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April 20, 2002 Workspace: South East - This area is the next to get the monster reorg. You can see more of the Lobster Lady. Works in progress. Repairs in progress. Emu Eggs, woodsies, boxes with sliding tops, paper mache boxes, color cards, Liquid Illusion and glue for days. String, twine paper, foil and dolls in their traveling cases sleeping down with the paper supplies all wrapped up in grocery bags.

Ya, I live in Earth Quake Country and all this boxes on boxes are not Earth Quake safe, but hey, no one said I'd be standing right there when the next shake comes. Might be at WalMart or CostCo and have a sofa fall on my head. I'll take a bonk from a cigar box anyday.

So there it is then, the unadorned truth of it. How to fit two pounds of lard in a half pound package. If you can't build out, you build UP.

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