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Clay Techniques- 01: Tin of 9-15-2002 WebCam Demo


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jude (greatauntjudy) joined the room
jude: Okie!
Fearless Leader: I had to reboot twice
Fearless Leader: man
Fearless Leader: I couldn't get YM to work
Fearless Leader: I shut it down
Fearless Leader: and opened it up
Fearless Leader: and still
sylsnovelties: I thought you were gone for the night. I've been having trouble with it tonight too.
Fearless Leader: made my cursor disappear, I had no idea where I was on the screen, clicking like a nut case
Fearless Leader: so I shut it down
Fearless Leader: and it took the longest to get back on again
Fearless Leader: sorry about that
sylsnovelties: My words are all jumbled together.
Fearless Leader: then Hilda needed her garbage taken out
jude: Jumbled together, Syl?
Fearless Leader: Niki I don't have you as being a viewer with cam
Fearless Leader: is there any difficulty?
sylsnovelties: Yeah, my letters look like they are running into each other.
jude: Crash, huh?
Fearless Leader: Not to me, Syl, they looked all ok to me
jude: Ok here, too.
Fearless Leader: want to go out and come back in and see if that helps?
NikiT: sorry.. my attention was elsewhere.. i'm at work so i ahve to divide my attention. 
Fearless Leader: Oh You're at WORK
sylsnovelties: It's just mine, everyone else's looks fine.
Fearless Leader: you girl you
NikiT: ya. 
jude: Yuck, working nights is the pits.
Fearless Leader: Reminds me of working at AOL
Fearless Leader: we had a thousand IM windows open all the time
Fearless Leader: that's how the workers keep in touch
NikiT: i dunno. i kind of like working nights. a lot slower. 
Fearless Leader: so chatting is "expected"
Fearless Leader: better pay most times too, Night Shift
NikiT: it's technically "banned" here, but they don't enforce it 
Fearless Leader: My mother worked as a Cocktail Waitress so we lived nights
Fearless Leader: so what shall I make for all y'all
sylsnovelties: The only time I worked nights was when I was waitressing.
Fearless Leader: shall I do the armature again
Fearless Leader: and cover it with skin?
Fearless Leader: or shall we sculpt faces
Fearless Leader: or do hands
Fearless Leader: or make canes
Fearless Leader: or raise cane?
jude: Oh, gee...raise cane always works for me.
sylsnovelties: Lots of choices! heeheehee
Fearless Leader: I'm pretty much open to suggestions
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: I do have some leaf sheets done
Fearless Leader: and a bunch of sheets for basket weave
jude: Cover something.
Fearless Leader: a tin?
jude: Yeah, that would work. 
Fearless Leader: do a sheet and cover a tin, ok
sylsnovelties: I did my first tin! heeheehee
Fearless Leader: I might have enough of last night's cane left over
jude: Show us how you keep it smooth. I really do have problems with that.
Fearless Leader: ok, sure, that's a good idea
Fearless Leader: who's doing logs and shots?
sylsnovelties: me
jude: Her.
sylsnovelties: Geez, Jude
jude: You said it first...hehehehe
sylsnovelties: True
Fearless Leader: Syl is doing both?
jude: Yes.
sylsnovelties: Yup, I ususally do 
Fearless Leader: Thanks honey
sylsnovelties: I do it for myself and if anyone needs it, I have it.
jude: I have leaf cutters like those you have there.
jude: I use them for flower petals all the time.
Fearless Leader: That's what I used for muscle mass
sylsnovelties: smartie! heeheehee
Fearless Leader: in covering the armature
jude: they are perfect, Syl.
sylsnovelties: I'll bet!
jude: I have a bunch of smaller cutters in different shapes I use for petals, too.
jude: It givs me the basic shape and then I mash and stretch.
sylsnovelties: Good idea.
jude: Did you see the ghost there for a sec?
sylsnovelties: yikes
jude: On the web cam?
Fearless Leader: what a reflection in the mirror?\
sylsnovelties: I must have been blinking, I missed it.
jude: Naw...a ghost...looked right at me. hehehehe
jude: You have a mirror there still?
sylsnovelties: You're the only one that saw that Jude! 
jude: Oh, geez...must have been dinner. Had linguini with clam sauce.
sylsnovelties: Yum
sylsnovelties: I skipped dinner tonight.
jude: Bad girl.
jude: Okie, she has a tin out.
jude: Doncha love her little rolling pin?
sylsnovelties: Yup
sylsnovelties: You do the commentary, Jude.
jude: I have a few small round tins I want to cover too.
jude: Okie, I will give it a go.
jude: she also has a ruler there.
sylsnovelties: no kidding.
jude: I hate this thing when the ads change. Everything comes to a screeching halt for a bit.
sylsnovelties: See what I put up with NJ? She is such a smartie!
jude: Okie, NJ has placed some clay, I believe on top of the tin. Hunks of clay.
Fearless Leader: better than dumb friends
jude: checking colors?
sylsnovelties: heeheehee
jude: there, see Syl? NJ understands.
sylsnovelties: Ganging up on me
jude: Oh, wait. the hunk of clay on the left looks like multiple-color layers.
jude: kinda like an ice cream bar.
Fearless Leader: the colors from last night
sylsnovelties: Sheets from last night.
jude: I must find out why everything looks like food to me.
sylsnovelties: Yeah, you make me hungy
sylsnovelties: hungry too.
sylsnovelties: OOh, pretty tin NJ.
jude: There is a box she covered last night.
jude: Nice!
jude: It must be sheets of leaves.
jude: great colors.
Fearless Leader: that's what we're going to do right now
Fearless Leader: that color combo
Fearless Leader: pressed thin
Fearless Leader: well
sylsnovelties: I like the right one.
jude: Okie, sounds like a plan. 
Fearless Leader: pressed to the widest opening of the pasta machine
Fearless Leader: then back with black
jude: I do, too, Syl.
Fearless Leader: then chevron flip
jude: Love that chevron flip.
Fearless Leader: then press to the sheet
sylsnovelties: me too
Fearless Leader: and THEN
Fearless Leader: cover the tin
jude: Neat!
sylsnovelties: ok, game for that.
Fearless Leader: ok, I'm just doing up some black and I'll make more cane with this yummy combo 
Fearless Leader: did you see the pix of the tins on the pix list?
Fearless Leader: I sent them through there
jude: Yes, I sure did.
Fearless Leader: these are them, uncured just yet
sylsnovelties: I haven't read my mail. I'll check it quick.
jude: I will have to start answering mail one of these days. When I'm in the blahs I ignor e things.
Fearless Leader: go for it, I won't get to the tin for a while yet
sylsnovelties: OOh, gorgeous!!!
jude: I want to watch.
jude: I have been looking at any pictures that have been sent, though, and have saved them to comment on.
sylsnovelties: good idea.
sylsnovelties: You must have extra arms, NJ.
jude: The ghost is helping her.
sylsnovelties: Ahhh
Fearless Leader: just using a sheet of these scraps of color for the center of the vein
sylsnovelties: good idea.
jude: NJ is playing with some clay, getting it ready to use.
jude: Ah, a closeup of the fist of doom.
jude: And, there is the chevron flipped.
jude: Reducing? Using the fist of doom.
sylsnovelties: fist of crunch? heeheehee
jude: Ok, through the PM again.
jude: And, fold.
jude: And stack.
Fearless Leader: no folding
jude: No folding.
Fearless Leader: ran like 5 layers through the widest setting of the PM
Fearless Leader: then put it on a black sheet
Fearless Leader: done at the widest setting
Fearless Leader: I have no idea what I'm doing 
Fearless Leader: just making different size lines
jude: Okie.
sylsnovelties: heeheehee Those are the best.
Fearless Leader: for the chevron flip
Fearless Leader: one thick
Fearless Leader: and this one with many little lines
Fearless Leader: I hope
jude: Sounds good.
Fearless Leader: 
jude: Slice and stack.
jude: Interesting.
Fearless Leader: instead of reducing lines from thick sheets
Fearless Leader: press the sheets and stack
Fearless Leader: keeps the lines crisp
Fearless Leader: not wiggly
sylsnovelties: Looking good.
jude: Good idea!
Fearless Leader: 2 minutes, I got to get something
jude: I didn't see it, but do you trim the sides as you go along?
jude: Okie.
jude: We could sing the bologna song, Syl.
jude: Well, maybe we better not.
sylsnovelties: Oh no!
sylsnovelties: We don't want to be kicked out.
jude: She got a Coke!
Fearless Leader: LOL
jude: You're right. We won't.
jude: I have a 7UP here.
Fearless Leader: so what was that question?
Fearless Leader: do I trim as I go along?
jude: I didnt' see it, but did you trim the sides as you went along?
Fearless Leader: ya, when you reduce you want clean lines
jude: It is very even looking.
jude: Like a deck of cards.
sylsnovelties: Sure is.
jude: Oh, I like that.
Fearless Leader: ok I'm going to do the flip on this
jude: It is all different, the stripes.
jude: Reminded me of strata.
jude: Cutting on the diagonal.
jude: Flipping one side completely over. and rejoining.
jude: Hmmm....interesting.
jude: that's purty!
sylsnovelties: Really nice looking.
Fearless Leader: the color isn't showing up
jude: You know, you could use some chop and toss as a layer and make some smaller. I bet that would look good, too.
jude: Reducing using the fist of doom.
jude: Fingers and palm of doom too!
sylsnovelties: Yowza
jude: All those crazy colors.
jude: that's nice, very nice.
jude: You end up with such vivid colors.
jude: It reminds me a little of that fossil stone.
jude: that one on the right is just great.
jude: All reduced.
jude: A sheet of black.
sylsnovelties: for veins, right.
sylsnovelties: hmmm, maybe not.
jude: I think she is going to put slices fromt he canes on it.
jude: Then press.
sylsnovelties: ahhh
jude: Yes.
jude: One sheet of black. Take slices from the chevron-flip/leaf cane and place on the black sheet.
jude: She is doing in it rows, it looks like.
jude: They are places next to each other, barely touching.
jude: Going to a second row, and so forth, to cover the sheet of black.
jude: They are placed next to each other, not places...sigh...
jude: All are oriented the same way, all headed in the same direction.
sylsnovelties: they look like they just appear on the sheet sometimes. heeheehee
jude: I know, the ghost!
sylsnovelties: he's helping.
jude: I think it's a female ghost!
sylsnovelties: Oh she
jude: Of course, most good things are female.
sylsnovelties: heeheehee
sylsnovelties: Except Bill and my boys! heeheehee
jude: Well, of course.
jude: Whata guy.
jude: did you tell him about Roxie?
jude: Slicing more to put on the black sheet.
sylsnovelties: Yes. He felt bad.
jude: Now the whole shebang goes through the pm.
jude: great effect.
jude: More slices?
sylsnovelties: For depth.
sylsnovelties: Probably smaller too.
jude: Oh, yeah.
jude: Pam of doom, mashing the smaller slices into the sheet.
jude: Pam of doom? Hmmm...that should be Palm of Doom.
sylsnovelties: heeheehee
jude: It doesn't show now, but I used to be able to type 80 WPM with no errors.
jude: sigh...
sylsnovelties: heeheehee I used to be able to too.
jude: Looks like the smaller slices are placed where the larger ones didn't cover, where any black sheet is showing.
jude: Use Fingers of Doom to press them down a bit.
jude: Now, the whole shebang goes back through the pm.
jude: Lookie that. that's purty!
sylsnovelties: Looks great
jude: Two different canes and color schemes there and it looks great.
sylsnovelties: Sure seems to work out good.
jude: You know? When I fool with clay that way it never looks like that when I'm done.
sylsnovelties: mine either. heeheehee
sylsnovelties: Mine is stretched out of shape.
Fearless Leader: ok
Fearless Leader: I'll take questions now
jude: What thickness do you do with the pm?
sylsnovelties: those colors work out great together.
Fearless Leader: all the way up to the end
Fearless Leader: it was at the widest setting
Fearless Leader: then at the end
jude: Thickest? Okie.
Fearless Leader: I narrow it one
Fearless Leader: and then press
Fearless Leader: narrow it one more
Fearless Leader: and then press
jude: Okie, that's exactly what I do now, believe it or not.
Fearless Leader: now remember how small that original black bit was?
Fearless Leader: and these additional slices added length
jude: My pm goes to 7 and 7 is the thickest. Different than the Atlas or Imperi-whatever.
Fearless Leader: when they were pressed
jude: Right, added clay to it, so it got longer.
Fearless Leader: Ok there's a tute page I want to get first
Fearless Leader: and then I'll cover the tin
jude: Okie.
sylsnovelties: How do you hold that and roll it at the same time>?
jude: He must have an arm of doom, too.
jude: I sure can't.
sylsnovelties: to keep it from sticking together.
Fearless Leader: I have a ghost helping me
NikiT: well ladies, it is time for me to go home & enjoy my weekend. thanks for the demo, NJ!
sylsnovelties: Nite Niki
jude: I need both hands to crank.
Fearless Leader: OkieDokie
Fearless Leader: see ya Niki
jude: Night Niki!
sylsnovelties: We thought it was a ghost!
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: I use two hands to turn the handle
Fearless Leader: when I'm conditioning clay
Fearless Leader: and being a barbarian
sylsnovelties: When I was doing the pleat and fold one. I need an extra arm.
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Fearless Leader: when I'm pressing sheets
Fearless Leader: I go really slowly
Fearless Leader: making sure nothing folds over
Fearless Leader: none of the cane slices fall off
Fearless Leader: and when it's done slowly and the clay is warm
jude: I left the cutters on mine, so I can drape the clay over the back and crank.
Fearless Leader: you can ease out the sheet with one hand
Fearless Leader: while you crank with the other
jude: It doesn't always go straight that way, but so far it's what works best.
Fearless Leader: I'm looking for that url, brb
jude: Okie.
sylsnovelties: ok
Fearless Leader:
Fearless Leader: that picture and go forward 4 pictures
Fearless Leader: it shows using the tin to make your cut marks
Fearless Leader: by indenting the sheet
Fearless Leader: check that out and I am going to the loo
sylsnovelties: Darn, that is what I didnt
sylsnovelties: do was use the tin for the marks.
Fearless Leader: back, say when and I'll start making indentations
sylsnovelties: When
jude: When!
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: ok
jude: We think alike sometimes, it's really scary.
sylsnovelties: sure is
sylsnovelties: Except when Jude is being a smartie! heeheehee
Fearless Leader: the sheet got stuck on the tin
Fearless Leader: LOL
jude: I forgot to mark the blue heart box when I covered it.
jude: So, while the clay was still unbaked, I eye-balled it and just whacked away.
jude: Then cured. it still wasn't right, but I was able to trim it nicely after.
sylsnovelties: Good deal Jude.
jude: I see...lay the box on the clay and press a tad to make an impression for cutting.
sylsnovelties: My tin up close isn't that great. heehehee
jude: Roll it over along the clay to make sure to mark an entire sheet so it will fit.
jude: Lookie the marks.
sylsnovelties: I got a shot of that.
jude: Good!
Fearless Leader: slice at the hinge mark
Fearless Leader: we're going to remove like a 16/th of an inch strip
sylsnovelties: See, I did that wrong.
jude: You did? You didn't cut out the hinge?
sylsnovelties: I did that after the clay was on the tin.
Fearless Leader: cutting it ahead of time
Fearless Leader: keeps your edges neat
jude: Hmmm....
Fearless Leader: and you don't have to handle the tin so much
jude: Right, I knew there was a good reason.
sylsnovelties: good idea.
jude: Two very good reasons.
Fearless Leader: at the corners
Fearless Leader: I cut out little squares
Fearless Leader: the would have been darts
Fearless Leader: we would have to cut off anyway
Fearless Leader: to cut them now
jude: Right.
Fearless Leader: keeps the seams relatively neat
Fearless Leader: and you don't handle the sheet so much
Fearless Leader: watch me screw it up now
Fearless Leader: LOL
sylsnovelties: heeheehee
jude: I have discovered that if you try to cut the darts when the clay has already covered the box, it makes a very nasty mess.
jude: It also stretches the clay at the corner.
sylsnovelties: Yeah, now you tell me! heeheehee
jude: Yup.
Fearless Leader: 2 minutes... James can't find something without a uterus
jude: Okie.
sylsnovelties: heeheehee
Fearless Leader: back
Fearless Leader: well it was at the back of the fridge
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: he couldn't find the dip
jude: Of course.
Fearless Leader: he was looking real hard too, poor dear, he's a mess in the kitchen
Fearless Leader: ok, any questions before we cover this tin?
sylsnovelties: None, but I know everything I did wrong.
sylsnovelties: So, now another tin for me!
jude: Nope, no questions right now.
Fearless Leader: ok, I don't use TLS for the clay stuck on the tin just displaying it
Fearless Leader: earlier
Fearless Leader: it's sticky enough
Fearless Leader: the seams will stick the sides together
jude: I quit using it too.
Fearless Leader: I use it for Paper Mache boxes
Fearless Leader: for they are a little dry
Fearless Leader: and fluffy
Fearless Leader: the paper mache works like a release agent sometimes
sylsnovelties: My clay stuck real easy to the tin too.
Fearless Leader: and the TLS does chill that out
Fearless Leader: Now to cover this tin
Fearless Leader: work with it open as much as you can, holding on to the tin from the inside
jude: Starting at the back, place the clay on the back edge of the list and press slightly to get it to stick.
Fearless Leader: yes
jude: then, work your way towards the front.
jude: Make sure you don't trap any air under that clay.
jude: Smooth across the top and over the sides, attaching the same way as the back was.
jude: Looks good!
jude: How smooth is it?
jude: Now for the bottom.
jude: Starting at the back, press the clay slightly against the back edge to stick.
Fearless Leader: Line up the lines of the design
Fearless Leader: you only cut out that little bit for the hinges
sylsnovelties: good thinking.
Fearless Leader: so the design should match
jude: Right.
jude: Smooth the clay across the bottom and up the front side.
Fearless Leader: since we used the closed tin to measure
Fearless Leader: it leaves that overlap area uncovered
jude: Right.
sylsnovelties: ahh
jude: Press the sides over the bottom edge.
jude: Now the corners.
jude: That a shaper? Something to smooth the corners.
Fearless Leader: there
sylsnovelties: Or is she cutting a little excess clay.
Fearless Leader: easy breezy
Fearless Leader: I just lined up the edge
jude: Hmmm....
Fearless Leader: around the bottom
jude: Okie.
Fearless Leader: I'll smooth the seams a bit
sylsnovelties: That tin looks perfect. 
Fearless Leader: last minute fiddling but it's ready to cure
sylsnovelties: I don't know if you had a chance to see mine yet NJ.
Fearless Leader: Did you send it through the pix list?
sylsnovelties: Those colors look great too!
Fearless Leader: let me go see
sylsnovelties: Yup, I did.
Fearless Leader: I might have and then Old Timer's Disease got me
jude: I love those colors and that pattern.
Fearless Leader: Oh I thought you'd like these colors
Fearless Leader: they are even more vibrant in person
jude: An interesting herringbone.
Fearless Leader: OH WOW
Fearless Leader: I did see the tin but it was around Dawn
Fearless Leader: and I did forget
sylsnovelties: The colors are really nice
Fearless Leader: I love it
Fearless Leader: I'll bet
sylsnovelties: That was the pleat and fold.
Fearless Leader: did you sand and Future Finish it?
sylsnovelties: Not yet.
sylsnovelties: Just barely cured it.
Fearless Leader: LOL I know what you mean
sylsnovelties: I was anxious to send a pic.
Fearless Leader: I have so much I have to cure
Fearless Leader: it's scary
Fearless Leader: especially with these Demos
Fearless Leader: they produce a lot of stuff
sylsnovelties: I cure right away because I am afraid of smooshing something.
Fearless Leader: and I just put it in a drawer or a glad ware tub and move on
sylsnovelties: I don't think you could ever sell everything you have! heeheehee
Fearless Leader: One day soon I'll have to do a mongo curing
Fearless Leader: I have to take a day or two off to do these ebay listings
Fearless Leader: I know that now
Fearless Leader: Just got to figure which days
sylsnovelties: You will rake in the cash then.
Fearless Leader: Oh from your lips to God's ears
Fearless Leader: I hope so
Fearless Leader: I hope folks buy things because I'm amusing
sylsnovelties: heeheehee I'll be praying for it anyway.
jude: same here!
Fearless Leader: even if it is as good as any other clayers stuff
Fearless Leader: so, I'm going to take a break, because I'm starving
Fearless Leader: and there's nifty left overs
Fearless Leader: So I guess that's it for tonight
jude: Okie, looks great! Thanks!
Fearless Leader: but I'm going to be doing more doll bodies tomorrow
Fearless Leader: and taking special requests as they come up
Fearless Leader: my pleasure, Syl, the password is still there for Epson and just email me the log
sylsnovelties: I know there is something I want to see, but I can't remember what!
sylsnovelties: Ok, sure thing.
jude: Write it down when you think of it syl.
Fearless Leader: think about it while I put some food in the microwave
Fearless Leader: I'll be back in a tick then
sylsnovelties: that is what I should do Jude! I forget. heeheehee
Fearless Leader: there was this writer
Fearless Leader: who kept a pad beside the bed
Fearless Leader: and a pen
Fearless Leader: and kept telling himself
Fearless Leader: "I got to write it down"
Fearless Leader: so one night he wakes
Fearless Leader: writes something and goes back to sleep
Fearless Leader: in the morning he wrote
Fearless Leader: "I got to write it down
Fearless Leader: LOL
sylsnovelties: heeheehee
jude: lol!
sylsnovelties: That is probably something like I would do
Fearless Leader: me too
jude: Yup.
Fearless Leader: Or I'll write something that makes no sense the next day
sylsnovelties: I'd forget my head if it wasn't attached.
jude: Or, I can't read my writing.
Fearless Leader: Said's friends are starting a tradition of bringing me food
Fearless Leader: it's the funniest thing
Fearless Leader: I have a bit of Corned Beef with cabbage
Fearless Leader: a bit of fried fish
Fearless Leader: a bit of chines
Fearless Leader: Chinese
Fearless Leader: LOL
jude: Oh, my!
Fearless Leader: they go out to eat and then come by to pick him up
Fearless Leader: and they leave their doggie bags with me
Fearless Leader: I'm such a scav
Fearless Leader: they know it
Fearless Leader: but it's really nice of them to think of me like that
Fearless Leader: my boys
sylsnovelties: Hey, tell them to send some over. heeheehee
sylsnovelties: Good guys!
jude: Leftovers are good.
Fearless Leader: No kidding, I was very happy to see the corned beef with cabbage, got out my mustard
Fearless Leader: they are really sweet, oh there's the microwave
sylsnovelties: I love corned beef and cabbage
Fearless Leader: so Syl did you remember what you forgot?
jude: Not one of my favorite meals.
sylsnovelties: Nope
sylsnovelties: One of these days I will.
sylsnovelties: <sigh>
jude: Well, folks, it's late and I need my bed.
Fearless Leader: I'm done for the night too
Fearless Leader: see you two tomorrow
sylsnovelties: Ok, Nitey Nite to you both
jude: Okie, thanks!
Fearless Leader: see what you get for being die hards
Fearless Leader: you get to see what you want to see
sylsnovelties: heeheehee
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: xoxox
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