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Clay Techniques- 01: Pumpkin Pot Demo Log

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lindaslists joined the room
Fearless Leader: Hey honey
lindaslists: Hi
Fearless Leader: I was just writing "Linda' sending a box to my older
Fearless Leader: just as you showed up
lindaslists: I was just emailing a pic of a cane
lindaslists: another 5 ponder
lindaslists: pounder
Fearless Leader: YIKES
lindaslists: I love your pots
Fearless Leader: wrestle it to the ground di d you?
Fearless Leader: I'm sending that little one with the leaves on the
bottom, the brown one to my sister
lindaslists: Haven't reduced it yet. May need to use the but of doom
Fearless Leader: LOL
lindaslists: She'll love it
Fearless Leader: Oh she's such a fan and I'm repaying her $500 also
lindaslists: I know the feeling.
Fearless Leader: we had 8 weeks of claims all stalled and they are all
coming in bit by bit
Fearless Leader: Shall I show you how to do the folded pot?
lindaslists: Still haven't heard if I get my old job back yet.
lindaslists: yes
Fearless Leader: I have a bit of sheet done
Fearless Leader: ok
lindaslists: ok
Fearless Leader: let me move the cam closer
Fearless Leader: Good luck on the job front honey, it sucks here in
the Bay Area
lindaslists: He too
lindaslists: here
lindaslists: ok
frogger70301 joined the room
frogger70301: Hey, gals.
lindaslists: she just started making a pot
lindaslists: ok
frogger70301: cool
lindaslists: ok
frogger70301: I'm lost. Did she start with a sheet?
lindaslists: yes, and pleated to 2 sgort ends
lindaslists: short
frogger70301: OK
lindaslists: she has now gathered them and is opening it up
frogger70301: tearing the clay?
lindaslists: not sure
frogger70301: or was that end already open?
Fearless Leader: Ya I had to open it up
frogger70301: side, sorry
Fearless Leader: to turn it right side out
lindaslists: Oh!
Fearless Leader: this is still in the experimental stage
Fearless Leader: LOL
lindaslists: cool
frogger70301: so it's a gathered bottom?
lindaslists: and slightly gathered top
lindaslists: both
frogger70301: cool
Fearless Leader: ick
lindaslists: not sure now
Fearless Leader: let's do that again
Fearless Leader: this sheet was too tall
lindaslists: LOL
Fearless Leader: not long enough
frogger70301: not working?
Fearless Leader: ick
Fearless Leader: there
frogger70301: oh, no!
Fearless Leader: bad pot
lindaslists: AAAAHHHHH!!!!
lindaslists: LOL
Fearless Leader: ok, let's do another sheet
lindaslists: That was funny
lindaslists: You have something on your lense
frogger70301: a piece of clay it looks like
lindaslists: Thought you had a big owwie
frogger70301: who, NJ?
Fearless Leader: It's probably a smudge on the mirror
lindaslists: How thin do you roll the 2 sheets together
Fearless Leader: you're seeing a mirror image
Fearless Leader: Oh I just went for the most narrow setting
lindaslists: ok
Fearless Leader: being a barbarian today
frogger70301: brb, gotta go wait for the bus real quick
lindaslists: ok
lindaslists: pleating the entire piece?
lindaslists: ok
lindaslists: ok
lindaslists: Oh
lindaslists: This is like sewing but with clay fabric
lindaslists: lol
lindaslists: wow
lindaslists: Wow, it's so pretty
lindaslists: cool
lindaslists: Great basket
Fearless Leader: the big one leaned over
lindaslists: looks like you would fill with mini corn ears for
lindaslists: yes
Fearless Leader: So then I was thinking, what if I used the DOD layers
to do one of these
lindaslists: OOOO
Fearless Leader: I think pinching it on both sides helps a lot
lindaslists: it sure does
lindaslists: I still have some
lindaslists: ok
frogger70301: back
lindaslists: she is making a pot with anopther sheet
lindaslists: day of dead cane
frogger70301: great.
lindaslists: and just pleated the bottom
frogger70301: It looks like the banners you hang from your doorways
for the fourth.
lindaslists: lol
frogger70301: two of em?
lindaslists: showing the inside
lindaslists: She gathered the edge to make a circle
lindaslists: now looks like a bowl
frogger70301: so now shes gonna flip it?
lindaslists: opening up the piece, yes
lindaslists: looks like a skirt
frogger70301: it does.
tedi382001 joined the room
frogger70301: shaping the top?
lindaslists: yes
lindaslists: Here is where I usually get messed up
lindaslists: I see now
lindaslists: That turned out so nice
frogger70301: Mine usually get lopsided.
tedi382001: hi guys,may I ask what is making?
lindaslists: Looks like a colorfun acorn squash.
lindaslists: colorful
frogger70301: pots out of sheets.
tedi382001: thanks
frogger70301: cool.
lindaslists: she made a pot with a pleated sheet of clay
lindaslists: then turned it right side out
tedi382001: neat!
lindaslists: That would be a great way to make a jack-o-lantern
frogger70301: Sure would <lind
frogger70301: Linda, sorry.
lindaslists: lol
tedi382001: you two probably know each other, I'm Amy from Canada
lindaslists: hi amy
frogger70301: Ok, I knew I'd seen the name before, but didn't
recognize it.
lindaslists: I'm Linda in Nevada
frogger70301: Hey, boo.
frogger70301: Wow, I love the look of that pot.
tedi382001: wow !!! thats beautiful!!
tedi382001: didnt want you to think I was a flasher
lindaslists: lol
lindaslists: ok
Fearless Leader: Pumpkin
lindaslists: yeah
lindaslists: I'm slowly mashing the cane while I watch
tedi382001: thats really tiny isnt it? or is it my eyes?
frogger70301: it's pretty little
lindaslists: it's tiny alright
frogger70301: she must be making a pumpkin now, right?
lindaslists: yes
lindaslists: that is so cute
frogger70301: it is.
lindaslists left the room
lindaslists joined the room
lindaslists: oh
frogger70301: sqyare cutter?
lindaslists: i think so
lindaslists: oh
frogger70301: triangle
lindaslists: that's tiny
frogger70301: Look how cute!
frogger70301: is he gonna get a stem?
lindaslists: cool
lindaslists: love it
frogger70301: AWWW, cutie!
lindaslists: that's tiny
tedi382001: thats great and so small
frogger70301: he's got a sort of sad look to him.