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Meet the Centaur, making the move on the Centaurette. 

"Hey, a guy gotta give it his best shot, eh?" 

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So what's the point of the Centaur and his stripes? Anatomy books has pictures of the human body without skin, just showing the muscle groups. The stripes on this Centaur is inspired by these muscle groupings of anatomy books. Also continuing with this experiment is not having the lower part of the Centaur's body be horse like. More human in shape, which makes it more sensually accessible. 

The captions on this page was the original story in the lost PhotoPoint album. If you want to get clay serious you'll have to click to see the enlarged pictures. 

1A, "Well hey there Missy. Do you need any help with those flowers there?" He says with a bended fore knee.
1B, "They aren't heavy and it is my job after all." She replies breezily. "What is this book here? You know about it or are you just hanging around bothering working Centaurettes?"
1C, While she's checking out the anatomy book, he's checking out the rose. Ya right. "Well it's like this," he says after clearing his throat, "my stripes were inspired by these muscle groups, I'm a work in progress."
1D, "Oh you're a piece of work alright." She teases.

"You think so, do you?" He replies, "So how about it, do you need some help with those flowers?"

1E, "Well, Big Boy. If you're trying to hit on me why not just come out and say so. I clock out at sunset." She says with a saucy tone.

You could have knocked him over with a feather.

1F, When she said that he just reared up with joy.


12-19-04: Centaur is now Hairy