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WebCam Clay Techniques-01

Rainbow Blend Leaves with Flowers Sheet Covered Tin

Showing the Hat, doing the rainbow blend and making leaves and pressing a sheet.

Blend-Rainbow  (21 photos)

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Fearless Leader: Syl we need a screen shot
teri56: SYL!!
teri56: help!
Fearless Leader: of the chimbos and flowers on my hat
sylsnovelties: Ok, getting the cam open now! heeheehee
teri56: we gotta wait for her to finish cracking up first, NJ
sylsnovelties: ok, get me a good spot!
dbluwitch26 joined the room
Fearless Leader: Syl shall I move in?
teri56: you'll need to get more than one, Syl
teri56: a little bit NJ - not too much
teri56: that's good
teri56: LOL - I see Mr. Happy
jude (greatauntjudy) joined the room
teri56: hey Jude!
teri56: hold on to your chair!
teri56: check out NJ's hat
jude: Howdy!
Fearless Leader: give me directions Syl
sylsnovelties: Sometimes they blur or they glare.
chelyha joined the room
sylsnovelties: Ok, let's see don't move.
teri56: Cheryl! hey there!
Fearless Leader: ok
dbluwitch26: Honey are you getting a head ache, that thing looks awfully
sylsnovelties: got that one.
Fearless Leader: ok
teri56: Dag? is that you?
Fearless Leader: now get this side
jude: Oh, my! Lookie that hat!
sylsnovelties: move a little to either direction.
teri56: I know - ain't it great?
teri56: there
teri56: there's the King!
jude: GASP! It's X-rated! hehehehe
sylsnovelties: I'll take several and get the best ones.
teri56: whooo - hooo
jude: LOL!
dbluwitch26: Pa want to know, how many pounds of meat are on your head???
teri56: LOL @ Dag
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Fearless Leader: LOL
teri56: how many inches??
teri56: Girl, you got some balls on you!
Fearless Leader: I work in Minis
teri56: this is too too fun
Fearless Leader: so we count in cm's
Fearless Leader: Hey they dared me to wear this out and about
Fearless Leader: just dare me already
teri56: Dare you!!
Fearless Leader: so Dag since this Demo is for you
Fearless Leader: what do you want to see done?
dbluwitch26: got a tea party to attend??
Fearless Leader: it's Short Order Claying
Fearless Leader: I was thinking of just going to the local super market
Fearless Leader: I showed it to one of the boys
Fearless Leader: a friend of Said's
dbluwitch26: something simple
Fearless Leader: he looked half way
sylsnovelties: That should be fun at the market!
teri56: LOL - maybe you should go to a non-local market
Fearless Leader: and said, Oh nice
Fearless Leader: and then I said
Fearless Leader: "did you really look?"
Fearless Leader: and then he fell over
teri56: <chuckle>
Fearless Leader: he told me to tell all of you that Dean is shocked!!
Fearless Leader: just shocked out of his socks
Fearless Leader: LOL
teri56: You guys need to know, Tom in Alaska is duly impressed
sylsnovelties: heeheehee
jude: hehehehe
teri56: and Rex the mailman, well, I was proud of him
sylsnovelties: That was funny, Teri!
teri56: I'll pass that along NJ
Fearless Leader: Dag, what's the verdict?
Fearless Leader: What are we going to be making or is this a test run?
Fearless Leader: I've been packing books and boxes and cleaning and
reorganizing all day
Fearless Leader: I'm ready to clay
teri56: we should make hay while the sun shines
Fearless Leader: I really like this hat
Fearless Leader: it's too fun
teri56: me too - I just cleared off my tile and have almost the whole thing
empty and ready to go
dbluwitch26: just a simple cane will do , bout lost it here, i need a hankey
Fearless Leader: Ok, shall we do some cane work
sylsnovelties: I didn't join the chimbo swap, because I didn't think my
hubby would want me "handling" them all. heeheehee
Fearless Leader: well it's more fun than looking at my bald spot
teri56: aw heck, just use your sleeve Dag
Fearless Leader: the little hairy one with eyeballs is just the best
Fearless Leader: although he didn't like the scotch tape
Fearless Leader: and I had to stick him in the netting
dbluwitch26: it's soggy
teri56: I know......
Fearless Leader: Where's Suzy, I thought she was online
sylsnovelties: I show her online.
dbluwitch26: pa lost it, went to see the end of LEXX
teri56: I just sent her a message
teri56: oh Pa - that chicken
Fearless Leader: me too
jude: Yahoo isn't the most reliable about showing who's online and who
teri56: you are right about that Jude.
sylsnovelties: That's for sure.
Fearless Leader: So a cane, then?
sylsnovelties: I can be talking back and forth with Jude and it will show me
jude: A cane? Hmmm...
jude: Right.
sylsnovelties: Do a neato cane!
jude: Or, it says you're there and you aren't.
Fearless Leader: a neato cane, hmmm
teri56: like an eyeball?
teri56: or is that too involved
jude: Oh, Lord...
dbluwitch26: oooohh YA
Fearless Leader: vote vote
Fearless Leader: it's a democracy
lazybird54 joined the room
Fearless Leader: and I'm only a servant
Fearless Leader: Mary, you having difficulty tonight?
teri56: poor Mary
lazybird54: Yep. Big time techie problems
lazybird54: I'll probably be in and out
Fearless Leader: did you get to see my nifty hat?
NikiT (azstitcher2001) joined the room
Fearless Leader: Niki, hey honey
lazybird54: Oh, yeah! That's probably what put my computer in shock!
teri56: hey Niki!
NikiT: hiya
chelyha: It looks a little blurry on my screen
Fearless Leader: you know what's fun about folks coming in later, we all get
to see their first reaction
Fearless Leader: Let me see if I can get better focus
NikiT: hehe.. cute hat.
Fearless Leader: it makes jingling sounds
Fearless Leader: if I shake my head
NikiT: did u get a mini-flower of mine or one of the bigger ones?
Fearless Leader: but the King will fall off
teri56: Rex says "everybody should have a rattling dick"
Fearless Leader: Mini red rose
NikiT: cool
Fearless Leader: Totally
Fearless Leader: Rattling dicks are in, love my flying man root from Becky
sylsnovelties: heeheehee
Fearless Leader: it's a Lexx reference
chelyha: Rattling dick, that's great!
Fearless Leader: Rattling dicks, and crowing hens always come to very bad
teri56: how philosophical
Fearless Leader: this hat is bleeding my brains out from my belly button
lazybird54: Sounds like a new entry for Bartlett's Quotations
teri56: LOL @ NJ
Fearless Leader: occupational hazard of wearing chimbos
Fearless Leader: on one's head
Fearless Leader: does that make me a dick head?
Fearless Leader: it begs the question
teri56: it would make an interesting cross-stitch sampler
teri56: heh heh heh
Fearless Leader: well if we're all here
jude: LOL!
Fearless Leader: I should change camera angles
Fearless Leader: and we should do some claying
Fearless Leader: so far we've decided on a cane
teri56: okay - if we have to
Fearless Leader: but no one can think of what sort of cane
Fearless Leader: well we can all just hang out and laugh at my hat, but that
will grow old
sylsnovelties: chrysanthemum?
Fearless Leader: so we got to move the show along
teri56: how about an ammonite thingie
teri56: bamboo?
teri56: wood?
Fearless Leader: vote amongst yourselves
Fearless Leader: it's a group thing here
chelyha: Ammonite or a seashell, like a snail shell!
NikiT: NJ.. I think you'll be pleased with the dragon I'm working on.. it
was inspired by your chop & toss.
teri56: i vote ammonite
Fearless Leader: Cool Niki, you know if you need to store it somewhere for
show my site es tu site
Fearless Leader: ok, how about this
chelyha: I need to learn how to make seashell canes
Fearless Leader: we use that Pearl-Blue, Pearl-Red and Pearl-Green
jude: How about a nice faux marble?
Fearless Leader: and mix it
teri56: yes yes yes
teri56: oh so many ideas
Fearless Leader: and then make a jelly roll blend
azstitcher2001 left the room
NikiT (azstitcher2001) joined the room
Fearless Leader: and then make cells
NikiT: dammit
Fearless Leader: didn't miss anything, but Yahoo is wonky
teri56: wb Niki
Fearless Leader: ok the trick is this
NikiT: ok
Fearless Leader: Rainbow cane
teri56: ok
Fearless Leader: ok?
Fearless Leader: Done as a blend
Fearless Leader: done as a jelly roll
Fearless Leader: then that's ONE cell
teri56: cain't see
Fearless Leader: for the ammonite
Fearless Leader: can't see what?
teri56: what you're doing
teri56: or am I supposed to yet
Fearless Leader: I'm not doing anything but laying down the plan
Fearless Leader: I have to change camera angles
teri56: lol - okay
Fearless Leader: first
Fearless Leader: if you can clay along
teri56: oh yes! I'd love to
Fearless Leader: prepare primary colors if you don't have the Pearl Colors
Fearless Leader: who has these colors?
teri56: I do
sylsnovelties: Not me
Fearless Leader: Premo Pearl Blue, Pearl Red and Pearl Green
teri56: the primaries, not pearl
lazybird54: not me
teri56: but I can do some quick pearl blending
Fearless Leader: ah, ok, well doing the rainbow blend with primaries
teri56: ok
Fearless Leader: it's the overall technique that's important, but do check
out those pearl colors, shall I contain this demo to primary colors, done as
rainbow and then blended with pearl or something?
sylsnovelties: yes, please
Fearless Leader: ok, First the url for the Easy Breezy Blend, brb
Fearless Leader:
Easy Breezy Blend in Tiger
Fearless Leader: this will help those who have not seen me abuse clay while
blending it
Fearless Leader: let me change the camera angle and get out some clay
Fearless Leader: put my head rag back on
jude: Clay abuse!
sylsnovelties: Teri, loved your abalone
teri56: thanks Syl
teri56: I'm a little worried I won't be able to do it again
teri56: but I'll have fun trying
sylsnovelties: I have some hand carved fetishes made of real abalone, I
should send you a pic so you can see how close yours is!
teri56: really? that would be cool
sylsnovelties: These are some from about 15 years ago! heeheehee
Fearless Leader: ok
Fearless Leader: we have colbalt blue
Fearless Leader: cadmium red
Fearless Leader: zinc yellow
Fearless Leader: these are translucent left to their own devices
Fearless Leader: if mixed with translucent clay of no color
Fearless Leader: you lighten the hue
Fearless Leader: that's translucent
Fearless Leader: on top of the red
Fearless Leader: who's doing screen shots
Fearless Leader: who's saving logs?
sylsnovelties: me on both
Fearless Leader: Bless your heart, you know the drill
sylsnovelties: yup
Fearless Leader: the password for Epson is the same as last time
sylsnovelties: ok
Fearless Leader: ok
teri56: thanks Syl - I'm claying along, so appreciate your doing this
Fearless Leader: now if we mixed these primary colors we get the secondary
colors of purple, green and orange
sylsnovelties: no problem
Fearless Leader: if we mixed these primary and secondary colors with white
Fearless Leader: we get pastel colors of pink, baby blue, light yellow
Fearless Leader: but if we mixed these colors with pearl
Fearless Leader: that's a whole other kettle of fish
Fearless Leader: we get that pastel color but with mica
Fearless Leader: I'm going to condition and roll out sheets of primary
Fearless Leader: and then I'm going to cut long pendant shapes
Fearless Leader: one for each primary color
Fearless Leader: I'm going to fit these pendants together
Fearless Leader: and then start the blend
Fearless Leader: for those who know about all this pressing business, it's a
good time for a potty break
Fearless Leader: any questions before I go forward?
Fearless Leader: and who is doing running commentary?
Fearless Leader: any quick typers?
lazybird54: Sorry, I can't help...just hanging in there barely online
chelyha: no questions from me
Fearless Leader: Ok, if anyone has questions while my hands are moving
Fearless Leader: type it here
Fearless Leader: one of your claymates will answer, for everyone is host
Fearless Leader: ok, I'm off to press sheets of these primary colors and cut
out long penant shapes, penant like sports flags, I think I typed pendant
Fearless Leader: off I go
Fearless Leader: ok
Fearless Leader: the rollers of the pasta press is 6 inches long
Fearless Leader: so the ends of our penants can't be more than 2 inches
Fearless Leader: we're aiming to fill but not over flow the rollers
Fearless Leader: I'll cut out the penant shapes now
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NikiT: i think i need to eventually get a new PM.. I can't roll clay all the
way to the sides of it without getting black ick all over the clay, even
after religiously cleaning the silly thing.
sylsnovelties: bummer Niki
Fearless Leader: ok
Fearless Leader: see how I set out these shapes?
lazybird54: yep
sylsnovelties: yup
Fearless Leader: when we roll this sheet
jude: Really skinny triangles.
Fearless Leader: the edges will blend into secondary colors
Fearless Leader: blue and yellow will make a green streak
Fearless Leader: the red and yellow will make an orange streak
Fearless Leader: let's do this and see what happens
teri56: oooooooo - it's sooo pretty
Fearless Leader: this is my first time
Fearless Leader: with this three color blend, I'm working on what I've seen
in other tutes
Fearless Leader: so I'll be just as surprised as you
Fearless Leader: off I go unless there's questions
sylsnovelties: go for it
teri56: well I followed your instructions, and have a beauty here
Fearless Leader: for those who don't know the Easy Breezy blend
Fearless Leader: I don't just fold the sheet in half
Fearless Leader: only for the first pass
Fearless Leader: from that point on I roll the sheet like a cigar
Fearless Leader: mash that
Fearless Leader: and then press that mashed cigar, that way one pass equals
4-6 passes,
Fearless Leader: it takes 4-5 passes this way instead of the two dozen for
the fold the sheet in half for each pass method
Fearless Leader: is that clear?
lazybird54: yes
Fearless Leader: I probably best show it now that I described it
Fearless Leader: off I go
chelyha: It will be interesting to see that done with a 3 color gradient
sylsnovelties: I've barely tried two colors a couple of times.
chelyha: I've done the three color, but only the traditional way
jude: Gee, I've never done a three-color.
sylsnovelties: I'm already seeing the green and orange.
lazybird54: cool!
NikiT: purty
Fearless Leader: ok, any questions?
lazybird54: good, so far
sylsnovelties: Looks great.
Fearless Leader: ok, now to make that into a long ribbon
Fearless Leader: ok?
lazybird54: ok
chelyha: ok, this is the part I;'m still not clear on
jude: Okie!
Fearless Leader: ok
Fearless Leader: are we good up to this point?
jude: That red looks yummy.
lazybird54: good here
jude: Seems redder than mine.
sylsnovelties: yes, I love the blended colors.
jude: Must be the camera.
Fearless Leader: now we can do a jelly roll
Fearless Leader: but I want to show you something first
jude: But wait!
jude: LOL!
lazybird54: there's more!
jude: reminds me of those commercials.
Fearless Leader: with the Ginsue knives
Fearless Leader: you also get
Fearless Leader: inverted rolls
Fearless Leader: I sliced the ribbon down the center
Fearless Leader: I'm going to roll one side going in one direction
jude: Yes, there are a lot out there doing the same thing...but, wait! LOL!
Fearless Leader: and the other in the other direction
jude: Oh, different color in the center?
jude: Watermelon!
jude: Looks good.
jude: Love those colors.
Fearless Leader: so when you do one blend
Fearless Leader: you can get two results with jelly roll
Fearless Leader: by slicing down the middle
jude: Great idea.
sylsnovelties: I never thought of that.
Fearless Leader: and rolling it from opposite directions
Fearless Leader: let's reduce these two plugs with the FIST OF DOOM
jude: Ah, yes...fist of doom!
jude: More clay abuse.
dbluwitch26: this is where I loose it all, what are the secrets of
sylsnovelties: You have to get mean with the clay!
jude: I always had trouble reducing. Then I watched NJ...she starts in the
center and squeezes.
sylsnovelties: heeheehee
chelyha: Squeeze, pull, roll
jude: Right.
jude: Work from the center to the ends.
jude: She's slicing each in half.
jude: Those colors look neon.
lazybird54: Damn. My connection is so slow looks like magic
jumping from one phase to another
jude: Mine does that computer is slow.
chelyha: Mine always looks like that
Fearless Leader: I took those jelly roll blends
Fearless Leader: and just cut the reduced canes in half
jude: You squaring them off?
Fearless Leader: and then mashed them down a bit
Fearless Leader: I'm going to stack them
Fearless Leader: and do a quick Chevron Flip
jude: Ah...mashing.
jude: Oh, net...chevron flip is one of my favorite things.
jude: net=neet
jude: Fingers of doom here can't type.
jude: Can't spell either...neet=neat.
sylsnovelties: heeheehee
chelyha: It's ok we know what you mean
chelyha: Oooh purty...
jude: Okie, they are stacked and mashed some more.
jude: she uses her teeny-tiny rolling pin to mash.
Fearless Leader: that's the diagonal line where we will cut through all the
Fearless Leader: any questions up to this point?
sylsnovelties: I'm still with you.
lazybird54: super, so far!
Fearless Leader: Dag?
Fearless Leader: you still following ok?
jude: Would you please show the log/cane again?
chelyha: How many times did you put it through the rollers before you cigar
rollied it?
dbluwitch26: I'm with ya
Fearless Leader: I'll do that again, no worries
jude: So we can see what shape it's in now?
Fearless Leader: I folded the three colored sheet in half for the first pass
jude: Okie.
Fearless Leader: then cigar roll pressed it 4 times
Fearless Leader: I'm going to make that diagonal cut and do a chevron flip
chelyha: I missed part of that, I only saw you cigar rollit once
sylsnovelties: She does it so fast!
jude: It's magic!
jude: Okie, one diagonal cut.
jude: Looks like right through the center.
lazybird54: Sure looks that way...magic, I mean
chelyha: I'd like to try this breezy method, but I keep missing parts of how
it's done
chelyha: I had beads in the oven and I had to check them
jude: NJ has other tutes that show it all.
jude: on her web site, that is.
chelyha: Oh that's right. I"ll check those out
jude: And, Syl is doing screen shots of this and will upload it later.
sylsnovelties: She sent this through earlier.
Easy Breezy Blend in Tiger
Fearless Leader: I'm pressing a sheet of pearl now and will put slices of
this cane on that sheet, ok?
sylsnovelties: ok
jude: Okie.
jude: NJ is left-handed?
jude: Okie, she's cutting slices and putting them on a sheet of pearl.
jude: Slices all over the place.
jude: Not touching each other, it looks like.
jude: Then press.
jude: Then put more slices on.
jude: Fill in the blank spots.
jude: Press again.
Fearless Leader: now we can slice some leaf cane and press it on here
Fearless Leader: and continue to layer cane slices on this sheet
Fearless Leader: until it looks interesting
Fearless Leader: sometimes it just goes into the chop
Fearless Leader: shall I do the blend again?
jude: Do you leave little bits and pieces of pearl showing?
Fearless Leader: do what you want. Left to my own devices I'd add some
Fearless Leader: and press
Fearless Leader: then add some flower petals
Fearless Leader: and press
chelyha: No I want to see what you are going to do with it now!
Fearless Leader: ok
Fearless Leader: let me get some leaf cane here
jude: Okie, baker's choice sounds good to me.
chelyha: This is fascinating
jude: I think this is a good thing. Each can be individual, no two alike and
no copying.
sylsnovelties: No chance of mine looking like that anyway! heeheehee
jude: Choice of colors is a variable, too.
jude: Seeing that one there, it looks like Christmas colors.
lazybird54: Night, night ladies.oooh, coool!
sylsnovelties: Nite Mary
jude: Night Mary.
lazybird54 left the room
sylsnovelties: Looks like she is putting flowers all over it.
chelyha: What was that lite cane you put on top?
dbluwitch26: you started with zinc yellow in your blend, do you prefer it to
cad yellow? I have both, but the zinc has the more acid color
jude: I wondered about that too.
jude: I don't have any zinc yellow.
jude: I'm deprived! Sob...
chelyha: I like cad yellow better
jude: I have cad, though.
dbluwitch26: I really prefer the cad yellow
sylsnovelties: You can use what you have or what you prefer.
jude: I've been mixing my own colors lately instead of buying the already
dbluwitch26: thanks guess there was no specific reason then
sylsnovelties: NJ says do what you like with what you have
jude: Right.
dbluwitch26: aahhh that easy breezy trip
sylsnovelties: right.
jude: Looks 3-D
sylsnovelties: Depth from the different layers.
jude: Right.
sylsnovelties: and sizes
jude: Purdy!
dbluwitch26: ooooooo random garden
jude: That's the mix I need for the orchid I'm doing.
jude: The one with the dots.
chelyha: Looks like some of the stuff I do
Fearless Leader: and then one can layer more
Fearless Leader: but dig
Fearless Leader: just like in a garden
Fearless Leader: that which is in the back ground is often darker
jude: Right, that's great.
Fearless Leader: and things as they come forward go lighter
Fearless Leader: so anyone want to see a tin done Easy Breezy?
Fearless Leader: we have this sheet after all
dbluwitch26: YES
chelyha: Of course!
sylsnovelties: sure
jude: Sure!
teri56: yes please, ma'am
Fearless Leader: ok, let me get a tin real quick, how about a save log and
potty break right about now?
dbluwitch26: oh Teri Got so polite
jude: Okie.
Fearless Leader: let's take 5 and get drinks, go to the loo and smoke em if
you got em