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April 20, 2002 Workspace: South - The 9 drawer tower behind the computer and the box on top of that are miniature supplies. Fabric with small print. Boxes to build rooms in. Fur. Leather. Immediate sewing supplies. Under the work table are boxes and boxes of fabric sorted by color family, large print designs and bags of popcorn pellets and of course more books: Lit, Language, clay and mini resources. This area is going through transition right now because I'm setting up a Room Box building area around here. As soon as I get this Networking card to work. In front of the computer and the tower are the softwares and my tools that are all piled up there since I'm hacking my own computer. A woman with a phillips screw driver and a manual is an unstoppable force of nature. See all the wires? Phone lines, DSL lines, Cable, Power Supplies, anyone over 5'6" got to duck when coming through this human habitrail.

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