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Jen's Halloween Doll, only pix I got of it.

Welcome Back Jen Jen's website

This section is dedicated to a claymate who has been gone and has now come back. There's sculpting history between the two of us and this is her tribute. 

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JenDoll is getting ready for the holidays.

I thought she was Aztec, but Jen tells me she's Mayan, my bad. 

Mayan Maiden Blood Ritual

5 pictures, part of Jen's Welcome Back Celebration... a gallery showing her Sculpting from 2000. This figure is hanging out with my mini Day of the Dead collection that's on my monitor, sorry for the dust on everything.  

These were once on my old GeoCities website from 1999. 06-30-09 I loaded them up and still have to put captions on some of them. These were made 10 years ago and I still love them tons.

Jen Doll 1999

JenDoll's debut, hanging out in the Japan Room movie set. All the miniaturists who were here in the very beginning of this list know's that JenDoll has a dollhouse of her own.

Mr. Mousie's House

1/4th scale

and Mr. Mousie lives there with four mice of his own. 1999

Claystress in an Egg

A clay lady sculpture with flowers in a hinged chicken egg. 1999

Even though it's only inside of an egg shell it is still a mini scene.


I believe JenDoll was her swap to me for Claystress in an Egg.

Dworkin, 1999: Here is one of my first sculptures and it was for Jen of Austin TX. She used to play Everquest and this was a character she had created. Using a picture that she sent to me I sculpted this Gnome and surprised my own self with some of the tricks I fell over. Check out how his face is sculpted. For those who don't want to mash away at clay to get a certain look, put balls of clay down and then lay skin clay over it and smooth it on the balls. Do that as an alternate to putting balls of flesh colored clay on a blank face.

So check it out for some ancient clay history for my sculpting journey. Jen says with all her moves he is still in one piece. Cool.

Holly Daze

Hill Billy Angel

 Welcome Back Jen. Missed you tons and tons.