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Sept. 2002, Mini Food Demo: Late Night Pizza for Syl, the second for the day

Fearless Leader: so this is Short Order Time
Fearless Leader: what's on the menu Ladies
Fearless Leader: it's your mini food night
jude: She did corn for me Syl!
jude: It was so neat!
sylsnovelties: Neato
sylsnovelties: Salad, pizza, corn, whatever you want to do.
frogger70301: I'm working on the ice cream. Trying to get the colors
Fearless Leader: pizza
Fearless Leader: let's do another pizza
jude:, too!
Fearless Leader: ya
Fearless Leader: ok, let's take a break
Fearless Leader: do what ever log saves we're doing
jude: With pepperoni and mushrooms and extra cheese.
Fearless Leader: I don't know who's doing what
Fearless Leader: and I'll refuel and set up for pizza
Fearless Leader: brb
jude: Don't forget the extra cheese trick, NJ! LOL!
sylsnovelties: trick??
sylsnovelties: heeheehee
jude: She took some of the cheese mixture and after it was cured,
chopped it all up and put it on a chocolate cake she had just made.
Cured it all together. Looked just like coconut!
sylsnovelties: from cheese to coconut! yay
frogger70301: Chocolate ice cream is a light brown color, right?
jude: Really a clever idea.
jude: She mixed burnt umber and white to get milk chocolate.
jude: Burnt umber by itself is dark chocolate.
jude: I think she used burnt umber.
jude: I have some chocolate-filled oreos, popcorn, bbq potato chips
here...any takers?
sylsnovelties: I'll take everything
jude: Okie, on the way.
jude: Need snackies to go with the movie.
sylsnovelties: I feel starved and I ate dinner tonight.
frogger70301: I want to figure out how to make shrimp stew from clay.
sylsnovelties: Oh wow, sounds good Mitch!
jude: Hmmm....float a few shrimp in TLS that's been tinted with clay?
jude: NJ has shrimp on her web site, doesn't she?
sylsnovelties: Do you make it for real, Mitch?
frogger70301: I need to figure out how to do the okra bits init.
Fearless Leader: what's the color of the sauce for the Shrimp Stew? Is
it tomato based?
frogger70301: Not me, but my mom does.
jude: Oh, okra...yuck.
jude: LOL!
sylsnovelties: I like fried okra!
frogger70301: No, it's more of a light brown.
Fearless Leader: okra has the same colors as kiwi
jude: You would!
frogger70301: Jude, you can barely taste the okra in it.
Fearless Leader: green with a lot of translucent and a touch of brown
Fearless Leader: it's the texture okra give to gumbo and such
Fearless Leader: that's what it's good for
jude: They look kinda like an orange inside.
jude: something similar.
jude: Or, am I thinking of the wrong thing.
Fearless Leader: so is the Shrimp Stew tomato based?
Fearless Leader: sauce?
frogger70301: no. it's roux based.
jude: Cajun is.
jude: Loooosiana style is.
frogger70301: You're thinking etouffe.
jude: Oh, double yum.
frogger70301: Stew is a really, really thick gravy.
sylsnovelties: What's that?
frogger70301: I've never treid it, but I've heard it is a watered down
tomato gravy.
Fearless Leader: that's a shrimp
sylsnovelties: What is NJ holding?
Fearless Leader: on a bit of rice
sylsnovelties: Oh, ok!
frogger70301: somewhere in between tomato soup and spaghetti.
jude: Oh, right.
Fearless Leader: if we took this shrimp
jude: didn't see the stripes before.
frogger70301: OOOH, wrap him in a piece of bacon, and throw him on the
Fearless Leader: and added what vegetables the stew needs
Fearless Leader: and make a sauce the right color
Fearless Leader: it'll be done likity split
sylsnovelties: Stomach's growling!!!
frogger70301: Is the tute for the shrimp on your site?
Fearless Leader: yup, asian food, fish meat
Fearless Leader: want me to get the url for you?
frogger70301: No, I'll check it out later on.
Fearless Leader: no problem, but what I was showing here for Syl and
frogger70301: Got banana splits on the table at the moment.
Fearless Leader: is the Cook's Mix
Fearless Leader: it's my cured food stash
Fearless Leader: when I need a mini meal I grab a bit of meat, a bit
of vegetables, some starch
Fearless Leader: add gravy and get a dish like this
jude: Ah, the roast beef.
sylsnovelties: Peas!
Fearless Leader: So for pizza
frogger70301: For the peas, did you cover a little mound?
Fearless Leader: sure do Mitch
frogger70301: k, wondered that earlier.
jude: I love the peas.
sylsnovelties: Oh how cute!
jude: Little dab of butter.
Fearless Leader: the pat of butter does it
Fearless Leader: makes people go "awww"
Fearless Leader: that and bread with butter
Fearless Leader: oddest thing
jude: I bet you could put some pearl onions in them, too.
jude: Dab of white in translucent.
Fearless Leader: ok so Jude wanted mushrooms
Fearless Leader: pepperoni
Fearless Leader: and?
Fearless Leader: what else?
frogger70301: Boy, some green beans with potatoes and bacon would go
good right about now.
frogger70301: sorry, too slow.
sylsnovelties: Throw anything on it!
jude: It's got to have mushrooms!
Fearless Leader: lol
jude: And extra cheese.
frogger70301: what's that?
jude: For the pizza.
jude: Oh, I see...not sure what it was.
frogger70301: that thing she had on her finger.
sylsnovelties: I was wondering too.
frogger70301: green beans.
Fearless Leader: green beans, potato and bacon
jude: Oh! LOL!
sylsnovelties: Ahhh
Fearless Leader: isn't that what someone wanted...LOL
frogger70301: but I was thinking a diff way.
Fearless Leader: ya, just pulling your leg
jude: I love bacon...sigh...
sylsnovelties: Anything is good with a slab of bacon on it!@
frogger70301: 2 true, Syl!
jude: I found a way of doing it in the microwave, Syl, so I don't have
to go near the stove. hehehehe
sylsnovelties: I cook at the stove all the time. One of these days I'm
going to blow myself up!
jude: Geez...and the whole neighborhood!
jude: Pizza goodies.
sylsnovelties: yumm
Fearless Leader: pie mix
sylsnovelties: Oh, I wondered!
jude: Pie?
sylsnovelties: pizza pie, me oh my! heeheehee
frogger70301: brb
jude: Oh, right, pizza pie. Haven't heard it called that in a while.
frogger70301: back
jude: She didn't let it rise first.
jude: hehehehe
sylsnovelties: smartie
Fearless Leader: Ok
Fearless Leader: the reason why banana splits and pizzas are on the
same menu
Fearless Leader: for this mini meal
Fearless Leader: other than it's ALL American
Fearless Leader: is the sauces for the banana split
Fearless Leader: if mixed together
Fearless Leader: make pizza sauce
sylsnovelties: ahhh
Fearless Leader: red, a bit of brown, a touch of yellow
frogger70301: cool.
Fearless Leader: so let's mix some pizza sauce
sylsnovelties: yumm
jude: Okie.
Fearless Leader: that will do
Fearless Leader: when making pie crust
Fearless Leader: it's supposed to be baked, so darken up the clay a
Fearless Leader: for that toasty look
jude: Crispy on the edges, huh?
sylsnovelties: add a little brown?
Fearless Leader: I do white, light yellow and a touch of brown
jude: What if you rubbed a little brown around the outside.
Fearless Leader: those were those noogies there
jude: Like brown eye shadow or something?
Fearless Leader: you could do that, I might brush on some TLS with
brown mashed in it
Fearless Leader: keep it all clay that way
sylsnovelties: ahhh
Fearless Leader: like a wash
jude: Yeah, good idea.
Fearless Leader: so let's put some sauce on this pizza, I'm making
this one Pan Pizza
sylsnovelties: TLS wash
Fearless Leader: with a raised edge
sylsnovelties: Good nothing can get away
Fearless Leader: the shake the toppings that are cured on this sticky
sylsnovelties: oh my
Fearless Leader: hold on, Said wants to show me something
Fearless Leader: brb
sylsnovelties: ok
sylsnovelties: Jude, there are your mushrooms
jude: Yup.
Fearless Leader: Now we got to put extra cheese
Fearless Leader: right?
sylsnovelties: yes
jude: Yes!
Fearless Leader: you start with the melted cheese color
Fearless Leader: translucent
Fearless Leader: a touch of brown
Fearless Leader: a tiny bit of yellow
Fearless Leader: and I'm mixing TLS with it so I can spread it on the
cured bits
Fearless Leader: any questions to this point?
Fearless Leader: Said is feeding me snacks, sorry if I seem distracted
Fearless Leader: fig newtons tend to do that to me
sylsnovelties: No, I think I got it. I love fig newtons!
jude: I'm hooked on chocolate-filled Oreos right now.
sylsnovelties: you're always hooked on chocolate!
jude: I know...sigh...
Fearless Leader: so does that look like melted cheese to you?
sylsnovelties: ummm mozarella!
Fearless Leader: and provolone
Fearless Leader: so I'm going to smear this melted cheese of mostly
Fearless Leader: over the cured pizza bits
sylsnovelties: ok
Fearless Leader: ok?
jude: ok!
sylsnovelties: gooey
frogger70301: Yummy!
jude: brb
frogger70301: she got the munchies!
Fearless Leader: on the left is the cured half pizza
sylsnovelties: heeheehee
Fearless Leader: when cured that translucent clears up
Fearless Leader: a couple of passes with 600 grit
Fearless Leader: some floor polish
sylsnovelties: It looks so good and gooey right now!
Fearless Leader: and you're done
Fearless Leader: slice after curing
sylsnovelties: I'm so hungry
Fearless Leader: the after cure look is so different
Fearless Leader: when doing these sauces
Fearless Leader: that's the same receipe there
Fearless Leader: only difference is the one on the left is cured
sylsnovelties: It does change it when it is cured.
Fearless Leader: I find it facinating
Fearless Leader: really does
Fearless Leader: always a surprise what the translucent is going to do
sylsnovelties: right
Fearless Leader: ok, what's next?
Fearless Leader: I'm going to end in an hour
sylsnovelties: NJ the bread that you made sure snapped the elastic in
my panties! Can you do bread or does that take too long.
sylsnovelties: Or the rolls or something.
frogger70301: can you make a bed so I can lay down?
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: bread is fast and easy I have some canes done
Fearless Leader: let's just look at the done canes
sylsnovelties: Yay!
Fearless Leader: you know your blends
Fearless Leader: you know your jelly rolls
frogger70301: I'm about to crash.
jude: bak
Fearless Leader: Mitch, go to bed honey, we'll do this again
sylsnovelties: ok, sounds good.
Fearless Leader: and you made such progress today
Fearless Leader: you deserve sweet orange dreams
frogger70301: thnx.
sylsnovelties: Your orange looked so juicy, Mitch!
jude: It did!
frogger70301: Thank you gals.
frogger70301: Well, I'm out of here. Banana split is gonna have to
wait till tomorrow.
sylsnovelties: Nitey Nite
Fearless Leader: nighty night
jude: Night!
frogger70301: Nite all.
frogger70301: Bye.
frogger70301 left the room
Fearless Leader: That's white bread cane