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Introduction to Filing Faces

Before Filing

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Trio-2:  The young girl at the top holds her face to show no emotion. This is disturbing for we don't know what she's thinking.

We know she is not afraid, surprised and we also know she's proud for she holds up her chin. The Elder in the middle has a faint smile that does not reach his eyes.  This is a "polite smile" but it holds no real joy. The incline of his head also asks something of us in some way. An offering of friendship perhaps? Waiting for a response to a question. We communicate with our faces and how we hold our heads. Remember these cues when you sculpt faces, the smile that reaches the eyes, like with the young boy is the one that holds positive emotion and will receive positive emotion in return automatically. He does not hold his face up in defiance, nor does he beg a question, he is joyfully in youthful innocence. And yes, I did crack the clay fabric sheet, but that's ok we can patch and cover that.