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Clay Techniques-02

txgoodlife: gotta go finish supper or DH will be mad. Easy Breezy tonite.
lindaslists: just made a creamer - LOL
jill_z_q: I like in the tute it looks like you did combo of a couple of the tof cane
jill_z_q: that looks neato
boobearns: OK, got clay, corn starch, clay shaper and some of NJ's pots from newbie box...ready to go
jill_z_q: like in different colors
jill_z_q: on the webpage
lindaslists: I'm saving sample slices of each step to take pics of and use later
dahs512: I'm saving the second section now
auntyalias: Ok
lindaslists: I'm saving the chat also - LOL
boobearns: grrr
auntyalias: I'm back
jill_z_q: Oh I heard it is hot up in there NJ
auntyalias: are we ready or are there folks out going potty
auntyalias: Ya, it's pretty warm and I have sun shining on this window, I have the curtains pulled
boobearns: chewing off a finger nail
auntyalias: May I show you something now?
lindaslists: making a chopntoss bead with the scraps - LOL
linda_d_45419: shoo'd the dog off my lap so i can see, ready!
ac4lb: 1 minute, ok
boobearns: I'm ready

auntyalias: like spiral arms of a galaxy
dahs512: ok got it saved
jill_z_q: looks cool
auntyalias: ok I'm going to wrap those sections around, make it a circle and surround it with black.
txgoodlife: Dinner is ready I have to leave. Sorry.
dahs512: come back when you are done
lindaslists: ok
jill_z_q: Ooh I bet that is how you made those other ones on the site that I like
jill_z_q: hmmm
jill_z_q: pic #6
boobearns: that looks neat
jill_z_q: for some reason it reminds me of sushi
jill_z_q: don't ask me why
dahs512: reducing?
lindaslists: yes
jill_z_q: she just sliced it off yes?
dahs512: made a clean end
dahs512: poking with the pinky
Stephanie (buddhamoon) joined the room
ac4lb: Hi Stephanie
buddhamoon: hey ladies!
buddhamoon: I'm going to leave this on and running. I'll have to watch the web cam and do my design homework at the same time but didn't want to miss this!
dahs512: nj do you twist sometimes while making the necks
boobearns: I have just made two of the ugliest little pots!
dahs512: I made a cool looking one out of some of my water cane
jill_z_q: hands boo boo a quarter
dahs512: lol
ac4lb: I was just going to say the same thing,
boobearns:'s true!
jill_z_q: giggles
ac4lb: Mine came out really neat
jill_z_q: I can't make one, it it so hot here.
boobearns: i can make a glass....but I can't narrow the neck
jill_z_q: the clay just melts to goo
dahs512: smoosh it evenly with fingers
jill_z_q: Mitch I saw you pic of the one you did looks good
jill_z_q: woo woo go Mitch!
auntyalias: ok, I'll take questions now
boobearns: do you want to make mine for the swap? please
ac4lb: NJ, It came out really pretty
frogger70301: Thanks, Suzy.
jill_z_q: LOL
dahs512: she's having trouble neckin'
ac4lb: I really quick got the colors together and made one well you were doing yours
auntyalias: I'll do another one and you'll see
boobearns: hubby says i'm out of practice neckin'
auntyalias: that rolling that neck
auntyalias: against your thumb
jill_z_q: I think that if you added some trans to the loaf stack and cut it smaller square would make a groovy bead
auntyalias: with the tool inside
boobearns: i can make a glass, but not a neck
auntyalias: makes a nice curve
auntyalias: then the bottom needs to be worked on first
auntyalias: make a bowl first
auntyalias: have the bottom as wide as you want it finished because there's no going back
auntyalias: once you close up the neck
auntyalias: that's your problem
auntyalias: watch me make a bowl
auntyalias: and I'll do it in a big cane
auntyalias: so you can see easier, ok?
auntyalias: I make the bottom as wide, as round and as thin as I need it in it's finished form
auntyalias: THEN
auntyalias: I start closing up for the neck
boobearns: i try to narrow the neck, and the whole thing collapses
auntyalias: that's because you're not going inside with a tool to prop it back up, a tool at an angle will prop up them bottom walls
auntyalias: let me show you with a larger cane
auntyalias: ok?
auntyalias: I think you'll see it better that way
boobearns: k
auntyalias: ok, now I don't want you getting all flusterlated
auntyalias: ok?
boobearns: already flusterated
auntyalias: allow yourself to have your baby steps
jill_z_q: I like that word
auntyalias: it's from my Mom
auntyalias: the Butcher of Engrish
jill_z_q: grin
auntyalias: ok, let me move the cam and get a fat slice
auntyalias: and do this in a big way
auntyalias: ok?
jill_z_q: sounds good to me.
boobearns: my two ugly pots are now a ball of caly
boobearns: oops clay
ac4lb: You can do it
lazybird54 joined the room
buddhamoon: I keep thinking what secrets am I missing when I see only hands!
dahs512: boobearns can i call you bean?
boobearns: boo is better
dahs512: k
boobearns: ok, i have one that is passable....barely
lindaslists: faster than a speeding bullet - LOL
boobearns: working right along with you nj
auntyalias: watch my finger tips Doro
auntyalias: the pinch move
auntyalias: that's what you're doing with clay in betwee
boobearns: modeling you
auntyalias: you're pinching high up and moving the clay as you pinch, this thins it
auntyalias: and lengthens it
boobearns: ahhhh
greatauntjudy joined the room
boobearns: i've got a thin bowl now
buddhamoon: how much clay is used to make that cane NJ started with?
auntyalias: Now we start moving the edge of the bowl inward
auntyalias: only God knows that Stevie
auntyalias: I don't measure
buddhamoon: lol okay
dahs512: hey jude
auntyalias: Now when we narrow the edge of the bowl to make a neck
auntyalias: what is our problem?
boobearns: it all collapses
auntyalias: what happens to the clay when you push it inward
buddhamoon: buckeling?
greatauntjudy: Howdy, all.
auntyalias: the wall thicken up, Hey Jude
auntyalias: the walls thicken up because you're moving the clay in
lindaslists: overlapping?
jill_z_q: Hi jude
auntyalias: so how do we thin out the walls?
dahs512: NJ you're off screen
auntyalias: I know
buddhamoon: keep a tool inside
dahs512: k
boobearns: slice it off the outside
auntyalias: I'm typing and not moving the cam because I'm going to close up the bowl
lindaslists: streach
auntyalias: Thin it with a tool
auntyalias: Stevie wins a gold star
buddhamoon: yeah!
lindaslists: cool
auntyalias: thin it with a tool and have the clay against something like the inside of your finger
lazybird54: Hey, everyone! I got on chat with a Mac! Cheated with Virtual PC
auntyalias: now watch
jill_z_q: yay!
auntyalias: Oh LazyBird, Tell the list how you did it
boobearns: i'm watching
auntyalias: our Mac people are very sad
lazybird54: I'll share it with the list
boobearns: NJ, are you taking little tucks around the edge?
auntyalias: like gathering fabric
lindaslists: ok
boobearns: pressing the gathers flat?
lindaslists: yes
lindaslists: this would look god withe shades of blue and green
auntyalias: you're pressing those gathers and thinning the wall and lengthening the neck
lindaslists: good
auntyalias: now I'll do it fast
buddhamoon: gosh that's pretty with that cane slice.
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: this is the point
auntyalias: where you make sure the walls of the bottom of the pot
auntyalias: are uniform
auntyalias: any lumps that are thicker
greatauntjudy: Do you have something inside the bowl to make it so round?
boobearns: OK, mine are...I think
auntyalias: you pinch that lump and move that clay
auntyalias: my thumb
auntyalias: mostly
auntyalias: the body is rounded
auntyalias: and handy,
auntyalias: LOL
greatauntjudy: Ah, yes...
boobearns: so far so good NJ
greatauntjudy: The painter's pose, huh?
lindaslists: looks like a stained glass lamp
auntyalias: ok
auntyalias: now
buddhamoon: told my DH I'd put the beans on soon as NJ finished the pinch pot. pinch pot hot, pinch pot cold.... that's my DH in the background singing!
boobearns: i give up
lindaslists: LOL
buddhamoon: nooo don't give up Doro.
ac4lb: no you don't you can do it
ac4lb: it just takes practice
buddhamoon: practice with a solid color clay for the shaping(pinching) until you flow with it... then you won't feel like you're squishing cane slices.
boobearns: i am using plain bowl just collapsed
lindaslists: This is the first time I made a tiny one. All of mine were the same size as the one she is making now
buddhamoon: is it getting too thin while pinching, maybe?
lindaslists: Have to keep trying
frogger70301 Hey room you can create custom emotions by editing the emote_user.dat file
frogger70301 Hey room you can create custom emotions by editing the emote_user.dat file
frogger70301: sorry about that.
linda_d_45419: gotta go, bye!
buddhamoon: bye
ac4lb: bye
boobearns: i am so frusterlated....
linda_d_45419 left the room
lindaslists: can you send the info to the list. I'd love to know how
buddhamoon: me too
frogger70301: Were you talking to me.
lindaslists: yes
buddhamoon: me too!
frogger70301: I don't know how. That's what I was trying to figure out.
lindaslists: oh
boobearns: can I blow into the bowl to 'reinflate" it???
buddhamoon: maybe someone on list does.
lindaslists: lol
buddhamoon: lol doro
auntyalias: Doro
auntyalias: Watch
lindaslists: looks like a crook neck squash
buddhamoon: she just blew in it, for real
auntyalias: you can blow into a pot to reinflate it, just don't do it in front of the kids
buddhamoon: is that powder/corn starch?
lindaslists: I forgot to put powder on my stick before inserting it in the pot.
lindaslists: that would help
lindaslists: LOL
lindaslists: that looks so pretty
buddhamoon: is there an extra danger of collapsing while curing that you should insert something?
boobearns: hummm....could I put a biodegradable peanut thing inside to help keep the shape??
lindaslists: i wonder
ac4lb: no, I;ve not had any problem with that
auntyalias: I've cured clay pressed paper thin
auntyalias: and it doesn't collapse
lindaslists: cool
dahs512: I'm not saying much, but I'm making pots
auntyalias: there
ac4lb: I'm on my 4th
auntyalias: as you see, you pinch the sides in
auntyalias: then you have to thin the walls
auntyalias: lengthen the neck
lazybird54 left the room
auntyalias: that's what causes the flames to go upward
boobearns: amazing!!
buddhamoon: this may seem like an odd question, but what do folks usually do with their pinch pots?
auntyalias: that's the pulling of the clay, the tapered ends of the flames are from pinching it in
boobearns: I still have troubles...with the neck
auntyalias: miniaturists love them, for room boxes and doll houses, I have friends collect them and put them by their desk at the office
auntyalias: just for a pretty
auntyalias: Doro, what problem is it?
auntyalias: tell me exactly
buddhamoon: thanks. I'm going to try this tonight.
auntyalias: If you do this and close up the pot
auntyalias: you have a bubble bead
auntyalias: fyi
auntyalias: let me show you real quick
boobearns: when I start trying to form the neck, the bottom part of the bottle just goes away
boobearns: but, if you go and check my pictures, or the clayartpics email real quick you'll see what I have been able to do
lazybird54 joined the room
auntyalias: bubble bead with looped neck
auntyalias: light weight
auntyalias: big beads tend to be heavy, bubble beads are hollow
auntyalias: Ok, break time or are there any questions?
auntyalias: I can check the pix if we have a break
lazybird54: Enjoyed it, NJ!
lindaslists: wow mitch, beautiful pot
auntyalias: 5 minutes, folks go potty, fill the coffee pot
auntyalias: ok?
boobearns: yes, nice pot mitch!
frogger70301: Thanks.
dahs512: break time I'll copy and come and go
buddhamoon: thanks so much. gonna stay up in the room but have to run fix the beans to go with supper.