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Clay Techniques-02

Most of the urls in this log are defunct. Yahoo Groups retired or names changed, websites shut down.

For more on Tongues of Fire Pots check

lindaslists: bye
frogger70301: Good night.
dahs512: I've saved the log so far
auntyalias: Ok I've seen Doro and Mitch's pots on the pix list
auntyalias: and Doro, let me show you my first pots
auntyalias: hold on
boobearns: so, any ideas what I'm doing wrong?
frogger70301: The one on the left looks fine to me. What is wrong with it?
ac4lb: What is happening to it
boobearns: i don't like the neck of them...think it's that floppy part that's bugging me now....I'll get it eventually!
frogger70301: Could you maybe trim that part off if you don't like it?
frogger70301: I think it looks good like that.
boobearns: I'm just being too fussy and hard on myself, maybe?
ac4lb: yup
frogger70301: Probably so. We are our own worst crirics sometimes!
boobearns: it's just that when I see what other people are making, and how great it looks, I hate my own
auntyalias: Those are the earliest things I made
dahs512: can you paste the link here?
frogger70301: I would like to be able to do one of those floppy nesked ones.
ac4lb: Tell you what I have been doing, Mine were exactly the same way when I was trying to do the lapis lazuli ones for the stoner swap, I found if I left my tool in and then took my cutter and slowly went around the top it slice it very neatly and smoothly
lindaslists: Me Too
auntyalias: link, what link?
auntyalias: I missed something looking for these early pots
dahs512: to boos
auntyalias: ah, ok
frogger70301: Clay pics
ac4lb: Hey I just made the neatest natasha log with this left over scrap from one of the pots, tooo cool
lindaslists: I find that sometimes I need to cut the exess off the top also
boobearns: Long Link (and you must be logged into Yahoo and be part of the MSATClayArt list to see this link NJ) i think
dahs512: I think boo's are nice. I bet what you want is thinner walls
boobearns: OK, I'll try that cutting techinque.
boobearns: thinner walls...yeah...that's it.
lindaslists: looks like honey suckle
dahs512: maybe if you take more time on the beginning of the vase. I've been playing while watching and that's what i had to do
ac4lb: I love those round ones NJ
lindaslists: beautiful
ac4lb: I have some that I leave it on and It's neat looking and others I really just want it smooth on top
boobearns: my bases/bottoms are nice and thin, it's the top that's thick
ac4lb: Some I purposely pull one side to make it taller, really adds elegants
lindaslists: table setting its self - magic
dahs512: I have a rod that I tried for the neck and just rolled it against my finger
ac4lb: I have another bonsai going to Australia tomorrow and if I get a chance I'll take a pic and send it to the pic list in the morning, I made the pot myself
boobearns: well...I've made 2...then can only get better from here on in, right?
lindaslists: Now I'm going to have to make more miniatures to go with my dishes 0 LOL
ac4lb: you got it dear
boobearns: NJ, thanks for your help, and your patience. I appreciate all your help in getting me to figure this least a little bit more than I had it this afternoon!
ac4lb: it really just takes practice to get it right,
ac4lb: once I got the hang of it then I didn't want to stop
auntyalias: back
dahs512: you sure can set a pretty table
auntyalias: there's an assortment of different pots
ac4lb: I like the rounded ones, beautiful
ac4lb: how did you do those
auntyalias: made a bowl
lindaslists: was that legs on a bowl?
auntyalias: raised the sides
auntyalias: just turned under the edge
auntyalias: called it a day
ac4lb: they are really beautiful
ac4lb: ok I see it now
lindaslists: oh
boobearns: it's almost midnight, my brain is tired, I'm going to bed. Tomorrow is going to be a long day; nothing planned, which means two bored kids here all day
auntyalias: make them make pinch pots
ac4lb: night
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: rest up Doro
lindaslists: bye Doro
auntyalias: you'll get this figured out, your pots are fine
boobearns: yeah, right! Troy tries to eat the clay
auntyalias: they are like mine were in the beginning
boobearns: are they really? You may not think so when you see them in person!
ac4lb: NJ, this tongues of fire stuff makes really gorgeous designs for chop and toss natashas
auntyalias: honey, everyone is allowed their baby steps
ac4lb: stunning
auntyalias: you're right on target
dahs512: all my canes of semi-dissappointment are great candidates for pinch pots
boobearns: I don't have patience for baby steps!!!!
auntyalias: Oh the TOF chop is just the best
auntyalias: I have enough patience for your baby steps to last the both of us
auntyalias: don't fret
auntyalias: you're doing fine
ac4lb: I agree Dorothy
boobearns: are you sure, I had to give my patience to Kaitlyn today, because she gave all of hers to Dan...I have none left
boobearns: thanks
ac4lb: haha, just keep at it
auntyalias: if you look at the pictures from when I was first learning how to make pinch pots you'll see that I made a heap o pots
ac4lb: They'll come easy in short order
auntyalias: over and over
auntyalias: that's really the only way
boobearns: have fun...I'm taking a pain killer and going to bed
boobearns: night!
lindaslists: bye
boobearns left the room
ac4lb: Hey Nj, that one to the left in the pic almost looks like Jolie's pot
auntyalias: that one?
ac4lb: it's cool
ac4lb: yup
auntyalias: That's so old, One of the first
ac4lb: if the top had that little knot on the side it would be just like the pic you sent us of Jolie's pot
auntyalias: so any questions?
auntyalias: and who is going to send me the log?
dahs512: Me, don't close yet
ac4lb: Thankyou NJ, you did a great job as usual. I've thoroughly enjoyed it.
auntyalias: I'm just taking a break
dahs512: I'll capture the rest
auntyalias: I'm going to be doing some more mini pinch pots with this TOF
ac4lb: I've got 4 sitting here now and will do more tomorrow
ac4lb: I have a few more bonsai's I need to get off and then i can just play
auntyalias: cool Kathy
auntyalias: using cane with designs are fun with the pots
auntyalias: These are just flowers
auntyalias: done as lace cane
auntyalias: and then slices pieced together to make the pot
lindaslists: I have a copy
auntyalias: I put the cane slices on black so it's all black inside
ac4lb: Better hit the sack, hubby has to be at work at 6 am, I hate to wake him up so better go in, hugs everyone, it was fun, I wish we could do this more often, it's great
ac4lb: Good night
lindaslists: night
auntyalias: Nighty Night Kathy
auntyalias: here are just flower cane slices backed with white to make this pot
jill_z_q: gotta to run the Dead Zone is on
jill_z_q: bye all!
jill_z_q left the room
ac4lb left the room
lindaslists: pretty
auntyalias: sorry about the glare
lindaslists: we're melting
lindaslists: I like the one with the hole in the side
dahs512: I sent the log. Did you get it?
auntyalias: just use up any old cane and make a pinch pot.
auntyalias: Let me check
lindaslists: Oh, It was laying on it's side, my bad LOL\
auntyalias: got it, thanks
greatauntjudy: It was on it's side? I liked it with the hold on the side.
dahs512: cool
auntyalias: I miss so much because I'm claying
auntyalias: I like reading it later to get question to answer I might have missed
dahs512: all the joking around
auntyalias: Jude
auntyalias: what color?
greatauntjudy: You rang?
auntyalias: you were saying you liked something on its side
greatauntjudy: Color?
auntyalias: what color was it, I'm moving things around here
greatauntjudy: Oh, you had a pot showing that had the opening on the side.
auntyalias: It might have seemed like that
greatauntjudy: Looked interesting.
Stephanie: just caught up reading... think jude meant the round one, orange color in it maybe?
lindaslists: the one on the back left was laying on it's side and looked like it had a hole in it
greatauntjudy: That was over a minute ago, sure don't remember the color...sigh...
greatauntjudy: Orange sounds familiar.
greatauntjudy: that it? Bottom left?
auntyalias: That one?
Stephanie: well, got more work to do. thanks for this NJ. And this was the first time I saw a cane made too!! see ya later. (got it in your hands!)
greatauntjudy: Reminds me of an 50's horror movie. The big had shows up!
greatauntjudy: had=hand
auntyalias: You're welcome Stevie
buddhamoon left the room
dahs512: I made three tonight while watching
dahs512: now to make the flowers to go in them
lindaslists: good idea
dahs512: I'm gonna try to do one of thase barrel ones
auntyalias: that's the aim
auntyalias: make vessles
auntyalias: and put things in them
auntyalias: let me show you something
dahs512: well I've been goosed
dahs512: ooooooh
lindaslists: love that one
greatauntjudy: Wow!
auntyalias: in the first clayart tutorial
auntyalias: there's a tute for a folded cane
auntyalias: where you take a sheet
auntyalias: and zig zag fold it
auntyalias: and put snakes in the folds
auntyalias: much like the butterfly designs we see
auntyalias: but easier
auntyalias: there's a cane sample in the old tips area
lindaslists: I saw that one
auntyalias: that went into making this pot
frogger70301: I'm gonna have to try that.
auntyalias: this is it.
greatauntjudy: Nice, very nice. I like that pattern.
auntyalias: made in 1999 I think
dahs512: I'll have to check it out
greatauntjudy: It's on your site?
auntyalias: I'll get the url
auntyalias: This is the first clay art tutorial collection
auntyalias: I'll get the url for the pot
auntyalias: the butterfly wing looking wedge is the element in this cane design, just repeated a heap o times
greatauntjudy: The link to the folded cane is broken.
lindaslists: just copy and paste the rest at the end
auntyalias: I pulled these links from the browser, so they are working fo rme
lindaslists: just add on the ml that cut off
auntyalias: ah, the ends are cut off, gosh, they are html endings
greatauntjudy: I'm talking about the link on the page of theURL you listed.
auntyalias: could you copy it and paste it here for me?
greatauntjudy: I got that page fine. But, when I clicked on the folded cane link Geocities says nope.
greatauntjudy: that one.
auntyalias: it should have another "1" after tip
auntyalias: I'll look into it
auntyalias: I see the problem, the picture link works and the text is in error
silversaxs joined the room
auntyalias: I'll fix that, thank you Aunt Jude for pointing that out for me
greatauntjudy: that is interesting. Is it similar to the feather cane?
auntyalias: Jinny
auntyalias: hey there
frogger70301: Jinny! Hey you got here!
silversaxs: Hey! It took me a while, but I did it!!!
lindaslists: howdy
silversaxs: Hi
auntyalias: I'll be doing another pinch pot in a bit, we're taking a "pot" break