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RitaMaid Index - 04-28-03: Log #1, start of the RitaMaid

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bonsaikathy joined the room
auntyalias: I logged on and Yahoo Crashed
bonsaikathy: Hi girl, was starting to get worried about you
auntyalias: I think I screwed up shargooses friend ad
auntyalias: oh we were stuck at DMV, it was packed. Decided to do that
today and get it out of the way, got rained on too.
auntyalias: let me post to the list that I'm back
bonsaikathy: ok
auntyalias: done
bonsaikathy: been working on a whole slew of new bonsai including some
new styles, so been busy
auntyalias: hope you've been making money on the bonsai
bonsaikathy: I hope soon we can do the demo on japanese gardens as I'm
ready to start mine and use some of these for myself
auntyalias: I have a video on Japanese Gardens that I borrowed from
Ruth. I'll study that and take screen shots on the TV and see what we
can come up with
bonsaikathy: yes, they sell like crazy whenever I update my website
and then I only say something about it when I update so then it slows
bonsaikathy: this past weekend is when my friend Len displayed them in
the bonsai show in Rhode Island. I'm looking forward to seeing pics
auntyalias: Check out my cam, I got the video on the screen
frogger70301 joined the room
bonsaikathy: oh wow
auntyalias: send me your mailing address, I'll send this video to you
by priority mail and you can copy it and send it back to me
bonsaikathy: Hi Mitch
auntyalias: Hey Mitch
bonsaikathy: Oh great, I'll do it
frogger70301: Hey, hons.
auntyalias: Ruth hasn't asked about it since I been bringing my videos
over to her place each week
shargoose joined the room
auntyalias: Shargoose, yahoo crashed as I was adding you to my
Friend's list
auntyalias: you're on the list though, but not in bold, are you on
shargoose: That's normal. I seem to cause crashes!!
shargoose: Whoops, yes
auntyalias: Well even though it crashed it seemed to have added you to
my Friend's list
auntyalias: so all is well on the Western Front
auntyalias: just got in the door
shargoose: Good!!
bonsaikathy: I just sent it NJ, thanks
auntyalias: bonked my head on a sign on the way home, I was inbetween
a moving trolly and traffic and had my head down watching my feet and
bonked my head on a No U Turn sign
auntyalias: boinggo bonk
auntyalias: it's still smarting
auntyalias: LOL
bonsaikathy: oh ouch
frogger70301: Here's a kiss to make it feel better!
auntyalias: it didn't break the skin, only hurt my dignity
auntyalias: awww, I needed that
shargoose: I'm adding you guys to my friends list. If that is OK
auntyalias: also add this room as a favorite room if you've not done
that already
auntyalias: File/Favorite Room
auntyalias: on the menu bar above the chat window
shargoose: Did it last might, thanks to Mitch!!
auntyalias: this is NoraJean in San Francisco, let's do names and
bonsaikathy: Mitch sent the kiss and I'll send the hug
auntyalias: so everyone learns who's who
bonsaikathy: Kathy in E. TN
shargoose: I'm Sharon V , located in NH, USA
auntyalias: thanks Kathy, it was more embarassing than painful
auntyalias: boingo bonk, jeese louise
shargoose: I'm playing with changing font. Excuse me
auntyalias: I got to wash my hands, just got in the door and been
riding public transit
auntyalias: brb
yippekaya joined the room
frogger70301: Heya again, Shirls!
shargoose: Sorry you bonked your vean, Nora Jean!
shargoose: Hi Shirls
yippekaya: hello
bonsaikathy: Hi there
auntyalias: Is that our Bonnie Lass?
shargoose: NJ, I burned a fairey really bad last night. Painted it and
put TLS on it and it turned bright ORANGE. Help
auntyalias: what a trip, it's what 10pm your time?
yippekaya: 10.39p lol
yippekaya: pm
auntyalias: give the bright orange fairie flaming red hair, and paint
her eyes red
auntyalias: and give her wings that look like fire
auntyalias: if life hands you a lemon, make lemonade
shargoose: NO
shargoose: She's going to have red hair and pink wings
auntyalias: ok,'s your call, you're on latest and it's
your desire that will be met first
auntyalias: I'd say orange is ok, if the rest of the hair and wings
auntyalias: just flow with where the color family is going is my bet
yippekaya: lol
An Invitation to view your Webcam was sent to yippekaya (4/28/03 2:38
auntyalias: Shirls ok cool you got the cam
bonsaikathy: ok everyone has a color but me, so I'll do Tennessee
bonsaikathy: yuck
yippekaya: yes i got it thankyou
auntyalias: so what say us? Sculpting?
shargoose: Well, it's a real yucky orange. So I think I will paint her
again with some of the new enamel colors I got and not bake her
yippekaya: yeah cool
bonsaikathy: sounds good
auntyalias: I've been finishing up the sets of eyes made during the
iris experiment
auntyalias: there's tricks to doing noses
auntyalias: we could focus on nose, eyes
auntyalias: or do whole faces from scratch
shargoose: Can I just leave this on and watch as I run back and forth
to make dinner. It's 6PM here and hubby id home
auntyalias: or do an aluminum foil armature and make a body in a
bonsaikathy: ok
auntyalias: sure thing Sharon, I totally understand
bonsaikathy: faces
auntyalias: Shirls... are faces from scratch ok with you?
shargoose: OK, I'll be peeking
bonsaikathy: love it when you do faces
auntyalias: we got to please our Bonnie Lass, who's up late her time
yippekaya: lol
auntyalias: scale... one inch scale? Half Scale? Male, Female, race
auntyalias: a rastafarian mama?
auntyalias: a chinese old man
auntyalias: full size, one inch scale, what?
auntyalias: happy, sad, afraid, stoned?
auntyalias: I'll need to know race before mixing skin clay
yippekaya: i'll go with what others want
yippekaya: this is fab
auntyalias: oh you're just giddy for being here, if you rubbed the
magic lamp
auntyalias: and got ANYTHING
auntyalias: you wanted, what would it be
auntyalias: white, asian, east indian
auntyalias: male or female
auntyalias: young or old
auntyalias: I got to know the requirements before mixing skin tone
auntyalias: and I'll show you how I pull taffy when conditioning a
large amount of clay
yippekaya: white,female,young?
auntyalias: ok,
auntyalias: now we got it narrowed down
auntyalias: scale
auntyalias: full size like this
auntyalias: or one inch scale?
yippekaya: not sure what one inch scale is, sorry
bonsaikathy: hey this is your chance girl to watch the master go at it
auntyalias: one inch scale is when 2.85 centemeters equals a meter in
real life
auntyalias: no
auntyalias: that's wrong
auntyalias: 2.85 cm equals 1/3rd meter
auntyalias: sorry
auntyalias: one inch scale in imperial terms is one inch of a doll is
equal to one foot of a real life person
yippekaya: yes please thats cool
auntyalias: so a 2 meter tall guy would be 3 inches tall
yippekaya: 1 inch scale
yippekaya: is that ok with everyone else?
auntyalias: ok, what I'm going to do is start mixing colors for clay,
standard white folks skin tone is half white and half raw sienna
auntyalias: I'm going to chop it up in a food processor and note
bonsaikathy: yes
auntyalias: I shall not take it out until it turns into a ball
auntyalias: that's like a potato
auntyalias: that's when it's warm and elastic and then I'll pull it
like taffy to mix the colors
auntyalias: ok?
yippekaya: cool
auntyalias: are we all good to this point with the plan,
auntyalias: after I pull and mix the clay
yippekaya: yeah
auntyalias: I'll press sheets of it and just store them on aluminum
foil so we can then get started
auntyalias: good
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/Sculpt/MayDoll-2002/SkinTones-thm.htm
auntyalias: this is the tutorial that goes with this demo
auntyalias: you can check it out while I'm doing the boring stuff
auntyalias: I'm sharing this log with the list
auntyalias: to let them know what we're doing...
auntyalias: Young, White, Female.... being MADE in Demo
auntyalias: how's that for a title to an email
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: they snooze ...they loose
yippekaya: lol
auntyalias: now it's like 2-3 oz of each, white and raw sienna
auntyalias: I don't measure
auntyalias: I'm not that compulsive
auntyalias: but
auntyalias: if you have a series of figures you're making
auntyalias: and you want your clay skin colors to match
auntyalias: then measure
auntyalias: and then it can be repeated, ok?
yippekaya: yip
auntyalias: I just don't bother, it's too much of a bother for a demo
auntyalias: Now I'm going to chop this up and watch how it turns into
a ball
auntyalias: see the ball of clay, now it's warm and elastic and I'll
stretch it like Salt Water Taffy to mix the colors
auntyalias: came out a bit too dark
auntyalias: I'm going to chop up some more white
auntyalias: and add to this
auntyalias: it'll be a REAL tan white female
auntyalias: like an Auzzie from the beach
yippekaya: lol
shargoose: Back again , husband said he'd fix something. Ain't he
bonsaikathy: very
yippekaya: awwww
frogger70301: definately a keeper!
shargoose: Well, he's hugry and knows I want to see this and he won't
get Real food less he makes it
yippekaya: lol
auntyalias: Ok, while I let this skin clay mix rest a bit
auntyalias: I'm going to make an aluminum foil armature
yippekaya: cool
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/Sculpt/AluminumFoil/Aramature-Grp
auntyalias: check the tute while I break off sheets of foil
auntyalias: what shall her pose be?
auntyalias: while you all think about it I'm getting something to
shargoose: The one you did is cute
yippekaya: dittto
dahs512 joined the room
auntyalias: Here comes Denise
auntyalias: we're doing body sculpting
bonsaikathy: Hi Denise
auntyalias: you came on a good horse
auntyalias: just got the armature done and am about to put skin on it
dahs512: Howdy padner
auntyalias: she's waiting patiently for you Denise
auntyalias: see how she's lounging just for you
auntyalias: LOL
dahs512: lol
auntyalias: "Where is that Denise" she's thinking
auntyalias: saw the body you sent through pix
auntyalias: very big breasts I'd say
dahs512: I can only stay about 30 minutes...Keegan has court of honor
dahs512: Not as big as they need to be
auntyalias: when you going to be back?
auntyalias: I just started an hour ago and a quarter ago, so I'll be
on for a spell
jude (greatauntjudy) joined the room
auntyalias: Howdy Aunt Jude
bonsaikathy: hi Jude
dahs512: I'll hang when I can...wanna see big butt
yippekaya: hi
jude: Howdy!
auntyalias: ok, what I'm going to do is put the first layer of skin on
this armature
dahs512: ok
auntyalias: then I'll add mass that makes her female
yippekaya: cool
auntyalias: smaller shoulders, larger hips, breasts, that sort of
auntyalias: the ratio that's perfect between hips and breasts and the
waist is 1.7... world wide
auntyalias: it's an odd thing, but it works world wide, smaller
breasts and hips, smaller waist to be perfect
auntyalias: and visa versa
auntyalias: any questions at this point about the armature or mixing
skin clay colors?
auntyalias: before I get started
dahs512: 36 24 36 ha ha
yippekaya: lol
yippekaya: im ok
shargoose: Do you ever use masking tape over your foil armature?
dahs512: I used the beige premo for mine....seemed good
dahs512: you could use tape
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/Sculpt/MayDoll-2002/SkinTones-thm.htm
dahs512: I haven't tried it that way yet
shargoose: I found it decreases the lumpys for me if I use the tape
dahs512: I use a hammer
dahs512: lol
shargoose: Also, the clay sticks real well to it
shargoose: Yes, I've used the hammer also and it helps
dahs512: wrapping the legs
shargoose: Is that the legs you are doing NJ?
shargoose: Whoops, yes, question answered
shargoose: Sorry, but what thickness clay are you using?
auntyalias: the widest setting
auntyalias: on the pasta press
shargoose: Yes
dahs512: You didn't know I could read minds........
dahs512: The biggest problem I had was getting lint and dark smears
onto the figure
shargoose: Are you using setting #1 on the pasta machine?
dahs512: I guess one should wash their hands and clean the working
area first before each session, yes
dahs512: I think it is, Sharon. The thickest
jude: Looks like she's giving her artificial respiration.
dahs512: lol
shargoose: Thanks, I'll sit down and be quiet now
bonsaikathy: or something
yippekaya: lol
bonsaikathy: don't be quiet, if you have questions feel free to ask,
that's what NJ is doing this for
dahs512: ask away, if any of us know we will speak out, and NJ will
answer questions in a bit
jude: I missed mixing the flesh color. Drat.
auntyalias: ok, questions?
biodredd joined the room
auntyalias: just white and raw sienna
auntyalias: Yo Dave, we're doing a female figure here
jude: Okie.
biodredd: Cool.
auntyalias: be nice, we got a new lady from Scotland here, so be-have
auntyalias: ok, leaf shaped cutting tools make for good muscles
yippekaya: hi
biodredd: We have storms moving in so I can't stay long.
biodredd: HI!
dahs512: He's never been anything but a gentleman NJ
bonsaikathy: Hi Dave
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/Sculpt/MayDoll-2002/Group.htm
biodredd: You have obviously missed a few chats that I've attended.
biodredd: HI kathy!
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/Sculpt/MayDoll-2005/005-FirstLayer.htm
dahs512: lol
auntyalias: this first layer is where we're at right now
auntyalias: when we cut out leaf shapes we can start making muscle
mass, like for this flat butt here
dahs512: I was giving you the benifit of the doubt
dahs512: need a big butt
yippekaya: cool
yippekaya: lol
auntyalias: for a man's butt I'd just a small leaf
dahs512: I used NJ's ideas on my figure...the leaf shapes really work
auntyalias: but for a woman's butt I'd go larger
auntyalias: for we need hips
auntyalias: as well
auntyalias: I'm going to add a bit of filler and then attach the leaf
to the rear end
dahs512: do you mean a little cush for the tush
biodredd:  The satellite uplink signal is starting to drop. I'll try
to return when the storm passes. Hugs and kisses, all!
yippekaya: lol
dahs512: that looks pretty funny
auntyalias: See ya Dave
dahs512: by dave
shargoose: Bye Dave
yippekaya: bye
biodredd left the room
auntyalias: a bit of mass for the back
auntyalias: three small leafs for tummy and breasts
dahs512: adding some waist
auntyalias: she needs more thigh
auntyalias: another couple of medium sized leaf shapes stretched out a
bit will do for thighs
auntyalias: and for calves, small leaf shapes stretched and then we're
ready to start sculpting the face
auntyalias: ok, there she is...more or less
shargoose: Love it. You are so quick.
auntyalias: I'm looking for some old waxed paper to protect her body
while I sculpt her face
auntyalias: it's Easy Breezy
auntyalias: just follow the tute
dahs512: NJ I forgot to tell you that you don't have a status
"view my webcam"
auntyalias: Oh Denise, you're right
auntyalias: I was rushing when I got here
auntyalias: let me fix that and I'll save log while I'm at it

Life is like a lump of clay, both are what you make of it.