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May, a Doll, I don't know what she's going to be outside of the fact it'll be female.

Fleshing the Doll and Striking a Pose

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I added breasts and a bit of rib cage. She's sort of scrawny at this point.

You can pose a doll like this on this bamboo skewer in a full lotus meditative pose, just with a stick up her butt. Keep the skewer there so you can turn the doll while sculpting her and keep your finger prints and smudges off her body.

When you cut out leaf shapes and attach them use your tools for that. One problem with making polymer clay dolls like this is "fag ash" - cigarette ash, dust, animal hair, finger prints, dirt from all of that will make smudge ridges as you smooth the skin with your fingers.

Use a clay shaper and roll the cone shaped tip over the areas you are working on, holding on to the skewer. Use the large sized one to move large clay mass, move on down to smaller sizes as you go for detail.