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frogger70301: wb
auntyalias: Did you see the Chilies get made?
auntyalias: I'm doing a tute and can show you if you didn't see them
auntyalias: or are you repotting the plant?
frogger70301: yeah, if you're talking about the ones you did the other day.
auntyalias: Ok, cool, just putting some digi pix of the chilies together
auntyalias: Hold on, the microwave is dinging
auntyalias: heating up food
frogger70301: Hurried with the plant. Got tired of fighting with ants.
auntyalias: You got big dangerous ants down there?
auntyalias: we got small ones that don't bite
auntyalias: but I still don't like them 
frogger70301: We got big ones, and small ones, and any size in between. And they ALL bite!
auntyalias: I didn't get anything to eat because I was checking why that "Nora Skipper" wasn't getting email, took up all my time
auntyalias: YIKES
auntyalias: not happy
frogger70301: Well, go eat.
auntyalias: they are dangerous, saw a program about folks go into anaphalatic shock when bitten, still heating stuff up
frogger70301: I'm patient! 
auntyalias: waiting for another ding
auntyalias: Well your husband is coming home soon no?
frogger70301: He should have been here already, but Oh, Well.
frogger70301: I'm always waiting on him.
auntyalias: Ah, how's the weather down there today?
frogger70301: Hot, FINALLY!!!!
auntyalias: YEAH
auntyalias: LOL
frogger70301: Gorgeous day today.
auntyalias: we're overcast and in the low 60s
auntyalias: had sun in the morning when I went grocery shopping
auntyalias: stopped and talked to Sally's mother for an hour on the way back
frogger70301: We're gonna get it later this week.
auntyalias: it's like a small town here in the complex, oh there's the ding
auntyalias: brb
frogger70301: k
auntyalias: you got rain coming in?
auntyalias: in the next few days?
auntyalias: Karen of ClayAlley is on cam list, maybe she'll join us
kmrhodes joined the room
auntyalias: Hey Karen
auntyalias: ready for Tacos?
kmrhodes: Hey NJ
kmrhodes: Hey Mitch
kmrhodes: tacos? Sure!
auntyalias: I think Mitch is away from the keyboard she's been quiet
kmrhodes: ah
auntyalias: so we'll do tacos, did you see the pix?
kmrhodes: not yet
kmrhodes: just got on
kmrhodes: my system seems slow or its yahoo
auntyalias: 03-10-03-TacoPix-1.htm
auntyalias: check that out while I set up
kmrhodes: okay
kmrhodes: You amaze me NJ
frogger70301: Sorry, i's looking at some puppys to adopt. My little thingy didn't flash at the bottom, so I didn't know yall were here.
kmrhodes: hey mitch!
kmrhodes: puppys????
frogger70301: But hubby just told me lets go, so I gotts go now. I'll try to come back a bit later.
kmrhodes: okay hon
frogger70301: ttyl.
kmrhodes: later gator
frogger70301 left the room
auntyalias: Ya, I figured when her hubs came home she'd be gone
auntyalias: but she's seen all of this already
kmrhodes: where is bonsai kathy?
kmrhodes: shes usually here for your demos
auntyalias: I'm going to fill these tacos so you can see the different layers, since there's five things that are going inside
auntyalias: Is she online?
kmrhodes: dont think so
kmrhodes: just you and me babe
auntyalias: and our Tacos
kmrhodes: ya
auntyalias: there's enough reminders to the list and I'm sending logs and pix as I make things through to the list
auntyalias: if folks show they show
auntyalias: if they don't
auntyalias: they blow
auntyalias: LOL
kmrhodes: lol
auntyalias: be there or be square is my motto
auntyalias: ok, so there's meat, black beans, tomatoes and lettuce and melteed cheddar cheese
kmrhodes: you a funny gal
auntyalias: that's the cane logs that are in the pix
kmrhodes: now I'm hungary
auntyalias: I just had to get something to eat right now while doing these
auntyalias: I wish I could eat Mexican food
kmrhodes: why cant you
auntyalias: it ain't on the left over menu
auntyalias: LOL
kmrhodes: ah
auntyalias: so I'll do them in mini
kmrhodes: I love left overs
auntyalias: me too, no one else eats them, I toss out so much food around here it's criminal
kmrhodes: Wow
kmrhodes: Donna won't toss a thing
(private chat edit)
auntyalias: ok, have you seen the meat tutorial?
auntyalias: for bacon?
kmrhodes: a sub from Subway for dinner
auntyalias: you're totally bad
kmrhodes: home fries and corn for supper
kmrhodes: meat tute?
kmrhodes: love my meat!
kmrhodes: burgers
kmrhodes: steak
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/food/Bacon-grp
kmrhodes: bacon
auntyalias: That's the meat that's going into the taco
kmrhodes: yummmmmm
kmrhodes: rubbing my budda belly
kmrhodes: making me hungary
auntyalias: hold up I got a moderated notice
kmrhodes: okay
kmrhodes: here i sit broken hearted
kmrhodes: nobody knows the troubles i've seen
kmrhodes: no body knows my sorrow
kmrhodes: singing to myself
kmrhodes: lalalalalaaaaa
kmrhodes: doe, a deer
kmrhodes: a female deer
auntyalias: LOL, I'm unmoderating her right now
kmrhodes: oh
kmrhodes: I was singing
kmrhodes: me, a name I call my self
kmrhodes: far, a longa way to run
kmrhodes: sew a needle pulling thread
kmrhodes: la a note to follow sew
kmrhodes: me a name I call myself
kmrhodes: that will bring us back to do, dododododododod
kmrhodes: row, row, row your boat
kmrhodes: gently down the stream
auntyalias: You're so bad
auntyalias: ok, she's all set now
kmrhodes: I singing
auntyalias: I sent her the How To page on getting to Demo
kmrhodes: good
kmrhodes: who is she?
auntyalias: we got a bunch of new mini makers because I sent the post "What does MSAT mean?" to MiniScenesAndThings
kmrhodes: ya
auntyalias: Claudia, new gal, just joinged 3/8
kmrhodes: cool
kmrhodes: the more the merrier
kmrhodes: I always say
auntyalias: we always get a half a dozen and there's some who join and then unsub in a few hours
auntyalias: never could figure that one out
auntyalias: happens though
kmrhodes: strange people
auntyalias: ok, so back to our tacos, Oh I gave you a plug on the post
kmrhodes: ya did?
auntyalias: saying I'm making Tacos for Karen of ClayAlley and put your url with mine
auntyalias: he he he
kmrhodes: LOL
auntyalias: so they can not only know what they are missing
auntyalias: but who
auntyalias: as well
kmrhodes: you sly devil
kmrhodes: did you see my new blades?
auntyalias: not yet honey
kmrhodes: should I sing again
kmrhodes: LOL
auntyalias: I'm going to slice up this bacon and start building the tacos
kmrhodes: okay, I'm with ya
auntyalias: then I'll add one topping at a time
auntyalias: so we have a sequential Taco Building example for Digi pix
kmrhodes: okay
auntyalias: Now for tomato
kmrhodes: yummmmm
kmrhodes: fresh from the vine
kmrhodes: meaty, not too juicy
kmrhodes: a roma, perhaps?
kmrhodes: or Italian?
kmrhodes: hmmmm, decisions, decisions
kmrhodes: putting itsy bitsy tomatoes on our tacos
auntyalias: now for some black beans
auntyalias: made with Papaya seed cane
kmrhodes: slicing the papaya seed cane
kmrhodes: cutting
kmrhodes: cutting
kmrhodes: cutting
kmrhodes: slicing
kmrhodes: slicing
kmrhodes: slicing
kmrhodes: rolling with clay shaper
kmrhodes: rolling
kmrhodes: rolling
kmrhodes: rolling
kmrhodes: secioning the cane
kmrhodes: sectioning
kmrhodes: sectioning
kmrhodes: sectioning
kmrhodes: putting black beans on the tacos
kmrhodes: making the taco pleasing to the eay
kmrhodes: eye
kmrhodes: pleasing
kmrhodes: pleasing
kmrhodes: pleasing
kmrhodes: a wonderful mash of color
auntyalias: now for lettuce
kmrhodes: oh green!
kmrhodes: slicing the crisp lettuce
kmrhodes: slicing
kmrhodes: slicing
kmrhodes: slicing
kmrhodes: rolling
kmrhodes: rolling
kmrhodes: rolling
claychik joined the room
kmrhodes: hey claychik
claychik: hi!
kmrhodes: how are ya honey
claychik: sorry, am i interrupting anything?
kmrhodes: we making tacos
claychik: i'm good, how are you?
claychik: ah
kmrhodes: great
kmrhodes: turn on webcam
kmrhodes: Nj cutting lettuce as we speak
auntyalias: Now for cheese
claychik: oh kewl
auntyalias: Hey Sharon
claychik: hey hey nj
kmrhodes: we gonna have a party!
auntyalias: doing incremental Taco building
kmrhodes: see the nice colors sharon?
claychik: yes, very cool
kmrhodes: so, how you been
claychik: those tortillas look so real
kmrhodes: good enough to eat
kmrhodes: we added bacon,
kmrhodes: tomatoes
kmrhodes: black beans
kmrhodes: and now lettuce
claychik: cheez and rice, i'm glad i ate already
claychik: lol
kmrhodes: LOL
auntyalias: There
auntyalias: from right to left
auntyalias: first bacon, then tomato, then black bean, then lettuce, then cheese
auntyalias: now I got to take a pix of that
claychik: i was doing my sugar skulls like that: first green on all of them, then purple, then yellow, etc
kmrhodes: sugar skulls?
claychik: yep, day of the dead sugar skulls
kmrhodes: cool
claychik: i sent it thru the pix list
kmrhodes: I gotta check that out
claychik: they were fun to make
kmrhodes: cant wait to see them
auntyalias: Sharon did you see the taco pix?
auntyalias: that I put up on the page?
claychik: i'm just afraid that now i'm going to be stuck on making them, and make ONLY sugar skulls, like i was with the sushi
claychik: lol
claychik: not yet
claychik: lemme look
claychik: very nice, nj
kmrhodes: isn't she the boss!
claychik: it looks really good next to the peppers
claychik: she is sooo the boss
auntyalias: Now I'll add these incremental tacos to that section
auntyalias: got to build mini food like you make food in real life
kmrhodes: I'm her assistant you know
auntyalias: LOL
kmrhodes: Ya right!
auntyalias: My Right Hand Gal
kmrhodes: LOL
claychik: lol
auntyalias: That's who you are Karen, we're in Cahoots
auntyalias: brb
kmrhodes: love cahoots
claychik: lol!
kmrhodes: can we make them with chocolate?
claychik: rofl
kmrhodes: LOL
kmrhodes: Just told tech_mom to come over to the demo
claychik: cool
kmrhodes: chocolate covered cahoots! I like it
claychik: i figured there'd be more people
lindaslists joined the room
claychik: yeah, then we can all be in cahoots
kmrhodes: hey linda
kmrhodes: oh ya
lindaslists: hi all
claychik: hi linda
kmrhodes: Hey Linda, we are making chocolate cahoots!
claychik: lol
kmrhodes: right Sharon?
claychik: yep!
lindaslists: my favorite food group - Chocolate
kmrhodes: me tooooooo
claychik: ooh, i found some nice low-carb, sugarfree chocolate
kmrhodes: not sugarfree!
kmrhodes: never
claychik: yep
kmrhodes: No
claychik: lol
kmrhodes: I wont do it
claychik: well, i gotta do it
claychik: so it's good for now
kmrhodes: okay
claychik: << low-carb diet
kmrhodes: you do good
kmrhodes: and I will make up for the both of us
kmrhodes: LOL
claychik: i even found dark chocolate
claychik: yummm
kmrhodes: shoot, gotta go
claychik: aww, karen, you would make that sacrifice?
claychik: lol
claychik: aww
kmrhodes: for you Sharon, sure I would
claychik: lol
kmrhodes: I'm that nice of a gal
claychik: yes you are!
kmrhodes: course, gotta buy bigger pants
kmrhodes: what the hell
kmrhodes: gonna get cremated anyway
kmrhodes: might as well add sizzle to the steak!
kmrhodes: LOL
claychik: the good thing about this choc is if you eat too much, it gives you a tummy ache
claychik: so you tend to cut down on it
kmrhodes: not me
claychik: rofl karen
auntyalias: 03-10-03-TacoPix-3.htm
claychik: my stupid ass ate a whole bar of it
kmrhodes: oh- shes back!
claychik: oh hey nj
kmrhodes: sorry gals, gotta take off
claychik: aww
kmrhodes: catch ya later, kay?
claychik: have a good night karen
kmrhodes: thanks
auntyalias: See Ya Karen
kmrhodes: tell NJ to make chocolate cahoots!
auntyalias: LOL
kmrhodes: LOL
claychik: lol okay!
auntyalias: be-have
auntyalias: Howdy Linda
kmrhodes: This I gotta see! Tell me when the demo is scheduled
claychik: hee!
lindaslists: Hi NJ
kmrhodes left the room
auntyalias: Thank you for sending that Yahoo Maintenance post to the list
auntyalias: I didn't get notice of it at all from Yahoo. Which is odd
auntyalias: it's good that the list knows
dahs512 joined the room
auntyalias: Hey Denise
dahs512: Hi
claychik: hi denise!
auntyalias: did you see the pix links I've been sending to the list?
lindaslists: didn't they do it last year at this time?
auntyalias: 03-10-03-TacoPix-3.htm
dahs512: I have been outside most of the day
auntyalias: I can't recall, it happens now and again
dahs512: so not yet
auntyalias: This last pix is incremental Taco Building
dahs512: yo quero
auntyalias: Linda did you see my Mexican Food in a Jar? The mist has cleared up
lindaslists: I see a banana
dahs512: those tacos need to be roled..hee hee
dahs512: l
claychik: omg, that avocado looks so good
auntyalias: There
lindaslists: OMG. That is so cute. Better than the ships in a bottle
claychik: lol linda
auntyalias: ya the Avocado came out really nice, used canteloup rind for the seed
dahs512: The jar turned out great NJ
auntyalias: It's so like ships in a bottle and it was so quick and easy to do
auntyalias: I took it to Ruth's and Ruth, Sandy and her husband Jerry thought it was nifty, so did the cab driver
auntyalias: I'm showing everyone
auntyalias: LOL
claychik: lol
auntyalias: pushing the mini scene theme
dahs512: i made an easter basket...your influence
auntyalias: that's fresh celantro, thought I'd buy some to show folks
claychik: it IS really really cute
auntyalias: it's used in Mexican food a lot
claychik: ya, my mom uses it in guac
dahs512: got to have it in hot sauce
claychik: fresh salsa always has to have cilantro
auntyalias: it's wilting under the lights
dahs512: You can freeze it in water to use in stuff later
auntyalias: On Denise, thank you for that tip
auntyalias: I didn't want it to go to waste, but I can't use a whole bunch in a month
claychik: hey, the cilantro looks kinda cool behind the jar like that
auntyalias: ya, I thought so too, like jungle foliage
claychik: yeah!
auntyalias: Oh I've been spelling it wrong, Sharon?
auntyalias: I'm so Aunt Clara with my bad spells
claychik: huh?
dahs512: coriander seeds can be crushed for a similar flavor in a pinch
claychik: i think that cilantro is grown from coriander
auntyalias: Remember Aunt Clara in Bewitched? Her spells were all bad.
claychik: rofl!
dahs512: yes it is
dahs512: same stuff
auntyalias: so my spelling is so bad my older sister calls me Aunt Clara
claychik: lol that's cute
dahs512: don't sweat the petty
claychik: and don't pet the sweatyu
auntyalias: and don't pet the sweaty as Janey's husband says
claychik: lol
auntyalias: that just cracked me up
auntyalias: ok, so what do we have as Short Order Requests?
auntyalias: since we did chilies and tacos already
claychik: i want to see the tortillas rolled up like tacquitos
claychik: maybe tls and avocado for guac?
dahs512: with chicken, cilantro and cheese
claychik: mmmm
lindaslists: I sold 5 of my half pens and one of my hearts at work today. The pens are for the CNA's to wear on their lanyard for work and the heart was to be used as a worry stone.
claychik: and tomato bits in the guac
dahs512: ooh, and that on top
claychik: ooh, congrats linda
lindaslists: The pens have the eye screw in the top with a key ring attached\
auntyalias: guacamole, got to get some avocado cane and TLS for that
claychik: brb gettin a cig
auntyalias: let me save log here since we're going to another dish