader: is everyone here?
Fearless Leader: sound off please
teri56: ready for action!
elirdt: ready
Fearless Leader: ok, snooze you loose time
Fearless Leader: basket weave
wi1dangl agrees
Fearless Leader: the fat assed trick of the day
elirdt: k
Fearless Leader: scribes
Fearless Leader: who's describing for those not here?
Fearless Leader: what's going on, what do you see?
chenoa_2b: she cut the rectangle into threes
Fearless Leader: I got to thin these out a tad
buci131: Sorry, I can't scribe--I gotta go. We've got a flood watch
here and I gotta do some things.
chenoa_2b: She took then and layed them down on their sides. so you
can see the layers.
buci131: I'll try to catch it later next time
chenoa_2b: She is thining them out I think
buci131 left the room
chenoa_2b: Now she is scoring them both at the same time. Looks like
she then cut them.
Fearless Leader: now
chenoa_2b: Ok, she laid one North south, then took another slice and
laid it down east west. On one end of the first one.
Fearless Leader: see those stair steps
chenoa_2b: Then laid the rest of them filled in.
chenoa_2b: Yes I see them.
Fearless Leader: I'm cutting off the stairs from one side
Fearless Leader: to fill in the other side
chenoa_2b: Ok you are cutting at an angle.
chenoa_2b: Oh cool! Those little triangles fit right in on the other
Fearless Leader: now
Fearless Leader: the ends
Fearless Leader: you have to flip them around
Fearless Leader: to have all the colors go in the right direction
Fearless Leader: but you get the idea
Fearless Leader: want to see it again?
chenoa_2b: This is like a quilt! yes!
teri56: nifty!
wi1dangl: wooowww....that was really cool
elirdt: neato]
mela: yes please
teri56: I'm sorry, I have to go - loved that trick NJ
teri56 left the room
wi1dangl: sorry...gotta go, son needs the phoneline
Fearless Leader: ciao bellas
wi1dangl: loved the tricks and the leaf tute....great
wi1dangl: ta-ta
Fearless Leader: I'll repeat at 9pm
wi1dangl left the room
Fearless Leader: ok shall we do the cut again?
chenoa_2b: yeah!
elirdt: eys
elirdt: yes
Fearless Leader: measure from the deepest part of the V
Fearless Leader: and then it just fits on the other side
Fearless Leader: like that
Fearless Leader: then do the ends
Fearless Leader: there's some dicking around you got to do
Fearless Leader: flipping little triangles to get the colors to go in
the same direction
Fearless Leader: this solves the problem
Fearless Leader: of chevrons
Fearless Leader: and waste
Fearless Leader: all the other tutorials waste these triangles
Fearless Leader: because they didn't see
chenoa_2b: That is like magic!
Fearless Leader: that all geometric shapes
elirdt: so effecient
Fearless Leader: happen to fit together
elirdt: i love it
Fearless Leader: now let's see something made with this, it's already
elirdt: wish I knew how to do a screen shot
chenoa_2b: I called Amie to get me some clay! lol
mela: i got some of the screen shots if you gals didnt
elirdt: cool
chenoa_2b: This is from the basket weave?
Fearless Leader: basket weave flower
chenoa_2b: can you show how you made the flower?
Fearless Leader: sure
Fearless Leader: I don't have reduced basket weave cane
Fearless Leader: I'll use a plain color
Fearless Leader: so you can see the trick of it
Fearless Leader: ok?
Fearless Leader: or a bulls eye
Fearless Leader: that's better
mela: should i get shots
chenoa_2b: ok, I just can't get it if it doesn't look like a flower
petal to begain with. lol
elirdt: yes
Fearless Leader: now here's something you have to know
Fearless Leader: when you're surrounding a snake
Fearless Leader: with a sheet like this
Fearless Leader: and you want to get a "butt" end, where the seams
match and don't over lap
Fearless Leader: you roll the sheet around the snake and make an
indentation on the other side of the sheet, like this
Fearless Leader: cut on the INSIDE of that indentation
Fearless Leader: and you'll get a fitted seam
Fearless Leader: like this
Fearless Leader: overlaps translate as lumps in the line in the design
Fearless Leader: seams that meet flush like this is an uninterrupted
line in your design
chenoa_2b: Ok cutting inside the indention is what I didn't know!
Makes sense now!
Fearless Leader: yes mam
Fearless Leader: now seams
Fearless Leader: don't ya hate them?
Fearless Leader: here's a trick
chenoa_2b: Yeah...
Fearless Leader: it's called jiggling
Fearless Leader: press your finger on the seam
Fearless Leader: and just jiggle it in little circles
Fearless Leader: just jiggle in place
Fearless Leader: just moving it in wee circles
chenoa_2b: Ok got it!
Fearless Leader: it makes the seams go away
Fearless Leader: and you don't have to smear your seam line rubbing it
with a finger
Fearless Leader: another way is to roll a clay shaper towards the seam
coming from opposites directions
Fearless Leader: like that
Fearless Leader: makes the seams merge, meld
Fearless Leader: ok I'll fashion this into a petal
chenoa_2b: smooth.. like jazz.
Fearless Leader: with the way these flowers are made
Fearless Leader: your cane is your final petal size
Fearless Leader: but petals are smaller in the center
Fearless Leader: and larger towards the end
Fearless Leader: so reduce your cane into a CONE shape
Fearless Leader: and then shape into a petal like this
Fearless Leader: that's the cone, now here's the petal shape
Fearless Leader: smaller end, smaller petals, wider end, wider petals
chenoa_2b: Ha! I never would have thought of that!
Fearless Leader: first you roll a bud out of one petal
Fearless Leader: like this
Fearless Leader: now we add small petals going around the bud in the
chenoa_2b: Ok, I think I got that
chenoa_2b: ARe you stretching it?
Fearless Leader: let me get a better camera angle here, I'm stretching
it over my little finger tip
Fearless Leader: to make a bowl of one end
Fearless Leader: and pull the other end that gets wrapped around the
chenoa_2b: Now that is pretty! And so simple!
Fearless Leader: now for the medium sized petals
chenoa_2b: Opps! Where did she go?
chenoa_2b: I lost you Nora
chenoa_2b left the room
chenoa_2b joined the room
Fearless Leader: camera got bumped
Fearless Leader: right click on my name
Fearless Leader: to get back the cam
Fearless Leader: good there's one
An Invitation to view your Webcam was sent to elirdt (9/6/02 at 4:53
Fearless Leader: close out your cam window
Fearless Leader: and open a new one when we get disconnected
chenoa_2b: Ok, I got you back.
Fearless Leader: Mela
melabunny left the room
mela (melabunny) joined the room
Fearless Leader: there we go
Fearless Leader: the list here Mela has you as still in the room
Fearless Leader: ok
Fearless Leader: now right click on my name
Fearless Leader: and get the cam back
Fearless Leader: Rose, are you awake?
mela: got it
Fearless Leader: two out of three, I'm going to add more petals to
this flower
chenoa_2b: can you use a three color bulls eye with this?
mela: that is so cool
Fearless Leader: now here's the trick of it
chenoa_2b: YOu didn't cup the outer petals did you?
Fearless Leader: if I were not doing demo I'd have formed all the
petals bowled out
Fearless Leader: and so will you
chenoa_2b: That is so pretty! Can you use a three color bulls eye with
Fearless Leader: honey
Fearless Leader: you can use any color you want
Fearless Leader: for my flower swap I did silver and copper
Fearless Leader: with a pearl highlight center
chenoa_2b: lol ok...
Fearless Leader: we lost Rose?
chenoa_2b: I don't know... didn't see her say good night or anything.
Fearless Leader: Anyway, in order to fashion the petals
Fearless Leader: tear apart a real rose
Fearless Leader: peel it like an artichoke
Fearless Leader: and look at the shape
Fearless Leader: it's a bowl with a handle
Fearless Leader: for the most part
Fearless Leader: pinching and curling the ends makes it look like it's
Fearless Leader: Mela, you good with the chevron flip
Fearless Leader: or shall I show you that again before I sign off for
mela: this is all new to me
Fearless Leader: I'll be back at 9pm tonight doing the same thing
mela: ok
chenoa_2b: Ok.
Fearless Leader: wanna see it real quick right now?
Fearless Leader: it's no problem for me I got it prepped
chenoa_2b: sure!
mela: sure if you dont mind
Fearless Leader: no worries, let
Fearless Leader: let's get the rose stuff out of the way
mela: thank you
Fearless Leader: Mela
Fearless Leader: where's the cut supposed to happen
Fearless Leader: diagonal
chenoa_2b: corner to corner.
chenoa_2b: with the strips showing.
Fearless Leader: diagonal across any lines going right to left
mela: yes i remeber that now
Fearless Leader: be it leaf
Fearless Leader: flower
Fearless Leader: tiger
Fearless Leader: anything
chenoa_2b: lol no wonder I haven't been getting my stripes right! lol
Fearless Leader: zebra does well with this
Fearless Leader: so when we slice diagonal like this
Fearless Leader: and flip over one side
Fearless Leader: we get the arrow head shapes
Fearless Leader: the chevrons
Fearless Leader: these can be used for leaves, but they work with
angle feathers
Fearless Leader: change the color
Fearless Leader: only
Fearless Leader: ok, now I'll slice and then flip one side around
Fearless Leader: are we all on the same page here?
chenoa_2b: I think so.
mela: i am
Fearless Leader: ok, let's slice going on the diagonal across all the
Fearless Leader: add a center vein so it doesn't look naked
chenoa_2b: That is so dad blasted easy! lol Why couldn't I get it?
Fearless Leader: some things got to be seen
Fearless Leader: I was folding the skinner blend wrong for a year
Fearless Leader: wondering what I am not getting
Fearless Leader: it took me a year and a half to figure out this flip
Fearless Leader: then to do the basket weave I just figured that out
last month
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: there
mela: that is cool
Fearless Leader: I'm done
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: ok, questions?
chenoa_2b: wonderful!
Fearless Leader: now think orange and pink
chenoa_2b: Can you do a ginko leaf in cane?
mela: where do i send the snap shots
Fearless Leader: as a blended jelly roll cane for the petal
Fearless Leader: to
frogger70301 joined the room
Fearless Leader: Mitch, I was just winding down to go make supper
Fearless Leader: and I'll be back, but it might be hella late for you
frogger70301: OK.
Fearless Leader: so I want to show you the basket weave cutting trick
chenoa_2b: Ok,
mela: got it
Fearless Leader: before I toddle off
mela: ok
Fearless Leader: you got to see the beginnign of it but not the end,
chenoa_2b: You are gonna love this mitch! lol
mela: i missed the middle
frogger70301: When I had to go you were just puting the center vein in
the first leaf.
mela: lol
Fearless Leader: got to change cam angles
chenoa_2b: Mitch, the books just came!
frogger70301: ???
chenoa_2b: the mini books I was telling you about this morning.
frogger70301: OH, ok.
frogger70301: Tooth is giving me fits right now, so my head aint too
chenoa_2b: Oh shim poi poi
frogger70301: thnx
chenoa_2b: I know it hurts. Wish I could take it away for you.
frogger70301: I think the dentist will Mon.
Fearless Leader: Ok Mitch
Fearless Leader: this is a layered loaf
frogger70301: yeah.
Fearless Leader: going from pearl through gold brown to dark brown
Fearless Leader: ok?
frogger70301: blended?
frogger70301: Or just sheets?
Fearless Leader: I'm going to slice it into 6 sections, not not
Fearless Leader: just sheets that were mixed
Fearless Leader: incrementally
frogger70301: ok.
Fearless Leader: with another color
Fearless Leader: ok, so after I slice this into 6 sections I will lay
them down in a V shape, nestled next to each other, ok?
frogger70301: gotcha so far.
Fearless Leader: see the stair stepped edges?
frogger70301: yes'm
Fearless Leader: we're going to slice those off and apply them to the
other side and fill in the V's with those cut off triangles
Fearless Leader: now watch
Fearless Leader: now to do the other ends
frogger70301: OH, COOLNESS!
Fearless Leader: now
Fearless Leader: look
Fearless Leader: and in green
frogger70301: OOOH, I like it!
Fearless Leader: potty break, Cheryl you and Mitch discuss
Fearless Leader: brb
chenoa_2b: Carolyn! lol
frogger70301: I was baout to ask that!
chenoa_2b: How is Ivy doing in school?
frogger70301: OOh, now she's done showed me something that is going to
set my eggs back even further!
chenoa_2b: Oh no!
frogger70301: Great. You should hear her walking around the house
singing her little French songs.
frogger70301: Yep, this is a HAVE to try!
chenoa_2b: Kids are so wonderful! They don't care of they are in tune
or not. They don't care if it isn't perect!
frogger70301: I know, but if you try to sing along with them amd miss
one note, they sure don't hesitate to let you know.
chenoa_2b: Amie gave me the money to get the emu eggs.
frogger70301: Oh, that's great.
frogger70301: Can't wait to see what you do with them!
chenoa_2b: lol Alex doesn't. But then, I am not sure if he knows or
not! lol So far he can't carry a tune in a bucket! lol
frogger70301: Any ideas?
chenoa_2b: I know I want to make one big shaker eggs! lol
frogger70301: They sound so pretty!
chenoa_2b: I keep thinking about cutting a windso and making a sceane
inside of one.
chenoa_2b: Oh t hey do! I can hardly wait! Amie may gank one of them.
She loves pretty eggs. lol
frogger70301: That would be pretty!
chenoa_2b: Oh! A green egg with a frog pond inside! lol
chenoa_2b: Amie is nuts about frogs!
frogger70301: Me too!
chenoa_2b: lol I never would have guessed! lol
mela: lmao
chenoa_2b: Amie even has a couple of frog tatoos. lol
frogger70301: Mela I'm sorry but I've forgotten your name.
mela: its Tina
frogger70301: Ok, I was close.
chenoa_2b: Hi tina! Good to meet you! I am Carolyn
elirdt: tina did you get shots of the flowers
elirdt: that is my daugthers name
frogger70301: I'm sorry I didn't get back to you earlier. I had to get
offline for a littlew while.
mela: i took it off cuse en were acting like they knew me by using my
real name
mela: en=men
frogger70301: Frogf tats-
mela: hi carolyn
frogger70301: I want a couple of them myself.
chenoa_2b: Where are you at Tina?
chenoa_2b: Amie's are neat!
mela: i am in northern calif
frogger70301: I got a stamp of the one I want.
chenoa_2b: Oh! I am about two or three hours away from Cal Or boarder!
frogger70301: Is Mela short for anything. I used to be with a comp
that called itself Mela.
mela: hey that works stamp it on and tell the tatoo guy trace it
mela: melaleuca
frogger70301: I know, but T-Guy said I have enough tats.
chenoa_2b: lol or just emboss it!
frogger70301: You still with them?
mela: i am alergic to soap and its the only kind of soap i can use
chenoa_2b: Amie never asks. Just comes home with a new one! lol
frogger70301: I loved the Washing powder!
mela: melaleuca is a company
frogger70301: I know, I was part of that last year.
Fearless Leader: back

chenoa_2b: Ohhh! I hate it when someone calls, and then doesn't say a
Fearless Leader: but anyway
Fearless Leader: any questions about this basket weave cut?
frogger70301: NJ, do you know you just held my eggs up even more.
mela: lol
Fearless Leader: LOL, basket weave covered eggs
Fearless Leader: wanna know how to shape the cane for an egg?
Fearless Leader: look
chenoa_2b: yes!
frogger70301: No, basket weave pens with mini food beaded from the
Fearless Leader: cut like that and slice and cover eggs
frogger70301: Oh, I didn't get to tell you guys!
mela: thats pretty neat
Fearless Leader: tell what?
frogger70301: My dad has one of my eggs almost sold.
Fearless Leader: coolness!

frogger70301: I hate to get into the selling thing right now, though.

chenoa_2b: But it is coolness Mitch! My covered tins just got sent
back to me. 40 days in his shop, and no one even asked about them.

frogger70301: How would you slice that without it going flat on one

frogger70301: Put em on eBay!

Fearless Leader: sorry, I was distracted saving the log

chenoa_2b: I don't think I can afford to put them there.

Fearless Leader: how do I slice what where?

Fearless Leader: the basket weave

frogger70301: Did you ever check out

Fearless Leader: I rock the blade

Fearless Leader: side to side

Fearless Leader: and not press down all at once

frogger70301: With it laying like it is now?

chenoa_2b: lol I love NJ's warp speed moves there! lol

frogger70301: Almost reminds me of a strobe light!

Fearless Leader: rock the blade

Fearless Leader: and it doesn't flatten the cane

Fearless Leader: if it is a round cane do this, roll the round cane as
you slice

frogger70301: I was thinking if you would cut it like you had showed
to shape it like the egg.

Fearless Leader: roll round canes as you slice

Fearless Leader: so's not to get a flat edge going on

Fearless Leader: oh crap there's the door, brb

frogger70301: I know that. I'm actually getting pretty good at slicing

chenoa_2b: My slices are always messed up!

frogger70301: I've gotten lots of practice this last month.

Fearless Leader: back

Fearless Leader: Cheryl what is going on when you slice?

chenoa_2b: I just do the best I can. If someone wants prefection, they
can buy a camera! Or machine made.

chenoa_2b: Cheryl? I am Carolyn

frogger70301: NJ, it's Carolyn.

frogger70301: Sorry about that.

Fearless Leader: sorry

Fearless Leader: my bad

chenoa_2b: lol No, I have a few aliases! lol

Fearless Leader: What do you think is going wrong with your slices
Carolyn, is Alex there?

chenoa_2b: When I slice, I get thin ones, or thick ones. And then
angled ones. Alex isn't here yet. He will be later!

frogger70301: Cary, make a cane out of a solid color, let it sit
overnight, then practice cutting on that.

chenoa_2b: I have started putting my finger right next to the area
slicing. It has helped allot.

chenoa_2b: that is a good idea mitch!

frogger70301: Also, before you start slicing, put a little powder on
your blade.

frogger70301: I didn't think it would make much od a diff, but it
helps alot more than you would think.

chenoa_2b: I forget that. I am allergic to powder. Only use it when I
feel I have to!

frogger70301: CornStarch.

Fearless Leader: corn starch?

Fearless Leader: would that work?

chenoa_2b: And like right now, my eyes are wonky!

frogger70301: That's all I use.

Fearless Leader: ah great minds think alike

chenoa_2b: I think I have some. I can try it.

frogger70301: I can't keep powder in this house.

Fearless Leader: I got a long distance call

Fearless Leader: so I got to go

frogger70301: NJ, I think I would have to have a mind before I could
have a great mind.

chenoa_2b: I know, I was sneezing like crazy this morning and wheezing
because of it!

Fearless Leader: I'll be back in a couple of hours


Fearless Leader: someone save the log for me

chenoa_2b: Nite NJ

Fearless Leader: xoxo

msatclayart left the room

frogger70301: Is Tina still here?

melabunny left the room