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2003-March Highlights

March 2003 was Mexico Month. That included Native American, SouthWest and TexMex themes. Food, pottery and sculpted folks.

Day of the Dead Skull Cane, 


The weirdest of the Day of the Day salvage.

Mayan Maiden Blood Ritual

My error it's Mayan and not Aztec


5 pictures, part of Jen's Welcome Back a gallery showing her Sculpting from 2000. This figure is hanging out with my mini Day of the Dead collection that's on my monitor, sorry for the dust on everything.  

03-21-03 Frida Kahlo inspired figure. A work in progress. This was done from start to this point during one day of WebCam Demo. 
03-13-03- Enchilada Dinner, with links to the various items and other natterings. 



Taco Pix 1 and 2




03-10-03: Making brown from scratch to make tortillas



03-10-03-TacoLog-2 Building Tacos Incrementally




Jar Food Page A mini scene can be in something as small as a jam jar, on top of a pizza protector table. Links to the different food tutes so you can make one of these yourself. Below on this page are the Tropical Mini Foods you'll be able to find on this site. 

03/03/03: Mexico Mix: All the colors and patterns that remind me of Mexico, chopped, tossed and mirror imaged for beads, pendants and what not. The enlarged pictures has the theory behind building a theme mix. 
Patty Roused A Ramble: The Good Steward or I believe you got the RIGHT to Clay. 

To explain the quarter jar. No Quarters? Use Chips.


Bananas done with the Natasha Cut to get those green edges right. 


Papaya: This is the start of tropical fruits and vegetables. I'm going to be doing some Mexican mini food because being Californian I'm ex post facto Mexican. I thought Papaya is a good tropical fruit to start with.

 We've also done Guava, avocado, and other fruit you'd see south of the border. 

avocado Guava
Here's some Examples of real Day of the Dead items.
Altar Examples
Sugar Skulls
Mini Skeletons in Daily Activities
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Box Art 2

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