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Sept. 2002 Demo Mini Foods Pizza

Fearless Leader: ok, potty break and then we'll do pizza
bonsaikathy: ok
jude: Outstanding!
Fearless Leader: Jude did you get to see the lemonade pitcher here?
sew_short joined the room
Fearless Leader: or the mushroom slices in the jar?
frogger70301: NJ, do you think maybe you could give a run down on the Ice Holly soon?
Fearless Leader: That will need a bit of prep
Fearless Leader: I'll get it ready and we'll do it this week
sew_short: Back again - knocked myself off again.... sheeze
frogger70301: I would like to know how you get it ready.
frogger70301: In your album it's alreadty ready already.
jude: I'm sorry...back.
jude: Nope, I didn't get to see the lemonade pitcher.
sew_short: Careful Froggie - she'll make you read the tute
frogger70301: Now necessarily show it, just maybe give instructions.
jude: Are you doing a tute late tonight?
frogger70301: Where is the tute for it?
jude: I know Syl is interested in the food ones.
Fearless Leader: it starts with gold leaf
Fearless Leader: sure I'll be on later
Fearless Leader: I'm in a mini food mood
jude: Okie, great!
Fearless Leader: to prep the ice holly I mix gold leaf with translucent
Fearless Leader: until it's evenly distributed
jude: She'll probably be back about 8 or 9-ish.
frogger70301: k. do you break it up then mix it?
Fearless Leader: and then I press that to a backing of pearl
Fearless Leader: then I slice out the leaves
Fearless Leader: then I press the veins
Fearless Leader: then I fold it slightly in half
Fearless Leader: then I curl it on my finger tips
Fearless Leader: then I attach it to the thing
Fearless Leader: that's it in a nut shell
frogger70301: I think I could get it after I get the leaves, but the prep is just stumping me.
sew_short: Is that the gold leaf on the cam?
Fearless Leader: do that a hundred times and you got holly
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: yes
Fearless Leader: that is leaf metal sheets
frogger70301: I can usually pick things up from pics, but this one has my mind shot.
frogger70301: I made T-Guy take me to Michaels last night so I could get the stuff to do it.
sew_short: That's ok Mitch - I messed up on the Holly Daze
Fearless Leader: are we all here?
Fearless Leader: and ready for some pizza?
jude: Yeah!
teri56: I am
bonsaikathy: I went to Walmart after church today and bought gold leaf
bonsaikathy: yes
jude: Love pizza...don't forget extra cheese!
Fearless Leader: I just happen to have some already cured pizza toppings here
bonsaikathy: ok
jude: I believe it's one of the five basic food groups.
sew_short: Kay is ready
merrie60us joined the room
jude: Howdy Merrie.
frogger70301: I got to get some oranges done before I start anything else.
frogger70301: But I'll still be watching.
merrie60us: Hi
merrie60us: What are you making
bonsaikathy: pizza
sew_short: She's nuking leftovers
bonsaikathy: she's done banana splits, oranges, juices and now pizza, did I miss anything guys
sew_short: I opened my Elasticity clay awhile ago and it is so soft and squeeshy - I just can't hardly put it down!
merrie60us: mmm banana splits sounds good
daytonlinda joined the room
merrie60us: maybe it needs to be leached
sew_short: No - I mean I love the feel of it and don't WANT to put it down. hehehe
daytonlinda: hi all
merrie60us: Hi
bonsaikathy: Hi there
Fearless Leader: Mixed some pizza dough
sew_short: Hi, who is daytonlinda?
Fearless Leader: remember you're aiming for the cooked pizza dough
Fearless Leader: not raw
sew_short: more brown then?
Fearless Leader: I got to shut the curtains, the sun is in my eyes
bonsaikathy: how about a roll call
Fearless Leader: NJ, Squinting in San Francisco
merrie60us: Hi, Merrie Boston
bonsaikathy: Kathy in E. TN
teri56: Teri in central Indiana
frogger70301: Mitch, LA
sew_short: Sun? Sun? at 7 pm? and 8pm for Kathy & eri?
daytonlinda: im in dayton OH and i should be folding laundry
jude: jude, Tehachapi, CA
jude: under cloudy skies.
bonsaikathy: it'll still be there is my motto
bonsaikathy: almost 8 here
sew_short: Kay from the Show Me State of Missouri - SO SHOW ME
Fearless Leader: Okie Dokie
Fearless Leader: Now a lot of clayers put their pizza toppings right on the dough
Fearless Leader: seems a little DRY to me, needs sauce
Fearless Leader: so what colors would we need to mix with TLS to make pizza sauce?
jude: Right, don't forget the sauce.
jude: Red for one.
bonsaikathy: red
merrie60us: red and maybe brown
teri56: a little orange maybe
jude: Touch of yellow to make some orange.
Fearless Leader: so all the colors of the sauces for a banana split then
Fearless Leader: oh does she plan or does she plan or what?
Fearless Leader: he he he
bonsaikathy: you're good, lol
chelyha joined the room
bonsaikathy: Hi Cheryl
teri56: hey Cheryl - you're just in time for pizza
Fearless Leader: Time to put sauce on the pizza pie Cheryl
sew_short left the room
teri56: NJ is mixing the sauce now
chelyha: ok!
chelyha: sounds good I love pizza
bonsaikathy: now that looks real
jude: Amazing!
Fearless Leader: so the toppings are cured so let's just little the pizza sauce with the cured toppings just willy nilly
Fearless Leader: bell pepper
Fearless Leader: get's special treatment
Fearless Leader: for I want it to stick for sure
Fearless Leader: what doesn't shake off
Fearless Leader: is gonna be part of the pizza
Fearless Leader: now the melted cheese
merrie60us: are you pressing it into the ls
Fearless Leader: just tippy tapping it down, Merrie
Fearless Leader: questions are good right now
Fearless Leader: since I'm facing the monitor
merrie60us: looks good
chelyha: what else have you made while I was at work?
bonsaikathy: fantastic NJ
Fearless Leader: still needs cheese
frogger70301: Kay is having some problems with her connection right now. She will try to be back in a
frogger70301: few minutes, but doesn't know iof she'll be able to.
Fearless Leader: I'm going to mix some light colored cheese
Fearless Leader: and add TLS to it
Fearless Leader: and then spread a bit over this topping
bonsaikathy: We did banana splits, oranges, juices and pizza
Fearless Leader: it won't look as clear as it will after it is cured though
Fearless Leader: since it's mostly translucent
Fearless Leader: once cured and ice water dunked you'll see a bit of your toppings showing through the melted cheese
Fearless Leader: I'll do the mixing now and folks can take breaks or ask questions
Fearless Leader: and we'll wait for Kay
chelyha: I love the little hamburger and fries she sent me
merrie60us: Is she mixing clay with tls to make cheese
frogger70301: Are we ever gonna do oranges again?
frogger70301: I am finally finished mixing, but now I forgot the rest.
merrie60us: what about a key lime pie
bonsaikathy: that was good Mitch, lol
chelyha: that would be great to see
daytonlinda left the room
merrie60us: ooh what's that
frogger70301: cook's mix.
frogger70301: Now class mates, this is why prep is so important.
merrie60us: what is she showing us
frogger70301: Is she mixing the cheese?
bonsaikathy: yes
merrie60us: I think so
merrie60us: now can someone tell me are the toppings hand formed or just pieces chopped up?
jude: I believe they are hand formed.
jude: She had them already.
bonsaikathy: hand formed bits of her kitchen mix I believe
frogger70301: All I know is they are from canes.
teri56: they are cured slices of food canes
teri56: green pepper
teri56: mushroom
teri56: onion
teri56: pepperoni
teri56: (i think)
Fearless Leader: I'll go put this in the oven right now
Fearless Leader: you have to see it after it's cured and dunked
Fearless Leader: brb
bonsaikathy: wow it looks real
merrie60us: this is so cool
merrie60us: did anyone see the embelished faces last night
merrie60us: Do you know if there is a link for noses and eyes
bonsaikathy: yes and they were beautiful
chelyha: yes it was fascinating
bonsaikathy: she does a great job on those
frogger70301: I swa a few mins of it.
jude: I missed last night's faces.
frogger70301: saw, sorry.
merrie60us: I did the eyes today and they came out so good
merrie60us: want to do noses and lips
frogger70301: Is that chicken?
chelyha: good for you Merrie, I can't seem to get the eyes right
merrie60us: I thought it was a strawberry something
jude: Wait...I did see some, but not all.
merrie60us: Do you know her link for noses and lips?
chelyha: I think it's on the list