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It's Raining Men

Anatomy Book Index

Dolls, Figures and Faces for the How To Do It.

Anatomy Book -1

ISBN, Muscle Type 1, Muscle Type 2, Muscle Type 3

Anatomy Book -2

Skeleton, Skeleton Profile, Full-Front Fleshed, Full-Back Fleshed

Anatomy Book -3

skull-front, skull-profile, face-layers-1, Chin-Up

Anatomy Book -4

face-chest, Head-Shoulders Back, Head Shoulders Profile, Shoulders-Profile

Anatomy Book -5

Chest and Arm, side-back-arm, ribs-L-arm, upperarm,

Anatomy Book -6

Inner Arm and Hand, Hand and Wrist, Back of Hand

Anatomy Book -7

Tummy, Posterior Abdominal Wall, Back and Butt, Calves and Feet, Shins and Feet