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Welcome Back Jen 05-18-03:  Mr. Mousie's house s 2.5"/7cm tall; 3"/8.5cm wide; 1.5"/4.35cm deep. So I'd say it was 1/4th scale. The wingback chair and bed made by Mz. Peggye of San Antonio; the mouse on the bed and three more from Karin in Germany; The hutch and room box made by me: paper mache, contact paper and woodsies for the room box. Woodsies and metal hinges for the hutch. There's a book on the bed which is a one inch scale book cut into fourths. The curtain on the window is 1/4th inch satin ribbon, cut, gathered and glued into place. The window sill is lined with craft toothpicks, those flat ones.

Mr. Mousie made it to his new home with a few injuries.

He appreciated his bed, table and mini food but ...

He was just a little lonely.

Until Karin in Germany sent him some mice to keep him company.

Even with the mice friends there were times when Mr. Mousie would look out the window.


And try to remember that the Moon looked down on his old friends and family far away.