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jude: Okie.
jude: I better go now. Will check back in later.
chenoa_2b: How long of a break? 
jude: Thanks! 
chenoa_2b: brb
auntyalias: We did it in an hour too Jude
jude: Sure did!
jude: I got a bunch of stuff to do, but will look in later.
auntyalias: I'm not going anywhere, I'm just not claying, that sort of break 
jude: Bye, bye!
auntyalias: Ciao Honey
greatauntjudy left the room
auntyalias: Carolyn I got your note on the fibers
auntyalias: or are you gone out for a smoke?
auntyalias: brb my self
chenoa_2b: I am back. hurting allot have to keep moving or go to bed
chenoa_2b: But I want to see this demo!
auntyalias: Rest up when you need to
auntyalias: I'm going to be hanging out all day
auntyalias: only day I can really do this for a long while
chenoa_2b: I don't want to go to bed, cause Alex is here. 
auntyalias: I'm putting up the first chat log on the site, have to do it bit by bit as I go along now
auntyalias: working the mid week shift goofs up two days
auntyalias: since it's Tuesday evening to Wednesday Evening
chenoa_2b: But it keeps the wolf from the door. 
auntyalias: my Tuesdays are just partial days, so I have to save these logs as we go along now
auntyalias: Ya, thank God for that
auntyalias: but it changes how I have to do things in Demo, but I'm wanting to do a full day of Demo on Monday when I can
chenoa_2b: I for one appreciate it! 
auntyalias: just hang out all day and hope the different time zones can catch up at some time or another
auntyalias: You're welcome honey
chenoa_2b: So what did you think of the fibers? 
auntyalias: Dunno until I see them, if they can withstand going in the oven then we're going to get a Hairy demo
auntyalias: sooner or later
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: It's getting HAIRY in Chat
auntyalias: LOL
chenoa_2b: Ok, I will try a pinch in the oven, and see what happens! lol 
auntyalias: no harm in giving it a test
auntyalias: then if it holds up ok, then we can embed them into clay
chenoa_2b: yeppers, and it will only take a couple of fibers to do it. 
auntyalias: Centaur Man needs a head of hair, a mane and a tail
auntyalias: I'm thinking of doing his hair striped
auntyalias: like mine was on Tour
auntyalias: LOL
chenoa_2b: Well I have some nice off white, and some black already set aside for you. And then there is the silk. 
auntyalias: So what would like to see made since we're here
auntyalias: I gave the mini salad to my cab driver on Friday
auntyalias: he flipped out
auntyalias: he thought it was "adorable"
auntyalias: old hippy grandfather
chenoa_2b: Tortillas! They have me stumped! 
chenoa_2b: lol That is too funny. When people that know me come over with friends, they run around showing off my stuff! lol 
auntyalias: remember the papaya?
auntyalias: let me get the page I'm thinking of
chenoa_2b: Vaguely
chenoa_2b: Oh! Mangos! Love those things! 
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/food/Papaya-004.htm
auntyalias: Check that page for a minute
chenoa_2b: It is always amazing to me! You see something an djust pop it out in mini clay! lol 
auntyalias: That could work as Corn Tortillas
auntyalias: for flour tortillas, we got to make off white and light brown lace cane
auntyalias: that's sort of irregular shapes
auntyalias: where the fry pan toasts the flour
auntyalias: right?
chenoa_2b: Ok, I think so. 
auntyalias: That could be a start for the flour totilla lace cane maybe
auntyalias: it's a sort of cream color going to light brown
chenoa_2b: I am going to have to try it out. See what happens. 
auntyalias: for irregular lace cane we reduce this in a cone shape
auntyalias: and cut it into sections and turn the sections around
auntyalias: so there's different sizes
auntyalias: of circles
auntyalias: reduce and hold our breath
auntyalias: Don't know until we give it an effort, so let's do that to see if the theory works, ok?
chenoa_2b: Kind of like doing cone shaped snakes,s then flip flop them, so there is different sizes? 
chenoa_2b: Ok, let me move some windows around so I can watch. 
auntyalias: exactly, I'm going to do this so it's narrow in the middle, have two cones
auntyalias: okie dokie
auntyalias: just warming the cane
chenoa_2b: ok, letss do it! lol 
auntyalias: now the brown spots on tortilla's aren't round
auntyalias: they are often oval shape so let's flatten this cone
chenoa_2b: Nope
chenoa_2b: Oh too cool! 
chenoa_2b: You make it look so dang easy! 
auntyalias: Well... maybe the flour can be whiter and the toasty bits darker
auntyalias: but you get the idea
auntyalias: if there's spots, it's lace cane
auntyalias: are the spots small and uniform, like corn meal?
chenoa_2b: yeah, you got it! 
auntyalias: or larger and irregular like toasty parts
chenoa_2b: no, they are random, and different odd shapes! 
(private chat edit)
auntyalias: I'm wondering if this cane here
chenoa_2b: yeah...
auntyalias: medium brown to dark brown center
auntyalias: if surrounded with white
auntyalias: wouldn't make a more believable tortilla?
auntyalias: Let me get some white out and we'll see
chenoa_2b: ummm it might
chenoa_2b: While you are doing th at, I am going to take a turn around the apartment. 
chenoa_2b: brb
chenoa_2b: ok
chenoa_2b: I almost wonder if a piece of really rough sand papper pressed on to the tortillas might give it more texture? 
chenoa_2b: Oh! Quasadella! 
auntyalias: well I don't know because with minis the texture is lost because there's not enough depth for the shadow
auntyalias: the toasty bits are bubbles
chenoa_2b: I did it on some bread slices, and it helped allot
auntyalias: that got more cooked than the flat part
auntyalias: the dark parts are raised on a real tortilla
auntyalias: and light around the dark parts, then surrounded by cream color
auntyalias: seems like
claychik joined the room
chenoa_2b: that makes sense. They aren't fried so much as just heated up. 
claychik: hey, niiice tortillas!
chenoa_2b: lol she knew what they where! lol Must be right on! 
auntyalias: Hey Sharon
auntyalias: we're working on Tortillas
auntyalias: which are a pill to do
auntyalias: LOL
claychik: they look great tho
chenoa_2b: Of course you know NJ makes it look soooo easy! lol 
claychik: of course!
claychik: lol
chenoa_2b: She is on a roll! lol 
frogger70301 joined the room
chenoa_2b: Yo Mitch! Missed ya! 
frogger70301: Missed you too hon!
frogger70301: Whats she doin now?
chenoa_2b: NJ is making tortillas
frogger70301: Oh, cool.
chenoa_2b: So you will be able to make shrimp and cheese quesedellas! 
frogger70301: hopefully before too long.
frogger70301: What colors did she use?
chenoa_2b: Started out with the light brown or tan jelly roll. Dark in the middle, 
chenoa_2b: That is a tortilla! 
frogger70301: OOOH, why couldn't I have gotten back 10 mins ago!
chenoa_2b: Makes me want to roll it upu and make a burrito! 
chenoa_2b: NJ is just trying out things. 
auntyalias: meat cane
chenoa_2b: Giggeling... shredded beef? lol 
auntyalias: tomato
auntyalias: lettuce
auntyalias: black bean, really papaya seeds, but they'll work
auntyalias: melted cheddar cheese
chenoa_2b: Tostadda! 
claychik: i wonder if a base tortilla color mixed with brown EP would work too?
chenoa_2b: EP?
claychik: embossing powder
claychik: omg is that cute or what
chenoa_2b: I can see a pair of earings already! lol 
auntyalias: Taco
auntyalias: San Francisco Style
claychik: so you did a lace cane?
auntyalias: Ok, I'll take questions now
auntyalias: the tortilla?
claychik: for the tortillas
claychik: yep
chenoa_2b: Dancing around the room! 
auntyalias: Started with a bullseye jellyroll blend
auntyalias: Medium brown to dark brown in the center
chenoa_2b: brb
auntyalias: surrounded with white
claychik: it almost looks like gordita bread
auntyalias: for the dark toasty bits on tortillas have a white surround
auntyalias: then
auntyalias: for the marbling between the spots
auntyalias: see this cane
auntyalias: this rectangle thing?
claychik: yep
auntyalias: It's basic white bread
auntyalias: cut that into ribbons, so there's like a dozen cuts
claychik: i was gonna ask that
auntyalias: roll back up together
auntyalias: reduce
auntyalias: and do a lace cane
auntyalias: until you get a spotty sort of blur
auntyalias: bury the dark brown surrounded with white spot in that blur 
auntyalias: ok?
claychik: got it
auntyalias: Reduce and do a lace cane with that
claychik: dang
auntyalias: now for corn tortillas, the papaya skin works in a pinch
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/food/Papaya-004.htm
auntyalias: darken up the spots
auntyalias: make the surround more yellow
auntyalias: it'll look like corn tortillas
claychik: girfriend, i have that papaya printed out
claychik: lol
claychik: oh man
claychik: it soooo does!
claychik: oh, and you can prolly use the flour tortilla cane for pita bread too
auntyalias: yes
auntyalias: the seeds of the papaya will be my black beans
auntyalias: we have meat cane, tomato, lettuce
auntyalias: melted cheddar cheese
chenoa_2b: bak
auntyalias: I'm going to save log and build the second log page
auntyalias: I'll be right back, I'm building pages each hour
claychik: ok
auntyalias: 15 minutes, break
chenoa_2b: Just noodeling around she did it! Ya!!!