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Lovely Rita the MerMaid, better known as RitaMaid. Inspired by the Hollywood Divas like Rita Hayworth this MerMaid strikes a pose. 

04-28-03 Demo Logs of the making of RitaMaid: 

Log #1, start of the RitaMaid

Log #2, Fish Scale for RitaMaid

Log #3, Hair for RitaMaid

Log #4, Wrap Up for RitaMaid and some Sculpting suggestions for Denise

05-01-03: Demo Log - Filing Rita's Hands

Screen Shots of Face Sculpting by Denise


Fish Scales, Size Reference, First Curing

Fish Scales for RitaMaid
Size Reference
First Curing 10 pictures plus nattering
1, 2, 3, 4, 5,

RitaMaid's Eyes Another Effort