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Clay Techniques-02

auntyalias: LOLOL
auntyalias: sorry, I just couldn't resists
silversaxs: Ok
auntyalias: resist either
lindaslists: is john calling LOL
auntyalias: This pot you see here is one of my oldest ones
NikiT (azstitcher2001) joined the room
auntyalias: and we were talking about this folded cane tute I found on PCC that made this pot
auntyalias: Hey Niki
NikiT: hi
auntyalias: There, an assortment of pot sizes
lindaslists: That would be an easy way to make dragonfly wings
auntyalias: They might be looking at this Niki
auntyalias: Before I make another pinch pot, should I do another larger one instead of mini for sake of being able to see the moves?
lindaslists: yes
greatauntjudy: Yes.
auntyalias: ok, I'm going to put on a pot of coffee and get a bite, let's say in 15 minutes. OK?
lindaslists: ok
greatauntjudy: Okie.
auntyalias: cool, in 15 then
auntyalias: smoke em if you got em
lindaslists: saving the chat
frogger70301: Well, guys. I've had a busy day today, so I think I'm gonna turn in. See yall next time.
frogger70301 left the room
auntyalias: shall we begin in a few minutes?
lindaslists: ok
silversaxs: ok
auntyalias: just seeing if folks are back from break
lindaslists: back from cleaning up ten french fries Mariah spilt on my bed
lindaslists: the
auntyalias: clean up the french fries
auntyalias: I'm warming up food for James and brewing new coffee. I'll be ready in a few minutes
lindaslists: mom turned her loose in my bed with fries and Pooh ? LOL
merrie60us joined the room
merrie60us: am I in?
lindaslists: Yep
merrie60us: what do I do now do I have to click on webcam?
lindaslists: Right click on auntalias and click join in webcam
dahs512 left the room
dahs512 joined the room
merrie60us: Thank you is there sound?
dahs512: My puter locked up and wouldn't reboot, just now got back
lindaslists: not that I can get
lindaslists: good to see you back
dahs512: thanks, what's up
auntyalias: back
lindaslists: getting ready to do another pot tute
dahs512: cool
auntyalias: Since we were looking at that folded cane
auntyalias: want to start out with doing a folded cane
lindaslists: cool
auntyalias: and then doing a pot from that?
dahs512: k
auntyalias: Ok, let's just fart about then
auntyalias: let's see if we can see clearer first
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silversaxs: I can see.
sylsnovelties: I can see
auntyalias: It's gone now Merrie
dahs512: i think it means you have a webcam, maybe
dahs512: it's gone
sylsnovelties: Your webcam is on.
auntyalias: so questions?
dahs512: it's back
auntyalias: Merrie do you have webcam on your end?
sylsnovelties: Does it matter how long your canes are to start with?
dahs512: no, but that sure is easier than the way i was doing it
greatauntjudy: Nope, I don't have any.
sylsnovelties: Or just whatever you have.
sylsnovelties: No wonder. I was trying to view it. heeheehee
melani_l: Thanks for the offer NJ but I don't think they'll be hooked up?? or did you mean a demo before the trip?
auntyalias: How long your canes are depends on how much clay you have, the size of the job your doing
sylsnovelties: Thank you1
auntyalias: Melly, any time you can get them organized. I'll do a webcam for them , you can pick the topic
auntyalias: It just helps to see it done
sylsnovelties: It sure does.
greatauntjudy: Yes, it does.
sylsnovelties: It really is an eye opener!
maer9 joined the room
melani_l: I can practice and try to show them.
melani_l: MAER!!!
greatauntjudy: One of these evenings you need to point the camera to your PM, so we can see your PM technique.
maer9: HOWDEE!!
auntyalias: I bully the clay
melani_l: Guys, this is my good friend Maer, she's gonna be on the "Retreat" with me.
auntyalias: I'm probably a bad example with the PM
maer9: Hello everyone!
auntyalias: Maer, howdy do
silversaxs: Hello
auntyalias: can you see?
sylsnovelties: You really do, NJ. I was very surprised at that. I'm always trying to be gentle with the clay.
maer9: oh!! no I can't!!
dahs512: hello maer
auntyalias: I sent you an invitation to the webcam
melani_l: Maer?? Aunty is NJ and her webcam has the cane I was just telling you about.
maer9: Thanks...My comp is allergic to Yahoo Web cams
auntyalias: Melly help her get to the chat through messenger and get to the cam
melani_l: That's how she got in here, I told her to follow me.
maer9: it shuts down my system on Yahoo
melani_l: Oh RATS Maer! I wanted you to see it. <pout>
auntyalias: Ok I'd like to cover this wedge technique for a minute
maer9: me too!!
auntyalias: She'll have to visit you Melly, that's the ticket
maer9: lol
maer9: we've talked about that...Melly is going to learn this VERY well and show the rest of us!
auntyalias: Merrie, unplug your cam
lindaslists: it does the same thing to me but when the alert comes up I move it out of the way and keep on using It does that to mine also. I just move the alert out of the way and keep going
auntyalias: give that an effort, it seems to automatically want to initiate your cam
auntyalias: We need to discuss wedges right now, folks do tech talk in private message to help each other
auntyalias: for it is question and answer time right now before we move forward
auntyalias: ok?
auntyalias: So we did the folded cane
lindaslists: I have a problem keeping the outside of the petal round while reducing
greatauntjudy: Did you put something in the center? Or does it come out looking like that?
auntyalias: I put one of the TOF canes I made earlier in the center
auntyalias: because it was handy
auntyalias: that will keep your wedge arches from caving in
silversaxs: How did you make the v?shaped wedges? It looks like you used the orange and the yellow.
greatauntjudy: Okie, that's right.
sylsnovelties: Good point.
auntyalias: The yellow and orange snakes flattened a bit
auntyalias: not all the way
silversaxs: ok
auntyalias: when I folded the black clay around it
auntyalias: then I did the FIST SQUISH of DOOM
auntyalias: on it
auntyalias: don't be delicate
merrie60us joined the room
melani_l: I'm doing seeral conversations at once so forgive me if I lag a bit.
auntyalias: who's on Log save duty?
merrie60us: okay I fixed it whew
lindaslists: I am so far
auntyalias: thank you Linda
sylsnovelties: That is what suprises me the most. I always have been trying to be gentle with the clay.
lindaslists: don't know is anyone else is
sylsnovelties: I've been saving
auntyalias: any questions about this wedge trick
auntyalias: take any wedge
auntyalias: make an arch
sylsnovelties: I did get here a bit late though.
lindaslists: how do you keep the outside edge round when reducing
auntyalias: cut it in half
auntyalias: you have a circle
greatauntjudy: Good question, Linda.
auntyalias: by putting in V shaped wedges
auntyalias: where the clay goes V on the outside
lindaslists: I mean whe reducing the first squished part
auntyalias: that was the long thin cane I reduced and sliced into as many sections as I had Vs
lindaslists: before slicing
greatauntjudy: Before though you didn't. You put the black wedges in at the end. Did you put wedges in earlier?
auntyalias: Oh for the Fist Squish?
lindaslists: yes
auntyalias: Oh what I do is roll the side I want rounded on the table
lindaslists: oh
auntyalias: while pinching the narrow side
lindaslists: duh
auntyalias: I put folded cane wedges in
lindaslists: I'm slow tonight
greatauntjudy: Okie, I see now.
auntyalias: ok
auntyalias: if the center of the wedge is orange with a lot of translucent
auntyalias: and the surround is orange peel
auntyalias: do the wedge
auntyalias: do the arch
auntyalias: cut in half
auntyalias: make an orange
auntyalias: lemon
auntyalias: lime
auntyalias: grapefruit
auntyalias: just change the color
auntyalias: but the wedge trick is what you use with these designs
sylsnovelties: That's how I did my lemon and orange cane.
auntyalias: Exactly, Syl
auntyalias: well instead of orange filler
sylsnovelties: By george, I think I'm getting it!
auntyalias: fill it with lace cane mashed by the Fist of Doom
lindaslists: if you placed the colors slightly overlapping you can get a type of Ikat cane I guess?
greatauntjudy: what if you don't have a Fist of Doom.
auntyalias: if you did this with translucent, pearl and glow in the dark you get mini ice cubes with that fracture in the center for your mini drinks
auntyalias: You use the BUTT OF DOOM
auntyalias: the CAT OF DOOM
lindaslists: lol
auntyalias: the House Slipper of DOOM
auntyalias: use what you got
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: shall we take a large slice of this and see what sort of pinch pot it makes?
greatauntjudy: Okie.
maer9: I have a large butted lahsa apso of doom if anyonbe wants to borrow him
sylsnovelties: Yes!
auntyalias: Maer, sure that'll work
auntyalias: pick the hairs out
auntyalias: you'll be fine
maer9: NO!!!
auntyalias: LOL
lindaslists: ha
dahs512: I gotta try to reboot again, I might not be back. If I can't get back I'll catch the log later. Thanks again
auntyalias: Now we have some folks here who have done pinch pots
auntyalias: some who have not
greatauntjudy: It would give it texture, that's for sure.
sylsnovelties: Texture!
auntyalias: some who have seen it done tonight
auntyalias: and some who have not
sylsnovelties: I have not!
auntyalias: if the new folks have questions
dahs512 left the room
auntyalias: then those who have seen the pinch pot done before can decifer what I'm doing
sylsnovelties: Not made them, that is.
auntyalias: ok?
lindaslists: ok
auntyalias: Ok, let's make a large sized pot out of this cane here
silversaxs: Wish I could record this for the morning, it's 10 after one.
lindaslists: just made one wioth this and it looks like a beaker
auntyalias: I got a bit of cane end I'll use that
lindaslists: I'm saving the chat but can't save the cam
merrie60us: what did you just do take a cane end or a slice?
lindaslists: she used a slice of the cane end
merrie60us: thanks
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maer9: ping?
greatauntjudy: You rang?
lindaslists: making the neck and pulling out
maer9: just making sure I was still here
merrie60us: How did you just get it from a roundish bowl to more of an oval
auntyalias: Pull the lip
lindaslists: folding the outside like pleating fabric
auntyalias: when you compress the neck the walls get thick
auntyalias: so you pull the clay to thin the wall
auntyalias: turning the round into a more oval shape
auntyalias: folding the outside like pleating, yes
auntyalias: compressing makes gathers like gathering fabric
auntyalias: instead of having those folds there and having the walls of the neck be thick, we pull the clay upward
silversaxs: When you start to round up the top into the neck do yo pleat it in the same fashion?
auntyalias: yes, pleat, flatten, pull to thin
auntyalias: round and round
silversaxs: ok
auntyalias: turning it with each pleating
auntyalias: turning and pressing and pleating, then pull
auntyalias: Where I pull the petals get pulled up... look
auntyalias: see where the yellow reaches up
auntyalias: right there
silversaxs: yes.
sylsnovelties: Ahh
auntyalias: that's from pulling the clay to thin the neck
auntyalias: that's how the flames of TOF are made
lindaslists: using a clay shaper of help press the folds and form the neck
merrie60us: Thanks so much for the demonstration I have found it to be very helpful but it is almost 1:30 and the toothpicks cannot even keep my eyes open. goodnight all
lindaslists: helps to keep the neck from colapsing
lindaslists: bye
merrie60us left the room
sylsnovelties: Nite
silversaxs: That's so neat to see.
auntyalias: questions?
silversaxs: How big did the pot end up?
sylsnovelties: When you thin the neck, you don't thin it too much?
sylsnovelties: It would crumble if you did, right?
maer9: not here...but thank you!1 between this and the new YIM drawer...Melly has shown me what you are doing!
maer9: thanks!
auntyalias: you can feel how thick the neck is when you roll it on your thumb like I do
sylsnovelties: Oh, ok.
auntyalias: you get a feel for it. tool on one side, inside of your thumb on the other side, you can feel if it is lumpy or thick in areas
sylsnovelties: practice!
auntyalias: the curve of your thumb helps shape the neck
sylsnovelties: I see how you were doing that.
auntyalias: remember it's taking turns doing certain things...
auntyalias: compress
auntyalias: thin the neck with rolling with the tool on thumb
auntyalias: roll tool on top to flatten the top
auntyalias: compress to narrow again
auntyalias: repeat as needed
auntyalias: turning round and round as you do these three things
melani_l: I gotta go now guys, very sleeeeeeeeeeeeepy?? Trev woke up at 6:30am so he wouldn't be late for school!
sylsnovelties: Makes perfect sense.
auntyalias: See you Melly
melani_l: Nnight!
auntyalias: kiss Trev and Hey for me
melani_l: will do
sylsnovelties: Nite
melani_l left the room
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auntyalias: any other questions?
greatauntjudy: Syl keeps getting dumped by Yahoo.
auntyalias: ya I see that, poor honey
greatauntjudy: I will try this tomorrow. Oh, I know, do, no try.
auntyalias: No try, make your best effort
auntyalias: that's all we can do
qltnsteph left the room
silversaxs: No, no questions tonite. Maybe after I've had time to think about it!
maer9: Thank you again for letting me join, everyone, I'll make Melly show pics from our trip when we return...I'm off to annoy strangers...goodnight
auntyalias: Maer night night
greatauntjudy: Night, Maer.
lindaslists: night
maer9 left the room
auntyalias: Now we can take this cane
auntyalias: and press it to a sheet
auntyalias: and then make a pot
auntyalias: the design will get all coo coo
auntyalias: but that's half the fun
auntyalias: I want to show you a trick, folks got a couple of minutes?
lindaslists: yes
greatauntjudy: Sure.
auntyalias: ok, I'm going to abuse this cane
silversaxs: Ok, but it's 1:30, got to hit the hay soon!
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auntyalias: Take a cane
auntyalias: and cut it into three sections
auntyalias: one section will be the center
auntyalias: I think I need four sections actually, sorry it's been a while since I did this trick
auntyalias: take 2 sections and cut them in half length wise
auntyalias: and stack it around the center cane
auntyalias: now here's the fourth section
auntyalias: take a length of cane and slice into fourths length wise
auntyalias: I have to reduce a section to do that
auntyalias: now put those four lengths in the gaps on the outside
greatauntjudy: Okie, got it.
greatauntjudy: Interesting....a posey of pansies!
silversaxs: Looks like a kalaidascope!
lindaslists: that was cool
auntyalias: now watch
lindaslists: wow
auntyalias: now watch
silversaxs: How'd you do that?
lindaslists: I think she took a slic eand put it through the pasta machine
lindaslists: slice
silversaxs: ok
silversaxs: Thanks.
lindaslists: oh
silversaxs: Wow.
silversaxs: What did she do with the slice that went through the pm?
lindaslists: there it is
silversaxs: ok.
lindaslists: she just reduced the cane and covered it with red
lindaslists: then took a slice and put it through the machine
silversaxs: ok, Thanks!
auntyalias: ok
auntyalias: fabric
auntyalias: for your clay figures
auntyalias: most patterns are simple elements
auntyalias: repeated
auntyalias: to look complex
auntyalias: when they are not
silversaxs: It's beautiful.
greatauntjudy: Right, clothes, so they don't become nudists.
auntyalias: we took the wedge
auntyalias: made a circle
auntyalias: with taking four sections and doing it One Whole, Two cut in half, one cut in fourths
auntyalias: we can make a square
auntyalias: and not loose our design
auntyalias: surround with something and reduce and stack and slice for fabric
greatauntjudy: I liked it before you made the four squares, but that's me.
lindaslists: looks like kimono fabric
auntyalias: just showing you what it could do if you took it further
greatauntjudy: Right. Good to do that.
auntyalias: it's all going into chop after I'm done
auntyalias: LOL
greatauntjudy: Reminds me of windows.
silversaxs: Aww.
auntyalias: we'll have to do plaid
auntyalias: one night
lindaslists: a scottish kilt
auntyalias: it's really easy and folks get all pained about it
greatauntjudy: that would be neat.
auntyalias: if you've done tiger cane
auntyalias: you can do plaid
sylsnovelties joined the room
auntyalias: we're just slicing a log and inserting stuff
lindaslists: haven't done it yet lol
auntyalias: close it up and slice again and insert another band of color
sylsnovelties: Yahoo won't leave me alone tonight.
auntyalias: should check it out, big time tricks in the tiger cane group
auntyalias: how to do the easy breezy blend
auntyalias: how to make a ribbon
auntyalias: of blend to do a jelly roll
auntyalias: and that's what you slice to put in stripes
auntyalias: trick trick trick
auntyalias: LOL
lindaslists: oh
auntyalias: someone is going to bust me for letting out all the secrets
greatauntjudy: I have trouble with ribbons. My arms just don't want to cooperate.
auntyalias: some Polymer Clay Police
sylsnovelties: I want to do a tiger cane!
auntyalias: Ok, next session we do TigerCane
auntyalias: Syl
silversaxs: Thanks NJ! That was wonderful!
lindaslists: yes!!!!
auntyalias: because you test all the benches for me at WalMart
greatauntjudy: she does!
sylsnovelties: Oh wow!
auntyalias: yes she does
silversaxs: Off to la, la land now. Nite, everyone!
auntyalias: okie dokie Jinny
lindaslists: bye
greatauntjudy: Night!
sylsnovelties: heeheehee Yup, I'm the bench police
silversaxs left the room
sylsnovelties: Nite
auntyalias: LOL Bench Police I'm going to call you BP Syl
auntyalias: from now on
auntyalias: ok questions?
sylsnovelties: heeheehee ok.
sylsnovelties: I am going to try a one of these canes. I don't have the right colors, but I'm going to use what I have.
sylsnovelties: Then, I'll try a pot. Yikes! heeheehee
auntyalias: oh just use what you have.
auntyalias: no Try
auntyalias: your best effort
greatauntjudy: Syl, some of the best things I've done is because I didn't have the right colors or tools.
auntyalias: Ya, think of Teri's color blind tiger, that was FABOO
sylsnovelties: Right, I make do with what I have.
lindaslists: i just used a flower cane of grave disapointment and love it now with this trick
sylsnovelties: I'm using all the odds and ends up now.
greatauntjudy: What I really like about this is we can us anything as a tool. It is really neat.
auntyalias: all the bead run was trims from three years work
sylsnovelties: Wow!
auntyalias: This TOF tonight was the first new clay I've used in months
greatauntjudy: I use knitting needles, crochet hooks, paint brushes.
auntyalias: ya, check out bead production in What's New
greatauntjudy: Corsage pins are good, too.
lindaslists: pen caps
auntyalias: and you'll see tons of my scraps
auntyalias: that went into the chop
greatauntjudy: Not only the caps, but the rest of the pen, too.
sylsnovelties: I think you have more scrap clay than I have good clay. heeheehee
lindaslists: is used the caps to help seal seams
auntyalias: So I'd say we're about done then?
auntyalias: Syl, since the Tiger Cane is your idea
sylsnovelties: This was wonderful tonight.
auntyalias: you announce it to the list
sylsnovelties: Bravo!
auntyalias: shall we do it tomorrow night?
sylsnovelties: Ok, sure will.
lindaslists: ok, I'll save when we are done
sylsnovelties: Tomorrow is fine with me!
auntyalias: Thank you honey, just make your best effort with them pots
chenoa_2b: Alex and I have enjoyed watching you tonight.
sylsnovelties: Will do!
auntyalias: THank you Linda
auntyalias: Oh Alex was here?
auntyalias: ALEX!!
chenoa_2b: yes... and he loved it!
auntyalias: is he still there?!?
auntyalias: can I wave to him?
chenoa_2b: He is knawing on some chicken right now. But he was sitting on my lap watching.
chenoa_2b: sure.. just a sec.
lindaslists: this was 6 hours lolng ? LOL
lindaslists: long
auntyalias: Ya I'm bushed
chenoa_2b: He is watching
sylsnovelties: 6 hours? I missed a bunch then!
lindaslists: lol
greatauntjudy: I came in in the middle of the first showing, I think.
auntyalias: LOL
chenoa_2b: He is laughing so hard! Says you are cute!
lindaslists: I saved the chat
sylsnovelties: Thanks Linda!
auntyalias: Thank you tons Linda
lindaslists: no prob
sylsnovelties: This was great tonight.
auntyalias: I might have to break it up into different web pages
auntyalias: My pleasure I just want all y'all to make them pots
auntyalias: the big ones are really nice
sylsnovelties: Gave me other ideas too!
auntyalias: and can be gifts to anyone
auntyalias: not just miniaturists
chenoa_2b: Alex made his first pot the other night.
auntyalias: COOL \(*o*)/ ATTA BOY ALEX!!
auntyalias: he he he
sylsnovelties: Oh NJ
auntyalias: Syl, what other ideas did you get?
chenoa_2b: He loved watching you make one too. Thnks..
sylsnovelties: How thick was the slice that you made the pot with?
sylsnovelties: Oh, I want to do a flower cane like you did this one and maybe a new bowl. heeheehee
auntyalias: gosh, about that thick
greatauntjudy: Sounds great, Syl!
auntyalias: just remember those V shaped wedges
sylsnovelties: Right.
auntyalias: to keep your flower petals from getting the flat top
sylsnovelties: Keep it round!
auntyalias: and add more surround sheet
auntyalias: when the original one is getting too stretched out
auntyalias: those are key
auntyalias: and don't be delicate
auntyalias: FIST O DOOM
auntyalias: or BUTT O DOOM
sylsnovelties: Ok, that sounds good.
auntyalias: bully that clay
greatauntjudy: LOL!
sylsnovelties: Right smack the clay around!
auntyalias: FIST O DOOM
sylsnovelties: Get rough with it!
auntyalias: we're the boss at our work table
auntyalias: by golly by gum
greatauntjudy: Clay abuse? GASP!!
auntyalias: yup
auntyalias: that's the ticket
sylsnovelties: My fist looks like it would work!
auntyalias: remember when I conditioned clay with my feet?
auntyalias: you saw that when PhotoPoint was up?
greatauntjudy: Yup.
sylsnovelties: heeheehee
auntyalias: I have to put that up again
auntyalias: Feet O Clay
sylsnovelties: Sure did.
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: with that goofy flowered skirt
auntyalias: Said thought I was taking naughty pictures
auntyalias: coming up behind me when I was shooting those shots
auntyalias: ya right... NOT, the goof
sylsnovelties: That's too funny
auntyalias: Ok, kiddos. I'm done
greatauntjudy: Very funny.
auntyalias: Tomorrow night, Tiger Cane
auntyalias: ok?
auntyalias: Let's Go Animal
sylsnovelties: Thanks again NJ.
auntyalias: we got the swap to prepare for
greatauntjudy: Okie, thanks! It was great!
sylsnovelties: Right.
lindaslists: going to save and go now. Bye
auntyalias: You're welcome honies
sylsnovelties: bye
greatauntjudy: Night all!
auntyalias: Night John Boy
auntyalias: LOL
greatauntjudy left the room