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Clay Techniques-02

Chat for 9/1/02 TOF cane and Pinch Pots
5pm - 11 pm

jill_z_q: Hi Denisekins!
jill_z_q: NJ is doing her thing
dahs512: hi i'm trying to get karen o on
jill_z_q: she conditon two slices of white
jill_z_q: and now doing yellow
jill_z_q: in pasta machine
jill_z_q: look like long strips about 2 inchs wide I think
jill_z_q: 5 inches in length perhaps
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jill_z_q: Hi
chenoa_2b: Hi..
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ac4lb: is that black she's using now
jill_z_q: Yes
jill_z_q: I can't tell if she did two pieces of red or three
ac4lb: haha
lindaslists: Ha
jill_z_q: or perhaps she combine the red
lindaslists: 3
lindaslists: she layed them on top of each other
auntyalias: it doesn't matter
jill_z_q: lol
auntyalias: I'm just doing a bunch of sheets
auntyalias: don't measure
jill_z_q: ah
ac4lb: ok
auntyalias: just do sheets until you have some to work with
auntyalias: you know I'm not exact about anything
auntyalias: silly goose girls
auntyalias: LOL
jill_z_q: what about pasta setting?
auntyalias: widest
auntyalias: we're bullying the clay again
jill_z_q: are the sheets thin
auntyalias: not being delicate
auntyalias: nope, the widest
jill_z_q: so 1
lindaslists: thickest
jill_z_q: giggles
lindaslists: fast hands
jill_z_q: so amount clay doesn't matter then like how many slices of clay she took of the pound
ac4lb: yes she does
ac4lb: she's just conditioning some of each color
auntyalias: keep on pressing until your sides are smooth and even
auntyalias: if it's jagged it's no good, needs more conditioning
dahs512: Hello Karen
txgoodlife: Hello everyone. I am new to this chat stuff
jill_z_q: Hi Karen
ac4lb: hello
ac4lb: so am I but it's fun
auntyalias: want to see a quick blending trick?
lindaslists: I usually use another program. NJ had to remind me of what I already knew LOL
dahs512: yes maam
lindaslists: yeah
ac4lb: yes
jill_z_q: yes please
auntyalias: Ok, I'm going to show you how to do a fast blend
auntyalias: cut the work down to a quarter of the passes the skinner blend does
auntyalias: are you ready?
ac4lb: yes
txgoodlife: help I have the webcam pic covering my entire monitor
jill_z_q: escape hit that button
ac4lb: hit escape
txgoodlife left the room
jill_z_q: she probably couldn't see the window
jill_z_q: lol
dahs512: hit escape
jill_z_q: poor girl
auntyalias: when you press sheets you get those pointy raggedy ends
auntyalias: I just take those and make blends
lindaslists: ok
jill_z_q: nod
auntyalias: set the two sheets to be as wide as the pasta press is wide
ac4lb: cool idea
auntyalias: now that this point it is said for us to fold it in half
auntyalias: I say bah
auntyalias: roll it
auntyalias: need more red on one end
auntyalias: quick fix, no worries
auntyalias: one pass
auntyalias: pokeout air bubbles
jill_z_q: so your rolling it like a cigar
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auntyalias: yes, you roll it so you only have to do 6 passes
auntyalias: instead of two dozen
jill_z_q: nod
lindaslists: cool
auntyalias: ok now watch
auntyalias: I'm going to put the yellow end of that plug in and we'll get a ribbon
auntyalias: ready?
jill_z_q: wow long ribbon
auntyalias: that's how I get a ribbon that's blended to do a jelly roll
auntyalias: watch
jill_z_q: cool
auntyalias: so that's a jelly roll blend
auntyalias: now watch
auntyalias: let's give it a black surround
auntyalias: when you surround a snake
auntyalias: roll it over so the edge puts an indentation on the sheet
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auntyalias: you can't see the dent too well
auntyalias: but the trick is to slice INSIDE that indentation so you don't have overlap
jill_z_q: sort of like pinch?
auntyalias: when you surround a snake with a sheet
auntyalias: you don't want overlap
auntyalias: for it makes a thick area
auntyalias: where you might just want a line
dahs512: a but
auntyalias: so you slice on the INSIDE of the indentation that is made when you roll the sheet on itself
auntyalias: yes?
dahs512: i said a but end...
lindaslists: But the 2 edges together like 2 pieces of wood
dahs512: carpenter term
auntyalias: ah, I see, I'm going to make lace cane
auntyalias: do you all know how to do that yet?
dahs512: yes
ac4lb: yes, per your directions a while back
jill_z_q: bulleye cane?
lindaslists: yeah
dahs512: but i want to see you do
lindaslists: ditto
linda_d_45419: probably not....
lindaslists: looks like a basketball
jill_z_q: nodnod
dahs512: close up of the end skrunching?
jill_z_q: she did that so fast hehee
txgoodlife: that was fast
jill_z_q: nodnod
dahs512: she's fast for sure
jill_z_q: that was the quickest reduce I've ever seen!
dahs512: she's got a time travel webcam
linda_d_45419: i have to say, this is like watching a magician!
jill_z_q: giggles
lindaslists: monarch wings
txgoodlife: J
dahs512: lol
jill_z_q: was that a slice she shown us?
auntyalias: ok time for questions
jill_z_q: You move lickity split
jill_z_q: J
dahs512: i must say no time wast wasted
lindaslists: that would be a great way to make butterfly wings
jill_z_q: what where you doing with your hands?
auntyalias: lace cane is good for the center of flowers
jill_z_q: at the end of the cane
auntyalias: dots for tomato seeds
auntyalias: Suzy, I don't understand
lindaslists: pinching the end before reducing
dahs512: i think the ends of canes are really cool to use
jill_z_q: Well you reduce really fast
auntyalias: let's chop them up then
dahs512: no!
jill_z_q: but all I saw was what you were doing the ends
txgoodlife: i like to use the ends of canes
dahs512: she's doing the chop and toss
lindaslists: cane are premo chop and toss
jill_z_q: I like doing chop and toss
txgoodlife: she got the genshi knife in action
ac4lb: ME TOO, it's great, some really super designs
dahs512: NJ poke your head in the camera so we can see your beautiful smile
jill_z_q: rofl
dahs512: lol
ac4lb: love it
jill_z_q: Your so silly NJ
lindaslists: Ha
linda_d_45419: me too
txgoodlife: natasha
dahs512: that is one sharp blade
lindaslists: natasha beads YEAH!!!!!!!
ac4lb: pretty
jill_z_q: Oooh pretty
txgoodlife: nice
lindaslists: totem pole
txgoodlife: double natasha
lindaslists: beautiful
ac4lb: that's really fantastic
ac4lb: what a beautiful design
txgoodlife: the pinching finger trick, clap, clap
auntyalias: ok, that was just warm up, now are you ready for Tongues of Fire?
lindaslists: yeah
linda_d_45419: oh yes
dahs512: you bet
txgoodlife: yes
ac4lb: absolutely
jill_z_q: yeppers
auntyalias: Ok, we take the sheets that were prepared
auntyalias: black
auntyalias: white
auntyalias: yellow
auntyalias: I have to mix some orange real quick that's the next layer
dahs512: easy breezy
txgoodlife: of course easy breezy
dahs512: that was just too fast
auntyalias: then red
dahs512: instant tang
lindaslists: lol
auntyalias: That's the loaf we start with
auntyalias: now to cut off some section of this loaf, but I'm going to change the cam angle from over head
ac4lb: is it red, orange, yellow, white and black
dahs512: on the thickest for eachlayer?
lindaslists: yes
frogger70301 joined the room
lindaslists: ceremonial mask
ac4lb: hey girl, welcome
frogger70301: hey.
txgoodlife: welcome mitch
lindaslists: hi mitch
jill_z_q: Hi mitch
frogger70301: Hey, everyone!
auntyalias: sorry gang, I'm making effort to get it focused
jill_z_q: hey np
ac4lb: we're being patient,
dahs512: hello michelle
ac4lb: Let's do like the other evening and put our regular id's like on the digests, bonsai Kathy
auntyalias: is someone saving this log?
txgoodlife: NJ that's okay take your time.
dahs512: I forget how
dahs512: I did
dahs512: let me see if it saved

dahs512: I'm back
jill_z_q: No but Doro let the buggy free
jill_z_q: we are doing tongues of fire in a minute I think?
auntyalias: where is Doro?
frogger70301: ooh, good.
auntyalias: She should be here
dahs512: for some reason I got bumped
jill_z_q: she is just came in NJ
auntyalias: Oh Doro is here, good I can begin
dahs512: I did copy and past the old though
boobearns: there, I'm here
jill_z_q: points at Boobearns
auntyalias: ok, Doro I just stacked black, white, yellow, orange and red
auntyalias: that's where we are at
boobearns: just need to resize some windows now so I can see the webcam
auntyalias: now I'm going to slice off some sections of this stack
auntyalias: are we ready?
dahs512: I have up til now in a word doc....remind me to do it again in a bit
dahs512: yes
frogger70301: Is it just sheets that she did so far, or was it a blend?
frogger70301: Oh, never mind.
jill_z_q: just stacking sheets
auntyalias: ok, so now I take these stacks and cut them into sort of cubes
jill_z_q: she did mix red and yellow to make orange though
dahs512: very fast
frogger70301: Thnx, Suz.
boobearns: technical back
boobearns: there, all set
auntyalias: ok, you ready Doro?
boobearns: ready, sorry
auntyalias: no worries, this is for you boo boo girl
boobearns: chat on one screen, webcam on other
auntyalias: To answer Mitch's question they are sheets
auntyalias: black, white, yellow, orange (mixed from red and yellow) and red
frogger70301: thanks.
boobearns: no clay though.....
auntyalias: pressed at the widest setting on the pasta press
auntyalias: I sliced off two sections and cut them up like this
jill_z_q: the widest?
jill_z_q: I thought it was the thickest
auntyalias: thickest
auntyalias: now I'm going to stack these sections
dahs512: broadest....
auntyalias: have them going in the same direction going around like this
auntyalias: so the blacks all meet in the middle, for no other purpose than I like the X it makes
auntyalias: all ya all with me so far?
boobearns: yup
lindaslists: yes
ac4lb: yes Maam
frogger70301: dure am.
jill_z_q: ah huh
linda_d_45419: i hope so
boobearns: cut those off to make a square?
frogger70301: sure, sorry.
auntyalias: I made them big like that to just show you, they get trimmed down like this
auntyalias: it's easier to see how they are placed when done big
ac4lb: true
auntyalias: I'm going to surround this in black
jill_z_q: did you squish them together?
auntyalias: just softened the corners
dahs512: are you going for round?
dahs512: k
auntyalias: and compressed them inward, going for round, that's right
lindaslists: I think so
jill_z_q: nodnod
auntyalias: see the indentation?
auntyalias: where the edge of that black surround touched itself?
txgoodlife: yes
jill_z_q: no
boobearns: then wrap in black....why does this look so easy when I see someone else doing it??
jill_z_q: Oh yes I see it
dahs512: it's a mark
boobearns: hard to see it, but it's there
auntyalias: you cut on the inside of that indentation to get the "but" end.
dahs512: yes!
jill_z_q: so stupid question how you get the indention?
auntyalias: works every time
jill_z_q: giggles
dahs512: rolled it
txgoodlife: she did a butt cut.
auntyalias: just roll it over
jill_z_q: okay
auntyalias: the edge of the sheet makes the indentation'
dahs512: when she rolled it the first end made the make on the next end
jill_z_q: nodnod
jill_z_q: cool thanks
txgoodlife: great
auntyalias: Now I'll do a quick pinch pot
boobearns: hey, those squares look like triangles now
boobearns: yippee a pinch pot!
boobearns: watching closely...glad I can type without looking at the keys!
txgoodlife: I have never tried a pinch pot
jill_z_q: not sure If I can make one with nails LOL
auntyalias: you start by making a bowl
boobearns: I need to learn, since I"m hosting the swap!
dahs512: lol
jill_z_q: grin
boobearns: yup looks like nails need to go
auntyalias: when the bottom is as wide as you'd like it you start pinching around the edge to make the neck
boobearns: i do that and the whole thing collapses
jill_z_q: I could send you some of the mini bulbs I have they make good pinch pots
dahs512: smoosh
txgoodlife: cool
auntyalias: here comes the flames'
boobearns: so neat!!
auntyalias: I need to get a tool now to thin out the neck
auntyalias: and raise it up
ac4lb: ok
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auntyalias: had to dust the tool
boobearns: can I see that tool again? is it a knitting needle?
auntyalias: now roll the pot on your finger's edge, it's a clay shaper
txgoodlife: what is the tool
boobearns: oh, now I see it
boobearns: thanks
txgoodlife: I sorry is it a clay tool
dahs512: yes
txgoodlife: tanks
dahs512: They call them clay shapers and they come in all sizes
dahs512: I want some
ac4lb: they're great tools
auntyalias: at this point I tap the edge of the pot on the work table to flatten around the outer edge
ac4lb: I got mine from Karen
txgoodlife: i only have a #2 pointed end
auntyalias: now that the walls are raised and thinned out I pinch the neck again
boobearns: cool, an X on the bottom of the pot
lindaslists: I did it. It worked. Looks like a tall ice tea glass but tiny
auntyalias: you lengthen the neck and the edges get wibbly again, so you smooth the edge again
auntyalias: and then thin out the neck again
txgoodlife: I see the clay tool, I have one like it.
lindaslists: I'm using a tiny dowel. Can't find my clay shapers that fast
boobearns: linda, you are more on the ball than me...I'm watching..wishing my hubby would go get the clay for me...but he won't
frogger70301: HEY! I'm doing it!
boobearns: yeah!!!
ac4lb: another thing in a pinch is a long pencil eraser. I have some and they work great, don't stick to the clay accept when I use translucent
lindaslists: good idea
dahs512: I'm gonna try making some out of eraser clay
auntyalias: questions?
boobearns: wanna make mine for the swap for me?
dahs512: lol
dahs512: you make it look easy
ac4lb: how do you get it to the tongues of fire?
auntyalias: I'm going to do another one, using the tonges of fire put through its paces
ac4lb: ok, thanks
auntyalias: when you pinch the neck and pull
lindaslists: now I wish I had joined the swap
auntyalias: it tapers the colors
boobearns: so i get to see this done again?
auntyalias: and pulls the colors up the neck
auntyalias: ya
ac4lb: me too, I've made several in the past week
auntyalias: I'm going to do another one
boobearns: good!
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auntyalias: but I'm going to take a 5 minute break before doing the next one
boobearns: linda, host one.
txgoodlife: The only clay tool I own is the same as NJ's
auntyalias: I have other things to do with the tongues of fire
boobearns: I'm off to get some clay brb
lindaslists: good idea
ac4lb: ok, will go get a quick hug from hubby, so he doesn't think I"m neglecting him, haha
dahs512: break time