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On to the fourth page: Covering the skull: the Lower face of an African. 

Starting out I was in a hurry and just put in copper and black for the eyes. This is not working for me so if thine eye offend thee, pluck it out.
Slice carefully around the edge of the eyelid and pull out the iris.
Smooth out the white and tuck in at the inner and outer corner to make the orb look round.
Poke a hold where you want the new iris to be located. Make sure to do both eyes at the same time so you can make the eyes look in the same direction.
Here is the slice of eyeball cane.
Take a bit of white and make a cone shape and adhere it to the back of the eyeball cane slice.
Bowl the sides of the eyeball cane so it wraps around the white cone. This part of the eyeball cane will be hidden.
Here is the iris, pupil and eyeball root. If it makes the iris rise too high above the white, pull it out, snip off a bit of the root and then stick it in again.
Here is the iris just plopped in the hole we made in the white of the eye.
From the side you can see how it is just resting in the hole.
Take a clay shaper and stick it in the corner of the eye and roll it from side to side to make the white of the eye smooth up against the iris.
You can see here how where we rolled that clay shaper smoothed the white of the eye up against the iris and it also curves the orb.
Take the clay shaper and stick it in the outer corner of the eye and roll it from side to side to do the same on the other side of the iris.
This tool is a handmade gift, but you can find something similar. Press in and separate the lid from the whites slightly.
See how we've pulled out the eyelid from the white. Touch up the curve of the orb while you're at it.
Here is how the eyelids look having been pulled away from the whites.
Now press the eyelids back on the eyeball. Here with my finger as a reference you can see that this eye is full size.
Touching down the eyelids the eye really takes on a life of its own.
Pressing down the upper lid.
Now, isn't that a better eyeball than what had been there before?
The next tutorial is how to cover the skull with skin. This face is redone.