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auntyalias: Ok we'll give folks 10 more minutes to show up and I'm going to start slicing chunks off of these blocks and conditioning up sheets
ac4lb: sounds good
auntyalias: I think I'll use newer black today, this open pack was hard last night too
boobearns: I did another sad little pinch pot this afternoon. Baked it before I could wreck it. Kaitlyn likes them
auntyalias: so if folks come in late and ask which colors are being used can all y'all tell them for me
boobearns: burnt umber, black, raw sienna and what are the other two?
auntyalias: Doro you're too hard on yourself. I'll take all your early works and keep them safe from YOU
ac4lb: yup
auntyalias: your baby steps
auntyalias: you don't know how precious they are
auntyalias: you're wanting to go do the Mombo in high heels
boobearns: I'm not having a very good time right now....need to get more happy drugs I think
auntyalias: What sign are you?
boobearns: cancer
auntyalias: Wait two days, the mood will change,
lindaslists: my mother is a cancer and boy is she having a hard time also.
auntyalias: it's most likely funky transits, all my cancer friends are having a moody time too
boobearns: so I'm in for a change then?
lindaslists: I'll let my mom know
auntyalias: Cancer is ruled by the moon, the moon is in a sign for two days
auntyalias: the moods usually run a couple of days, that doesn't dimish it
ac4lb: How about Capricorn, hubby has been up and down like a yoyo
auntyalias: Cancer and Capricorns are opposite, what upsets on will most likely upset the other
tedi382001: this is Amy from Canada, I'm a Cancer too
auntyalias: I'm thinking it is the quicker moving planets fixing to go into Libra or some have already, that'll kick both cancer and capricorn's buts
boobearns: Hi Amy, this is Dorothy from Canada
auntyalias: Have you been Moody Amy?
auntyalias: My Cancer girl
tedi382001: oh my yes
auntyalias: ok, just hang in there, it'll pass, ok?
tedi382001: bitchy is the word
ac4lb: LOL!!
lindaslists: lol
boobearns: major depression here
dahs512: Hey everyone. I made it! yeah!
lindaslists: OK
auntyalias: sometimes pitching a bitch is a good thing
auntyalias: HEY HEY HEY
auntyalias: ok, I'm going to slice and condition sheets now, chat as much as you want and help those who need help getting in here.
dahs512: Just got back from raiding Michaels
boobearns: did you get lots?
dahs512: yes lots and lots
dahs512: even some dayglow by fimo
boobearns: dayglow??
ac4lb: is that like the glow in the dark premo
lindaslists: or like neon
dahs512: I'm hoping it is like glow in the dark
auntyalias: Who is on Log Save Duty?
lindaslists: I can try
auntyalias: we should have at least two
dahs512: I'm gonna be n and out but I will until I need to step last night
auntyalias: belt and suspender
lindaslists: oh no ,, the "t" word - LOL
dahs512: a little velcro won't hurt
dahs512: Hey Karen
txgoodlife: hi denise
Stephanie (buddhamoon) joined the room
dahs512: if you need me to get you something at Michaels, let me know, Karen
dylinna: I'm saving logs, but if I could get back up, that would be good.
txgoodlife: thanks, I will do that
boobearns: just found out I'm doing a craft sale the end of the month
dahs512: I wish you luck..lot's of work that will be worth it
boobearns: I'm all set for it, just need to put things in boxes to take with me....don't expect to sell much at this one
lindaslists: they are fun
sylsnovelties joined the room
lindaslists: Hi Syl
sylsnovelties: Hi everyone!
dahs512: hey boo asked earlier if there were more than black, burnt umber, raw sienna?
lindaslists: pearl and gold
teri56 joined the room
auntyalias: that first block of gold was too crumbly
auntyalias: It can be used but I don't want to waste your time conditioning it
auntyalias: so I opened a newer block
lindaslists: my raw sienna is so soft becuse of being so new. Like sculpy III
boobearns: thank you
boobearns: hi Teri
lindaslists: hi teri
teri56: hey Doro!
teri56: hi gang!!
dahs512: thanks
auntyalias: Who's new to clay in general?
auntyalias: I got a beginner's tip to share
tedi382001: I am
boobearns: share it with us anyway
linda_d_45419: me me me
auntyalias: ok, when you're pressing sheets like this
lindaslists: I love all tips
auntyalias: when you fold it to put it through the press
dahs512: new enough to have lots to learn! That's me.
auntyalias: enter the rollers from the open ends, not the folded part, especiall don't have the folded part go in last, watch how I do it
boobearns: uh oh...been doing that wrong too
boobearns: sometimes
lindaslists: buritto
sylsnovelties: brb
boobearns: I usually forget, get air bubbles, then remember
auntyalias: see the air bubbles will be pushed out if you put the open sides in the rollers
chelyha joined the room
tedi382001: now I know where the bubbles came from
auntyalias: if it is one fold
auntyalias: you can be careful and put the folded end in first
auntyalias: if you're careful you won't get air bubbles
auntyalias: I'm mixing gold with raw sienna
auntyalias: no blend yet
lindaslists: I love your new bowl Syl
dahs512: We have a big group tonight
auntyalias: now I'll do some pearl and we'll be ready to do a blend
tedi382001: anyone else from Canada here tonight?
boobearns: me
lindaslists: did you mix the gold and RS together or just blend?
auntyalias: just mixed
auntyalias: I'll do a blend with that mix in a tick
auntyalias: while I'm doing this boring stuff here
lindaslists: oh, should have read, sorry
auntyalias: folks can introduce themselves and say where they are from
auntyalias: I'd like to know and it'll give us a roll call
tedi382001: what part of Canada boo?
lindaslists: Linda Bohrn in Ely Nevada
boobearns: I'll start Dorothy Nova Scotia Canada
auntyalias: NJ from San Francisco
teri56: Teri in Anderson, Indiana
tedi382001: Amy from Ontario , Canada
linda_d_45419: Linda from Dayton OH
chelyha: Cheryl in Tehachapi, but I can't see what you are doing
auntyalias: Cheryl I just sent you an invite to my cam
dahs512: Denise in Austin...actually Cedar Creek Texas
boobearns: Cheryl, beside NJ's name where it says In the Cam on that and "view webcam"...that should bring it up
auntyalias: Folks give Cheryl a leg up on seeing cam, thanks
boobearns: oops, right click on In the Cam Zone
txgoodlife: Karen Austin area actually Georgetown, Tx
chelyha: I got it thanks!
boobearns: good!!
boobearns: Denise and Karen are you close to each other geographically?
auntyalias: Coolness are we ready for the Easy Breezy Blend?
txgoodlife: Yes, basically we are located close
buci131 joined the room
auntyalias: Eva, just about to do the blend
boobearns: figured that since you both said Austin
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/Faux/Tiger//Blend-Tiger-Grp
auntyalias: If you want clearer pictures of what I'm doing
auntyalias: open this tute page in another browser window
txgoodlife: Denise lives far south and I live far North
buci131: Yippee--I miscalculated the time.
auntyalias: Ok, before I start this blend let's take a look at that page and if there's questions let's table them now
boobearns: gee, I'm glad I have two monitors!!
buci131: Okay, how many diff colors did you use for the one blend?
auntyalias: it depends on what I have on hand, two maybe three
auntyalias: I'm doing a two color blend
auntyalias: but one of those colors is a mix of gold and raw sienna
auntyalias: mixed so it is one color
lindaslists: ok
buci131: Thanks, that was my next question, heehee
auntyalias: Teri did it in blue and white
auntyalias: Color Blind Tiger, if Teri has that url handy she can share it
auntyalias: this technique just POPS with Teri colors
auntyalias: ok what do you all know about blends, who has done them and who has not?
lindaslists: I have
buci131: I have
boobearns: not
teri56: I have
auntyalias: take a minute and look at Teri's blends
auntyalias: Teri's color blind tiger
sylsnovelties: I've done blends.
buddhamoon: i tried once
tedi382001: once
auntyalias: The main problem with blends as they are taught with the Skinner method
lindaslists: thanks for the link teri - WOW
auntyalias: See
auntyalias: Ain't it something?
boobearns: oh Stephanie..don't use that "t" word...."no try, only do" is NJ's comeback
teri56: I used the same technique NJ is showing now - just diff colors is all
auntyalias: yup, and it came out beautifully
teri56: thanks!
greatauntjudy joined the room
sylsnovelties: Yeah, gorgeous
auntyalias: ok, my issue with the Skinner Blend method
sylsnovelties: Hi Jude!
auntyalias: is you're told to fold the clay in half
auntyalias: and pass it through the press a couple of dozen times
lindaslists: 50 million times - LOL
auntyalias: Jude knows all this from the leaves Demos last year, Hey Jude
auntyalias: ok
greatauntjudy: Howdy!
greatauntjudy: You doing leaves again?
auntyalias: for those who were there for the leaves or for the bullseye lace cane last night
auntyalias: Tiger Jude
greatauntjudy: Oh,t iger!
dahs512: I caught that part before puter problems
auntyalias: you got to see how I roll the clay and then pass it through the press
auntyalias: one pass that way
auntyalias: equals 6 fold in half passes
lindaslists: what 2 colors are you going to use
buci131: Are you gonna show that again?
auntyalias: That's what I'm going to do with the two sheets right now. The colors used is a mix of gold with raw sienna and then pearl
buci131: Sorry I missed last night
buci131: Goody!
auntyalias: no worries. Ok are we ready to see the Easy Breezy Blend technique and you can count how many passes it takes, ok?
lindaslists: Oh
buci131: Yep
lindaslists left the room
lindaslists joined the room
auntyalias: lay one sheet on the other, over lapping
auntyalias: slice on the diagonal across both sheets
auntyalias: take off the top triangle of pearl
buci131: How much overlap?
auntyalias: it varies, so you can do this diagonal seam
buci131: Okay
dylinna left the room
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auntyalias: I make the sheet to be as wide as my pasta press allows
boobearns: so you take two sheets, overlap, cut and then remove piece of each sheet and reform into one sheet of two colors??
merrie60us joined the room
auntyalias: for the first pass I will just fold it in half so the two sides adhere, you fold so there's all pearl on one side all brown on the other
auntyalias: yes Doro
boobearns: OK, so far understandign
auntyalias: fold it so the pearl corner touches pearl, brown corner touches brown, I'll do that now
ac4lb: Man I missed most of this, my brother called, arrrggghhh, Kathy in E. tn here
auntyalias: Doing a blend Kathy
teri56: brb
txgoodlife: brown, is that just straight brown
auntyalias: raw sienna mixed with gold
auntyalias: use what you have
txgoodlife: k
auntyalias: I'll do the fold in half one pass for it will make the two sheets one and make it easier to roll like a cigar for the other passes
auntyalias: any questions at this point?
merrie60us: so it's a blend of pearl and sienna mixed wit gold
auntyalias: I'm a Mica Fan, anything for a shimmer, but use what you have
buci131: No, i'm with you so far.
boobearns: the two pieces you removed just get set aside and used for something else?
auntyalias: everyone's tiger cane will look different
auntyalias: Yes, Doro
auntyalias: I also pressed the fold, going from the center on out to the edge to avoid air bubbles
auntyalias: Ok, now for the first pass
boobearns: OK, I'm going to be able to do this if I have to drive you crazy with questions or not!
auntyalias: Doro, this is why I'm here honey, best ask while you can
auntyalias: I live in EarthQuake country
buci131: You'll get it Doro
dahs512: nj flip the corner up so everyone can see, please
merrie60us: Is this a skinner blend?
auntyalias: LOL, ok we have the first pass, Merrie this is a blend that is easier than the Skinner Blend
teri56: back
boobearns: I've been messed up on this since Melly tried to show me...and she messed it up
merrie60us: oh good
dahs512: thanks
auntyalias: now instead of folding it in half again, I roll it like a cigar and bully the clay into submission
dahs512: keeping the aall pearl side all pearl
buci131: Ah, this is part I get lost on your website
dahs512: one end is pearl the other is the gold blend
dahs512: thanks
auntyalias: pinch along one side to feed into the rollers
merrie60us: what does bully into submission mean? to get it to cigar shape?
auntyalias: and to mash it
auntyalias: pinch it
auntyalias: call it bad names
sylsnovelties: Fist of doom.
dahs512: she just likes to show thre clay who's
auntyalias: if it gets too wide
auntyalias: compress it inward so it'll fit
greatauntjudy: Beat the (*&(( out of it.
buci131: Oh, THAT's what I was misunderstanding
auntyalias: now let's run this through the rollers
txgoodlife: your putting it in length wise
dahs512: that's a mess!
auntyalias: roll, mash and pinch again
buci131: Yep
boobearns: NJ, on your site it shows the pre-cigar piece having jagged edges, do you trim them off?
lindaslists: yes
lindaslists: no
lindaslists: I think she just tucks them in
dahs512: linda make up your mind....
buci131: Yes, lengthwise; No, trimming
txgoodlife: now your rolling it into another cigar???
buci131: Just to clarify
lindaslists: yes was for the length wise comment
dahs512: yes maam, in the same direction
buci131: Yep, that's what makes the blend with so few passes through the pm
boobearns: roll, press, repeat, repeat, repeat
dahs512: just jokin' you
lindaslists: LOL
txgoodlife: repeat with cigar shape and pasta machine
dahs512: yes
auntyalias: one half fold pass and three cigars
chenoa_2b joined the room
dahs512: totally makes sense...easy breezy
auntyalias: and we have a blend, two more passes just to be anal retentive and we're ready to do the Jelly Roll
auntyalias: slash air bubbles
boobearns: do 5 cigars, or 3?
greatauntjudy: NJ the slasher?
dahs512: lol
lindaslists: until it looks blended
auntyalias: Doro as many as it takes, sometimes I don't blend it completely on purpose
boobearns: OK
auntyalias: now isn
auntyalias: isn't that easier
lindaslists: warm soft clay doesn't take as many times as firmer cool clay
dahs512: yeppers
boobearns: so far so good
merrie60us: yes
auntyalias: than folding it in half and doing two dozen passes?
buci131: Wahoo!
dahs512: or more
buci131: Thank you oodles for the demo on that!
auntyalias: now let's make this into a ribbon
lindaslists: looks good
auntyalias: roll another cigar
auntyalias: and stuff it in the rollers from the narrow end
txgoodlife: I will have to try this tomorrow.
tedi382001: Thankyou NJ
auntyalias: Jude, didn't you have problems with the ribbon?
auntyalias: this is how it is done
buddhamoon: was all the blending just now done on the widest pasta setting?
txgoodlife: I have problems with the ribbon
greatauntjudy: Yes, I do.
auntyalias: see how I rolled the end there
auntyalias: so it tapers
auntyalias: that goes into the rollers first
greatauntjudy: I can't do long.
auntyalias: what I do is stick it in the roller
auntyalias: grab what's coming out and just ease it along
auntyalias: so it doesn't ruffle and gather under the rollers
auntyalias: my other hand turning the crank
auntyalias: the sticking up part will take care of itself
auntyalias: here I'll show ya
txgoodlife: which end goes into the roller? the tapered end
dahs512: yes
merrie60us: yes
greatauntjudy: Does it keep straight that way?
auntyalias: there
auntyalias: yup, on it's own Jude
txgoodlife: wow!
auntyalias: any questions on this part?
greatauntjudy: Hmmm...okie, will try that next time. Mine are always crooked.
buddhamoon: was all the blending just now done on the widest pasta setting? also the ribbon?
auntyalias: or are we ready for a jelly roll?
teri56: roll it baby!
auntyalias: all at the widest or thickest pasta press setting
auntyalias: LOL Teri, okie dokie
auntyalias: Tiger is dark at the center and light on the outside
dahs512: we're cookin' now...
auntyalias: I use one hand to guide and one hand to roll
lindaslists: brb have to move my car
auntyalias: guide like this
buci131: You have a place on your site where you gather all the ribbon up in spots to fit it in your pm--is that before the jelly roll?
ac4lb: man, dang phone calls, never get phone calls, but today everyone is calling, 3rd in less than an hour
boobearns: don't answer it?
auntyalias: Eva, that's when I'm connecting a couple of different blends together, I just gather up the ribbon and mash it through
teri56: I like the tip to guide with one hand - mine are always messy at the ends.
buci131: Huh?
buddhamoon: does covering a jelly roll make it a bulls eye?
auntyalias: yes, I call it a Jelly Blend
auntyalias: for short
buci131: You mean you do more than one skinner and then put them together?
auntyalias: Eva, you said "huh?"
auntyalias: about the gathering the ribbons?
auntyalias: and mashing it through the press?
buci131: Yes--you mean you do more than one skinner and then put them together?
auntyalias: yes
buci131: How?
auntyalias: so we can go from red to purple, purple to blue, blue to green, green to yellow
buci131: Do you just overlap a little and then send them through the pm?
auntyalias: by making two color blends first
auntyalias: yup, I'm not delicate about it either, for it will be rolled up and reduced
merrie60us: I got lost here what are you talking about?
lindaslists: ok dark to light
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/Faux/Tiger/Blend-Tiger-Grp
buci131: Goody! Thanks-another place I got lost on your blend tute
merrie60us: oh thanks
auntyalias: check the tute Merrie, she's referring to pictures on that page
auntyalias: I'm going to put another sheet of pearl around this jelly blend, are we clear up to this point?
buci131: Yessireebob
merrie60us: yes
dahs512: yes
lindaslists: yes
boobearns: yup
boobearns: why the extra sheet of pearl?
auntyalias: ok do we remember how to get the indentation line? That we cut INSIDE the indentation to make a BUT END?
tedi382001: yes
sylsnovelties: yup
dahs512: yes
buci131: What?
buci131: What indentation line?
buci131: Oh, never mind
auntyalias: Doro, it's because I want the outside of the cane to all be pearl, part of the outside of the cane is still blended clay colors. Also when you reduce the outer surround sheet thins out and you don't want your colors getting messed up.
auntyalias: Eva
buci131: Yes, I know what you're talking about
boobearns: OK, thanks
auntyalias: I'm finishing on one question and I will show you what I mean
auntyalias: about the indentation
frogger70301 joined the room
auntyalias: ok?
auntyalias: Blend-Tiger-Grp.htm
auntyalias: Mitch, that's the tute page we're on and I'm doing the indentation trick on the surround sheet.
auntyalias: When you surround a bullseye
auntyalias: and you don't want to have overlap of color making a line thick when you didn't want it that way
sylsnovelties: Oh, I remember now.
auntyalias: to make the two sides of the surround sheet to meet evenly
auntyalias: you roll the surround sheet around your cane
auntyalias: and roll it until the edge of the surround sheet touches itself, makes an indentation, roll back and it is on the INSIDE of that indentation that you must cut to have an even seam, now I'll show it
ac4lb: HI mitch
frogger70301: Hey, boo.
buci131: Hey, lady
frogger70301: Hey, honey.
boobearns: yes??
auntyalias: so we have a surround sheet ready to cover this jelly roll blend
auntyalias: it's hard to see in pearl, but there's an indentation line
auntyalias: and I slice on the inside of that indentation
auntyalias: Ok I'm going to reduce this slightly and we're ready to put in stripes in the Tiger
sylsnovelties: Stripe that baby!
boobearns: oh, Syl, like your pinch pot!
auntyalias: Ok one trick about stripes
auntyalias: folks forget that tiger stripes are tapered
sylsnovelties: Thanks Doro!
sylsnovelties: I wouldn't have done that NJ.
auntyalias: and they use sheets with blunt cut ends and put them in as stripes and it just doesn't work
auntyalias: so I'll show you how I taper the stripes first
merrie60us left the room
txgoodlife: Are you pinching the black?
dahs512: pinching bothe sides
txgoodlife: k
buci131: on the edges
frogger70301: that's what I was gionna ask.
txgoodlife: Do you need that long of a black sheet?
auntyalias: Maybe
auntyalias: just in case I do
Honey (honeyrivers) joined the room
auntyalias: I want it ready
txgoodlife: k
auntyalias: HONEYRIVERS
auntyalias: you made it
honeyrivers: OMG - I made it
dahs512: yeahhh!
sylsnovelties: Great!
auntyalias: Just sent you and invite and this is the tute we're doing
dahs512: We have 18 in the room now
honeyrivers: thanks everyone for the help and sorry for disturbing
auntyalias: That's the most we've had ever!
sylsnovelties: Wow!
ac4lb: it's great
txgoodlife: hi ellen
auntyalias: Ok, For those who have come late I'll repeat this whole process for you after a break
auntyalias: ok?
honeyrivers: <wave>
chenoa_2b: Hey when you throw a party, every one wants to go eh? lol
auntyalias: but let's move forward on this
ac4lb: good, since everybody and their brother called me tonight
auntyalias: We have a jelly roll blend
auntyalias: and we have tapered stripes
merrie60us joined the room
auntyalias: now how on earth are we going to get the stripes into the jelly roll blend?
boobearns: with you so far!
auntyalias: we need a new tute page for that
boobearns: cut the jelly roll?
merrie60us: I got bumped and missed how to make the stripes can someone fill me in please
ac4lb: she's going to do it again after a break
merrie60us: oh good
auntyalias: Cane-Tiger-004-D.htm
dahs512: she just got through pinching the sides of that black strip you see there
sylsnovelties: Long black sheet and smish both edges along the length.
auntyalias: Check this page out
auntyalias: and I'm going to the potty, brb
dahs512: quick break everyone
dahs512: grab your munchys
auntyalias: ya, let's take 5 before we do stripes, I have to change cam angles
lindaslists: Have to check on daughter. She's handing off my roof painting my eaves.
ac4lb: lOL, I just got the funniest vision of everyone scattering to their respective loos,
sylsnovelties: heeheehee Good one Kathy
dahs512: I'm gonna cut an copy this so far NJ
buci131: Okay, Teri, how do you add a parenthesis phrase after your name on YM (in this case, "chatting"?
auntyalias: Okie dokie
sylsnovelties: I've been trying to keep the log too.
chenoa_2b: Alex is watchimg like a nora is his favorite show. lol
teri56: down at the bottom of your yahoo msgr window, it gives your status
frogger70301: Can I ask a quick question?
dahs512: STEP 2
auntyalias: sure honey
frogger70301: If you're ready to start go ahead.
buci131: So, NJ will you be doing this part again after a break, too? I have to go get The Kid.
frogger70301: I can wait.
auntyalias: I'll be repeating this whole process again when this one is done
lindaslists: great
auntyalias: Eva, go get the child, I'll do it again
buci131: Goody, gotta go. Will try to be back soon.
auntyalias: for you one to one if need be
teri56: bye Eva
auntyalias: drive safely
Honey (honeyrivers) joined the room
merrie60us: bye eve
lindaslists: bye
frogger70301: bye, hon.
buci131: Bye all.
auntyalias: Mitch
buci131 left the room
auntyalias: you had a question
frogger70301: copper premo-good mica shift?
auntyalias: let's do it now or it'll needle you and you won't pay as close attnetion
auntyalias: great mica, mix with pearl it's really pretty
frogger70301: thanks.
auntyalias: mix copper and black for bronze
frogger70301: trying to cover a tin.
auntyalias: makes nice statues for a Park Mini Scene and trophies
lindaslists: I love the RS and gold
auntyalias: any other questions before we do these stripes
lindaslists left the room
lindaslists joined the room
lindaslists: same direction?
txgoodlife: I don't know if I can sit here too much longer, my back is hurting. I forgot to take pain pills this afternoon.
auntyalias: also how you cut, if you saw away you get the zig zag mica
auntyalias: you'll see it in the tiger tute
auntyalias: Also
auntyalias: here's a trick I learned about mica
auntyalias: brush the surface with your finger to direction your mica
lazybird54 joined the room
lindaslists: ?
auntyalias: if your mica isn't shining in the direction you want, you did a zig zag cut, brush your finger tip over the surface of the clay
lindaslists: oh
auntyalias: or, compress it a little and then pull it out like with the natasha bead trick
auntyalias: and then brush it a bit with the finger tip like burnishing
auntyalias: it really fixes some boo boo's I've done
auntyalias: and when I did Mitch's tin
auntyalias: with the green and gold leaves
auntyalias: before I cured it I burnished it with my finger tips
auntyalias: to kick up the Mica
auntyalias: give it an experimental effort
auntyalias: are we all ready to put stripes into this, can everyone see the cam?
lindaslists: OH!!!
merrie60us: yes
teri56: ready here
buddhamoon: yes
auntyalias: For those who joined us late, I'll repeat this whole process
txgoodlife: please
lazybird54: Thanks!
auntyalias: or do Leopard or Zebra by popular demand
lindaslists: cool
merrie60us: zebra would be great
auntyalias: zebra is so easy it's illegal in 27 states
lindaslists: lOL
lindaslists: Nevada included
auntyalias: ok on to stripes then, and don't get frightened it looks pretty gruesome
lindaslists: not much else illegal here though
sylsnovelties: Yikes
ac4lb: 19 in here now
teri56: almost expect it to start spurting blood!
auntyalias: ok, questions?
merrie60us: none
auntyalias: before the next step
sylsnovelties: Looks good.
auntyalias: I have to change cam angles for the next step
txgoodlife: none from me
lindaslists: got this part
dahs512: We have 19 in the room!
auntyalias: now do you remember when I cut this black strip
auntyalias: I used the width of the jelly roll blend as a measure?
sylsnovelties: yup
merrie60us: no
txgoodlife: yep
merrie60us: is that part of the ribbon
auntyalias: Well trust me, LOL I did, use your cane as the measure for the ribbon that will be the stripes
greatauntjudy: If it was over a minute ago, I don't remember nuttin.
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: ok, here's the big fat assed trick
auntyalias: ready?
ac4lb: yup
sylsnovelties: ready
greatauntjudy: Okie!
merrie60us: ready
auntyalias: arrgy
auntyalias: the pinching made it wider
auntyalias: rats
auntyalias: I'm going to trim a bit and then pinch real fast and do it right this time
greatauntjudy: Ah, ha!
auntyalias: naw, I'm just going to go for it
greatauntjudy: Didn't that look like some kind of ice cream thingy for dessert?
sylsnovelties: heeheehee
auntyalias: any questions so far?
merrie60us: no
dahs512: nope
txgoodlife: nope
greatauntjudy: Nope!
sylsnovelties: You put the pieces on the black and then trimmed the black, right?
auntyalias: just like you cut the deck when you play cards
auntyalias: and then restack
auntyalias: we restack this deck the same way we cut it
chenoa_2b: But I wou ld never be able to get them stacked up the way they should be! lol
auntyalias: we put the pieces on the ribbon with all the same sides going down
greatauntjudy: I agree, who remembers?
dahs512: that's why she lines them up
auntyalias: this way you won't have to remember
greatauntjudy: I could number them maybe.
auntyalias: make it a habit to lay them down with the same face going down, now let's restack this
lindaslists: Like putting the veins in a leaf cane
lindaslists: that's how I do the leaf veins
auntyalias: got myself turned around
auntyalias: Linda
lindaslists: yes
auntyalias: I'm going to do this as a leaf
lindaslists: oh
auntyalias: doing the chevron flip
greatauntjudy: I love that.
auntyalias: for that stripe down the center of the tiger's back
auntyalias: but first we have to reduce this
greatauntjudy: More clay abuse?
auntyalias: fist o doom
chenoa_2b: Nooo! not the fist of doom!
dylinna: why taper the edges of the black?
auntyalias: now let's add some short stripes
auntyalias: I screwed up
auntyalias: I'm tapering these short stripes though
greatauntjudy: GASP!
lindaslists: I htink I did too, your in good company
auntyalias: Hey perfection lives in the realm of God and the Angels
auntyalias: I'm only mortal
dahs512: How did you screw up?
lindaslists: there be angles here
auntyalias: that's why I show my miscalculation
lindaslists: aggels
auntyalias: ok for the short stripes
lindaslists: angels
sylsnovelties: Do you taper the stripe ends so that it will come together the same on the ouside?
dahs512: aggies
auntyalias: I slice part way in
auntyalias: see
tedi382001: gotta run, thanks NJ , nite ladies
ac4lb: night
dahs512: bye
tedi382001 left the room
auntyalias: take a tapered sheet and insert
dahs512: are you only tapering on the inside side of the short ones?
dahs512: never mind
linda_d_45419: gotta go, thanks all
sylsnovelties: Nite
ac4lb: see ya
merrie60us: How many short ones do you insert and are they parallel to the long ones?
linda_d_45419 left the room
dahs512: in the crotch of the Vs
merrie60us: I got it
auntyalias: Now to do the chevron flip
auntyalias: when you have lines going from right to left
auntyalias: you can slice diagonally across those lines
auntyalias: when you take one side of what you've cut and flip it over
auntyalias: it makes arrow heads, chevrons
auntyalias: I will do that now, but I'm adding a center sheet to where I cut
auntyalias: that can be a vein in a leaf
auntyalias: or the center back stripe of the tiger
sylsnovelties: Terrific!
ac4lb: beautiful
chelyha: That's BadAss!
chenoa_2b: the leaves or petals for a tiger lilly!
auntyalias: I'm going to put another pearl surround on this cane
merrie60us: Should cane be round
chelyha: It looks awesome! I love it.
greatauntjudy: I think the cane can be any shape you want.
greatauntjudy: I use that cane, making them pointy and it's a leaf.
dahs512: The sheet thing is always the scarey part for me
chenoa_2b: a tiger quilt!
dahs512: lots of distortion
dahs512: when I do it
sylsnovelties: Same here.
jakmiami joined the room
teri56: WOW
sylsnovelties: That is just gorgeous!!!
merrie60us: great
merrie60us: did you place cane slices on pearl? just curious
teri56: time for me to scoot, gang - it's been fun!
sylsnovelties: Nite Teri!
teri56: see you all next time
teri56: NJ - thanks for the great demo!!!
teri56: xoxo
merrie60us: nite Teri
greatauntjudy: Night Teri.
teri56 left the room
sylsnovelties: Nite Doro
honeyrivers: thanks NJ for the Tute - I'm glad I was finally able to get on ...
honeyrivers left the room
lindaslists: Do you use the same color background as your outside of your cane?
sylsnovelties: I can't believe how great that sheet looks!!!
dahs512: yes she did, i think
sylsnovelties: Is that what makes the edges look jagged?
lindaslists: So we could use gold as the outside of the cane and gold for the background to blend in
dahs512: that's why you don't see a ditict edge
merrie60us: Sounds good
dahs512: distinct
dahs512: tigrt blanky
dahs512: tiger
lindaslists: ok
dahs512: box in a blanket!
Bill (aerophilatelist) joined the room
ac4lb: Hi Bill
dahs512: Hello Bill, she's wrapping a tin
aerophilatelist: Thanks
dahs512: are you watching on the webcam?
aerophilatelist: Yes, I had less trouble doing that than finding the chat!
dahs512: It's the old right click on the name trick
chelyha left the room
aerophilatelist: I'm a Mac user at heart - one button is all I use ;=
merrie60us: I have to leave for a minute but I will be right back this is great!!!
merrie60us left the room
auntyalias: On now we can continue to decorate this tin with sliced tiger leaves
auntyalias: but I wanted to show you the wrapping the tin in one sheet
sylsnovelties: That is just gorgeous NJ!
auntyalias: what needs to happen here is on the back
auntyalias: I use a wood carving tool
auntyalias: and carve out the channel the hinges are at
auntyalias: just clear the clay away so it can open
auntyalias: but you can keep your designs whole
auntyalias: by using one sheet to wrap a tin
auntyalias: pinch the edges like darts and cut them off
auntyalias: smooth them but it's one of the fastest and easiest ways of attacking a tin or any other box
buddhamoon: what brand of clay is this? handling it this long for me, it wouldn't slice well and would be too soft. I've had to really rest it between steps. how many minutes in freezer/fridge would be sufficient for rest to manipulate and reduce like you are in this demo?
auntyalias: remember the Tiger's Eye box where I used four sheets for the inside and outside of the box?
auntyalias: It's hot right now, this is new Premo, it's a bit tacky
auntyalias: I have no AC
ac4lb: Night folks, I have to be to work at 7 a.m. better get some sleep. Take care all and thanks NJ
sylsnovelties: Nite Kathy
auntyalias: Night Kathy
auntyalias: ok, time for questions
auntyalias: and then we'll do this again from the start
ac4lb left the room
sylsnovelties: When you put the slices on the sheet, was the sheet the same color as your wrap?
Honey (honeyrivers) joined the room
honeyrivers: back - trying to work out some bugs in my system...
auntyalias: I don't understand Syl
auntyalias: for the tin?
sylsnovelties: You used pearl to wrap the cane right?
auntyalias: I put the tiger slices on pearl just like it's surround sheet on the cane yes
sylsnovelties: When you sliced it, did you lay it on a sheet of pearl?
dahs512: I'm gonna save this second part NJ
auntyalias: and then after pressing it going one way
txgoodlife: I need to check out. Good nite all. Great tut!
sylsnovelties: Okie, thanks!
txgoodlife left the room
buddhamoon: thanks NJ. gotta go now. bye all.
auntyalias: and then pressing the second direction I backed it again with another thickness of pearl to stretch it out
auntyalias: ok Stevie
honeyrivers left the room
sylsnovelties: Nit3
buddhamoon left the room