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It's Raining Men

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Remember that song? "It's raining Men, Halliluyah..."

Well I've started this new subdirectory called


Starting with 28 pictures of anatomy. This is from the bones, to the muscle and all points inbetween. Not for the faint at heart. But if you got a mind to sculpt male forms, learn where the muscles are located.

After this anatomy section is done the next thing is go add thumbnails
of all the male figures on my site and link them to the Raining Men
Index. As I sculpt Men, stand alone, not in groups, I'll add them to
this index. Make it easier to find for those who are sculpting

I'm planning on doing

Joe Millionaire
Maori Warriors
A few MerDudes
and finish on Prince of Fire done as Elvis

So May's theme is "It's Raining Men"

Anatomy Book Index
Fu Man Chu: Fictive Man

01-23-04: Made in Demo showing how you don't have to sculpt the body exact to form if you're covering it with clay fabric.

Lurking Man 07-26-04

A figure that was started in demo and ended up on a turned up jar. 

Jean Luc: Male Movie Star, Patrick Stewart.

01-23-04: I did a TLS skin mix and he's got "frosting peaks" that will need sanding down. Pix to come.

Cowboy Kai Group

Kai-4, hugging the green breast

The little figurine you can't get enough of. Kai on the Green Tit. 15 pictures of his development and nattering about sculpting. 

Kai3 Kit and Kabootle Page 
Stan the Man at the Cantina,
  Prince of Fire First Curing

Prince of Fire gets a Hand: easy as standing on your head. A resurrected album.


Prince of Fire Gets Skinned
Nagaman Step by Step sculpting this face.
Lil' Man