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03-20-03 WebCam Demo Frida Rant

auntyalias: well that's close
bonsaikathy: NJ, great job
kmrhodes: Great NJ
auntyalias: use a picture and keep on fiddling
auntyalias: start with the jaw line
auntyalias: forehead
auntyalias: and sneak in towards the nose
auntyalias: like a game of GO
auntyalias: you surround your goal
bonsaikathy: nope, no snacks during lent
auntyalias: and move in
kmrhodes: forgot about lent
bonsaikathy: love the lips
auntyalias: it's getting there
auntyalias: she has more than the Unibrow to make her face distinctive
auntyalias: she has a cleft in her chin
auntyalias: and her chin is a round bit at the end of her jaw
bonsaikathy: is his eyebrow cocked on the left side in the pic
bonsaikathy: sorry, her
kmrhodes: everyone in my family has a cleft in the chin
auntyalias: her nose is high and rounded like a child, her lips are
full but rarely smiling
auntyalias: there's pain lines under her eyes
auntyalias: and besides her nose to her mouth
bonsaikathy: who is she
bonsaikathy: I missed that part
auntyalias: not a lot of extra cheek muscle, she's always been frail
and in hospital, being force fed
auntyalias: Frida Kahlo
auntyalias: a mexican painter
auntyalias: her husband was Diego Revera a famous muralist during the
30's and 40's
auntyalias: but she's more famous than he is now for her story was so
auntyalias: she was impaled with a stick of wood in a trolly accident
kmrhodes: ouch
auntyalias: and through her privates and out her back
auntyalias: then showered with gold dust, carried by a painter on the
auntyalias: she had to be transported with the big pole through her to
auntyalias: so she always had problems physically afterward
auntyalias: and could not bare children
auntyalias: so she's often portrayed with monkeys, the closest thing
to a human baby there is
auntyalias: she painted in small canvases and has a small collection
of work as all women artists
auntyalias: but she was a surrealist and examined her pain
auntyalias: her frustration
auntyalias: her grief
auntyalias: her pride in being Mexican
auntyalias: and for that, she is now an icon
auntyalias: even with a mustash and unibrow
auntyalias: I'll put together links for a tribute to her in the Mexico
auntyalias: before the month is up
auntyalias: she's one of my favorite people
auntyalias: ever
bonsaikathy: are you going to do her eyebrow and hair
auntyalias: TLS for the Unibrow
auntyalias: clay for the hair
bonsaikathy: would be cool to see her with them
auntyalias: with flowers
bonsaikathy: cool
auntyalias: put a monkey on her shoulder and have it drape its tail
around her neck
auntyalias: I do believe I sent through Frida links last week
auntyalias: Now I'm sure I did, for I had to do a tiny url for one of
auntyalias: I'll copy that post for the Frida section
auntyalias: I could do figures of Frida until the cows come home and
sell every one of them I'll betcha
auntyalias: she is an inspiration for all women on how to be an artist
even if you're in a body cast for a whole year
auntyalias: I think of my problems and I think of her and I say, I got
no problems
auntyalias: I'm not physically disabled as she was off and on all her
short life
auntyalias: but she wrote
kmrhodes: thats the truth
auntyalias: and she painted
auntyalias: and she loved fully
auntyalias: all genders
auntyalias: she put up with her fat assed husband
auntyalias: for he was a great painter
auntyalias: and was a wreck when she died even though he was old
enough to be her father
auntyalias: for those of us with our aches and pains, that can fuel
the art
auntyalias: if one is free enough to show the pain that is inside
without flinching
auntyalias: make the viewer flinch for your honesty
auntyalias: that's what she did
kmrhodes: spoken as a true artist, NJ
auntyalias: that's why I exhort to the list that if we have a message
auntyalias: even if it is the labyrinth of our own hearts
auntyalias: we have fuel for art
auntyalias: if we play it safe, wanting to please everyone
auntyalias: and neglecting the roaring message that is within us
auntyalias: we loose
auntyalias: our work is kitch
auntyalias: pandering to the masses
auntyalias: instead of risking pissing someone off with having a
sincere message in one's art
auntyalias: I'm not saying that all art should have some message
auntyalias: but all art should be sincere
auntyalias: your heart must be in it
auntyalias: or it is
auntyalias: just
auntyalias: work
auntyalias: work work work work
auntyalias: when your heart is in it
auntyalias: it is
auntyalias: joy
auntyalias: release
auntyalias: relief
auntyalias: inspiration
auntyalias: something good to give to another
bonsaikathy: That is exactly why I do all kinds of bonsai instead of
just the traditional juniper that is in lowe's garden center
auntyalias: there ya go
auntyalias: follow your bliss
auntyalias: that's the ticket
auntyalias: I don't expect everyone to jump off and make Frida dolls
auntyalias: I do hope that everyone jumps off and is sincere in their
auntyalias: touching their own heart
auntyalias: to touch others
bonsaikathy: That is the one most miniaturists want and I'd sell more
if I catered only to that but it doesn't matter to me, I'd be bored to
tears in no time at all if I did that
auntyalias: that's where we are bonded
auntyalias: ya, then it is work, huh, Kathy?
bonsaikathy: exactly