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Skulls, faces and races Sculpting Sections
Tutorial on how to make a skull with aluminum foil and then to make the full sized face on the skull. Different races can be made from the same skull. The earlier examples are experimental. If you go through all of these webthreads you can see the evolution of this technique and in the end it turns out to be Easy Breezy Sculpting.
December 9, 2001

You can make a skull mold and build any number of different faces on it, just like in real life. This is full sized masks. 

 December 10, 2001

Kleo Wong joins Phaore Jones on the work table. Same skull, same skin with equal amounts of white added, Eurasian features, so says my husband. 

December 14, 2001: On 12/12/2001 my oldest grandson turned 5 years old. Miles Takao Stone. He is a combination of all these skin tones. Great grandmothers: Afro-American and Japanese. Caucasian mixed in along the way. To celebrate the peanut butter kid, here's the new redone eyes of various ethnicity
December 15, 2001: Pharoe Jones gets an eye-job. Changing out the eyes after the lids are on isn't as difficult as you might think. Check out the Eyejob page. 
December 15, 2001: Pharoe Jones gets whole new make over so you can see the step by step process of Covering the Skull: The lower face of an African . There are four group pages with 5 pictures each with captions. 
December 15, 2001: The upper part of the face done step by step. Just because PhotoPoint is down doesn't mean you don't get new eye candy. 
The faces fit in these boxes with sliding lids. Wow, nifty.