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RitaMaid Index: 04-28-03: Log #2, Fish Scale for  RitaMaid

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jude: You don't have to close your webcam window.
shargoose: Will we have to close the cam and then get it again?
auntyalias: Ok, let's see if this is better
auntyalias: Close my blacked out cam window and open it up again
icare4bunnies joined the room
auntyalias: let's do a quick roll call here
auntyalias: NoraJean, San Francisco
jude: Well, shoot, mine didn't come back.
shargoose: Here
auntyalias: name and location, for the log
auntyalias: please
shargoose: Sharon V, NH, USA
jude: jude, Tehachapi, CA
bonsaikathy: Kathy in E. TN
yippekaya: shirls scotland lol
auntyalias: laughing in Scotland
graziphotography: mikegraziano raleigh nc
auntyalias: LOL
beany3u: laura in so california
graziphotography: mike raleigh oops
kmrhodes: Karen, Gettysburg, PA
auntyalias: let me change my status while I'm remembering it
bonsaikathy: Hi Karen
jude: Karen's here twice!
An Invitation to view your Webcam was sent to yippekaya (4/28/03 4:21
auntyalias: Shirls you might have to close my old cam window and
accept my invite again
kmrhodes: damn Yahoo
bonsaikathy: I only have her once
jude: Yikes, knows when you call it names. Hehehehe
yippekaya: Hey guys thanks so much for tonight it was fab...but im
afraid im gonna have to go now cos its 00.24 am over here and i got to
get my 2 boys up for school in the morning..
auntyalias: Okie dokie Shirls
auntyalias: good to have you here
shargoose: Bye Shirls
bonsaikathy: bye Shirls
auntyalias: I'll be on earlier on Thursday
jude: Night Shirls.
yippekaya: i will be back again,thanks NJ she was fab
bonsaikathy: glad you could join us
yippekaya: talk to you all soon
yippekaya: take care nighty nighty
icare4bunnies: kathy, I'm having trouble reading your yellow
beany3u left the room
bonsaikathy: how's this
icare4bunnies: never mind, I changed my prefs so I get black
icare4bunnies: my eyes are not very good this evening
auntyalias: Ok, now that we did her face, somewhat I'm going to work
on making her head not look so mutant on the sides and the back
kmrhodes: Having a heck of a time with yahoo
auntyalias: Now she needs smoothing and some fine tuning shaping here
and there, but she's coming along ok
auntyalias: Yahoo is being evil today Karen
shargoose: Ahhh technology
auntyalias: now what shall we do with her? I have something that might
work well as MerMaid bottom
auntyalias: we could put her legs together and make her a MerMaid
shargoose: Good idea
kmrhodes: everything is being delayed - and I don't know if I'm here
or not
shargoose: I love to do mermaids
jude: I can see you Karen.
bonsaikathy: I see you Karen
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/Faux/FishScale/Thumb-grp.htm
auntyalias: Karen I had to close out Yahoo and log back in to solve
that problem
jude: Can you reduce the scale of the scales?
auntyalias: ya, shall we do these scales new and make them smaller in
jude: If you want. It's no biggie, though.
auntyalias: it's a blend, jelly rolled, sliced into four lengths,
stacked and pressed
bonsaikathy: sure
bonsaikathy: sounds great
auntyalias: ok, let's see what color sheets I have already prepped
auntyalias: won't be the same colors though
bonsaikathy: this way Mike can see how to do that too
shargoose: That's fine
jude: A nice teal perhaps? Aquamarine?
graziphotography: shat happen to the hair piece
icare4bunnies left the room
auntyalias: no hair on her yet
bonsaikathy: oooh either color would be great
bonsaikathy: wait until you see the way she does the hair Mike, it's
graziphotography: k
shargoose: It's not the color so much as the technique I would like to
auntyalias: I got gold and green with yellow
auntyalias: I'll blend those and make a jelly roll
auntyalias: and slice it down the center for four lengths
auntyalias: then I stack them so all the pointy ends go in the same
auntyalias: that's how I do fish scales
jude: Gee, I missed most of what you just said, I think. Drat.
jude: Yahoo didn't send.
shargoose: Wow! About 40 steps less than I do
jude: I will close and reopen. Dang, dang, dang.
kmrhodes: see there is a delay
greatauntjudy left the room
jude (greatauntjudy) joined the room
jude: Someone say something.
shargoose: k
bonsaikathy: ok
jude: Okie,t hanks.
bonsaikathy: welcome
jude: Whew.
kmrhodes: boobooboo
shargoose: Watching intently
graziphotography: give her some cheer, it takes alot of skill to do
shargoose: Hooray for NJ!!!
shargoose: Just so cool to watch I forget to give appreciation
bonsaikathy: she's a great teacher
shargoose: Absolutely
shargoose: It would take me and hour to make that cane
jude: Me too.
shargoose: How are you putting the slices together, gold all on one
jude: Usually she slices and sticks them to a sheet of clay already
rolled out.
shargoose: Thanks
shargoose: The clse up helped
graziphotography: going to get some soup everyone. Very very very nice
to meet you
bonsaikathy: bye honey, talk to you later
auntyalias: Nice meeting you too honey
jude: Good day for soup.
auntyalias: ok, questions?
jude: Enjoy!
graziphotography: for sure
graziphotography: yeh how did you do it ?
graziphotography: just playing
auntyalias: LOL
graziphotography: ok see you
auntyalias: see ya
shargoose: Just a little lost but I will look up your tutorial on your
graziphotography left the room
auntyalias: Just take a jelly roll like this, which is a blend of two
or more colors
shargoose: k
auntyalias: and slice it length wise into four sections
shargoose: yup
auntyalias: then stack them so the points of the sections are pointed
in the same direction
shargoose: got that part
auntyalias: then I reduced it by pulling it
shargoose: k
auntyalias: and that makes the design smaller
auntyalias: and I cut that into four lengths
auntyalias: and stacked them
shargoose: yup
auntyalias: so the points are all going in the same direction
shargoose: That's where I got confused
auntyalias: we could reduce this again, making the design smaller and
cut and stack again
shargoose: Do you cover that cane with gold now/
auntyalias: or reduce it to a cone shape, where one end is larger and
the other smaller for variation in fish scale size
auntyalias: I'm going to slice this and put it on this gold sheet and
shargoose: cool idea the gradiation of size
auntyalias: then I'll put it on the bottom of the MerMaid
auntyalias: like a skirt
auntyalias: or a one leg trouser
shargoose: I make a cane with three or four colors, reduce it and the
slice each scale individually
shargoose: Lots of work
auntyalias: I'm experimenting here so I don't know how it'll come out
so bare with me
auntyalias: I'm all for reducing the work
shargoose: OK
shargoose: I'd like to reduce the work , too
shargoose: Thanks for helping me see a new wayto do things
auntyalias: just eyeballing for size
shargoose: Making notes so I can try this
shargoose: Love the top
auntyalias: top got to match the bottom
auntyalias: easy no?
shargoose: Yup
shargoose: You make it look easy
auntyalias: it is easy
auntyalias: and fast too
shargoose: Are you going to do much more?
shargoose: Cause I'd like to get to my clay and try this
auntyalias: now if you wanted to press in where the gold is to make
the scales have more texture, you can do that too
auntyalias: I have to work on her arms and torso
shargoose: Great idea!
auntyalias: give her some hands
auntyalias: and then hair
shargoose: OK
auntyalias: but she's coming along ok
shargoose: I think I'll stay
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: I'm going to let her rest for a bit
auntyalias: she's warm and tacky
shargoose: Do you bake your figures between working on different
auntyalias: the figures often get many curings
shargoose: I do that so I don't mess up my weork
auntyalias: the TLS make up and TLS plus clay hair go on after the
first curing
shargoose: Once smached a perfectly good face that way
auntyalias: most of the time, unless I'm rushing something during demo
shargoose: Yes, Couldn't do it during demo
shargoose: Walla!
auntyalias: I got to drink something and rest this figure for a bit
auntyalias: one thing though
shargoose: I'll be back in a little bit. Got to go to the rr
auntyalias: okie dokie
auntyalias: I'll save it until you get back
auntyalias: going to check the list for a bit

Life is like a lump of clay, both are what you make of it.