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Clay Techniques-02

The Start of Shady Sadie

jude: Night Judith.
dahs512: night Judith
Fearless Leader: Eva, buy cutting them the way I was showing you
Fearless Leader: hold up for a tick, someone at the door
Fearless Leader: brb
jakmiami left the room
chelyha: I may have all handmade clothing this winter
Fearless Leader: back
dahs512: works for me
Fearless Leader: Said is giving me his BBQ left overs
buci131: yes, but I did that, NJ, and they still stick out like they have boards in them.
dahs512: I hate shopping
buci131: yummy
Fearless Leader: press them down to the form you want
Fearless Leader: the clay is your slave
jude: Oh, yum, NJ.
Fearless Leader: watch me do it with the leopard
buci131: oh-I've just got to work this one--I always get holes in the pits of the sleeves
Fearless Leader: like that
Fearless Leader: who sees the pits
Fearless Leader: no one
Fearless Leader: once it's cured
dahs512: what pits?
buci131: ok, that's a good point
Fearless Leader: Time for log save and I'm going to eat some of this bbq
Fearless Leader: it's too yummy smelling
dahs512: arm pits?
chelyha: right
dahs512: lol
Fearless Leader: ya, arm pits, when the sleeves are down
Fearless Leader: who sees them
Fearless Leader: Eva, let up on yourself there
Fearless Leader: LOL
buci131: okay, if I must
Fearless Leader: log save and a bbq break for me
Fearless Leader: I'm starving
buci131: saved
chelyha: yes you must
Fearless Leader: I'm here but I'm munching
buci131: pass some of that this way, okay?
Fearless Leader: bbq, mac and cheese, baked beans, rice, corn brean
Fearless Leader: bread
chelyha: bbq'd what?
Fearless Leader: I'm biting my fingers
Fearless Leader: chicken and beef
Fearless Leader: Said is pretty serious about not eating pork
chelyha: who did the cooking?
buci131: On second thought, better not--agita and weird dreams, that what I would get eating this late at night.
Fearless Leader: he's found his Islamic roots or something
chelyha: my brothere is awesome with the grill
Fearless Leader: Leon's BBQ a family outfit by the zoo near by
buci131: those are usually the best
chelyha: He grills everything
chelyha: he even puts the tater tots in a pan in the barbecue
chelyha: so they have that smoky flavor
dahs512: nj what did you think of those eyeball canes?
jude: Does he deliver?
Fearless Leader: looks like the three bears are going out to party
chelyha: LOL Jude!
buci131: heehee
jude: I'll send you my address.
chelyha: the eyeball cane is great from what I saw
dahs512: I sent NJ some raw canes
chelyha: did you post pics of yours?
chelyha: I remember seeing an eyeball cane
dahs512: NJ did you enlarge them, or did I send you some big enough to do those eyes?
dahs512: I did two
dahs512: with different methods
dahs512: one blue and one green
Fearless Leader: I had to reduce the cane for these eyes, the cane was perfect, as are you!
dahs512: quit it
ladytex49 joined the room
buci131: Hi Lynnette--you made it!
jude: Those things make me nervous, staring at me.
Fearless Leader: Lady Tex I sent you an invite for the cam
ladytex49: Hi y'all...I am learningeverday I think...guess tehr eis still hope for me..
dahs512: I made an eyeball out of it and everyone was trying to put it in like a monacle
buci131: I think we were just about to get into some face sculpting
Fearless Leader: it's fun, this will be a pin, Lynette you having difficulty seeing cam?
dahs512: a flat eyeball
Fearless Leader: someone help her while I eat
buci131: after NJ finishes her BBQ
jude: Its' very Egyptian.
ladytex49: I have a cam but need to set up more lighting in here to use it...
Fearless Leader: please, I meant to say
Fearless Leader: you don't need to use your cam
dahs512: no, do you see NJ's cam
Fearless Leader: unless you got something to show us, LOL
dahs512: right click on her name
Fearless Leader: going to wash my hands
Fearless Leader: brb
dahs512: then chose view webcam
ladytex49: I havent gotten the invite...try sending it again...
buci131: do you have NJ's Yahoo ID on your friend's list?
buci131: Lynnette, do you see Fearless Leader on the list at the right of the chat room box?
dahs512: anyone have the link handy to update yahoo messenger?
ladytex49: No I dont have NJ's yahoo id on my friends list...
Fearless Leader: Lynette
Fearless Leader: do you see Fearless Leader in the list of people here in chat?
Fearless Leader: with the TV icon on it?
Fearless Leader: That's me, NJ
dahs512: she needs to update
chelyha: I never see that, what is it?
Fearless Leader: ha ya, ok
dahs512: I'll talk her through it
Fearless Leader: thank you honey
ladytex49 left the room
Fearless Leader: while Denise is doing that kindness to Lynette
Fearless Leader: what shall we do next?
Fearless Leader: we had noses and eyes, or we can do face sculpting
dahs512: I can do both
Fearless Leader: your choice, I'm just picking my teeth and having a smoke and coffee break
dahs512: lol
buci131: aren't noses and eyes part of face sculpting?
chelyha: I really have trouble with the eyes
dahs512: lips!
Fearless Leader: we did eyes by themselves today
buci131: sounds like face sculpting--since we want it all
Fearless Leader: sounds like it
ladytex49 joined the room
ladytex49: I am back...that didnt take long...
Fearless Leader: shall we go from a blank face to one with features?
Fearless Leader: Welcome back Lynette
chelyha: sounds good to me
Fearless Leader: shall we work large?
Fearless Leader: instead of small?
ladytex49: whatever..I am following tonight
Fearless Leader: work on the skull form?
dahs512: can you see NJ webcam?
Fearless Leader: Lynette we got to make sure you can see honey
chelyha: as long as the same techniques apply, but then they would I guess
Fearless Leader: sent you a cam invite, Lynette
ladytex49: Nope...
Fearless Leader: did you reboot after the upgrade to Yahoo Messenger?
dahs512: just say
Fearless Leader: that might be the case now
jude: I have got to get going. Great demo, NJ! Thanks! See youz all tomorrow. Night!
Fearless Leader: Ciao Aunt Jude
chelyha: nite Jude
ladytex49: right back...
Fearless Leader: see you tomorrow
dahs512: By Jude
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ladytex49 left the room
buci131: NIght Jude. yes--blank face to one with features
chelyha: yes that is what I would like too.
dahs512: lips
dahs512: juicy ones
chelyha: that way she'll cover all the parts we need help with
dahs512: elvis lips
dahs512: lol
dahs512: or teefers
dahs512: That face definately needs some teeth
chelyha: whoa, teeth would be hard to do
buci131: Keanu Reeves in the Matrix
chelyha: for lips?
ladytex49 joined the room
buci131: no, the skull she just had up--no mouth
chelyha: oh
ladytex49: Now I am back...
dahs512: good right click on MSATclayart
dahs512: then view webcam
dahs512: let us know when you can see
chelyha: ooh it's C3PO
ladytex49: I can see...
dahs512: Hurrah!!!
buci131: yippeee!
dahs512: Let's roll
ladytex49: yeahhhhhhh
ladytex49: Thanks for the help y'all...
buci131: We starting with a blank face/skull and then moving into expressions
dahs512: The face is a cooked head, right?
ladytex49: Oh thought Iwas lookin in th emirror
dahs512: oops
ladytex49: s'ok
dahs512: i didn't mean to do that one
ladytex49: that is one of my favs...
ladytex49: What is this skull made of??
buci131:  my fave
dahs512: clay covered with foil
ladytex49: Ohhh ok...why is it covered with foil?
dahs512: to save it for next time
dahs512: I think we are using it as a form
ladytex49: Ohhh ok..I am new to this as well...took one sculpting class, it was just for one day and he was teaching to sculpt to make molds out of the sculpt...
Fearless Leader: I got to go wash my hands, brb
ladytex49: This is a pretty big head isnt it?
ladytex49: By all means go wash those nasty things
dahs512: i don't know
buci131: she said she would do a larger one--I think so we can see it better
dahs512: what size...half
buci131: don't have a clue
buci131: whoa
ladytex49: Ohh ok...I mean when it shows her hands with it it is pretty good sized...but it would be hard to see anything much smaller on here I guess...
buci131: the size of her hand
dahs512: hand size
Fearless Leader: ok
dahs512: k
ladytex49: okey dokey
Fearless Leader: the skin color is, white, translucent and burnt umber
Fearless Leader: generic caucasian
Fearless Leader: so we need to decide
Fearless Leader: man or woman?
Fearless Leader: young or old
ladytex49: Are you using Sculpey or Fimo or What?
Fearless Leader: pretty or horrifying?
dahs512: woman for a change?
chelyha: woman, middle aged
Fearless Leader: I always use Premo because the list gets a discount
buci131: pretty
Fearless Leader: from Clayalley
dahs512: trailer trash ugly
Fearless Leader: butt ugly
Fearless Leader: poor darling
ladytex49: Yeah middle aged, somewhere in between beautiful and horrifying...
Fearless Leader: got a face that looks like 10 miles of bad road?
buci131: heehee
Fearless Leader: I knew this Texan man
Fearless Leader: who I referred to as Billy Joe Jim Bob
ladytex49: Michaoes has all their clay on half price thsi wqeek...
Fearless Leader: and I was Nora Jean Baby Girl
Fearless Leader: he used to say
Fearless Leader: "I'd crawl butt nekid across 10 miles of broken glass just to hear you piss on a tin cup from a pay phone."
ladytex49: Uhh all my ex'es live in Texas...
Fearless Leader: what a charmer
Fearless Leader: but I digress
Fearless Leader: so female
ladytex49: Would win me over I am sure...
dahs512: lololol
Fearless Leader: Did me
Fearless Leader: I tell you
Fearless Leader: charmed my pants off quite literally
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: so we're going to do an older woman's face
ladytex49: Thank you for sharing that with us...
Fearless Leader: Is that the deal?
buci131: works for me
Fearless Leader: my pleasure and it definately was
chelyha: not ancient old, just middle aged
ladytex49: Well if memory serves...
Fearless Leader: Gemini moon needs little commercial breaks like that
chelyha: or whatever
Fearless Leader: ok, so we got some jowl line to consider
Fearless Leader: some under the eye business
dahs512: tonight is a full moon
Fearless Leader: laugh lines
Fearless Leader: is it? Wow
dahs512: how about a good which
dahs512: ha ha
ladytex49: I dont hafta look out the window to tell it is a full moon...
chelyha: what sign is it in?
dahs512: don't know
dahs512: witch
dahs512: ooops
Fearless Leader: ok
Fearless Leader: I think I got it
Fearless Leader: had to rub my hands together like John Edwards
Fearless Leader: improvisational claying
Fearless Leader: ok... here we go
Fearless Leader: virtual scribes you know the drill
Fearless Leader: type what you see, you too Lynette
Fearless Leader: type what you see, comments and questions
dahs512: ok move something in front of camera
Fearless Leader: I get back to the log later when I can read it
dahs512: i want to make sure im not
dahs512: lol
Fearless Leader: how's that?
dahs512: ]locked, I'm not
dahs512: yea
dahs512: I want to see the hat too
ladytex49: I see a nose...
dahs512: brow
ladytex49: brow...
ladytex49: and temple
dahs512: cheekies
ladytex49: ocket structure...
dahs512 left the room
ladytex49: upper lip and lower chin
ladytex49: under chin...
dahs512 joined the room
buci131: she's adding more clay to the nose
buci131: shaping the brow
ladytex49: pinching the brow, and eye sockets
ladytex49: lips?
buci131: so we've got a foil-covered clay skull with clay outlining the eyes, building up the nose and chin
ladytex49: that's what it looks like ot me...
buci131: adding clay for the lips, yep
dahs512: lips
buci131: yeah, baby--those look like Elvis lips, right
ladytex49: I sure glad I found y'all I might actually learn something
dahs512: noooo
buci131: looks like she's putting more on the chin and brow
dahs512: we are glad you are here
buci131: and doing more shaping.
buci131: especially when you tell me where Monroe Louisiana is
ladytex49: about an hour and half east of Shreveport La on I-20
buci131: I'm gonna make you come down and visit---
ladytex49: and where are you?
buci131: Ohhhh, never mind--I think you're like six hours away or something
dahs512: NJ is using her fingers to shape
buci131: New Orleans
dahs512: this is new
buci131: Mitch--Michelle is in Thibodaux
ladytex49: Will bethere next July for a week...
dahs512: larger piece to work on
buci131: Oh cool
buci131: then we'll have to plan a clay day, if it fits in your schedule
ladytex49: Sure..will come a day or so early or stay a day or so later...
dahs512: She is adding more cheek
buci131: ok, she's adding more to the cheeks, kind of closing up the eye sockets more
ladytex49: I see that...lookin good...
buci131: sure thing, Lynnette--you can probably stay at my house, if you need
ladytex49: Who is Lynette???
dahs512: thin chin
buci131: Didn't you sign your post as Lynnette?
buci131: oops, sorry
ladytex49: Nope Loretta
buci131: Oh dear--okay, that's righ
buci131: right
ladytex49: that's ok..was wondering who you were talking to and about ealier...
chelyha: I thought NJ called her Lynette
dahs512: long, thinnish chin
buci131: I'm going to go duck in a hole and hide for awhile now
dahs512: jay leno's mama
ladytex49: High cheek bones
ladytex49: Nawww the only time I am stickler about my name is if it is on a check..THEN I want it right
buci131: heehee--that's a good time for it to be right
dahs512: using the crotch of her thumb/finger to form the chion
dahs512: chin
buci131: Ah, Cheryl, NJ called her that cause I did
ladytex49: face is putting on some weight now...
dahs512: I have a full size glass head, I might have to try this on
buci131: oh, cool idea--lots of clay, though
dahs512: forcing the clay to move, she does
dahs512: that is my yoda impression
ladytex49: yeah but you wouldn't bake it on that glass head would you? I mean just fool around etc for practivce...
buci131: you could bake it on the glass head
dahs512: I have a full size oven now....
buci131: heehee
dahs512: lips dissapeared
ladytex49: what is that?
buci131: so you don't have to cut your big heads in half to cure them, eh?
dahs512: skin?
ladytex49: Ohh a sheet of clay..
buci131: she's got a sheet of clay
buci131: she's sticking somthing up the nose
dahs512: now she brings out the tools
buci131: oh, she's smoothing the skin
buci131: a bit, it looks like
ladytex49: what is she doing now?
dahs512: skinning
buci131: Looks like she's putting the sheet of skin over the head
ladytex49: Ohh I see, she is covering the face with that sheet of clay she had...
dahs512: after she formed the facial features, she added a layer of skin
dahs512: tricky NJ
dahs512: lots of hands on adjustments of the skin
dahs512: tools emerge
ladytex49: Wish I could "fix"y face so easily
dahs512: push, pich, and prod
dahs512: pinch
dahs512: upper lips built
dahs512: a leaf shape, folded length-wise
ladytex49: Now there's the upper lip...looks good.
dahs512: added skinny side out to the upper lip, one on each side
dahs512: lips ta da
dahs512: a crescent shape for the bottom lip
dahs512: tool used to define
ladytex49: made with a circle cut in half and pressed together...
ladytex49: making nostrils flare...
dahs512: it's the easy breezy way to do nostrils
dahs512: whatdo you call that part on the face that is below the nose?
ladytex49: upper lip???
dahs512: that dip in the upper lip?
dahs512: i bet it has a name
ladytex49: probably does...
Fearless Leader: I want to talk about noses right now
ladytex49: ok...
dahs512: k
buci131: k
Fearless Leader: there is the width of the visible part of the eye
Fearless Leader: we use that width of visible eyeball
Fearless Leader: as a measure
Fearless Leader: the space between the eyes are one eye worth
Fearless Leader: also... for sculpting
Fearless Leader: under the nose
Fearless Leader: is one eye width
Fearless Leader: more or less, but it's a good rule of thumb
Fearless Leader: ok?
Fearless Leader: I want you to be with me before I go on
ladytex49: ok..I understand...
buci131: ok
chelyha: I remember that from high school art class
Fearless Leader: ok, now
Fearless Leader: when you're sculpting noses
Fearless Leader: see how I left the nose solid
Fearless Leader: like a pyramid of clay?
Fearless Leader: the bottom of which was that one eye width across
chelyha: ya
Fearless Leader: only when around the mouth
Fearless Leader: and the nose bridge
dahs512: yes
Fearless Leader: and that goofy thing on the center of the lip
Fearless Leader: only when those are done
Fearless Leader: do you drill the nose holes
Fearless Leader: and pull outward to get the sides of the nose
Fearless Leader: it'll give you good noses each time
Fearless Leader: then you go outside the nose
Fearless Leader: add definition to that bowled out bit you pulled out
Fearless Leader: when drilling the nose hole,
Fearless Leader: everyone with me here?
ladytex49: yep..
chelyha: yup
Fearless Leader: Any questions as to method up to this point?
buci131: no
chelyha: no
ladytex49: nope
dahs512: yes, what do they call the dip in the pper lip?
dahs512: upper
ladytex49: the dip in the upper lip...
dahs512: lol
ladytex49: sounds good ta meeeeee
Fearless Leader: I can look it up in the anatomy book
dahs512: when we do a face off of our little heads
dahs512: do we do it like this
Fearless Leader: doesn't say
Fearless Leader: little faces can be done the same way
Fearless Leader: have a foil skull on a stick
dahs512: or do we make the mold
Fearless Leader: add the mass to the face like underlying muscles
dahs512: no, the face off thing
Fearless Leader: I'm not understanding your question
dahs512: we will be making a mold then filling it
ladytex49: neither am I...
Fearless Leader: Oh
Fearless Leader: ok
Fearless Leader: dig
dahs512: then manipulating?
Fearless Leader: make it all clay
Fearless Leader: make it all from scratch the first time out
Fearless Leader: make it with a foil head inside
ladytex49: you dont use any armature?
Fearless Leader: or don't
Fearless Leader: I would suggest a foil head
ladytex49: Ohh...foil armature..I have done that...
Fearless Leader: stuck on a stick
Fearless Leader: but building up the mass on that form
dahs512: right
Fearless Leader: is what I'm saying you can do small or large
Fearless Leader: just different mass build up
Fearless Leader: using a thin layer of skin after building up the muscles
dahs512: did that, now we were going to use that head to make more
Fearless Leader: keeps the skin clean, helps with smoothing, that sort of thing
Fearless Leader: now we make one expressionless face
Fearless Leader: and from that face
Fearless Leader: I'd like for us to make molds
Fearless Leader: to do expressions from that one mold
Fearless Leader: a straight face
Fearless Leader: can make
Fearless Leader: happy
Fearless Leader: sad
Fearless Leader: angry
Fearless Leader: disgust
dahs512: am i just jumping ahead..
Fearless Leader: fear
Fearless Leader: and I'm forgetting one more
ladytex49: How often do y'all get together on here and do this?
Fearless Leader: 6 basic emotional expression are found all over the world, it's on the last day or so of my posts
dahs512: as often as we
Fearless Leader: Lynette as often as we can
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: there ya go, Denise, connected by the third eye
dahs512: sychronisity
Fearless Leader: Lynette do you got to go?
buci131: oop, it's not Lynnette NJ--My Bad
chelyha: Loretta, NJ
buci131: It's Loretta
Fearless Leader: My goodness, I've been referring to her with the wrong name all this time
dahs512: me too
Fearless Leader: I'm sorry
dahs512: so sorry
buci131: sorry--I started it
Fearless Leader: Loretta, like Loretta Young
Fearless Leader: ok, I got her name in my head now, with swirling skirts
Fearless Leader: how she used to come into the set on her show
ladytex49: Wel I didnt realize I was gonanbe doing this or I would have not taken the pills and I need to do a treatment...Loretta Lynn..thank you very much..Hughes as in Howard, but no ki
Fearless Leader: those dresses
dahs512: and a big guitar
Fearless Leader: So you're fading on us Loretta?
Fearless Leader: baby we're going to do this again
Fearless Leader: and we have been almost every day
Fearless Leader: sometimes a day off or two inbetween but it's becoming a regular thing
Fearless Leader: time for a log save?
ladytex49: yeah I am gonna start typing with my nose soon . I am sorry...I wanna do this...
dahs512: it's a ride you can jump on whenever you can